Eureka Seven Ao 14 – 15

Eureka-“Not as good as Renton’s grab…”            Ao-“FINE I WONT CATCH YOU THEN!”

It certainly has been a while since we had any Eureka Seven Ao posts hasn’t it? Fear not fans we have assembled a crack team of experts this week because I joined Jrow and also got an awesome special guest Joeanimated (follow him on twitter!) joining us this week for our mini cast for these episodes. So sit back and take a few minutes to listen to this wonderful recording! Thanks and time to start the review for these two action packed episodes

Nirvosh’s and Naru’s power upgrades?

I am lady for naked time travel! Because honestly who needs pants anyway?

During the big fight against Truth in episode fourteen, Eureka managed to unlock some hidden weapon system on Ao’s Nirvosh which gave him some extra firepower to take out a random secret that arrived only to get seriously owned! Ao you should really thank Eureka for that power up. So what in the world is happening with Naru’s new powers? It seems like she can travel between worlds or time lines? However the whole scene of her flying around naked appears to only be inside her head! Then again the last time Ao was dreaming about Naru the events in that dream actually came true. What are your thoughts on her new powers? I know at the end of the episode it appears her personality has shifted into serious mode! Oh and apparently she has the power to pilot the Nirvosh type zero? Things are certainly getting tricky for Ao’s relationship with Naru….

The secrets out yo!

SecretA-“DUDE WE SHOULD COMBINE!”                 SecretB-“seriously bro that is the stupidest idea ever.” 

Ao-“Oh right that secret is shooting me with tons of laser spam!”

Now for some episode fifteen action which focused on Secrets for the most part and they even went the extra mile and used that fancy anime science giving them a “voice” allowing them to talk to the humans! So what is the purpose for them invading this world? It seems like they are trying to cleanse the world of the scub coral! Basically they are getting rid of the “cancer” aka the bursts as a way to fix things for the humans? So what caused them to arrive? The secret mentioned something about a key event that happened over ten years ago, which if you are following the current time line that is roughly around with Eureka first arrived through that beam of light, but of course the humans had no idea the Secrets were just trying to help them. One final thought it appears as if the Secret are evolving into IFOs forms and they have started using the same weapons system like Nirvosh type zero and The END with the always crazy pink laser attacks which owned Ao this week…damn it…bro you seriously can’t rush into battle anymore! At least he got to have some bonding time with Chloe so that makes up for the LEEEROYYY move he pulled.

Extra Eureka Seven Ao


Elena-“RAWWWRRR WHERE IS MY ANIME UPDATES?!          Ao-“whoa…calm down bro!”

Naru comes from the rare five dollar  footlong tribe.

Keep on practicing Chloe one day you will succeed at your dreams!

Chloe-“OH SNAP dawg Ao got owned this week? Daaaammmm son everything is getting real yo!”

End thoughts

Damn these episodes were so freaking good! SERIOUSLY. However, just when everyone thought they had everything figured out for the timeline they decided to throw in something random in episode fourteen with Eureka’s comment about having a girl? That comment left me like whoaaaa wait a minute what does she mean she is having a girl? Does that mean this Eureka that visited Ao is from another world? I really hope they explain things soon because we are down to nine episodes. What do you think about that comment? Do you have any theories on what is going on, but you have to admit things are getting screwy as far as the timeline and plot goes.

Anyway thanks for reading and check out these other Eureka Seven Ao posts by other bloggers Vuc, Joeanimated and Donkangolijones.


Naru-“What do you mean we have to wait three weeks for the next episode? FUUUUU!”

Ao versus Naru!? Sadly we have to wait three whole weeks because Eureka Seven Ao is going to take a break…I think it has to do with the Olympics! So we have to wait…sucks huh? Take care and see you all later.


Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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11 Responses to “Eureka Seven Ao 14 – 15”

  1. TheVoid says:

    There’s more to this than just time travel. I heard the Secret have been appearing for 10,000 years to exterminate the Scub and only ten years ago did they learn how to fight them.
    It’s likely that the world AO currently lives in is a alternate dimension, with Eureka traveling from the future of hers to the time of this world. The “Key Event” is most likely that giant quartz that Eureka took with her back to her.

