Nazo no Kanojo X – 07

There is only one person these legs belong to. Er, maybe technically 2. (click for full size)

We’re now passing about the halfway point of the season, and I wonder how it’s shaped up so far to everyone? I’m enjoying the hell out of it, with Tsuritama being my pick so far, and I was happy to see enough people thought the same way to knock Kids on the Slope off the top of the Anime Power Rankings this week. Nyaruko-san has also been a consistent pleasure to watch. But, of course, there’s Mysterious Girlfriend X as well. What new thing will Akira and Mikoto learn about each other this time?

I like the perspective this shot. Most of the show has taken place outdoors, so not many opportunities for close quarters shots like this.

There’s always been a feeling of contradiction in this show. The main characters swap saliva before they’re a couple, and once they become one, they continue without kissing for months (still yet to happen!). Mikoto is loyal and even affectionate toward Akira, but she refuses to smile when a photo of her is clearly important to him. This time, the creepy unsociable girl was a match for the track star.

Besides her drool, Mikoto’s athleticism is something that has felt supernatural. It’s a shame that we haven’t seen another display of her paper cutout skills since episode 2, because those scenes were delightful. But we got to see her physical talents another way here with her running. Though the show gets a lot of leeway thanks to how weird Mikoto has been shown to be, I must admit that she’s starting to feel a bit too perfect: she’s got quite the body too, which we saw a couple episodes back. But hey, that’s not at all what you’d expect from Mikoto from the start, and the show does revel in its incongruity.

(click for full size)

I’ve enjoyed seeing how the show plays with fetishes. The main ones like drool and sweat have been cleaned up to look innocent, even if the visual direction sometimes fought that. Early on, the exchanges were drawn out a little too much, but they’ve gotten shorter and less indulgent recently. There were the panties Mikoto gave Akira after not wearing them the whole day as well as her scissors tan lines which were more blatantly risque. This episode, Mikoto’s faux exhibitionism was back, with her wearing only her swimsuit under her coat in order to heal Akira.

I found it funny that that was what Mikoto came up with upon hearing Oka’s already funny story of healing her own boyfriend. I like the way Kouhei thinks, and good on Oka for taking him seriously! Just like Mikoto’s faux-exhibitionism (is there another term for that? Wearing almost nothing but then covering it up?), Oka’s behavior felt contradictory there. Well, even if she was frigid to him and only let him look, I guess he had nothing to complain about.

Proven technique to cure colds, much like how getting cold and wet is proven to cause colds.

Oka continued to be a very fun this episode. Besides the way she played with Kouhei, her interactions with Mikoto were also cute and funny. It almost feels motherly, the way she spoils Mikoto with the food. Even if she’s not above some deception to perform her oral espionage (which is already cheating in itself!). Her appearances in this show have been brief, but she has undoubtedly left her mark as a fine side character (who I believe will become more important, along with Kouhei, based on what I remember of what I read of the manga).

Mikoto’s new technique is no match for Oka’s wits.

Well, at least she gets to enjoy treats in return.

The show is admittedly slow, but there is always the feeling of forward momentum. There were 2 separate occasions in this episode in which she escaped from Akira’s embrace and transitioned right into the next portion of the conversation as if nothing had happened. That’s why we haven’t seen her paper cutout skills recently; she’s stopped reacting instinctively violently to Akira’s advances but learned to work around them. There’s still a disconnect because she’s not letting her own boyfriend hug her when he wants to, but at least we know that she is loyal to him. Her physical abilities could easily make her the star of the track team, but she values being with Akira more than all that. To the point of playfully marking herself as his belonging as a prank.

It’s just that she’s inexperienced, and so she’s clumsy. Her actions seem irrational. But that’s how everyone is, isn’t it? Being with someone means accepting those irrationalities (to an extent, of course – the limits of that would be a fun thing to see this show explore) as part of who they are. Akira has been tested in this like few people have. But no matter what, Mikoto is a fun girl with some interesting talents who genuinely likes him, and he likes her back. That’s all that really matters, isn’t it?


Mimi-taboo! (5 points if you know the reference)


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5 Responses to “Nazo no Kanojo X – 07”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    Thanks to her athleticism and unexplainable reflexes, I’m beginning to question if Mikoto is really human with the way she dodged Akira’s hug so quickly. She used so much momentum that there was a gust of wind as she stopped.

    Oka is becoming frighteningly efficient getting into Mikoto’s head. Every one of her assumptions hit the mark without a single word from the person of interest. She has reached the stalker stage, she’s also quite perverted and isn’t even trying to hide it.

    The sexual tension has shot up. Having a girl come to your room in a swimsuit must be the most effective medical treatment ever. Mikoto sure is strange one. Being completely loyal to Akira but hasn’t kissed him yet or letting him hug her whenever he wants. How does one analyze a situation like that? But I never expected she’d litterally brand herself as his property. Her shyness and unpredictabilities are the traits that make fun to watch even though she pretty much buries her emotions.

    • lvlln says:

      I like how her unpredictability adds to her charm. She’s such an unusual character, and that she’s so inconsistent at times makes her feel more human.

  2. Metalsnakezero says:

    I hope we get a episode with Tsubaki’s sister since she has a nice conversation with Urabe and a boost to their relationship building. Also that was a cute scene with her dressing in her old uniform.

    Man, that next episode will be tense.

    • lvlln says:

      Akira’s sister has been a pleasant side character when she’s been around. Her “knowing smile” when Akira was going to bed early, her comment in the beach episode, and now her reminiscing with her old uniform. Seems odd that they don’t spend that much time together; their ages aren’t that different. Not close enough to your own big sister to talk to her about your (secret) girlfriend?

  3. yo says:

    awesome episode, I agree that is really hot, oka not ashamed to show it (so yes, only with trusted people) and in spite of that I have read the manga, the visualization of the race I most things clear, I practice running and a thing that is real that the speed is maintained with routine practice according to the manga …. but Urabe not practice at any time, your routine is getting up, going to school (which does not practice at all), go back and study until 2 the morning .. that does not have the slightest trace of training, against Yajima estubo not supposed to 100%, is more likely at 70% and still pretty close …. the panty-scissors attack requires a similar effort and coordination much more ….. someone teach it? my attention that alguie thought she could have military training .. his parents are military? why will never show ….. (in the anime-manga Another, the protagonist’s father is in India .. but still show him even for a moment) .. and the next chapter, you will know why I say that the scene where the ear licking tsubaki Urabe, he is very fortunate to tap to fact, because if not, you probably would have cut Urabe your little soldier XD

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