Sword Art Online – 06

You think he’d be nice enough to kill him with a weapon that doesn’t have holes in it. The nerve of people these days.

Six episodes in so far and it seems like we have our first continuation episode! Last week we played CSI for a bit with Asuna and Kirito playing detective. I really hope this episode finally wraps up the whole mysterious case of random player killing inside the city walls? I know I am having a blast with this series so far and I can’t wait for more! Anyway what about you Overcooled what are your thoughts?
I’ve been getting into the real SAO spirit by throwing away hours of my life into gaming like a child throws tarnished pennies into a fountain. My friends are joining me, and one of them is even reading the SAO novels and drip-feeding me non-spoiler info. I’m tempted to read it too, but I like going into the anime without any knowledge. Kind of like a newborn babe filled with awe and wonder at everything, you know? Plus, you guys have been good at filling in the gaps with non-spoiler info in the comments section, which is really great! Fosh and I appreciate it.

Getting the Last Laugh

Overcooled // Murder is a crime. Murder carried out through virtual methods apparently isn’t. Perhaps it’s because there is no “police” guild running around and keeping tabs on which players are the ones committing crimes and trying to condemn them. We learned there was a prison, but I doubt it’s very full. With no real punishment to deter criminals, things will naturally become quite hectic. Maybe the creators of SAO are monitoring everything – but for now, there’s really not much that can happen to you aside from your little diamond turning red. You’re already stuck in a game that might kill you any second, which is probably already worse than jail. As a result, the pros of PKing can outweigh the bad as long as you have a certain emotional detachment from the act of taking a life. Once you get over the moral aspect, there’s nothing else to stop them without a strong justice system in place. This…is rather terrifying.

While I got the impression that Rosalia was PKing to get ahead without any remorse, The Laughing Coffin ostensibly does it for kicks. Some people go to a bar with their buddies and some people like slicing a knife through a poor sap’s bowels for a lark. Oh sure, the assassins will loot and take money for their finished job, but that’s almost like dessert after the main course. SAO is gradually showing us the darker sides of this game, and I love seeing all the sides of the moral spectrum from the pure white to the grey area to the pitch black zone of homicidal maniacs. While the game changes people like Grimlock and his wife, I think The Laughing Coffin has members that were a little bit off-kilter to begin with. I hope to see more of these assassins appear again, because there’s nothing like cold-blooded murder to spice things up!

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Damn overpowered items!

Foshizzel // Most of us love our video games and this week Asuna asked Kirito an important question about rare items and drops: “What would you do if you got a legendary item to drop?”. That answer was kind of tough for Kirito to answer because he prefers to play solo so he doesn’t run into that tough decision often. However if you are a member of Asuna’s guild they have certain rules about players that obtain certain items because they belong to the player who found it, which seems fair. So what about you? What would you do with a rare item? Honestly I think it depends on your play style in those types of games. If I was a solo player like Kirito in Sword Art Online I would probably end up using that item, but I can also respect Asuna’s view on things and I completely agree with her guild’s rules on items. It sounds fair, right? My experience with that kind of rule can be positive and negative at the same time because in most World of Warcraft guilds you usually have at least twenty-five or even ten players fighting (aka “raiding”) the same monster resulting in a kill. However, afterwards we end up rolling on that item just to see who officially wins the item. Sadly this usually causes in guild drama between raiders if they feel that maybe the winner doesn’t really deserve that drop sometimes, but solo playing is pretty much free for all on rare items.


A Mystery Solved Faster Than A Phi Brain Puzzle


Overcooled // The underlying message of this episode seems to be “SAO is a fair game, it’s just the players that are douches!” The murders weren’t carried out due to a loophole or glitch in the system, because no murders took place at all. It was a rather elegant solution, and it definitely had me tricked. I’m not a big “mystery” fan, so I’m quite grateful things were wrapped up so soon after just a bit of serendipitous discovery and hard thinking. Kirito – who has faith in SAO – came to the conclusion of a faux-murder more easily because he couldn’t accept that deaths in a town would be allowed. Thanks to this, he saved 3 people from getting PKed. The moral of the story is that even though it is unfair that everyone was thrown into this brutal battle royale, at least the rules are fair. While some people seem to see Aincrad as a virtual prison, Kirito praises it constantly. It seems that living as if Aincrad is the real world has been nothing but beneficial to Kirito…I’ll keep that in mind if I’m ever tossed into an MMORPG dungeon.

