Eureka Seven Ao – 05

Gazelle-“Can we become breast friends forever?”       Rebecka-“I am immune to your puns… now go die.”

So the last episode showcased the crazy and creative piloting skills of Ao or maybe it was just dumb luck? Either way I could get used to his way of fighting the G monsters or secret as the team of Generation blue calls them. This week I am going to try a brand new writing experiment/format; I hope you enjoy it.


Plot this week follows Ao joining Generation blue as they visit their main base to learn the ropes.

I can totally get down with Elena for my magical contract! What about you?

Scenery porn all over the place!

Mountains-“Does this turn you on, baby? WELL DOES IT?! You are a creepy person…Yes, you are.”

This week we got to see some fancy locations throughout the episode, like the super ramp used by the massive ships, but does it look familiar to you? I swear when I saw that giant ramp I started to instantly think about the giant ramp from season one of Eureka, the one Gekkostate used to escape. Then again my mind is a bit fuzzy over the first season. Besides the fantastic ramp, we got to see inside the mountain with Ao exploring the city, but it doesn’t seem to be very populated. I think it is more of a military base and less of a civilian area? The last bit of scenery porn comes with the next G-monster creating that massive hurricane,which definitely looked amazing.

Impressive science and technology

Mechanic-“Sorry, kid, I am way too busy playing Angry Birds to do anything important.”            Ao-“Wow…seriously?”

Christophe-“Hmmmm I have no idea what button to hit anyone know? Before I blow the place up?”

From tablets and smartphones, Eureka Ao showcases a lot of modern tech; I know Elena keeps something tech-ish with her whenever she has downtime for her anime needs. Alright maybe we don’t have those advanced mechs or giant aircrafts, but hey one day we will have those things right? So what about the science section of the episode? We had some “science” with the reveal behind Ao’s eyes allowing him to see ultraviolet rays and other special wavelength, which affects the way he sees the world compared to everyone else. Also thanks to Gazzelle, we know they are researching the cube things from the scub burts, but what does the main headquarters do with all those cores that they collect? I assume the cores are used to power their giant city, but who knows maybe they are creating the scrub bursts just to collect more glowing cubes?

New team of moe pilots.

Ao-“Not sure if ultra cute girl or annoying little kid…”

Yes there are more teams of children who saaveeee the world, with team “Goldilocks” or as I call them fairy tale themed team number two next to “Pied Piper”. I wonder if there is a Cinderella team or maybe a big bad wolf team consisting of all dudes? Anyways, the Goldilocks team consists of Maggie, Chloe and Maeve, who seem to have a really easy going setup so far, meaning everyone cares for each other or are they more like siblings? They certainly acted more like a trio of sisters rather than pilots. With that team we have the super huggable Bruno, so maybe he’s a teddy bear type? He does appear to enjoy giving out free hugs, allowing his pilots to eat a mountain of pancakes with unlimited toppings! I wouldn’t eat before a mission though… Anyway, those three instantly feel in love with Noah for sure.

Elena and Fleur being mean to Ao?

Ao-“Dude, what is with these girls?”             Elena-“Skin-ship is important!”            Fleur-“Uhhh I love your hair…”

Fleur-“Dude, he was like so hot…”                 Elena-“This is not what I had in mind for fan service.”

So, Elena seems to be the comical character or as Jrow calls her the otaku girl. She definitely won me over with her “sign a contract with me” quote from Madoka and who could forget her fan-service scene with Noah? Damn what a lucky sloth, but it did look like he was not enjoying that bath at all. Also, was Elena being mean to Ao this episode? I mean she did compliment him on his cool hair color and I think she was kind of keeping an eye on him and dropping hints of info when he needed it. However, Fleur on the other hand wasn’t exactly jumping at the chance to become his tour guide. I think she was on the side of trying to let Ao figure out his purpose with them without pulling him to the side for orders to FIGHT! Yeah both girls did give him the cold shoulder at the start, but I think the team of Elena, Fleur and Ao will be just fine…I hope Ao remembers to knock before entering the bathroom if he hears running water and to wait for the girls to change into their flight suits before him.

Random moe-ments

Teddy bear helmet adds a thousand to her hnnnngg power levels.

Epic sloth skills or clever use of stuffed animals? You decide.

There were a lot of Hnnggg moments for me! Like the obvious treatment of the adorable Noah. He was getting tossed around like a two dollar…just kidding! More like a cute stuffed animal? And who knew he could run so fast? Maybe he is a hybrid alien sloth!? YES! THAT EXPLAINS EVERYTHING. The next moe-ment turned out to be more of a romance-moment with Fleur blushing after she got a good look at Gazzelle, leaving me to just shout NOOO! DON’T FALL FOR HIM! Well maybe she is totally into older men? What else…ah yes the loli-pilot-hnngg-girl! Did you see her helmet? It was a bear! I guess it fits the Goldilocks theme quite nicely, huh?

Extra super awesome mecha fun!


Daily lives of awesome older guys doing older guy stuff!

Clearly, it is missing some flames.

