Meta Mash – 26

We are back with our regular mash of Polar Bears, Sket Dance, Moyashimon Returns and Accel World.


Polar Bears – 19 

Polarbear gets all the girls! He should write a book on how to pick up chicks.

Did anyone else know that there were 18 different kinds of penguins? I did not. You can know this, and more info on the many species of penguins, when you buy this week’s episode of Shirokuma Cafe! Okay I’m kidding, but seriously, thanks to four new penguins that made their appearance this week, I’ve learned something new about penguins. It was hysterical seeing the different types hanging around each other, but even more hysterical was the feud between king penguin and our Penguin-san over the fact that king penguins are mistaken for emperor penguins. The way they fought and their insults at each other was so reminiscent of how adults would fight just added more comedic evidence to the main joke of the show: that animals are doing what humans do in a their own slightly different manner. Of course I squealed at the absolute adorableness that was Penguin’s nephew. AND THAT VOICE! IT WAS ALL JUST TOO CUTE. Even the king penguin’s son, who was called a dirty mop and ‘adorably ugly’ was cute!

Now the second segment introduced us to six new characters: Masaki, a customer at the cafe with enthusiasm, a tree kangaroo who’s the master roaster of the coffee beans Polar Bear uses for the cafe, and four red squirrels who work part-time for him. That’s right folks; a tree kangaroo and red squirrels are sorting and roasting your coffee beans. It was an odd segment for me; I just couldn’t see the point of it. We only saw Masaki sort beans and lose to the squirrels in miniature volleyball. I know being a pupil doesn’t mean you can learn right away, but at least give me SOMETHING; something that acknowledges that he will in the future. I guess the whole point was to explain the origins of the cafe’s coffee? Anyway, at least this episode was interesting in that we got to meet some new characters and stray a bit away from the cafe for a change of scenery.~


Sket Dance – 70

That door seriously had it coming since the first day of school
Sket Dance this week takes a break from the laughter and comedy filler and takes us for an episode full of feelings because Agata decided to step down as the Student Council president, but this sudden news pushes Sasuke to do his best as the next Student Council president! Sadly he becomes really strict with the students who brought inappropriate magazines, cellphones and he cracked down on every strange club activity. Apparently Agata let a lot of things slide because it really wasn’t his style to enforce every rule. Also a fun note to add is that his sister Saaya is voiced by Hanazawa Kana!? I had no idea! (I just started this series up recently). So with Agata stepping down and Sasuke ruining everything it was pretty much up to Bossun and the other student council members to do one last thing for him. However, it involved some shady stuff with his sister “mysteriously” getting kidnapped? Yeah that part was a bit strange for a Sket Dance storyline. This forced Agata to solve various word themed puzzles to save her life and honestly it felt like I was watching a random episode of Phi Brain, but that didn’t really bother me because I love me some Phi brain! In the end his sister was just playing along to give him something exciting to remember his last days as the student council president; however he is still going to school…


Moyashimon Returns – 06

I think bunny girls are better this week…

The festival fun continues this week complete with lots of oddball events for everyday collage life like human versus robot boxing, selling ABC (already been chewed) Gum from some random pop idol? Yeah…they seriously had sold some pre-chewed gum which was SO NASSTYYY!!! WHY WOULD YOU BUY THAT?! Also we had Oikawa dressed up as a sexy bunny girl, Aoi as a random alien with a giant head and Kei’s usual Lolita maid outfit…yeah I know this episode sounds out of this world! And so far I would say yes this one episode was really strange as far as Moyashimon goes, but I have to mention that whole boxing event again, because that was so damn hilarious and amazing to watch as the robot do some serious damage to that other professor. Sadly this week there wasn’t much talk of anything science related because we spent most of the time dealing with the current harvest festival, but there was some plot progression for Haruka and it seems like the club is going to send one of them to Paris and possibly bring her back to the collage? My money is on Sawaki or professor Itsuki going on that trip? Either way I am happy to see this small story around Haruka.


Accel World – 18

How about you give her some company?

While Kyokai takes a break from MM this week, I’m chiming in for Accel World. The relationship between Kuroyuki and Megumi is finally unravelled. There is a bit of yuri interaction bouncing between them but nothing too explicit. But our Black Snow Queen proves to be the Emo Midas. Anything she touches will become depressed and insecure. Since the two never really had any development before this outing it feels a bit hollow. Considering her place in the main story, I know she’ll be discarded rather quickly for boy toy Haru. For now all she is a vehicle to display the leading ladies growth as a character. The cold and calculating matriarch of the Accelerated World, through her relationship with Haru has become more of a motherly figure. While this shade of depth was desperately needed to color in some of her personality, she still feels a bit flat. No pun intended. The fact still remains that she can’t carry Accel World all on her own.

After last weeks cliffhanger, how could they leave us hanging… I understand that Kuroyuki is an important character, but all the tension that was building for the past few weeks was just thrown out the window. I don’t know if ruining the pacing of the rest of series was worth this little escapade to Okinawa.



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7 Responses to “Meta Mash – 26”

  1. skylion says:

    Accel World: Pace of main story ruined, and who didn’t double facepalm at the end? “Just leave an unattended cable that leads to your personal interface out and unguarded, trust us”….

  2. JPNIgor says:

    Accel World: AAAAH WHY THE HELL DID THEY CHANGED TO OKINAWA NOW?! ¬¬ I knew it was coming just watching the preview, but anyway, I thought they would at least show what was up with Chiyu helping that guy TT.TT

    • D-LaN says:

      Weolll tht to avoid fans flaming them so they have to slip some yuris to calm them down 😛

      • JPNIgor says:

        It made me much more angry -.-‘

        Well, at least they are cute. Seems like this arc will have one more episode until we are back with Chiyu messing everything up.

  3. Highway says:

    Maybe the writers also hate Noumi so much that they couldn’t stand the idea of another episode with him in it right away.

    I thought the story was fine, although I thought it would be better if they didn’t maroon it in side-story land with that Haru voiceover at the beginning. Then it could have felt like it had some meaning.

  4. D-LaN says:


    (As quoted frm SS!)

    Sure why not, I need some yuri after b*tch backstab and all the emo du-ra-ma.

  5. BlackBriar says:

    Accel World: While this could be an interesting arc, it could’ve been better introduced after Haru and Taku have dealt with that despicable brat Nomi. I so wanted to see him finally pay.

    It’s interesting seeing Black Snow stand alone. Her struggle to cope with her choices between the real world and Accel World makes you wonder what she’ll ultimately decide when the choice is forced on her, determining who she’ll be in the end.

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