Foshizzel // So how did detective Kirito solve this complex murder mystery anyway? Simple answer my friends! I think he started to piece things together near the end of the episode, but of course we all knew he would somehow solve the case right? So those dead players used some special weapons created by Grimlock that could inflict small amounts of damage to their armour over time. When the armour was destroyed, the “destruction” animation gave the illusion of the player dying just like the sandwich that hit the ground! That is some clever stuff from Mr. Grimlock, but of course Kirito is a professional “beater” and he is obviously the main character so he wins right there. Thankfully this is an action series so I don’t think he will play the role of master detective anytime soon…then again I can see some random mystery popping up for him to solve later on with Asuna lending a hand to help him on the case!


Super extreme love?

Foshizzel // This week in the world of Sword Art Online we discovered if you get married to another player in the game world you gain access to their item storage which prevents you from hiding anything from them! That is a cool idea, but we learned it can also prove to be very tricky for some players like Grimlock and Griselda’s marriage. I would like to think that somewhere in this crazy episode it had some overall message about love beneath the whole murder mystery event this week, but after I heard their story I was left to shout something like “WHY THE HELL DID HE KILL HER DUDE!” I originally thought oh well that ring is valuable and this guy is just really greedy? Of course he wasn’t really interested in the money and he hired those random player killers to take care of her instead. Honestly I think he was just extremely jealous over her new found fame in Sword Art Online, but not to mention her personality changed…and leave it to Asuna to push the final button on Grimlock with her declaration towards him of “It was a feeling of possession.” Oh snap! Hooray for main girl’s professional detective work this week! At least she didn’t completely leave everything for Kirito to solve. So what do you think the remaining guild members did to him afterwards? On second thought maybe I don’t want to know…it probably involved some kicking and possible jail time? Are there even police stations in Sword Art Online for such things?



Final Thoughts

Having a two-part mini arc was actually really helpful to set a more flowing story for SAO. It just felt so nice to get an accumulation of ideas and events piling up into a more complex (albeit only slightly) story. I liked hearing the full explanation of how they carried out the hoax, as Kirito and Asuna calmly reasoned everything out. It was a stretch that they could solve the entire case because of a sandwich and a few loose facts, but it was cool enough for me to not care. The catching of the culprit, however, was pretty dumb and anti-climactic. For one thing, the assassins just kind of PEACE OUT and go on their merry way. Then you have Grimlock, who has a really lame conversation with Asuna and his ex-guild mates. It essentially boils down to him yelling “I KILLED HER BECAUSE SHE WAS TOO HAPPY AND THAT WAS TOTALLY RIGHT!” and Asuna simply saying “no.” He caves in immediately and agrees, without putting up any fight whatsoever. If it was that easy to dissuade him, he wouldn’t have done it in the first place <_< SAO is still off to a shaky start telling its story, but it seems to be getting better at it. I have to admit that my undying love for the setting and all the cute nuances – such as hitting a wall and it registering as an immortal object – really excite the dorky gamer in me.

YAY!!! THE CASE IS CLOSED! Thankfully they did not pull three or even four episodes together just to solve that murder mystery and hey it did proved something entertaining and it was great to watch Asuna and Kirito work as a team for a while, but I have a feeling next week things will jump back to solo adventures with the main dude. I said last week there are still two more “important” characters in the opening we still have yet to officially meet, but of course Asuna could end up tagging along for those stories. Did anyone go D’awwwwwwwwwww at the end of the episode?! Asuna is practically begging for Kirito to ask her to marry him DO IT FOR GREAT JUSTICE and for the increased bank space right? Anyway this was really fun to watch Asuna and Kirito play detective to save the day! Oh and THEY FINALLY BECAME FRIENDS at the end of the episode.

Dive right into next week’s episode! We’ll be waiting~


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34 Responses to “Sword Art Online – 06”

  1. Sushi says:

    Honestly I love the end card for this episode! For me this episode was perfect in building up the characters for the actual story. Great post guys keep it up! And those glasses were terrible…

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah that is some fancy artwork for the ending card! DAT ASUNA! <3 <3 yeah it was a great episode even though I got confused on some parts...thanks!

      Worst glasses ever.jpeg

  2. Gecko says:

    Grimlock’s glasses were like this episode for me. I really did not like this episode. Not to mention, that was a lame mystery. Sure, it showed us that there are people who have fun PK’ing without remorse. Sure, it taught us some things about items and durability, people can make their own food, ect.
    I am happy to see that they can pull off a two-episode arc, though. It gives me hope. Asuna is also taking the lead by trying to drag Kirito into being friends so they can contact each other easily. Asuna was friends with Yolko/Yoruko and so Asuna could look up her location through the menu. So I get the feeling that Kirito learned about that and decided not to have friends or to get rid of any of his friends. He probably learned about it with the Black Cats Guild back in episode 2.

