Kore wa zombie OF THE DEAD – 09

Ayumu x Haruna bros 4 life

K-koreZom has a plot?! …At the same time, it looks like Ayumu has a dojinshi writer on his hands now, so it can’t be all that serious. …I guess there was a miscommunication with the subs and me too last episode since I thought that the thing about Chris that Kyouko mailed Ayumu was something else. Oh well. At least Fosh caught it. Oh and he also informed me that the next episode is the last. WHY IS THIS ANIME SO SHORT?!
The crazy adventures of Ayumu continue to roll along at a really slow pace for me and a few others, but it seems like it will be officially ending with the next episode which makes me quite sad…ah well I think they are setting us up for another season or even a movie? Personally I will pretty much watch anything Kore wa zombie related because I find the characters and setting to be very interesting and of course the hilarious comedy!

Plot has Ayumu and friends meet Naegleria Nebiros from Yuu’s past that can “defeat” Chris-chan.

Dai-sensei-“Fufufufu. Hello there, Ayumu! So what are you wearing right now?”

 A new challenger appears!?

Nene-“Oh hello new best friend can you help me with my manga?”             Ayumu-“Uhh is this a BL manga?”

With every new season of a continuing series you will always get brand new characters! Like Chris-chan and with this latest episode you meet someone from Yuu’s past: Naegleria Nebrios aka Nene. But who is she anyway, besides having boobs as big as Ayumu’s head? Nene was the one who created Yuu’s special magic armor and she was also one of the strongest fighters from the underworld who apparently fought magical girls in some epic war. In the real world she is now a manga artist suffering from too much sleep or a form of narcolepsy or something like that, but she is quiet friendly with Ayumu and his crew of odd friends. However, Anderson-kun appears to be terrified of her after the mention of her name…I guess she really is some type of badass from the underworld.

Drawing manga is hard work yo!

Ayumu-“I don’t want to draw two dudes kissing!”          Nene-“Think of the profits! Girls love that stuff.”

I want to see this manga get animated! Oh wait…

Haruna-“OH MY GOD PAPER MONSTER! RUN!!”           Seraphim-“You need to stop getting high, Haruna.”

Half of the episode basically follows Ayumu, Haruna, Yuu, Seraphim and Nene working together just to help their new friend complete her manga…where have we seen this before? Oh right Nichijou and every other series? I guess it really pays off to have friends to help you on your manga work. I will become completely honest and say that is a silly plot for a supernatural series, but hey it worked nicely to bring emotion because Nene’s manga story was about Yuu’s other life in the underworld with her close friends.

Ninja vampires and zombies in love?

Ah the wonderful magic of a  indirect kiss! Only found in the world of anime…

The other half of the episode follows some strange developments around Saraswati or as some have called it “acting out of character”, which is right on because her character pretty much changed overnight or is she just messing with Ayumu’s mind to get his rear? I can see that happening in the end… Anyway, Saraswati holds a random concert and he promises to show up, which thankfully he does or she would have been very angry! At least he can’t die so he is safe right? So what do you think? Is this love of hers real or is she just acting for another reason?

Two worlds at war I think…

Yuu and the old King of Night  sharing a moment in the past.

Nene-“Good to have you back, my drunken friend.”           Chris-chan-“I need ten more shots stat!”

There was one interesting reveal with the underworld and the magical girl world. I guess they had a massive war back in the day? I think I missed that important history lesson in school… Anyway, we saw a short flashbacks with Yuu when she was free of her magical armor, able to express emotions and freely talk with people like the King of Night. I hope they explore that world a bit more in movie form or in a third season? Because there were more characters hidden in the shadows that seemed interesting, but what about earth? I assume earth is just neutral ground because we saw Chris-chan having drinks with Nane at the end of the episode.

Extra zombies

Haruna-“I am having a ball with this lazy expression yo!”

Ayumu-“Something about this doesn’t feel right…I think I should be falling on top of you!”

Haruna-“AAAHHH THE ROOM IS ON FIRE!”               Ayumu-“Are you feeling alright, Haruna-chan?”

This is pretty much Fosh’s face after learning this series ends next week.

