Eureka Seven Ao – 11 and 12

Noah supports a world with Ao x Fleur x Elena for the best pairing.

Incoming another batch of fresh Eureka Seven Ao posts for you to enjoy. So what in the world are you in for with these two episodes? I would say you should prepare yourself for a mental trip followed by something amazing for all the old school Eureka Seven fans out there! So sit back and listen to me and my good buddy Jrow as we talk about these two episodes.

Who is the real Elena and who is Miller?

Later Elena started making out with Miller…so is that self-cest again?

Elena-“Go ahead say moe anime sucks one more time I DARE YOU.”

Episode elven was interesting because it was half focused on one of my favorite characters in Eureka Seven Ao with Elena, but this was also a bit of a mind trip as we discovered more of her past life. So just what happened? We had a bit of an extreme info dump with Gazzelle’s team researching Elena’s past along with the rock star Miller, but what is their connection? Apparently Miller was a spy for the Americans while Elena was a training to become a super IFO pilot working with Generation blue. Through Gazzelle’s team we learn the two girls are not even the same person! But clearly we saw Elena dressing up as Miller in an earlier episode. So what is your take on this whole thing? Is this Miller character a clone of Elena or are we dealing with someone with slip personalities? I think they are just long lost twin sisters.

Mind control sand monster

Chloe-“I have the sudden desire to eat a mountain of sweets…”         Maeve-“DUDE CANDY MOUNTAIN!?”

Yeah this episode has a secret sand monster that took control over the children’s minds. It basically gives into their desires such as the team members of Goldilocks who all wanted to chase teddy bears because they miss Bruno. Who else was infected by this sand? Fleur wanted to save her mother, Elena was hanging out with Miller and Ao missed his mother and Naru. So all the children has their own problems to work through thanks to the secret, but Elena saved the day when she figured out Miller triggered her death flag. So hooray for that; however in the end Elena plants Millers wig in the yar…what is that about? I guess it’s her way of saying goodbye to Miller?

The adventures of Ao in spaceeeeeeeee!

I wish I could go to space with team Pied piper!

Ivica-“Oh look its time for Yuru Yuri.”                 Ao-“Dude…why do we always watch your anime?”

Episode twelve starts off with team pied piper going into space to take care of a giant scub coral headed down to earth, but they did not bring Noah with them leaving me to say damn! I wanted to see Noah flying around in zero gravity. While in space Ao gets called an alien by someone named hana aka Mama and leader of team Harlequin so what does that mean? Is that team a bunch of clowns or tricksters? I hope we learn more about them! Anyway yes it appears everyone in space calls Ao an alien, but why? Apparently they have video evidence with Eureka and the original Nirvosh arriving on earth thirteen years ago through a beam of light. So why did they keep that hidden from Ao? I think Generation blue found out that he was really “useful” so they probably kept him around to fight their battles if so…damn that is cold. So what do you think? Why did everyone keep that information hidden from Ao?

The best moment in Eureka Seven Ao so far…

Can you hear the screams of thousands of Eureks Seven fans out there?!

Eureka-“Sup, bitches.”

While Ao is dealing with his alien issues, we got to enjoy some mind blowing fun with as Ao retreated into a hole created by Naru. Thanks to that special move Ao had a strange encounter with the Gekko State Ship along with the original Nirvosh from season one of Eureka Seven. So yeah that whole scene had me going OH MY GOD! THIS IS AWESOME! WOOOOOO!! And finally when they landed safetly on earth the old Nirvosh’s cockpit opened to reveal Eureka. Though, she did not recognize her own son and according to Joe Animated this Eureka appears to be pregnant because there was a quick shot of her stomach when she was starting to stand up…so what does this mean? Have we entered some sort of alternate timeline or perhaps something else? I think Naru had something to do with it honestly. She is developing some strange powers with the help of the Scrub bursts.

Extra fun stuff

Another death in the vehicle family tree rest in peace.

Elena service shot of the week

Ao-“I sure like space travel…don’t you guys?”