    • Foshizzel says:


      Sad but true the overall mystery was dull and the story honestly was a excuse to get Kirito and Asuna together and agreed it just taught us people can make weapons, items and food for other players.

      Thankfully it was over in two episodes because they could have easily pulled three or four episodes out of that failed story…ohhhh yeah Kirito is not in the market for making new friends right now and we could tell he wasn’t excited to accept Asuna’s offer.

      • Overcooled says:

        Good to see that literally everyone is commenting on Grimlock’s attire. Metanorn’s readers are all so fashion-forward!

  3. BlackBriar says:

    @Fosh and OC: Based on your excitement, I wouldn’t surprised if a SAO cult gets established here.

    During the episode, I was wondering what was going on. When did Kirito suddenly gain the ability to run and jump long distances with his arms pressed back? He must have become a ninja.

    While the mystery was terribly mediocre, I’m amazed at the Hyouka style way Kirito pieced everything together after one examination of the event. Ne le sous-estime pas! (Don’t underestimate him!). Forgive the French wordplay. LOL. I’ve been itching to try it out here.

    Grimlock had his wife killed for such a selfish reason…. Honestly… And he didn’t have the nerve to do it himself (unlike *cough* Toshio *cough*) and tried to have his friends killed to bury everything. What a coward. It’s almost scary how people easily give into the darker part of their nature in this game and they use technicallities to justify them. Excluding the fact they can’t log out, it’s like saying anything goes which is total anarchy. What if there was an event that granted unlimited power? Would everyone turn on each other to get it?

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ahahahah indeed! We can form our own guild in the future BB and you are invited <3

      Kirito probably mastered every side skill as a beater I bet he can swim really fast or even hold his breath? I hope there are no underwater levels in Sword Art Online because those areas suck in other games! Imagine swimming while trying to kill a boss and having to pay attention to your breath bar? Yeah...good times...

      Right it was a meh "decent" mystery this week and yeah it felt like I was watching a Hyouka side story, but ah well it was entertaining right? LOL PRO FRENCH good work!

      DAMN GRIMLOCK!(lol transformers <3 dinobots)

      Yeah his choice to kill his wife was completely dumb I mean I get it she was a loving wife in real life and sadly the game changed her personality and honestly does that really mean you have to KILL HER? Damn! Ah well in his mind he is correct, but we all know he was just INSANE.

      If there was a power up like that I believe the answer is YES! I mean this episode gave us a preview of how far certain players will go to obtain extra power in SAO.

  4. Highway says:

    We don’t really know how strongly Grimlock had convinced himself of his justification for killing his wife in-game. So it’s possible that just a short but convincing counter-argument could change his mind.

    How can you focus on the glasses when the guy’s got a bob haircut and a porkpie hat? It’s a whole ensemble of wretched.

    I thought the chemistry between Asuna and Kirito worked pretty well here. Neither of them has a glaring character flaw that would prevent their teaming up, although Asuna seems to have a bit of malleability in her attitude, conforming more to the people she’s around than being strongly held from within.

    • Overcooled says:

      I find it hard to believe Grimlock would put together a weak argument for killing his wife. Murder is very serious, and you don’t usually go that far without really convincing yourself it’s worth it (or being a psychopath). I guess he could just be a psychopath based on how he dresses. I couldn’t even begin to mention all the faux-pas in his outfit!

      I like the chemistry between them as well :3 Asuna pretty much goes along with whatever Kirito says, but she still does things to her own tune. I’d be completely fine with Kirito ditching his solo player status to team up with her.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Right! I don’t think it would work that fast! Then again in the anime world anything is well…possible take a look at Koroko Connect! Yui’s fear of men was cured in one episode xD

      Poor Grimlock he needs a new outfit badly!

      Asuna seems to really into the whole idea of friendship and working as a team unlike Kirito who would rather do things solo, but she is pushing him in the right direction! So hopefully she sticks around for the next few episodes.

      • BlackBriar says:

        There are almost no rules in the anime world so it’s easy to pull an upset. Phobia of men cured in one episode? If that’s the case, there’s hope for Mayo Chiki’s Jirou yet!

        Asuna’s change is pretty quick. At first, she looked more like a solo player herself but now, it’s a complete turn around since she met Kirito. I think Kirito wants to keep things solo and not involve anyone so as to minimize the pain of loss since everyone actually dies if they lose. The deaths of innocent people tends to take a toll on a hero. Take “The Dark Knight” for example.

        • Foshizzel says:

          Hahaha yes! And we can throw in Working!! to that list as well!