End thoughts

…I miss the King of Night. This show has a sad lack of male characters that aren’t crossdressers, random comic relief characters or Orito. On the up side though, at least Anderson was kind of useful this episode. I still don’t quite understand his fear of Nene yet though. Is she extremely powerful? Does he have a phobia against narcolepsy? … Did she write a BL about him? I kind of want to know now. I thought this episode would be dedicated to Sera since it had her favourite word in the title, but I guess Sara was another possibility. …I wasn’t expecting her dereness though. I mean, she didn’t even drool over Ayumu’s goods once this episode. They really are trying to make every single one of his harem more appealing this season.

Speaking of, is Nene possible Ayumu harem material? It’s extremely probable. I thought Nene’s seiyuu sounded familiar and apparently it’s the same person who voiced Yukiko in Persona 4. Ahahaha, I kind of wish her character was a hardcore fujoshi (…I want to see Ayumu’s reaction… though then again, the guy didn’t even flinch at the sight of a BL book), but having her write a sweet story about Yu is great too. She’s friends with Chris, so it’s not surprising that she wouldn’t want to fight her, but I think she was serious about the consequences if they fought. Nene seemed like the type of character who would fight her friend on a whim just because someone asked, so I don’t think she was trying to avoid a conflict by saying that it would result in a big battle. …Though I could be wrong. Anyways, I hope they go into the backstory of Chris and Nene a bit sometime since both of them are technically supposed to be enemies.

This wasn’t the best episode of all time because Ayumu was getting the usual treatment thanks to a giant misunderstanding related to Haruna seeing Nene wrapped in a towel asleep on Ayumu, but hey that is one of the funny reasons to watch Kore wa zombie, right? I don’t mind Nene’s character introduction to the series, but in the end she is just another harem character with huge melon boobs who is a badass fighter? I really want to see her in action or maybe in flashback form? Either way she made me laugh with her random sleeping moments and her expressions were quite hilarious.

Besides the new boob girl, I enjoyed watching those short scenes with Yuu’s past life, who made her fancy anti magic armor and the old King of Night before he went all evil on us. But what I really want is more information on the underworld versus the magical girl world! I swear that would make for a great one hour movie just imagine the awesome fight scenes!? Overall this was a decent episode filled with a few random moments with Saraswati and the newest character aka Ayumu’s harem gains one new member.


Original Yuu is killing herself with the power of her epic manga…

Final episode next week and Fosh will cry lots of manly tears…


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22 Responses to “Kore wa zombie OF THE DEAD – 09”

  1. accel world says:

    this season is not as funny as the 1st season. but i still enjoy this season though

  2. Kyokai says:

    NUUUOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. I don’t want this to end! D: =3=

  3. The_Magus_Killer says:

    Indirect kisses also work in real life. It’s just not magical, though. I’ve tried it before.

    All aboard the Sarasvati x Ayumu ship. =)

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ahahah very nice xD

      Yep that ship is sailing and many others.

      • The_Magus_Killer says:

        I’m reposting this from RandomC

        It’s not just butt love anymore, it’s true love. The Ayumu x Sarasvati ship has sailed. *I’m such a sucker for indirect kissing scenes*

        In an alternate future where Sarasvati and Ayumu are marrried:

        Zombie-Vampire-Ninja!Daughter: ‘ka-san, how did you fall in love with ‘tou-san?

        Hot-Mom!Saras: at first we were (o)shiriai, but we eventually fell in love *smirks*

        Dad!Ayumu: *washing dishes* Saras, why are you groping and staring at my posterior?

        Hot-Mom!Saras: Just reminiscing the good old days, my Damn Darling!~ *red eyes flashing*

  4. BlackBriar says:

    At least I finally know Nene is that last girl in the OP. That was bugging me for weeks trying to figure out. She looks like a slightly moe version of Seraphim and both have the same type of body.

    It was interesting learning there was a war between the Villiers and the Underworld. I wish that had been mentioned earlier because that’s a crucial piece of information. And the Underworld is nicer looking than I thought given its name.

    Ayumu’s harem is putting others to shame. Dere dere Saras was a huge shock…. I approve. I don’t know what came over Saraswati but maybe she’s actually fallen for him and I’m actually buying it. There wasn’t a hint sarcasm in her attitude towards Ayumu and she didn’t once mention his butt. Moving up from just the butt to the whole package.

    Definitely a different feel from the previous episodes, probably because it focused a little less on the comedy and more on character relations. It leaves a bitter feeling knowing this season only has 10 episodes. I couldn’t believe the news though I’m not sure if it’s accurate since ANN says there’s 12 episodes: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/encyclopedia/anime.php?id=13782 Besides, nothing much has been done against Chris and there’s still the mystery surrounding that guy in the lab coat puking blood. Maybe material for a third season?

