Meta Mash – 29

We are back with the usual funnies of Polar Bears, Sket Dance with action of Accel World and science of Moyashimon Returns.


Shirokum Cafe – 20 

Grizzlybear really makes the best food and works for fish!

Right off the bat I’m going to say this week’s episode was pretty…plain in that there wasn’t a lot of comedy. It was more of a nice, casual episode that you just sit back and enjoy, sparking only mild feelings. The first half of the episode was a tad bit funny with Panda’s outrageous exceptions of living on his own and his image of Penguin being his butler. I actually liked seeing everyone’s apartments/homes as Penguin and Panda went around searching for the perfect place for Panda; though I would’ve liked it they went to Sasako’s and Polar Bear’s homes as well. I was hoping they would, being one of the main characters and all, but in the end they didn’t -sigh- Now the second half was a lot more interesting for me as I like anything concerning festivals and pretty yukatas, which Sasako looked so cute in! Speaking of Sasako, I was happy to see more of her and Handa interacting! Like I say practically every time Handa is shown, the guy can’t catch a break despite trying his hardest, but at least this week he was able to sit next to her (if only for a few minutes) and hand her tea like planned. That’s better than nothing, especially for poor Handa. Probably the only thing I’m hoping for Shirokuma Cafe’s story is for Handa and Sasako to at least have more than a few minutes together. I doubt they’d ever show them getting together as a couple since Handa’s continuous plights concerning Panda and Sasako are one of the many sources of comedy for the show. My only option really is to hope for some more cute interactions between the two and longingly stare at a pairing that will likely never come to be.~


Sket Dance – 71 

Somewhere Ika Musume is drooling! Wait I wonder does she even eat crab?

I come back from my computer issues to one of Sket’s more…creative episodes (I’m just glad I didn’t have to blog about the poop episode. I couldn’t think of anything intelligent to say about that one). So I’m not entirely sure what Sket was parodying this episode (I think some other country has a similar story involving some bird and a monkey… minus the revenge part), but it was amusing enough. The moral? Don’t harass people or a shady looking Buddha will throw a mountain on you. I hope you all take that to heart. The second part was the highlight though since Suwabe was in there and it was also the first time I’ve ever heard Gackt sing enka (…though, then again, I don’t really listen to Gackt in the first place so he could have an entire enka album collection out and I still wouldn’t have heard him sing it before). Also, there was a Tales of the Abyss reference thrown in there on the website Switch was looking at… randomly. I don’t think that was in the original. Were the two series animated by the same people or something? Ahaha in any case, this is the best I’ve seen Sket Dance at in a while.


Moyashimon Returns – 07 

Sawaki-“Next stop AMERICA!”              Takuma-“Wait you mean we are not going to Mexico?!”

Welcome back science lovers this episode marks the official ending of the harvest festival arc which means it is time for something new to happen and lately the series has been following character developments rather than the whole “science of fermentation” I really miss that part of the series, but it looks like they are about to wrap up the whole Haruka getting married in Paris arc! There was one hilarious moment when the club got suspended for twenty days? THAT WAS PERFECT and yeah it gave them a real excuse to take a trip to Paris. So who did they end up sending to get Haruna anyway? They had to send Kaoru, Takuma and of course Sawaki who sadly ended up buying lots of expensive food! Good work gentlemen you are true professionals at spending money , but they were sent to buy only wine and cheese as a cleaver cover up for their trip.


Accel World – 19 

GET DOWN THE PRINCESS IS ABOUT TO EXPLODE! Oh never mind she is just angry again.

I’m glad after the tepid pacing of the last outing, the series treated us to some action. Accel World has the benefit of an eclectic mythos that can draw from anything from mecha to high fantasy and it was on display here. Where else could you see an homage to Voltron duke it out with a Dragon from Norse mythology?

The revelation that Megumi was indeed a Burst Linker was telegraphed last episode. While her being one isn’t necessarily a bad thing, the circumstances surrounding her seems a bit disconnected from the setting. The phantom girl, the trance that predicted her coming and her memory loss all seem more appropriate in a supernatural setting. Any sort of magical prowess was never on display earlier in the series. For now all it looks like is lazy storytelling for the convenience of ferrying Megumi in and out of the main storyline. The writers can give her memory loss anytime they don’t want her around. Poor girl, getting shafted by her best friend and the plot. “It’s hard out here for a supporting character…”

One of my earlier complaints with Accel World has been the unfocused storytelling. Events are sequenced in such a way that ruins the pacing. Sure, the ongoings in Okinawa might be important, but there are better ways to tell it than to completely leave behind Tokyo. Maybe if the two stories were told concurrently and weaved together, Accel World could have reaped the rewards of it’s excellent cliffhanger. I know I have been complaining about this for the second week running but it’s a testament to how important that event was in saving this show for me. The series was executing a brilliant second half and it disheartens me that it can’t shed the problems of the first.



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7 Responses to “Meta Mash – 29”

  1. Highway says:

    I don’t know if Megumi really was a Burst Linker. Maybe that’s another one of those “it’s in the LN’s” arguments, but it seemed to me that she was much more of a supernatural one-off: she was invited in by an image in the real world, given a magical girl avatar and a completely out-sized power (the power to force a world change without 1) being part of the battle and 2) charging up her special ability), and then disappeared. If we’re searching for semi-plausible explanations, I think a Deus Ex Machina facilitated by the shaman-y type girl works better than “former Burst Linker”. Plus, haven’t we been told in the past that if you lose all your points, you have Brain Burst forcibly uninstalled and can’t ever install it again, but *not* have your memory wiped (besides, it’s hard to figure out how it would actually wipe a memory). I think the story that she told in the previous episode, that there was a book that she knew that gave a similar experience, is a lot more plausible.

    • BlackBriar says:

      Maybe Megumi was actually a Burst Linker at a time but received brain damage from a program and lost almost all memory of it but regains some if she somehow gets back into Accel World. She came in, apparently familiar with the atmosphere and had the ability to freely manipulate the area at will.

  2. BlackBriar says:

    Accel World: I think I might forgive the story for suddenly cutting into this arc. Based on what is shown here, the player Sulfer Pot controlling that monster is apparently an acquaintance of Nomi. It’s a plausible theory because like Nomi, he was not registered on the players list.

    If Megumi was a Burst Linker and has no memory of it, then it might be due to corruption of the Brain Burst program or a failed copy of the original which distorted her brainwaves via the Neurolinker. The copy theory could pass seeing the two girls got in thanks to copies from their master and copies risk being incomplete, bringing in bugs and glitches.

  3. BlackBriar says:

    Can somebody help me out? The comments I left on this post got eaten by the spam monster.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeppers! I got you BB

      • BlackBriar says:

        Thanks, Fosh. That spam monster is a greedy beast. By the way, is there anything wrong going on? I’ve made a new Gravatar but my current one here hasn’t changed.

  4. Highway says:

    BB, I was thinking the same thing, that the ‘group’ that Sulfur Pot refers to is likely the same as the “we” that Noumi referred to. So far, it’s a big group of dicks, that’s for sure.

    I’m gonna stick with my one-off theory about Megumi, but either way, it’s a shame that she’s basically one and done. Hopefully she’s worked into the story a lot more.

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