Binbougami Ga! – 07

A new challenger has entered the arena!

I was afraid this series had gone off the deep end. Many a series has sojourned into the darkest depths of angst in hopes of fortune, fame and immortality. But many have gone astray, lost in its tangled woods and ensnared in its thorny thickets. Ichiko and crew trekked in deep last week, and I, a saddened spectator, believed there was no return. As the sparse tips of a Thursday morning sun peeked through the leaves I was filled with hope. They had returned from the gloomy mire to the pristine pastures of comedy. After all my negative comments last week I am happy to say this week was a return to form for Binbougami Ga! Welcome home.

But our crew wasn’t alone, they had brought a new friend with them, Ranmaru, a pink haired female karate champion that often gets mistaken for a boy. I love the Samurai Warriors reference to Ranmaru Mori, a boy samurai who often gets mistaken for a girl for his feminine features. This is where Binbougami excels. You might not get all the gags, but when you do it feels as if you’re sharing an inside joke with an old friend. When another viewer complains about not getting ‘it’, I love snickering to myself, “Oh I don’t know…”.

Fist of the North Star reference! Oh yeah!

It doesn’t hurt that Ranmaru is also a fantastic character. She’s a child burdened with the onus of her father’s dreams and ambitions. Failing to have a son, her father charges Ranmaru with carrying the karate legacy. Punching and kicking her way to the top she becomes one of the greatest women fighters in Japan at the expense of her own femininity.

Initially she butts heads with Ichiko because of the leads penchant for blaming other people for things they necessarily haven’t done. As her fortune would have it, most people believe her. This conflict serves as a sort of mental battlefield for Momiji and Ichiko, who vy to use the karate expert to destroy the other. Ranmaru’s appearance has added an interesting kick to the pairs exceptional chemistry.

Bengal Tiger?!?!? No problem.

The show still looks to weave in some dramatic elements into its colorful story. This week took a more measured approach that succeeded. Ranmaru’s relationship with her father and how it was related to Ichiko’s life was brought into focus for a small part of the episode. It was just enough to give this outing a meaningful punch without trying to put the viewer’s heart in a stranglehold. I’m hoping that they stick to this formula from here on out.

From a storytelling standpoint, Ranmaru’s crush on Teika could prove to be an interesting fold. By throwing a love triangle into the mix, Binbougami Ga! is prepping itself for some hilarious situations in the near future.

To be honest with myself, the horny priest and Momou have been growing on me. This is the first time in weeks that we have been without the pair. The entire time I was wondering what their reaction would be to a girl who wraps up her breasts in tape to hide her cleavage.

So is this how a girl is supposed to act? 

My only other criticism is that Ranmaru looks like a trap when she dresses up like a girl. Now its confusing because she has a very masculine personality, and dresses up like a reverse-trap usually. So… She’s a reverse-trap that de-traps herself to look like a trap. Mind… Blow.



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16 Responses to “Binbougami Ga! – 07”

  1. Foshizzel says:

    Fist of the North Star reference! Oh yeah! < BEST FREAKING PART! I loved how the other students where transforming into the same freaking character ahahaha so GOOD! I also kept thinking this whole episode was a giant parody of Ranma 1/2 because Ranmaru's father called her Ranma... Fun episode this week compared to last week's drama-fest! I wish this series would stick to the gag/parody stuff and skip the damn tears! I get it they want to give us a message, but honestly they need to stick to one thing and one thing only...that said Gintama does the drama well but at the same time they have gags and humor to back things up keeping it entertaining <3

    • akagami says:


      I burst out laughing when they did the Fist of the North Star scene. Jokes like that made me really love Seto.

  2. Sushi says:

    Comparing this to Gintama makes me sad but this episode makes me happy

  3. Highway says:

    I watch this show apparently for the total opposite of the stuff you guys do. Bobby and Momou bore me completely, I didn’t even notice they weren’t in this episode until you mentioned it. And probably cause I haven’t seen most of the old shows references tend to sail over my head, so the mere inclusion of them without making them funny has no effect. Things like the Fist of the North Star gag are funny to me not because they’re a reference (I didn’t know it was), but because of the way they’re used (spreading through the class, and then ultimately not working as the disguise it was intended to be).

    Plus, I like the drama and emotional stuff that the show has been doing. I think there’s good tv there to explore.

  4. BlackBriar says:

    This show just can’t stop being so much damn fun!! One of the reasons I kept watching was for Hanazawa’s character outbursts. Ichiko is what I call a “Reverse Main Character”. The normal ones always get drawn into trouble but she deliberately creates it. Is it just me or does it look like her bust gets bigger every episode?

    With her tomboyish personality, Ranmaru looks good with her original look. I mean, her makeover was great but I’m already accustomed to her previous outfit. She sure knows how to work both styles. She’s sexy no matter what style she dresses as and a nice addition to the cast. And she’s voiced by Haruka Tomatsu?! Megumi Shimizu (Shiki), Ichika Takatsuki (Ano Natsu de Matteru), Gruelle Serenity (Mouretsu Pirates) and Asuna Yuuki’s (Sword Art Online) seiyuu?! NO WAY!!!