    • TheVoid says:

      My bad I meant to say say for 300 years since they’ve had sightings of Secrets since then. Which would still have the Scub appearing much sooner than they originally did.

      And the Key Event is most likely connected to how that giant quartz worked since it was much larger than the regular quartz.

      • Foshizzel says:

        Yeah Joeanimated mentioned something like that in our recording how the secret have been arriving on this world for a looooong time!

        Oh for sure they really want that giant collection of quartz stored in space xD

  2. Reaper says:

    These episodes have definitely started showing the original E7 vibes that made the original so good~ Lots of things shown so I’ll just touch on the major points 😀

    Ep 14-
    Definitely not an understatement to say Eureka’s statement about her baby being a girl was a shock, but does fit in place since the fandom’s been speculating about Ao having a sister (more likely to be older than younger). Elena’s freak out seems to be related to this, since it’s been suggested she might be the sister (though it’s still open to be someone else). Renton definitely followed Axel in building awesome stuff, especially during the battle against the Secret, hope he shows up sooner than later! The board cluster definitely kicked that Secret’s arse in no time, which is good, since the TypeZero now has the homing lasers (which I think they added to put the two Nirvashs on an equal fighting field in future eps, alluded in the awesome OP).

    Speaking of Nirvash, the one in the Scub Burst is the same one Ao’s piloting, but that means either he and Nirvash OR just Nirvash went to the future to go to the past to save future Eureka so she could go forward to go back into the past. (Confusing stuff, huh?) Though I think Ao and Nirvash went into the future to bring Eureka back, it’s completely possible for RENTON to have been the one flying Nirvash to take Eureka back at this point. Whatever happened, it will be guaranteed awesome! Truth’s little tantrum against Nirvash’s BAMF stare was pretty awesome too. 😀

    Now, the OP sequence. Oh boy. First two minutes and the ep was already a bombshell BEFORE the baby’s sex got dropped. Excusing the ten second pause in animation as the song began, the song was awesome, though the animation seemed strange at parts. Ao’s face of ‘what are you doing’ as Naru flies off, GenBlue being ‘the Right Stuff’, RENTON (it’s official; black coats make you a BAMF), Truth is taking a leaf out of Accelerator’s ‘How to smile like a scary MF’, THAT Nirvash popping up (Spec V? possibly, but awesome fight will ensue) and the fight between the two Nirvashs. Speculation wise, to me, seems like it will be a fight between Naru & Truth against Ao for the sake of pursuing the ‘Truth’ and which ‘Truth’ is the right one, especially since Truth and Naru insist the world isn’t real, but Ao’s probably going to reject that and, with GenBleu, return Naru and Truth to the reality of the ‘world’ but I’ll throw that one up along the way (after the Olympics are over…the only downside to the Olympics is the lack of anime being broadcasted or otherwise delayed…). In the end though, RentonxEureka was, and I think always will, be better than AoxNaru. Hell, NoahxANYTHING takes the cake. TypeZero is better than Naru but for now, either it’s being subjugated to fight, or for reasons unknown to us for now, agrees to fight with Naru (considering she has a bit of the Scub Coral, maybe they share a connection like Eureka did with TypeZero in E7, but we the viewers don’t, so we get left in the dark…for now)

    Seems like Coralians going to take the stage soon against the Secrets (as long as BONES don’t throw anymore bombshells on us)

    Ep 15-
    Right off the bat, the place Ao’s being swallowed by looks awfully similar to the place Eureka stood with Renton at the end of E7. Maybe the Command Cluster’s going to show up soon with the rest of the Scub Coral (meaning the Spec III Nirvash may show up soon too!) Not forgetting TheEND, the Nirvashs will hopefully play a larger role soon.

