Haiyore! Nyaruko-san – 11

Just picture THIS Every time Gutatan talks.

Another week of awesome Nyaruko-san headed your way this week! Sadly with episode twelve it marks the end of this rather addictive series and the epic conclusion with the adventures of Nyaruko, but honestly I think we have had plenty of time together with the cast of hilarious characters so far. So what is in store for us this week? The previous episode introduced us to a little sister character so we can expect lots of cute comments about her… Anyway time to have some fun with this episode of Nyaruko-san.

Plot this week has little sister invasion with the introduction of Gutatan.

Mahiro wants a normal everyday life

Nyaruko-“Dude, you are cheating!”          Mahiro-“I wish I had a real blue turtle shell in real life.”

HA! Mahiro you want a normal life without Nyaruko, Kuuko or Hastur getting in the way? Scratch those plans buddy because the aliens have you wrapped tightly with their tentacles. Mahiro has been through so much with them at this point and suddenly he wants to get rid of them? Sorry but that is not going to happen, but suppose you had to live with them on a daily basis you might go crazy like Mahiro, right? So what do you think? Should he just carry on with this unique life and roll with it? Or should he kick the trio of aliens out of his house? Technically if you think about it this is a “harem” series so honestly I can’t really see this series without Kuuko, Nyaruko and Hastur running around.

Operation new little alien sister is a go!

Mahiro-“So now what do we do?”            Nyaruko-“We can teach her the important things! Leave it to me.”

Gutatan-“I LOVE THIS VIDEO GAME!”           Nyaruko-“Muhahah, yes I shall teach you many things!”

With the end of episode ten we got a few shots of another strange alien girl visiting Mahiro’s house in the form of a mysterious girl aka generic little sister character named Gutatan. I know she isn’t exactly related to any of the real aliens but everyone just ends up treating her as a sister. So, now that you have a cute sister type joining the main cast what do you do now? You teach her things of course, but when you have Nyaruko as your teacher you are in for some dark teaching habits. Like showing her a sexual themed video game? Yes that seems perfect for a CHILD! Damn Nyaruko, you are truly mental aren’t you? But I think we all love her for that part. Kuuko on the other hand was trying to use Gutatan just to get Mahiro to cook them some food, but with Hastur’s help and Nyaruko’s special ingredients running wild the three of them wreck his house leaving a huge mess everywhere…good god those three are dangerous whenever they want to “help” you out.

Mahiro throws out the main plot this week

Mahiro is having way too much fun with Gutatan right now…

Mahir0-“NO YOU CAN”T HAVE MY NEW SISTER!”        Kuuko-“I want to teach her yuri things.”

Yeah after the aliens failed to clean up the mess, Mahiro throws them out and spends the rest of his time cleaning the house and taking care of Gutatan. However, this means he has to help her with a quick bath after making a mess in the kitchen and he has to feed her? Yeah this girl is spoiled, but she is used to having maids help her with everything. Shortly after Kuuko, Hastur and Nyaruko arrive to find Gutatan sleeping on his lap and the three of them react in a jealous rage, they chase him and the little sister out of his house. Sheesh those three need to chill out over the little sister business.

Aliens versus epic slime monsters

Nyaruko-“I saved the world Mahiro, can I have my reward now!?”              Mahiro-“S..sure?”

Mahiro-“Crap the sister is broken can we return her for a new one?”

While everyone chases Mahiro around, like some prize he runs into two large slime monsters, but our team of aliens quickly jump in to show off for Mahiro just to gain his love. However, they end up doing more harm than good because they accidently ended up hurting Mahiro and Gutatan in the process. While he takes care of Gutatan, Mahiro basically tells Nyaruko, Hastur and Kuuko to leave him alone because they always ruin everything! Damn bro they were trying to save you, but hey they were a bit rough this week on the enemy aliens. So was Mahiro in the right to react that way or maybe he should have taken a few minutes to collect his thoughts and talk things out? In the end he gets his wish and wakes up the following day to find his house completely free from any aliens; however we all know he regrets his wish for a normal life.

Reference time!

Not sure on the references here, but enjoy a maid version of Nyaruko!

Well, this week was really lacking in the references that I could jump. I did pick out that easy to spot Mario cart reference with those Nintendo 64 controllers, but I am sure there were lots of stuff from the Ctuhulu story that was thrown in as well. I did notice a few people talking about the shell look of Gutatan’s hair? Yeah, I am sure that has some deep meaning to the hardcore fans! Speaking of Gutatan I bet the Yuru Yuri fans of Akarin figured out her voice fast after listening to her for at least five minutes? Just in case you have no idea who Akarin is she is voiced by Mikami Shiori. I guess her hyper comments gave her away for me, but she does play a lot of cute sounding characters.

Extra fun with Nyaruko

Nyaruko-“I am fully prepared for children Mahiro!”              Mahiro-“NOT IN A MILLION YEARS!”


Mahiro-“I will throw in three other aliens for FREE! TAKE THEM PLEASE!”