    • akagami says:

      I can never remember the names of VAs (actually, I’m horrible at remembering names in general). Typically when I watch shows the VAs never really come to mind (I equate character = voice, and if the VA comes to mind, it is usually noted and shelved away, I don’t pay much attention to it).

      I think the only VA’s name i know off the top of my head is Rie K-something or other, because her loli tsundere characters really annoy me. They were cute the first time, and overstayed their welcome the second, third, and umpteenth time.

      Didn’t know Ichika (ano Natsu) and Gruier (Mouretsu) shared the same VA, thanks for that tidbit!

      • BlackBriar says:

        I’ve watched enough anime that when I hear a certain voice, I can tell who that VA is but it becomes tricky when they try a voice that I’m not used to hearing from them. Like Yoko Hikasa playing Miu in Hagure Yuusha no Estetica or Eri Kitamura playing Haiyore! Nyaruko-san’s Mahiro.

        The VA you’re referring to is Rie Kugimiya who I understand has been declared “Queen of Tsunderes” thanks to her roles. She has quite a number of them but the exceptions that I know were Rosario + Vampire’s Mizore Shirayuki, Dance in the Vampire Bund’s Hysterica and Persona 4: The Animation’s Rise Kujikawa.

        No problem on the VA information but you made a mistake. Haruka Tomatsu played Gruier’s sister, Gruelle Serenity. The one chasing her and Marika before they teamed up.

        • akagami says:

          I’ve watched a fair bit myself (324 shows completed and 146 uncompleted – watching or dropped) but I still can’t place the voices to names unless I stop and really try – it doesn’t really register as I watch a show. But I also can’t remember a single quote when I’ve finished watching a movie, and my friends and throw out quotes left right and center.

          Rie started the annoying loli tsundere character with Shana (first season was ok), and then progressed to Nagi in Hayate, Louise in ZnT, Astarotte in Astarotte no Omocha!, Aria in Aria the Scarlet Ammo, and Taiga in Toradora (I think that covers most of her major loli tsundere roles, or at least the ones I’ve watched). When she started doing Louise in ZnT, I started developing a dislike for the loli-tsundere characters. I still like Rie, just when she isn’t doing the loli-tsundere ^^

        • akagami says:

          My mistake on Gruelle ^^. The only VA I recognized instantly in Mouretsu was Chiaki (Kuroneko!!! ^^)

          ♥ Hanazawa Kana

        • Highway says:

          I can tell some Voice Actors, but I tend to associate the look more. Like if Rias Gremory sounds like Akiyama Mio, I can’t really tell if I’m watching them, but if I don’t watch, and hear both talk, then I can tell it’s the same person. I also never figure it out unless I know it’s the same person, but then they can sound very alike. For instance, after I learned Nakamura Yuuchi did both Oojima Yuuki from KoiChoco and Kousaka Kyousuke from OreImo, I could start hearing the same characterization. But I don’t hear the same thing at all in Villagiulio from RnL.

          But I’ll watch anything that Hayami Saori has a chance of singing in. *swoon* Even Basquash! That’s one voice I always know, even if I don’t recognize her acting (plus, she tends to have roles that don’t talk a lot – Ikaros, Kou from Oinara-sama, Sayo in Sora no Manimani).

          • akagami says:

            Hahaha, I know, right? After Haruhi, I would associate most of Aya’s later roles with Haruhi (except her Konata voice, which was totally different – I miss Aya, come back and less of the dorama!)

  5. HannoX says:

    I have to agree that this show works best as comedy, especially when Ichiko and Momiji are fighting. There was just enough drama in this episode to show that deep down inside Ichiko there is a decent person who sometimes comes out. Any more drama would be bad.

    I agree that Ranmaru is a good addition to the cast. Momou is enough over the top that I find his masochism funny. Bobby can go die, though. I’ve never found him funny.

    All in all, this is a very good comedy anime as long as they don’t forget that’s what it is supposed to be and add only a light touch of drama.

  6. akagami says:

    I just burned through 3-7 and caught up! I have to say Ichiko isn’t that interesting, for me the most interesting characters are Momiji and Momou. All Ichiko has going for her is her Nice Body™. The dorama parts so far have been lacking… not good enough to stand on its own, and detracts from an otherwise good comedy.

    I think I enjoy the interactions of Momiji and Ichiko, when they’re not fighting my enjoyment level plummets 75%.

    I still love the OP and ED (omg the cosplay is so awesome, I want more!) and the Nadeshiko Ga!segments (reminds me of Lucky Channel). I still haven’t been able to sight her without the segment… and that butler is so cool-looking =P For some reason I think I’ve seen his design in an anime before…

    Of all the side characters, Ranmaru just nudges a little ahead of Bobby. They’re not really that interesting to me, just yet.

    • Highway says:

      I’ve started looking for Nadeshiko in the crowd scenes because of that segment. 🙂

      • akagami says:

        I still missed both her appearances in 7! The one from the balcony should have been pretty easy, but when I re-watched that scene it was omg-so-fast. Unless you played it frame by frame you would not have seen her.

    • Sushi says:

      I’m so glad you’re enjoying the show! That OP and ED are so addicting! Bobby is a bit odd… sad because he’s been in the cast the longest short of the two leads.

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