Mouretsu Pirates MetaCast Review

It’s Time to Talk Piracy!

Hey look, a couple pirate leader guys talking about a pirate series, how apropos. Fosh & I along with our friends Verdant & Shinmaru get together to talk about the series and Marika’s role as a captain learning on the job among other subjects and thoughts. Enjoy the conversation and also the BG music.


YARRR!!! Well Mouretsu Pirates fans it looks like we have finally reached the end to our exciting adventures with Captain Marika and the crew of the Bentenmaru! So sit back and listen to awesome voices as we chat about the whole series. Also I prepared something special for the readers to enjoy! Even you Mushyrules I photo shopped some epic glasses for you…

Extra special space pirates

Chikai is in heaven right now and she probably gained some weight…

Don’t you think these two deserve a mouretsu pirates spin off series? I THINK SO!

Ai-”No one is here to disturb us sweetie….”                     Dinghy-”Keep it in your pants please…”

Kane-”This picture will become my Christmas card! Thank you ladies.”


Captain Marika smokes space weed every day.

Ririka-”Yep…I never got that pilot licence did I? Ah well maybe I will in the movie?” 

Vampire captain-”This is some good blood.”              Navigator-”Nope that is just red koolaid sir.”


Marika-”Take care everyone! See you in a year…”            Chiaki-”Noooooooooooo!”

Fun w/ Fosh


A. Build your own anime pirate crew and name your pirate ship (Basically choose different non Mouretsu characters to fill each role) or

Weapon expert:
Ship name:

B. Which crew member aboard the Bentenmaru would you kill off?

Q2: Pick a favorite moe space girl. Chiaki? Marika? or another character?

Q3: If you gave a spin off series to any character besides Marika who would you choose?


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13 Responses to “Mouretsu Pirates MetaCast Review”

  1. kitty says:

    Mechanic: Winry (I’d said Ed but then my ship might fall out of the sky)
    Medic: Haru!!! (The squirt gun would make you forget your pain XD)
    Weapon expert: Misaka, Railgun baby!!! Kick all yo asses!
    Hacker: Barnaby, he seems like he’d be good at that sorta thing.
    Captain: Kamina (watch out…. seriously)
    Ship name: The Amoretti (little loves in Italian XD) Currently obsessed with this name,

    B. Which crew member aboard the Bentenmaru would you kill off? Kane, because he wore that speedo… otherwise you would have been safe dude.

    Q2: Pick a favorite moe space girl. Chiaki? Marika? or another character? Chiaki~~~~~ I adore that girl mind you I loved Lynn…. so hard to choose~~~~

    Q3: If you gave a spin off series to any character besides Marika who would you choose? Lynn and Jenny defiantly agree with that!!

    Omg these question’s made me use my brain!!

    • Foshizzel says:

      Great team there Kitty! I never ever thought about Winry from FMA and Kamina? Ahahahha awesome! That is one tough team of pirates <3

      Yeah Kane! You can replace him with his twin brother fufufu

      There really are a bunch of cute girls to choose from.

      YEP! I would really love to see the adventures Jenny and Lynn continue on through another series.

      Ahahah I had fun with these questions <3

  2. The_Magus_Killer says:

    Mechanic: Amuro Ray (He made the Gundam after all)

    Medic: Kyouno Madoka (Maru! Her Vox can also heal people when Madoka’s emotional trigger is pressed, right?)

    Weapon Expert: Char Aznable (red weapons will fire 3x faster and with 3x more damage!!!)

    Hacker: Uiharu Kazari from To Aru Kagaku no Railgun (she is AC’s “Goalkeeper” after all)

    Captain: Bright Noa (let the Bright-slapping commence!)

    Ship name: Wrath of Iron *WarHammer 40k Reference*

    B. Marika – so I can have Chiaki for myself. Hahaha.

    Q2: Chiaki for me! I have no regrets. This is the only path.

    Q3: I’ll give a spin-off series to Coorey/that glasses girl always eating snacks. Haha.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Whooooaaaa best team! Madoka and Uiharu I approve!


      Chiaki <3

      LOLOL Coorie? I would put her in a snack eating anime! She would fit in the world of BenTO! if she were a physical character…

  3. skylion says:


    Mechanic: Poppo
    Weapon expert: Blaster Anaru
    Hacker: Jin-tan
    Navigator (you forgot this role): Yukiatso
    Captain: Menma
    Ship name:The Forget-Me-Not


    Mechanic: Takakura Kanba and Penugin 1
    Medic: Sanetoshi
    Weapon Expert: Takakura Shouma and Penguin 2
    Hacker: Oginome Momoka
    Captain: The Princess of the Crystal
    Ship Name: The Penguindrum
    Series Name: Night of the Galactic Subway

    B) Not a soul

    Q2)Ai. More flying talent that Marika, memeorized the star patterns of another planet, flies around with the cockpit open. Girl is awesome.

