Eureka Seven Ao 07-08

Noah is quite evil isn’t he? Buahahahaha

Welcome back Eureka Seven Ao fans! No I haven’t dropped this series for reviews yet, because I really love it way too much and besides I do enjoy reviewing it and recording our mini Eureka podcasts with Jrow and anyone else who joins in! So join me for two recap episode reviews and listen to our amazing voices of course.


Plot follows Truth destroying Generation Blue HQ and Ao bonds with Fleur over their fathers…

Truth is extremely overpowered

Truth-“Only if you sign a certain document, you can be Precure too!”           Ao-“Dude, you are creeping me out!”

In episode seven we get to finally witness the awesome power behind Truth or did we? With him around it seems really unfair to the normal human characters; however, we really have no idea what he can actually do with those shape shift powers. One thing is certain Ao and the Nirvosh are both somewhat special to Truth and he knows about Eureka, but I am starting to think he needs the Nirvosh because it might have some hidden feature to allow him to travel between worlds using the Scub Bursts? So, what else can Mr. Truth do anyway? I think he can to travel into your dreams and mess with your mind or maybe he can affect the outcome of the future? Oh and he can cure people and give them the power to fly! Yes he helps Naru “fly”, which brings up more questions; like was Naru even human to begin with or was she always something special?

The two sides of Elena

Which do you like more? The rocker Elena or crazy Elena?

At the start of the episode before Truth goes on his ultimate rampage we follow Elena changing into her alter ego “Miller” or the bright pink haired rocker chick and why does she have these two different lives in the first place. I think she dresses up as Miller to escape from her role as a pilot and what side of Elena is real anyway, the anime obsessed mech pilot or the hardcore rocker chick? That said what could the creators of Eureka Seven Ao do with this strange character development? The only thing I can see them doing is a spy story centered around Elena, but for some reason I can’t picture that happening unless she secretly works for another government agency that sent her to watch Ao and the progression of the Nirvosh? Either way I wonder if Elena has more secret lives or is it all just for fun?

Two awesome machines in the same world

Army dude-“Time to watch my favorite anime about children saving the world.”

Near the end of episode seven we get a quick shot of a military dude looking over pictures on a tablet and what do we see? A quick shot of another red and white mecha! For us fans of the original Eureka Seven we would recognize that color scheme from the Nirvosh Type Zero, but if that is the original machine piloted by Renton and Eureka from the past what does that mean? I can only assume it means the Americans wish to mass produce their own machines. However, I could be completely off and that other machine just so happens to look like the original Nirvosh from the past, because if you know the true ending of season one, you could say my theory has a few holes in it…

Ao shut down by those pesky adults

Mechanic one-“What series does that boy think he is in!?”            Mechanic two-“Uh maybe Gundam sir?”

Episode eight starts with Ao attempting to steal the Nirvosh so he can search for Naru, but he is quickly spotted by the mechanics and shutdown. Good job adult characters, you stopped Ao from doing what he wants. In most mecha themed series fans know main characters usually get away very easily when giant robots are added to the mix as in they “borrow” the various machines without anyone to stop them. However, in this episode of Eureka Seven Ao the adult characters basically slapped his hand to stop him, which is a good thing for now, but I can see him trying that plan again after he removes the annoying failsafe on the Nirvosh.

The many children of Christophe Blanc

Christophe-“Where did the Secret touch you?”                Ao-“Dude…seriously…what…the…hell…”

Alright he only has one biological child, but he seems to treat each and every pilot as one of his “children” in some way; however, this does not sit well with Fleur obecause we find out she really hates her father but I will talk more about that later…so what do you think is that just a clever way to use the pilots to farm those cores from the Scub Bursts or does he really care about them? I felt he sort of bribed Chloe with doughnuts while she was in the hospital, but who knows maybe he has a heart of gold?

Locations in the real world

I think I will cancel my future trips in Eureka Seven Ao.

Besides the mentions of America, we visit the Republic of Faisal Arabia. After seeing that it feels like Bones either enjoys using real locations or they wanted to throw in some real stories ripped from the headlines? It reminds me more of Gundam 00 how they combined a few realistic looking locations with a few changes of course and then they went and added some political stories as well; oh right Bones also did Heroman with Washington DC, California and I think New York? So yeah they are not strangers to having real locations in their shows.

Bonding through real family problems

Hooray, new  special friendships for the win!

 All hail the evil crystal paper crane or the electrical swan of doom?

Flying crystal crane versus giant glass coffin

So to wrap up, we have a very interesting monster of the week which I have called the electrical swan of doom or do you like the evil crystal paper crane? Either choice will win in my book! So what is up with the monster this week and being found in 1752 in Philadelphia? I wonder if they can predict the next monster sighting based on old news stories about strange crystal like monsters seen in the sky. Oh and I almost forgot to say it also doubles as a coffin…was anyone else thinking Evangelion after Ao and Fleur defeated the secret? I mean their machines were found in some hilarious positions.

Extra Eureka Seven Ao adventures

Elena uses her awesome super power: moe vision



Noah is the best hairdresser in anime!

Ivica-“Damn she freaking beat me again…”          Ao-“I love this series.”                Fleur-“Hnnggggg Yayoi.”

