Eureka Seven Ao – 13

Renton-“Whoops…I think I just sent my wife back in time…again.”

Welcome back Eureka Seven Ao fans! What a strange ride we had so far within this series and I can’t get enough of it, but we are now officially at the halfway point of this really addictive anime. So what can you expect to find in this episode? For starters we get to have some fun with Eureka running around. So please take a few minutes to listen to me and Jrow discus a few things about this episode.

Eureka sure has one fantastic smile doesn’t she?

Ao and Eureka finally hang out

Eureka-“I can’t decide what I want so I’ll eat everything!”        Ao-“Now I see why I like canned food.”


This whole scene was really amazing and heartwarming.

Throughout this entire series so far I think everyone watching wanted Ao to eventually meet up with his long lost mother, but what if she has no idea who her son actually is? What happens then?! I can only bet things right now for Ao are completely strange. After all he can’t just come out and say I am your son from the future…I think that bit of information overload would cause Eureka to panic, but honestly she seems to be alright visiting this other world. During this episode there was a certain named dropped that caused all of the old school fans to go AWWWWWWWW!! and that name was Renton causing Eureka to blush like crazy, which shows us those two really have something special going on between them. I laughed a little bit when Eureka listed everything bad about Ao’s father like he is a huge crybaby and a few other things. Despite all the bad things about Renton, she still loves everything about him…damn…that statement was a really heartwarming. Oh and while this was going on Ao was wearing Renton’s old delivery outfit, holding the old compact drive from the original Eureka Seven! That was really cool so high-five to Bones for including that.

Exciting things with time travel

Ivica-“Sooo how old are you?”             Eureka-“If I told you it might cause your head to explode.”

Ah time travel you always manage to make our brains explode or cause us to spend hours and hours coming up with all kinds of theories on that subject, but hey that kind of thing can be fun and exciting right!? Although it just makes my brain lag out. In this episode we bounce around with some time traveling events with Eureka such as going back ten years when Ivica first met Eureka. That was really interesting because we got to see Truth’s true form, how Naru was there to witness the birth of the “sea god”, how the Nirvosh was left behind, tips on how to defeat the secrets and how Generation blue was slowly being formed at that time. So is your mind hurting yet? We also discovered, Gekko State ship revealed that this Eureka arrived early in the overall timeline of Ao. Yeah things are really strange right now, but it just leaves me to ask you what kinds of ideas do you have so far about this timeline mess?

Everybody just hates Truth 

Truth-“Hey baby, how about we have some alone time?”         Nakamura-“Dude…you are messed up.”

Ladies and gentlemen behold! The true form of Truth.

Hating on evil characters is a fun thing to do through any anime series! Like all the baddies of Guilty Crown or maybe the crazy main villain of Sacred Seven? Either series you choose to run with I think the general feeling is mutual across the board about Truth. I swear this guy loves to stand around causing lots of random die-o-rama every freaking week. So why do we dislike him? Those answers are really easy for me…so here is a short list of things like he is so overpowering, trollish, mentally insane and that jerk killed off Endo in this episode! Oh and Truth appears to enjoy wearing lots of female clothes? In this episode alone he wore a two piece bikini and he was wearing Eureka’s original outfit? I swear give him some time and he will eventually appear as Talho. So do you like Truth? Is he a great main villain or just a giant kid with super powers?

Crazy mecha battles and Renton

Truth-“Damn it, Ao! GO AWAY!”                   Ao-“Screw you, dude! I WILL KICK YOUR ASS!”


Ohhhh snap, Truth, you are in some serious trouble next week now that Eureka is pissed!

This week we got to see some tiny hints about an epic fight happening for episode fourteen. I can’t wait to see how Truth manages to fight off not one Nirvosh but two of them. For some reason I just picture him running away screaming “I WILL GET YOU NEXT TIME!” while he shakes his fist at the sky retreating or something like that? I also would die laughing if a third Nirvosh magically appeared with Renton piloting it! Just imagine the look on Truth’s face if he saw that. Speaking of Renton, Eureka also mentioned that he was building another Nirvosh, after hearing that comment I was like whoa I can’t wait to see what he built and it gives me hopes that we might see him appear later on in this series because they did drop his name several times throughout the episode. So how long do you think Truth will last against two Nirvosh machines at the same time? I bet he’ll run away after five minutes…or are we going to get blasted by a flashback next week?

Extra fun with Eureka Seven Ao

Eureka-“Are you going to eat that? I am so hungry…”                    Ao-“Uh sure…”

Christohphe-“I swear it was this big when I caught it.”              Ivica-“Sorry what? I spaced out.”

Elena is a professional mecha pilot! Do not attempt to fight like her.

Gazelle and Noah = Future pokemon partners?