Ao-“Whoa I think I want to keep this secret can we?”          Ivica-“I don’t think it will fit on the ship.”



Eureka-“You sure are cute…”             Ao-“Damn this is strange…”

Ao finally gets to have a chat with his mother, but how will she react to the news that he is her son? Find out next week!


Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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12 Responses to “Eureka Seven Ao – 11 and 12”

  1. skylion says:

    Yes, great beginning to a new defining arc for the series. The Secret of the Week hooks were getting a bit stale, as I found some of the social/political/economic aspects to be of more interest….

    But now! Elena Service Gekko State FTW! Eureka giving of Eureka vibes like only she can. Is it time to watch 13 yet?

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah these two secret in these episodes were lame! I mean snake-kun got blown up really really really fast and then we had the mind control sand? Ahahahah

      YES! GEKKO STATE SHIP FTW!! AGREED seriously I watched that scene over and over again <3

  2. Reaper says:

    RAWWWWWRRRRRRR~! God, the preview at the end of ep 11 with the ‘silver wings’ was a teaser, leaving me to think about maybe the Devilfish and Holland making an appearance BUT NO! Instead, IT’S THE FREAKING GEKKO, and who pops out of the hole nicely left behind by Renton? EUREKA!!!

    Now, the downside of the awesome cliffhanger (though the music was a definite throwback to the original series 😀 ). Eureka looks pregnant WITH Ao, didn’t recognise Ao (though time differences and whatnot can be a pain at times), Gekko looked pretty empty (but BAMF with all that battle scars 😀 ) and now two Nirvashs’ are gonna take over the world! Dimension theory for this seems rather likely, as well as the New Order episode that came out before E7 AO, though its canon state has been debated…so episode 13 will hopefully answer more questions than bring new ones.

    Now, if the Gekkostate IS/WAS present, I could imagine Hap and Ken-Goh arguing about the price for the repairs for reflection film right in front of Eureka and Ao…oh, good times indeed…but the GS might already be around since there’s been allusions to them in the earlier episodes. As for the whole sequences with Truth/Naru and Johansson now, somethings going on in the background that we don’t know yet but hopefully also shows up next ep with what looked to be a fight on the top of the Gekko by Truth 🙂

    Now, bring on the new OP by FLOW! Can’t wait for Ep 13!

    • Jrow says:

      That was really cool just how casually she got out of her Nirvash. “Hi, I’m Eureka.” So great.

      More and more, AO seems alternate. Fosh mentioning that thing about Dewey almost made me pull out my E7 DVDs and start watching them. Might have to do that this weekend.

      I remember Fosh telling me about a sign in episode 2 that kinda foreshadowed the Gekko State’s presence in the series.

      Flow is one of my all-time favorite anime OP bands. Their Naruto songs are awesome and Days was on a loop when I first downloaded that song.

      • Foshizzel says:

        Fufufufu I will grin if Elena was one of those “special” children that Dewey had hanging around! After all that was one epic battle…

        YES! GEKKO STATE SIGN! I remember seeing it like OH MY GOD DID I JUST SEE THAT? So good!

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ahahah yeah that preview was a bit strange…I know right? Episode 12 is by far the best in this series so far! It was just so freaking epic.

      Yep! Ao is full of some mind mending stuff especially with Eureka arriving and the fact that she doesn’t know Ao and shes preggers!? WHAT!? So I think one thing is certain we might be dealing with a time loop or two separate worlds because they said Eureka used that beam of light to arrive in Ao’s world.

      Two Nirvosh’s = WTF AWESOME!

      Yeah it makes you wonder what happened to the original crew? Did they die off and where the hell is Reton!? As for Naru/Truth there is something sneaky going on right there with that pairing like has Naru developed new powers or something?

      FLOW!!!!!!!! I CAN’T WAIT!

      • Reaper says:

        Renton: ‘Sorry Ao. I know you’re my son and everything and we’d love to come and help you but we’re all getting preggers atm.’
        Ao: ‘…You’re getting preggers dad?’