    Q3) Easy. The Serenity Princessess.

    • Foshizzel says:

      LOL Sylion! That first team is great and Menma would be a crazy pirate and the second one OHHHH MYYYY GOD! PERFECT! The galactic subway <3

      Ai is cute-O!


  4. Mushyrulez says:

    Q2: this girl.

    Q3: Captain Witherspoon of the El Santo.

    P.S. fosh, have my baby’s

    …sunglasses, they’re too small for him now

  5. Reaper says:


    Here comes the Gekkostate! Haha, kidding, but can’t help but compare the crews, especially when Holland got downgraded into Hyakume…*shakes head*

    I’d probably kill off the mechanic dude since he seems the least threatening. I mean, imagine trying to kill Schnitzer…I don’t imagine there’d be much life left in you afterwards :D Unless San-Daime has some secret doll weapon he keeps underneath his console…

    Chiaki. Hands down. DAT WINK.

    Side story? Either something called ‘Chiaki’s Daily Adventures with Parfait-kun’ or a series into the Bentenmaru before Marika took over as captain. Badassery seems to be ensured :D

  6. Moni Chan says:

    THE VAMPIRE CAPTAIN SHALL HAVE HIS OWN SPIN OFF. there might even be an episode when they battle the straw hat pirates.

  7. BlackBriar says:

    I had to marathon all the episodes I missed just to get here and it was worth it. Mouretsu Pirates was an awesome. Captain Marika will surely be missed. By the way, EPIC YURI KISS FOR THE WIN!!

  8. akagami says:

    I’m slow to the party, because I’m slow to finish up my backlog =(

    Mechanic: Franky. Because he’d make the ship into something awesome and no longer resembling a ship.
    Medic: Chopper. An excellent doctor who forgets he’s a doctor in times of crisis.
    Weapon expert: Mikuru (Mikuru beam!!!)
    Hacker: Daru. He can make our ship time-travel.
    Captain: Hinagiku. ALL HAIL OUR PINK-HAIRED GODDESS!!!
    Ship name: The Pink Bunny. Because getting shot down by a pink bunny is awesome. On an unrelated note, it was fun killing people with a pink haired gnome rogue (who also danced on your corpse).
    “Yay, I just got ganked.”
    “By who, a night elf?”
    “No, a pink-haired female gnome. Again.”

    B. Which crew member aboard the Bentenmaru would you kill off?

    Lynn (she was a temporary crew member!) I dislike yuri and yaoi. It was painful to watch that scene with Lynn and Jenny. I vomited a little.

    Q2: Pick a favorite moe space girl. Chiaki? Marika? or another character?

    Definitely Chiaki. Hands down.

    Q3: If you gave a spin off series to any character besides Marika who would you choose?

    Mami and the daily life of a maid café. With guest appearances from Chiaki and Marika.

  9. Highway says:

    Well, I finished Mouretsu Pirates yesterday, and man, that series was awesome.

    I think it really is a series that flourishes in a more concentrated viewing schedule. I could see how watching one episode a week, it might seem a bit slow, but watching an episode or two a day over two weeks really kept the flow going at a great pace. It took me exactly two weeks to watch it, after 5 episodes the first day, and I *never* watch 5 episodes of anything in one day. At that rate, the action is just the right amount, never overwhelming, and always leaving you wanting more.

    I especially liked the characterization of the show, particularly Marika. It was really great to see someone who found her calling like that, even if she had no clue that piracy existed at the beginning. Not brilliant, not dumb, not particularly out of water. Her hunch-based decision making never felt contrived or fake, and there was maybe only one time where it seemed that she drew on experience she really wouldn’t have. She turned out to be a great captain, able to use her crew effectively and do so in a way that made them want to have her as captain. Even the times she seemed indecisive, it turned into ‘waiting for more information, rather than making a rash decision’.

    If I had a complaint about the series, it would be that Gruier (and Grunhilde also) was a little bit too much of a ‘fixer’. Thankfully, she got in trouble a few times, and didn’t play up the “princess” bit at all, keeping the character likable. I liked that when they did stuff like normal girls, they were just normal girls.

    The space sequences were notable as well. Good classic spaceship design for the Bentenmaru and other pirate ships. The Grand Cross fit the ‘futuristic high-tech’ image pretty well, although I was afraid it was going to transform into a humanoid robot (thankfully it didn’t). The only ship I really didn’t like was the Parabellum, which looked like a space asphalt paving machine. Of particular note was the Odette II, just a glorious looking ship with solar sails extended.

    And answering Fosh’s questions:
    I’d kill of San-Daime. No more complaining!

    Chiaki was definitely the best other character.

    And “Lynn and Jenny’s Married Adventures in Space” would be a show I’d watch.

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