          Ah yes her main character powers are growing and whenever she is near Kirito the probably feels all warm and fuzzy?! Either that or she just generally trusts him? I hope we get to see them together after this episode.

          LOL MORE BATMAN!

  5. JPNIgor says:

    Well, I don’t really enjoyed this arc at all. Even though Asuna finally was back, it is still a side story on the Sword Art Online on the light novel, and one of the least enjoyable ones. I just can’t wait to see Lisbeth, but I guess we will have to wait some more for this one, since they are in cronological order. But still, the trick they created to simulate a PK inside a town was well made.

    The reason behind all the mystery revealed by Grimlock was just… Stupid ._. Well, she changed, she was not the same, but WHY THE HELL would someone kill someone just because this someone is enjoying it’s life in a new world?! ¬¬ Damn. Grimlock, you jerk. Worse yet is that he simply fell to his knees when Asuna simply said “You had a feeling of possession” ¬¬ Awww, seriously?!

    Now, about the interaction between Asuna and Kirito, they just became friends *-* While I’ve read the two first volumes and I CAN’T REALLY SPOIL EVERYTHING HERE TT.TT I can tell that Kirito just loves Asuna’s dishes since everything she cookes is just simply good, since she invested lots of time training her cooking skills… When Asuna told about the marriage thing, I thought exactly the same thing that Fosh thoght XD MAAAN she is begging to be asked out!!! Do it!!! No, he didn’t… Sure not. Chicken-san.

    Well, I’m just disappointed that the first “arc” with more than one episode was a bad one. Hoping things get better soon.

    And it was just me who remembered about Nyaruko-san when she threatened him with the fork?

    • Overcooled says:

      Not the best thing to base a longer arc towards, but eh, it’s an improvement. I’m not a big mystery fan, but this was bite-sized enough for me to enjoy it. And yes, the PK trick was very clever yet simple.

      It really bugged me when Grimlock gave in too! His reasoning for murdering her was idiotic, but it would have been better if he at least believed it in a crazed, demented way. It basically means everything he did was pointless, and could have been stopped if someone just said “Dude, you don’t love her” earlier. I don’t know how he thought killing her because she became MORE AWESOME would be a good idea. Jealousy does things to people, it really does.

      Haha, I can see the urge to talk about the novels is killing you. They seemed to be REALLY hinting at these two getting together at some point, so it’s probably just a matter of time. Yep, Kirito is still to chicken to make a move – even with these clear signals of interest from Asuna. Asking a girl out is hard!

      Threatening people with eating utensils should be a thing. Next up: spatulas.

      • JPNIgor says:

        Yeah, jealousy would be a much more suited reason to kill someone. But I was thinking now, being imprisoned in a death game can make you crazy enough to do these sort of things… I guess.

        In the novels, when they are in a much far part, she says that was when she saw Kirito lying under that tree that she fell in love for him XP Watching just the opening, we can see that those two will be together soon, she being the housewife, cooking and so on, and the crossed swords, that is a great metaphor of the romance between the two of them.

        Yeaaaah XD Knifes will be the last one.

      • Foshizzel says:


        • JPNIgor says:

          Spoons?! How can you threaten someone with a spoon? .-. Like “If you don’t do what I’m talking you to do, I will take out your eyeballs with this spoon?” XD

    • Foshizzel says:

      Oh for sure this was a dull episode I can agree with you right there, from what I heard from a few readers of the LN the anime series hasn’t officially jumped into the main story yet! Which is exciting to hear I just want them to get there…yeah the fake PK deaths in the city were kind of cool xD

      LOLOL Yeah Grimlock’s view on why he killed his wife was full of failure! SERIOUSLY?! He killed her because she changed? Wow…really…oh right Asuna’s quote totally broke through? Yeah whateverrrrr lololol

      Oh that is a given! In most anime the chick’s cooking is terrible! Then again that is kind of a old school anime thing? YES! Asuna is SOOOOOOOOOO hinting towards getting married to Kirito! DO IT ALREADY!

      Yep hopefully it gets better soon! LOL yes that fork was reminded me of Nyaruko-san <3 I miss that series T___T

      • JPNIgor says:

        Yeah. The thing is why I was reading, I did not pay attention to the date that appeared before each chapter, but when I see it now, all the side-stories but the Yui’s (the last girl of the long, black hair on the opening) is before the main story. Well, sure is exciting, but I’m anxious to see how many episode will take to cover the whole main story. If they take 12 episodes to do it, hopefully they will cover the volumes 03 and 04 in ALfheim Online *-*

        The same way that girls being bad at cooking is cliche, the inverse is a cliche too, since the last ones just keep bringing bentos to the main character XD

        Oooooown *-* Me too, I miss so much that series *-* Guess they are doing a second season, right?