        Srsly though, yeah, I’m tended towards the whole alternate dimension/timeline theory since Nirvash and Gonzy at the end of E7 pretty revealed where they were going, plus how all the theories of the ‘fragments’/’Secrets’/Quartz are all related somehow with Eureka and/or her memories. If the Gekko and Eureka are only temporary though… :(…if they’re sticking around for a while…this could happen:

        Ivica: ‘The Gekko will now be our new ship’
        Georg: ‘Ivica, please, why-?’
        Ivica: ‘Last time I checked, the Gekko didn’t have an OS that threw reconstituted coffee at my face AND can fly on trapar. Not only that but is also armed with SIX laser turrets AND can fly ON ITS NOSE! Can you do that Georg?’
        Georg: ‘…’
        Ivica: ‘Welp, laters. Plus, I’ll be able to walk around naked in my new home’ 😛

        Breaking the mood, I don’t think the rest of the Gekkostate is gonna show up D:, given the theory of E7 AO’s setting, but hey, guess what? WE GET FLOW!!!!

        PS: Alternate scene on the descent from space…

        Ao: ‘…What are you doing, Ma-‘
        Eureka: ‘CUT BACK DROP TURN BITCH!’ 😀

        • Foshizzel says:

          Ahahahaha excellent plot hole fix right there!

          Yeah it really is a giant mind screw in terms of why is a pregnant Eureka back in Ao’s time/world? WHAT IS THE DEAL!? I wonder if Ao’s mom will fill in the blanks with Renton and the other gekko state members? I hope so!

          LOLOLOOOOOOL Yes! We need to see the new Nirvosh pull off that cut back drop turn <3

  3. BlackBriar says:

    The best two episodes to date. So, Elena isn’t Elena, then who is she, really. Her mysteriousness becomes increasingly shrouded the more she’s on screen. And the more I see her, I can help but think on Guilty Crown’s Inori seeing that this Elena is a fake. Maybe she’s the result of some unfinished experiment that was hidden away. After all, she was an orphan taken to a secret facility for tests. On another note, she’s really pouring in the fanservice in the show lately. She’s completely overtaken Fleur.

    Generation Bleu surely knows more than they are currently revealing. That sudden video was too convinient for my taste. It’s gotta be the tip of iceberg. If he’s an alien, he’s half human/half Coralian (a memo I remembered about Eureka from the original series) and his genes probably fill in the gaps where the weaknesses in both species reside along with precise detail his sight gives him that he is able to see the Trapar as plain as day. That was an epic troll. What was the Gekko doing inside a Scub Coral in space? I think Eureka has developed amnesia. She was speaking to Ao as if it was their first meeting which contradicts the memories in the previous episodes showing Eureka with black hair. Hopefully the next episode tells where she’s been and what has happened over the past ten years.

    The Secret’s unique design certainly are outdoing the monster designs for Sacred Seven by a long shot. A snake jack in the box was purely original. I didn’t know what to expect at first because the box opened up with what looked liked a stack of paper suddenly drifting off. That ghost made of black smoke was the best. I was wondering if it was ever going to possess someone from the way it seemed that it couldn’t be touched, like an actual ghost. What was surprising was that Truth may have not been behind it but whoever it was personally knows Generation Bleu’s director.

    Truth is in limbo with himself trying to figure if he’s kind. He acts as it’s the first time he’s heard of the word which means he doesn’t think much of himself, he’s just trying to achieve some unknown goal revealing the truth to the world as he said to Gazelle that the truth can only be shown to those who yearn for it. But seriously, saying someone is kind while watching a mountain of dead bodies caused by that person doesn’t exactly well. That’s utter contradiction.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah I can see the whole Elena vs Inori for the whole fake copy if another character, yeah the fan service levels around Elena are getting up there xD

      Yeah episode 13 explained a bit on all of those topics! Basically one giant info dump lolol

      Agreed Ao monster of the week > Sacred Seven’s monsters and damn it Truth! WHY SO POWERFUL!? SERIOUSLY…

      I freaking died laughing when Naru was like oh Truth you are so kind! Meanwhile…piles and piles of dead people all over the place >.>

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