Who knew sloths could bounce like that?

Wrapping up

Overall this episode was more of an introduction to the main base, various operations and the reveal of the other teams, but what is the true intention with Generation Blue and the other teams? I guess destroying monsters and saving the world is just part of the job or is it a part of something darker? As in them creating the scrubs for more cores? I hope we find out soon. Also what happened to the Goldilocks team? It appeared they were struggling with the new G-monster, but of course Generation blue is up to save their asses or did the other team suffer a few casualties along the way? I sure hope none of those new girls get taken out this early…


Elena-“I hope this battle ends fast! I have a backlog of anime to watch.”

Team Generation Blue to the rescue! Expect some amazing action with the next episode.


Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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14 Responses to “Eureka Seven Ao – 05”

  1. skylion says:

    Ao-”Not sure if ultra cute girl or annoying little kid…”

    Teddy bear helmet adds a thousand to her hnnnngg power levels.

    Ultra Cute Girl.

    …which adds about another ten thousand to her hnnnnnnngg power levels. It’s above 9000!

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ahahah yeah definitely cute xDD

    • Jrow says:

      Wow. I’m gonna have to listen to the voice again, cause I never registered it as Rin from Usagi Drop.

      I’m a Maggie fan, myself. :3

      • skylion says:

        …I cannot recall at what specific point, but the way the voice went into a bit of a mad bawl, “Hey, is that Rin?”. MAL to the rescue! I’m very happy to see her continue in VA work; her voice is a positive to any production.

        The entire Goldilocks team is FTW.

      • Foshizzel says:

        Yeah I noticed her voice while watching the episode with my brother like hmmmm? I remember this voice! And yeah it was Rin <3

  2. BlackBriar says:

    Harsh. Ao’s getting the new kid in school treatment. Was the girls’ kindness just a trick or were they replaced? They’re totally giving the cold shoulder and looking down on him. The Goldilocks team weren’t as merciful either. Yeah, this episode was pretty much a introduction to the rest of the Generation Blue team.

    Though I know the Goldilocks team was put out of commission, they’re quickly using Ao in the battlefield without any proper training. I think that should be taken into account because he is a prodigy piloting the Nirvash on his first time but he’s still a rookie.

    Gazelle should be cautious. Blackmailing someone you’ve just met tends to blow up in your face and get you killed. Rebecca was ready to empty her gun clip in all three of them. Most organizations always have something to hide. They destroy the G mosters but they could trying to get something from the Scrub Coral.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Right Ao’s treatment was more like being the new kid in school so true! Agreed the Goldilocks team was giving him the same treatment…

      I was waiting for them to train Ao to become a better pilot, but I guess that might come later? I can picture a few episodes where Elena or Fleur will assigned to teach him how to fight.

      Gazelle is just lucky the to be on the good side, but Rebecka seemed to have no issues to take out Gazelle for good! Yeah I wonder what they are hiding that could be related to possibly Eureka or the Scrub corals…

      • skylion says:

        Main charters wear plot armour and have skills as needed. Training? Why waste time on training when he could be up to hijinks with sloths? That’s what I want to see…

        • Foshizzel says:

          Hahaha yeah that is true Ao does indeed wear a suit of plot armor <3

          I look forward to more sloth adventures with Noah!

        • Jrow says:

          One of the problems I had with Accel World was them “explaining the manual”. It could be done in a better way for Ao, spend like 5-6 minutes at the beginning of an episode with a crash course, maybe Noah snuck into the Nirvash and distracts Ao from winning the mission.

          • skylion says:

            Exposition dumps are some of the hardest things to handle in any sci-fi fantasy narrative. Too much and it get’s rather boring, handled poorly, it’s just a snooze (Accel World episode 4). Too little, and you have nothing to hang on (lots of examples, pick your own).

            Writers have to find the Goldilocks zone. Just Right. I have gone with the “Shit breaks down in the middle of a chase/fight, have to explain to newbie how it works so they can help repair it”.

            I don’t really see the E7 world as that complicated; as they went through decent strides, all to explain how giant robo’s can surf the air!

          • Foshizzel says:

            Writers have to find the Goldilocks zone. Just Right. I see what you did there Skylion! Niceeeeeeee~

            Yeah it might not be to complex to most people, but they are playing around with the familiar terms we all love with Eureka Seven such as Scub Corals = Scub bursts and the whole mess with the new machines lacking surfboards..and the LFO = IFO?! Then again I really like it so I have no issues.

            • skylion says:

              Well, the Goldilocks Zone is taken from astrophysics. These are exo-planets we find around distant stars. To close to the star and water boils away, to far, and it freezes. A planet has to be in orbit…..yeah, Just Right! Like the one beneath our feet.

              And in reference to the pilot team, it’s a happy dovetail that we were talking about exposition for this episode.

              The term is flexible in it’s application.

            • Foshizzel says:

              Hohohoho nice Skylion you fill my mind with lots of cool information! Thank you!

              Ohh nice so there are some real terms thrown into this series? Excellent!

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