Nirvosh-“Truth, you are going down next week! Wait I don’t have any weapons? DAMN RENTON!!” 

Truth versus Eureka and Ao. Also please check out these other Eureka Seven Ao bloggers like Joeanimated, illegenes and Otou-san thank you very much!


Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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7 Responses to “Eureka Seven Ao – 13”

  1. Reaper says:

    Argh, as if they would show two episodes in a row with very different, but agonizing, cliff hangers for each one!

    Apart from the frustration of the wait til the end of the week, this episode was undoubtedly awesome. Back story to answer some questions, check. Reverse trap present? Check. Twin Nirvashs’ about to lay the pain onto Truth? Check.

    Okay, time travel is the answer, which is great, since a lot of people were discussing this and there was a lot of back and forth arguments over who was right; there would have been some people celebrating over this, but I think more so because of the Eureka/Nirvash combo about to drop kick into the fight (glad to see even though she’s carrying Ao, she’s still able to fight 😀 ) Reverse time travel though would sound like a major headache though; reminds me of a book I think called the Time Traveller’s Wife or something but same premise (mind boggling)

    Now, the Gekko. Too bad the Gekkostate wasn’t present, and it’s more likely than not that they won’t show up in E7 Ao, but I will hope out for them over the next 11 episodes. At least some kind of closure for the GS (and the link into the earlier protests as well). And the Gekko must fly at least once; that ship is too awesome to be grounded 🙁

    Welp, guess we’ll be seeing Eureka back in the future next ep, for 6 months, before she pops back ~10013 years to give birth. Yeah. Time travel is a doozy (but would be cool 😀 ). Also, I can’t help myself…GO, NIRVASH UNION! (JK, E7’s better than Aquarion, IMHO).

    PS. I guess mass produced food was better in the older days than in 10000 years…whilst the next soundtrack won’t be out for another few months…sigh…

    • Foshizzel says:

      Two fantastic episodes though right? Yeah the cliffhangers are annoying but it keeps me wanting more! I NEED MORE! AHHHHH!!

      Lots of checks right there but each of them are great! Like twin nirvosh units about to kick truths ass? FK YEAH!

      Time travel is definitely one of those subjects that pops up in anime, but it feels weir in the Eureka seven universe! Then again I had my own ideas in the beginning about two worlds or parallel universe things…I love reading and seeing what theories people come up with.

      Eureka is a badass! Even when she is preggo she wants to kick Truth around <3 I think I remember seeing something about that movie hahaha

      Yeah more info on the original members of the Gekkostate would have been wonderful, but I think this story is focused on Eureka+Ao+Renton for now.

      Hooray! I can't wait for another OST <3

  2. BlackBriar says:

    Gah, time traveling. I remember Mirai Nikki using that. That kind of story tends to be confusing if you can’t keep up. This was a solid episode in spite of a few parts that would have you pondering which direction they are going with this. I understand there is an episode 00 of Eureka Seven AO which is a prologue, meaning that it will shows parts from the original series and even everything out. I’m glad Renton was mentioned because it felt like he would be left out completely.

    With all time traveling stories, there are risks. Like if something is done, everything changes and whatnot. But if anything happens to this Eureka, Ao will cease to exist.

    In the sick bay when Eureka was talking to Hannah, she was beginning to say something about the Human/Coralian child and having problems with high levels of Trappar. I wonder what she meant by that. Also the part where Eureka was defending the Secrets saying they aren’t enemies which is contradicting with what we’ve seen so far.

    Everyone is hating on Truth. All is as it should be. Him crossdressing (more like cross-gendering) on the ship with his arms around that guy was creepy as hell. As a villain who is insane and apparently likes to wear women’s clothing more than men’s, he’s a case all on his own.

    Gazelle is getting himself in too deep and making everything worse than it needs to be. It’s one thing to be helpful but it’s another when you’re causing more harm than good. Moreover that he doesn’t realise the position he’s in.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Time travel makes my head explode, but hey it is always fun to thing about it right? Yeah I saw something on that episode 00 but I wasn’t even sure about how it “fits” in the overall story.

      Right! No around Eureka means there is no Ao! Great point.

      Hmmm yeah there is something about her comment so maybe the secret in this world are technically Coralians? I want more details on this subject…I still do not trust Hana! She is so sneaky.

      DAMN TRUTH! Yeah he is a great bad guy to hate.

      Yeah…Gazelle…he is not helping anyone I mean the only thing he has done so far is stir up trouble for Ao and everyone else, but maybe he will find some actual info later that helps connect all the dots for us? ie timeline or some research data…

  3. Animeblue says:

    Foshizzel and Jrow, key scenes was animated by Kenichi Yoshida, Kazuhiro Miwa, Nekomataya, Koji Sugiura, Megumi Kouno, Takahiro Komori, Shigeru Fujita, Majiro

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