    • Foshizzel says:

      I was the same BB I kept seeing another new chick in the OP! At last we found out <3 Nene so far not just for her looks but how strange she acts hahah

      Yeah I want to see that "war" get animated eventually! LOL yes the underworld looks a lot like the alien world where Lan in Rinne no Lagrange comes from.

      Yeah at this point I have no idea who has the biggest harem Touma from Index or Ayumu?! I should take a look and see who has more girls after the main character. Agreed Dere dere Serasvati is very strange! Usually she would stare at his ass the whole time...maybe she had a change of interest? LOLOL

      More characters and a few hidden surprises like Chris-chan and Nene sharing a few drinks together! I guess earth is neutral ground for everyone? Sad but true I was like FUUUUU only 10 damn episodes?! YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME! Oh well...I hope they have something good to reveal soon? That said I will watch whatever they do anyway.

      Yeah ANN says 12 -shrug- no idea honestly...

      • BlackBriar says:

        How is this possible!? New girls just rain down on this guy! Am I the only one jealous to death of this bastard´s awsome harem?! Damn you for eternity for having the best harem ever.

        Nene and Chris drinking themselves under the table. Nene may have a probable sleeping disorder (Narcolepsy) but she’s wide awake for a drink. I guess Earth is neutral territory for “enemies”. I wonder if their respective sides are even aware of that.

        Saraswati has upgraded from butt love to true love. At one time, the butt thing could have been serious but I think she worked her way up to actually liking him just like Seraphim has slightly changed her tone, especially after Kyoko’s taunting a few episodes back. The change was sudden but I liked it. You can tell Saras is getting serious when she isn’t insulting him while saying “my darling” all the while being assertive and the indirect kiss was excellent.

        The male protagonist never catches a break from being labelled a pervert or variations of it. Is it coincidence or just ill fate Ayumu always end up in such situations like Nene falling on him half naked and going to sleep? Worse, a random girl or a girl from the harem is there just in time to see everything and ready to tell the others which leads to a eventual scolding of the worst kind. He’s lucky Sera’s leaf blade didn’t cleanly cut through his skull.

        Good lord! Why do they still leave Sera to cook?! Soup? That was basically acid in a pot which Ayumu adequately calls “Death incarnate”. It’s a surprise they’re still breathing.

  5. Nuu says:

    I definitely wanna catch this series 😀 I got done w/the first a bit ago, but I’m trying to get to this lol

    • Foshizzel says:

      I always look forward to a Kore Wa zombie episode! Sad to see it end so early ah well…you should! The comedy is great even if the story is a bit weak.

  6. Jrow says:

    It was an odd episode because it dealt more with plot which Zombie isn’t particularly good at, but I still think it’s neat to see one girl besides Yuki go so dere-dere as Sarasvati did this episode. The way she looked up at Ayumu after the indirect kiss was cute-o!

    I was just thinking about how Kore wa Zombie is based off a LN series. This is a really fun anime, but I can’t help but wonder how horribly all of this stuff would be as a read.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Indeed I think it suffers a lot like Index? That series has a lot going on but fails to deliver a great story, but I think season two is just preparing us for a hardcore movie about the Underworld x magical girl world? I hope so anyway!

      Ahah yesss Serasvati and Ayumu had some great moments with this episode even thou that is one ship I really don’t like because Yuki will always be my favorite or Haruna for a possible Ayumu relationship.

      I know right? That does make me wonder how a comedy series would feel as a LN vs manga or anime? I don’t think I would laugh but maybe it has more action? I should take a look if it gets translated…

  7. skylion says:

    ::sigh:: Haruna has been bro-zoned.

    • Foshizzel says:

      It really is very sad I know, but like most harem shows some girls are destined to be friends only forever! Hopefully with a movie or 3rd season Haruna can get closer to Ayumu? We can hold out hope.

  8. SPIRAL says:

    We already Tweeted @ each other about this but

    Biggest boobs vs smallest boobs.

    …why not both?

    • skylion says:

      I know, I know. From a fella’s point of view this is a simple thing. But….those oppai do belong to the female. And them cats get possessive.

      In other words: Congratulations! By saying “Why not both?” You’ve just made that shovel in your hands atomic powered. The hole just goes deeper, man.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Both works <3

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