Mahiro-“Something is wrong here! Nyaruko hasn’t tried to molest me yet…”

End thoughts

Soooo this episode fell a little behind for me in terms of gut busting laughs, but it seemed like they decided to trade the laughter for die-o-rama and to me that honestly slows down the over the top pace of Haiyore! Nyaruko-san, but I guess the producers want us to feel bad for Mahiro? Or are we meant to feel bad for Nyaruko, Kuuko, Hastur and Gutatan for being kicked out for being annoying? Then again I suppose they are going for Mahiro’s final line of not wanting to be alone or be careful what you wish for? Either way damn the ending left me kind of pissed at Mahiro… Ah well, we all know how things will wrap up; however, this series has a track record of “trolling” and we probably can expect Nyaruko to come flying back into our main characters life near the end of episode twelve.


Kuuko is busy thinking of things to do with Nyaruko’s body to give us a real preview.

Final episode next week! Will we get drama or laughter? I hope we can laugh with Nyaruko one more time.


Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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12 Responses to “Haiyore! Nyaruko-san – 11”

    • Foshizzel says:

      Hooraaaaayy! Akaaarrinnn! They certainly picked a good voice actress for Gutatan <3

      Yeah her hair design was very cool looking ;D

  1. BlackBriar says:

    Nice reference at the beginning. These guys sure are into old consoles. Based on the game controls they were using, the were playing on a Nintendo 64 system. And by the way the were talking about the game, my guess goes to them playing Mario Kart 64.

    Indirect forehead touching? Only Kuko would come up with something like that. She’ll use any excuse to further her yuri ambitions towards Nyaruko.

    An eroge? An adult game for a child to play? I know Nyaruko has some screws loose but this takes it farther. Bad babysitting 101 but at the same time, it was hilarious. Her seiyuu Kana Asumi must love playing nut jobs. She’s even playing a whacked out yandere Liliane in the last two episodes for the first half of Jormungand.

    Ghutatan may be a little spoiled but her adorable moe traits make it easy to overlook. She is just a cute overload. So cute that she risks turning people into lolicons. Why wasn’t she introduced earlier?

    It’s the first time seeing Mahiro so comfortable around somebody because he usually keeps to himself. But now he’s so used to their outrageousness and has been through so much with them that he feels something is lost since they’re gone. He couldn’t get memory of kissing Nyaruko out of his head. Oh, the irony.

    He’s such a tsundere. You got the peaceful life you wanted back, why so sad? He likes Nyaruko but doesn’t want to admit it especially when they went on that outing to the shrine and other stuff. I’m actually glad Mahiro is going through this. Now he realizes the quiet life isn’t what he truly wants. Hopefully he’ll learn that you don’t realize what you’ve got until it’s gone.

    • Highway says:

      My vote is that Ghutatan is ok in small doses, but she’s a bit too helpless and needy to be around for a long time. I couldn’t see how she could fit into an ensemble the way Nyarlko, Kuuko, and Hastur do.

      • BlackBriar says:

        While the always needing people to help with things is a big and slightly annoying downside (come on, even with eating breakfast?), with good character development and time needed to do so, I think Ghutatan would have had a chance of standing on her own like Nyaruko, Kuko and Hastur.

        The blame for her current condition should go to her parents telling the servants to always help with everything rather than letting her grow up and learn things on her own. Experience is the great teacher in life. There is no substitute for that.

        • skylion says:

          Ghuatan being waited on, hand and foot, might be a reference to the story her Mythos character comes from. The being had a priest hood to take care of every whim and need. A daunting task given that she is basically a Medusa.

        • Foshizzel says:

          Gutatan! moe moe hnnggggggg!! <3

          Well honestly she didn't do a whole lot with this episode! I mean she did have a few speaking lines, but overall I think they threw her in as a distraction? That and Nyaruko-san has been lacking in the jokes department...this drama stuff is killing the hilarious mood for me! I dunno what they are trying to do besides give us a heartwarming reunion next time?

    • Foshizzel says:

      Hooray N64 reference at the start <3

      LOOOOL Yes! Indirect forehead contact! Kuuko was going crazy over that wasn't she? Mahiro should have taken advantage over that situation muhahhaha!

      Eroge for children is perfect right? What can go wrong with that? Just kidding...don't trust Nyaruko with your children her.

      Hell yeah Kana Asumi is doing a fantastic job and YES!! I noticed her popping up in the newest episodes of Jormungand thanks to her crazy voice and easy to pick up laugh? She seems PERFECT for the comedic character role.

      Gutatan is hnngggggg cute! And yeah her moe levels are off the charts <3

  2. Highway says:

    Given the way the show has been, I don’t see the final episode being without those main characters for very long, 10 minutes max. Just enough to convey that Mahiro doesn’t actually want a quiet boring life, and that he wants those three that he cares for back, even if they usually drive him up a wall.

    • BlackBriar says:

      True. It feels like a ploy to get Mahiro to confess that he actually enjoys their company rather than a normal, quiet life even though they tend to give him unrest. I can totally see that coming given his tsun tsun attitude. They are trying to get him to be dere this time. At first he disliked the three of them and wanted to kick them out, but became more tolerant toward their actions. He is attracted to Nyaruko, but dismisses her advances as he believes nothing good would come of such a relationship.

    • Foshizzel says:

      RIGHT! I fully expect Nyaruko, Hastur and Kuuko to appear in the first five or ten minutes of episode 12! Honestly this series is powered by Nyaruko-san and all the jokes…without her it is just a series about Mahiro living a boring life and why would we want to watch that? NO THANKS.

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