        • Foshizzel says:

          Yeah I figured 1-12 of SAO would focus on side stories and new characters while episodes 12-24 followed Kirito/Asuna/others eventually finishing the game and saving everyone?

          LOL yep! It is a old cliche but a good one <3

          I can see them pulling out another season of Nyaruko-san easily! There was a lot of unanswered questions and of course we need more Nyaruko in our daily lives! At least I do anyway ahahah

          • JPNIgor says:

            Well, considering that the next episode will feature Liz (the pink-colered hair one), and it will most likely have one or two episodes to cover this arc, then, we can expect the main story on the 7th/8th – 12th episode \o/

            If I’m not wrong, at the final of the last episode, Nyaruko appeared saying “We will meet again”, or something like this. I can’t wait to see it *w*

            • Foshizzel says:

              Ahh great! I am curious about that character even though she gives off major Inori vibes from Guilty Crown, but yeah I can see them pulling two episodes from that story or possibly one?

              Yeah Nyaruko-san is a great example of a anime series that can have two or even three seasons like Yuru Yuri and Ika Musume! WE NEED MORE OF THOSE T______T

            • JPNIgor says:

              Hahaha XD I can assure you that aside from the hair color, she don’t have anything in common with Inori. I wish they would do two episodes but I doubt it. Reading her arc on the ln again, it don’t seem to be too large to fit two episodes.

              I’m not a fan of Yuru Yuri, I don’t if it is because I just watched the two first episodes. I was a bit curious about Ika Musume, but I’m still guessing that she don’t reach the feets of Nyaruko XD Epic moment was that of the “Space CQC jammer canceler breaker eraser confiner obstructor buster closer!” I wanna burst into laugh again like I did then *-*

            • Foshizzel says:

              Ahh well I just meant in terms of “looks” ie short pink hair xD

              Yuru Yuri is fun! You just have to give it a chance, but Ika Musume was more of 1shot stories for 13 episodes where Nyaruko is more episodic in nature because it actually has a story xD

              I just want 3rd and 2nd seasons for all the above shows <3

            • JPNIgor says:

              If God is good, there will be XD There will surely be, because they deserve.

  6. lvlln says:

    It was funny seeing Kirito piece things together. So many leaps and lucky guesses. But hey, being the main character grants you certain powers of intuition.

    • Foshizzel says:

      I know right? Being the main character in SAO is not suffering but instead it is winning like every day! Yeah it was kind of funny to watch Kirito’s brain slowly piece everything together for the mystery.

  7. Click says:

    You have to look at the puzzle behind the puzzle. The true mystery here was Grimlock’s wardrobe. A top hat with duster combination? How passé! Not even an expiring sandwich can solve that stumper.

  8. Highway says:

    Looking at your first picture, I’m reminded of something that bothered me during the episode. So these PK’ers hit tank-dude-whose-name-I-don’t-remember with an arrow with paralyzing poison on it? That seems really overpowered. There’s no way those PK’ers are anything approaching that guy’s level (he’s a tank for a front line guild, remember), yet they’re able to completely immobilize him from ambush, for more than enough time to come in and easily attack? Just doesn’t seem right.

    Also, stupid bad guy tricks: Hang out in the shadows while your cunning plan goes forth? Why was Grimlock anywhere near that forest?

    I really shouldn’t think about plot holes with this show. It’s a lot of fun if you don’t consider them.

    • Overcooled says:

      Hmm, I never thought about it, but you’re right. o_o It seems a bit unfair, but I guess status ailments (poison, paralysis, sleep etc.) affect any player just as much as the rest regardless of level. :B Like poison would always take a certain percentage of HP and paralysis would always last a set amount of time, perhaps? That would be the only explanation I could think of.

      I have no idea why Grimlock was hanging around in the forest either. I guess he wanted to make sure the case would be put to rest so no one would suspect him anymore. Still, it’s a terrible move…He could have waited to find out later *sigh* Grimlock doesn’t do things that make a lot of sense.

      Well, anything is more fun if you just ignore the flaws. Finding the balance between being critical and just plain enjoying the show can be tough, especially when you get really wrapped up in it.

  9. elior1 says:

    @Foshizzel dont worry the next side story in the next episode will be the final side story which is with lizebth the main story will begin in episode 8 so the plot wont start in the second half.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Oooooh! Good I am curious about that character so this is good news!

      • elior1 says:

        @Foshizzel she will also big part of the main plot later so she not going to be just side character like the outhers

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