    The Quartz are starting to get lots of attention, since no one knows what it is completely (apart from BONES, the cruel ppl), apart from the possible fragments related to Eureka of New World, and the Secrets have revealed their objective; the elimination of Scub Coral, no matter what, confusing much of GenBleu (and Chloe) since they may no longer be enemies. Still don’t know who/what made them, or the circumstances for their single-minded objectives, but they got a power-up with homing lasers…reminds me of the Federation ships, and looks like IFO Nirvash might have taken independent action to save Ao just before being shot down (which is great, since the TypeZero’s charm was in its intelligence). Big Blue World; mysterious name for a mysterious shareholder company of GenBleu, which seems to be more important to Stanley (an executive) than Blanc (the CEO; looks like it’s a more complicated partnership than we suspected), probably will take action after the Polaris Plan previewed in the ep, along with the TypeZero showing up for a fight against the Secrets; guess it’s time to see whether Naru deserves the TypeZero or not :D. Something guaranteed though? Eureka will be back, and this time, looks like the older one! (Unless it’s Truth as a trap again! 😛 )

    Last thoughts? Nakamura, the most infuriating character of all time. Damn his crafty smile.

    • Reaper says:

      Oops, major rant. Sorry guys!

      • Foshizzel says:

        hahahah np! Any Eureka comments are always welcome <3 I will respond to the top section in a bit when my mind is less sleepy xD

        • BlackBriar says:

          Like what Reaper said, Truth is stealing Accelerator’s badass psycho smile. Imagine if both of them were in the same place.

    • Foshizzel says:

      HERE WE GO!

      Epi 14: Yep! Eureka’s reveal of having a girl was mind blowing at that time I was sure I had everything somewhat “figured” out as far as AO/Eureka’s stories go, but the baby comment threw me off. YESSS! Elena’s freak out moment? What the hell was that bout!? On the rec we all think she has some personal issues with maybe being left behind alone in this world? She might have some hate towards Eureka for leaving her…that and everyone has her pretty much set as Ao’s sister.

      I want Renton to arrive in a badass moment! Like when Ao is about to get owned by Naru or Truth he pops up with a another Nirvosh and owns them and saves his son! YES! HURRY UP RENTON!!

      New OP IS FAAAANNNTASTIC! I really really really want to get my hands on the OP Single <3<3<3 and yeah I know right? Bones loves their plot twists and mind blown moments

      Epi 15: I want the Nirvosh spec III! BRING IT ON! WOOOOO HOOOOO!! I wouldn't mind seeing that final form from the movie oh right and TheEND is out there somewhere...

      Quartz seems to be on every list for ultimate "POWER" and the secret definitely want to take it back from the humans, but I wonder why Generation Blue is all hush hush about keeping so much? I assume they wanted to make some kind of high powered laser weapon in space? Every mecha series has those "GIANT CANNONS OF DEATH" Remember Guilty Crown? Yeah they had one as well.

      AHH YES! Big Blue World I guess they get the money from Generation Blue or they supply them with funds? I wonder what they want in return...I assume they have dibs on the Quartz Crystal? And now the secrets actually have a voice thanks to some cleaver hacking by Han and George!

      Ahahah Nakamura is awesome <3

  3. BlackBriar says:

    Brand new OP and it’s nice. Things have turned grim and epic. About Eureka saying her baby is supposed to be a girl. Maybe with the timeline being messed up from the traveling, maybe Eureka had a child before Ao and that he has an older sister.

    The jaw dropper was Georg being hacked by a Secret. At least their revelations confirms what Eureka said about Secrets not being the enemy. That left me with a question mark in my mind. There is a possibility they’re the planets’ defense system unknown by the humans. Then again, it could be Truth messing with them again.

    Then there’s the Quartz. If the Secrets were after the Scub Coral because it’s alien, they shouldn’t stop attacking once it stop functioning. If it was true, then the Scub Coral wouldn’t have been able to merge with the Earth in the future, as the Secrets would have stopped it. So far, there is no way to prove this theory.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Hell ya brand new OP! I loveeeeeee it! I want the single T___T

      Yeah Eureka’s reveal of having a girl was like wait? Did something screw up the timeline because she kept visiting Ao’s world and it leaves the option for WHO IS IMOUTO!

      I like that the secret have a voice! That kind of changes things and one thing is certain the secret are just trying to clean up the world of the scub Bursts, but I am still extremely curious to see how truth plays into the overall story or like you said he is trolling…

      Yeah the Quartz plays a big role still and the secrets want to take it back to their world, but of course Generation Blue has their own side plans for now! Also does Mama know they have all the quartz in space?! I bet she has something to do with it.

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