End thoughts

Alright two episodes finished in one review! I have to be honest with everyone and say that I found episode seven to be kind of boring, but plot wise it left me thinking about how crazy overpowered Truth is! Seriously how will the normal human characters defeat someone like him? I assume they have some weapon or cage to contain him or they have total faith in Ao and the Nirvosh? I can’t wait to see the rematch between those two later on. So what happened to Naru when she went with Truth and is anyone else aboard the Naru x Truth with me for that new OTP? Just kidding…we all know Ao is perfect match for her or will Fleur steal him away from her? Fufufufu.

Besides the crazy powers of Truth, we had some huge character development with Ao and Fleur together, but they bonded over something silly like hating on their fathers? When I think about Ao and Renton meeting it makes me start to laugh, because I can picture Ao punching Renton in the face if they ever meet in this series…cough Star Driver cough…anyway! I was pleased to see those two getting along at last even if they bonded over something dumb.

Last thing to mention Elena and Noah. These two always make me grin whenever I see them doing something or saying something random like her comment in episode eight about Fleur and Ao combining? Or to quote her word for word “you two should Gattai!” OH MY GOD I swear that line had me laughing really hard! So what about Noah? I can’t really say much about that furry creature other than I want a sloth pet in real life! Just kidding I heard they smell really bad, but Noah reminds me of the three penguins in Mawaru Penguindrum because I end up watching them more than the actual episode half of the time…


Elena working hard on that special tan of hers.

Swimsuit time for Elena and Fleur meaning there will be lots of bikini shots.


Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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12 Responses to “Eureka Seven Ao 07-08”

  1. Amuro1X says:

    If you don’t play Rock, Paper, Scissors with Cure Peace every week, you’re doing it wrong.

  2. BlackBriar says:

    These episodes were action packed. I continue to love this show and we got a lot more sloth action this time around. Truth was pretty sadistic and carefree destroying the base without a care (Sounds a bit like Accelerator). I wonder what plans to do with Naru.

    Ao is suddenly getting cozy with Fleur. They’re not at each other throats anymore. So for Ao, it’s gonna be between Naru and Fleur. I had to laugh when Elena thought they were going to elope. I mean, come on, they’re still kids. I feel sorry for Fleur though. Like Sankarea, she’s tied down with a spineless, selfish bastard for a father. It’s only natural she’d hate him after that sad story about the accident. Besides, he has the face of a weasel which reminds me of Deadman’s Tamaki, the type who’d do anything to save his own skin.

    100 points to Gazelle and his gang for their well acted deceit. I honestly believed that broadcast was real. They’d do well in the movies.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Good! This series needs more love <3

      Truth is a badass and I have no idea how anyone could stop him or even for Naru I assume there will be some silly "trade" for the Nirvosh for Naru? I can see that happening.

      Ahahah yeah Fleur is a interesting character and finally she seems to be getting along fine with Ao at last! But you are right there is still something very sneaky about her father and I could see that dude from Deadman is a great comparison and of course Rea's father from Sankarea.

      LOLOL Best ending wit Gazelle and his gang I could not stop laughing xD

  3. Reaper says:

    AT the end of ep 7, I thought that was the TheEnd, since it has the horns and red/white palette colouring. Yeah, I wondered which one it could have been so I watched the first season again…ah, that was good, but no, it’s TheEnd. Too bad Anemone and Dominic aren’t going to show up though since the theory was TheEnd was taken by the Scub Coral when it disappeared at the end of E7.

    I completely forgot about Elena’s alter ego, and still have no idea how it’s related but can’t wait to see what happens, alongside what Turth’s doing with Naru…maybe he’s trying to collect all of the female characters? First tempting Elena, then eloping taking Naru…Fleur, you’re next, and Rebecca, he’s got his eye on you! 😀

    Now, for Christophe, I don’t think he’s ‘evil’ per se, it’s just Fleur resents him for sacrificing her mum’s life for her to survive after the accident, but remember the motto ‘never let children die’? Maybe it was Christophe who started it. Maybe it’s still deep within, driving him, but masked over since he requires a lot of cunning in order to achieve what Generation Bleu desires. Just food for thought guys 😀

    • Foshizzel says:

      Hmmm right either it is TheEnd or the old Nirvosh I think both machines are quite special in their own ways! Just imagine mass produced TheEnd or Type Zero Nirvosh? Whoever got their hands on those machines would dominate very easily xD

      Truth is a strange character I think he might get close to the various girls to copy their forms? I bet Truth has used his female forms to gain lots of important information ahahah and who knows maybe Elena enjoys acting alongside singing? However I think it was just for fun but what if she turned out to be a spy for the US government? I would laugh.

      We have to keep a close eye on Mr. Christophe! Who knows what sneaky things he is really up to, but I also feel he isn’t truly “evil” however he is probably in deep with the US people for the technology or those srub burst cubes xD

  4. skylion says:

    Wow, I thought I was full into the Elena camp; no questions asked, no need to question my thoughts.

    But, Fleur just busted all the right moves.

    At this point, I’m kinda ashamed to ask…Haru? Who dat?

    • Foshizzel says:

      YAY!!! Elena is the best <3

      Fleur is interesting and finally she has bonded with Ao at last! Thank god.

      Haru? As in Accel World Haru or did I throw in an extra name again....

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