Post AFA – Culture Japan Night Coverage – Part III

Behind every great man is a great woman

Culture Japan Night is a post-AFA party hosted by Danny Choo. Here, fans of ACG get the chance to socialise with each other and most importantly get Danny’s signature plus a photo with him as well. The event was held at Tokyo Street, 6th floor of Pavillion KL, Malaysia. Since it was held in public, you’ll find passerby wondering and staring suspiciously (that’s what makes us Malaysians). I arrived at the venue 30 minutes before the event started. The line was already a long way from the stage when I found the place. We were also given free green tea as we waited in line.

The event started late because the crew weren’t working hard enough…

Set up faster, the guests are already here and eager to go in!!!

We were required to pay RM 30 in order to enter and we gladly paid. It took me about 40 minutes just to get in. We were given a name tag to write our name and interests on it. Danny told us to find people of similar interest so that we could socialise and make new friends.

I’ll need Kyokai to apply for this tag for next time 

Danny started his autograph session when the place was halfway filled. Everybody charged into line the moment he pointed at the gather point. He was signing and taking picture during the event and only once a while, getting a short break to walk around and talk to people as well as get more photos taken. Poor Danny was pretty much busy, throughout.

Everybody shouted “Sign the screen!!!” but the owner insisted Danny to sign the back. Click for more fans // Show ▼

Meanwhile J-rock Tamashi performed some Mirai songs that we usually hear on Culture Japan

More songs from other performers

She sounded so Japanese that I couldn’t believe that they were Malaysians.

While everything was moving on as it was, there were some gamers playing Tekken 6 and Street Fighter VS Tekken…

…some were playing cards as well

Danny’s wife played Moekana Karuta. Click for random shots // Show ▼

I met this guy when I was lining up to get my card storage box signed. He was from Brunei and is now studying in The One Academy. He is one of the awesome artists I’ve ever met. His drawings of Mirai were fabulous in many ways. Plus he got a chance to speak to Danny in personal when he showed his works. Hope he gets a job from Danny; this was a great opportunity for him.

Sample of his work

Lastly we had a lucky draw. I didn’t get anything though… 

I left the venue and went home an hour earlier before the event ended because Pavillion was about to close the shutters in the parking lot. Later I found out that they took a group photo. Now I’m all jelly for not making it, which will be all for Culture Japan Night. Hope you readers enjoyed the coverage posts written by T.K (Part II) and me (Part I). Check out my CJ Night album for some more random photos. Jia ne~

About the Guest Writer: Toori-chan

Internet Trap. Anime Otaku that watches any anime with nice stories. Hikikomori at most time. Fan of Black Rock Shooter. Watches anime, play games and sub videos during free time. Link Twitter // Vimeo


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10 Responses to “Post AFA – Culture Japan Night Coverage – Part III”

  1. Kyokai says:

    Toori, next time you plan on going for a convention, advance warn me and I’ll coordinate with their press people to get you a media pass.

    Looking at the photos, seems like Danny had fun interacting with the crowd and vice versa.

    • Tofu says:

      You have that kind of power Kyo!? O_O

    • BlackBriar says:

      Wow. I’m in awe. Just how far can your power reach, Kyo?

    • T.K. says:

      Ah, about that, I’ll get more info on getting media passes for Comic Fiesta, since I have friends who managed to get them last year. Will keep you posted.

    • Toori-chan says:

      Got that boss~

      • Kyokai says:

        Getting media passes is not a big thing if you know who to contact and showcase your credentials. With so many coverages under our belt and being one of the mainstream anime blogs, getting them shouldn’t be hard.

        My job is dealing with international clients so I don’t see any problem in talking and arranging with press/PR department for their own publicity. :3

  2. BlackBriar says:

    If I were there, I’d be all over the place. Especially at the PS3 section.

    What card game were they all playing, actually?

  3. The_Magus_Killer says:

    No one plays Yu-Gi-Oh! in Malaysia anymore?

    • Toori-chan says:

      Come to think of it, I rarely see people play Yu-Gi-Oh. Mostly Vanguard and Pokemon. Also some Weiss Schwarz and Chaos.

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