Sakamichi no Apollon – 05

Friendship is for life

Gamers out there, I’m just now getting to Arkham City and Infamous 2.Also of importance, a new MetaVerse episode is going to be recorded tomorrow, so expect that out real soon and also keep up with the Eureka Seven AO impressions that Fosh & I are recording each week.

“Lullaby of Birdland”

Rejection via Tin Can Telephone

It’s gotten much easier to break up with someone since ’66

It’s words Kaoru surely knew were coming, but it still hurt to hear them. As is usually the case with these awkward romances and such, Kaoru kind of falls back into what he wanted to be when he started at the school. You can’t be hurt if you keep your distance, though ultimately that leaves only you to hurt yourself, shutting people out. That’s what makes Sen such a great friend, being persistant and even visiting his house in the evening hours trying to get him to come back. It is interesting that they really didn’t say a word about the “phone” chat between Kaoru and Ri’ko, as if Sen didn’t want to spill the beans that he was in the know about what happened.

Sentarou’s a step closer to finding out who Ri’ko likes, but it’s really only by default. His curiousness is natural since he is a childhood friend and he was snooping in on the conversation, but what if he’s, in a weird way, kind of worried that it’s him?

Brother Jun + Yurika

Jun is a cool guy, no debating that. But is he a good guy? I’m not so sure. Yurika makes it pretty obvious that she’s interested when bringing up the sweets shop his family owns, and it seems he might already be “shacking up” with her. I’m not sure why there are so many letters from Yurika stuffed in his door’s mail slot, but what if there’s something to that rumor about him with that faction? No duh we’re all rooting for Sentarou to get the/a girl, but underneath that cool guy stuff, I’d like to know some more about Brother Jun.

Bromance Yaoi

Well well, this is an interesting development. What once was thought of as a bromance is approaching yaoi territory.

Just messing. Anyways…

Kaoru’s Mother

Kaoru went through a range emotions when going to meet with his mother. Tears over how things went with Ri’ko and not wanting to meet his mother, he was close to becoming the guy he seemed to be the very first time he arrived at school, and that would’ve sucked. Luckily, Sentarou made sure that his new best bud didn’t pass up the chance to meet his mother. As someone who’s mother abandoned him, Sentarou surely wouldn’t pass the chance up if he had it.

Meeting with Sayoko did benefit him in the end. Having someone that could pinpoint the source of his grief and loosen him up, Kaoru has come back to Welcome Records and looks to be in good shape. He also now can say he’s seen his mom and leaves her with a record hoping they can meet again.

There is a detail about why Kaoru’s mom and dad split up that the manga covers. The following spoiled text comes from events in a certain chapter. Show ▼

Time heals all wounds

Overall, the pacing went from fast to almost breakneck speed just judging from past episodes and how events transpire in this episode. In past reviews, I’ve praised the fast pacing and have loved how emotions are able to be seen through little things that the characters do and say. This week I feel Apollon might’ve been in rush mode, and that was before knowing that other stuff. It is the cost of squeezing as much manga into a noitaminA-slotted series, but I think I strangely prefer it this way.

I wouldn’t consider this episode of Apollon my favorite ep, but it still does plenty of things interestingly like with Jun/Yurika and bringing Kaoru’s parents into the mix at a time when he was at his lowest of emotions. It’s good to see that Kaoru does get along ok with his father instead of there being an awkward distance between the two.

I did miss the music performing on the show which took a week off in favor of Kaoru and Sen traveling to a new area. I loved how episodes 3 & 4 used music to restrengthen the friendship between the two boys. Hopefully will get some more fun jazz tunes next week.


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11 Responses to “Sakamichi no Apollon – 05”

  1. Bob from Accounting says:

    I like how kids falling in love at first sight every twenty seconds took a back seat to more meaningful explorations of different relationships this week. Unfortunately, not enough jazz.

    • Jrow says:

      I share similar feelings on both points. But… it’s not like we’ve been sitting through it and being frustrated at a kid’s inability to say something. We swiftly got through Kaoru’s mess.

  2. Snowley says:


    • Jrow says:

      Hmm… what show are you watching? Cause I’m seeing the opposite 😛

      LOL, the relationship between Kaoru and Sen is my favorite part of the series. How they’ve become friends has been really great.

  3. Joojoobees says:

    It seems from that final shot of Kaoru at the keyboard that he and Sen are working on “My Favorite Things”, so I guess we will hear them perform that soon.

    • Jrow says:

      Of the songs on the OST, that one I don’t like so much. Surely will give off more feeling when we see her perform, but as an individual track it’s not one of my favorites.

  4. Amutofan123 says:

    Awww, I teared up seeing Kaoru cry on the train while eating Ri-chan’s food, along with the scene with his mom.

    I’m very curious as to what happened to Brother Jun. When Yurika gave him her name, he said something like “even the name’s similar”. I wonder if he’s got himself a special someone?

    Sentarou is a really great friend. I think I love him more and more every episode.

    • Jrow says:

      That’s a picture I left out, unfortunately. Showing the reflection of him in the window is a nice extra touch to that scene.

      Maybe there’s another Yurika? Or another Fukahori? He probably could have many “special someones”.

  5. Overcooled says:

    This may sound weird, but I always got the feeling that Riko actually kind of liked Kaoru in that way, so I was surprised that she turned him down. I guess she was just being really nice to Kaoru :/ Anyways, I’m glad things seem to be working out for now. It’s not the happiest conclusion for Kaoru, but it’s better than him sulking around all day.

    I’m a bit suspicious of Jun’s..erm…decency..when it comes to women. I can see him as the type who just kind of sleeps around and doesn’t really settle down with any one person, which could result in a very broken-hearted Yurika. You put it best that Jun is cool, but that may not translate into being the most caring of people.

    • Joojoobees says:

      Ri’ko: I thought so initially, but in retrospect I think she is just a nice person, and was also glad that Sen had found a friend.

    • Jrow says:

      She seemed interested in episode 2 judging from her thoughts on what Kaoru was into, but I guess not. As you and also JJB say, she’s just a sweet girl.

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