C2AGE 2012 Coverage

A little warm-up before AFA Malaysia Coverage~

Hello, Metanorn readers/lurkers. It’s Toori and I’m back for more AniCon Coverage from Malaysia. This time I’m writing about C2AGE. Cosplay, Comics, Anime and Games Exhibition (C2AGE) is an ACG Convention organized by the HELP University College students in Malaysia. This year is their sixth year organizing this event in Tropicana City Mall, which is also somewhere close to their campus. This event was held for 3 days but I’m only covering Day 2 and 3. Basically, I’ve written about things that happened for both days. I’m sorry if the post is too long. Before I begin, here is a video done by Studio Omoshiroi for Day 1 cosplays:

Venue’s top view

Local Band, Solo and Duet Performance

Ani-On Project. They performed Tsukiakari no Michishirube (Darker Than Black 2), Memoir (Fate/Zero)

and My Dearest (Guilty Crown).

Zetsu Bo Prinny. He sang two Vocaloid songs: Cantarella and Magnet. Click for more:Show ▼

Stage Events

Solo Cosplay: Other than those in the pictures, we had Hakurei Reimu (Touhou), Remilia Scarlet (Touhou), Black Miku and an eyepatch guy from Yakuza: Dead Souls. Cosplayers were required to pose and judges decide who goes for the finals. Hakurei Reimu, Remilia Scarlet, Kagura and Black Miku was chosen for the finals.

Solo Cosplay Finals: Each finalist was required to do a skit or dance. Black Miku performed a dance of a song from a black ver. of Project Diva (was there such a Project Diva?). Kagura danced Platinum Disco from Nisemonogatari. Her steps were really good. Remilia Scarlet performed a skit of her killing everybody in Scarlet Mansion and was lectured and killed by Shikeiki Yamaxanadu. Hakurei Reimu performed a skit as well about her (him actually) fighting Sakuya in the Scarlet Mansion.

Sushi and Ramen Eating Competition: This competition was held for two days. Ramen was as fine as it looks but the sushi was a killer. Each sushi’s rice was filled with wasabi and participants were suffering and trying to eat the sushi. Two people succeeded in finishing all on the first day but none did the same on second day. The winner for the sushi competition also won the ramen for both days.

Winner for first day (Left) and second day (Right)

Fight Saber MY: A lightsaber fight performance of Star Wars. Some were intense, while others were plain boring or rather seemed obviously planned. Apparently they have been doing these performances for many events even for last year’s Comic Fiesta.

J-Core Rave Party by Rage Nataka: C2AGE Day 2 ended with a bang. People were reluctant to dance in a public mall except for some cosplayers. Watch this video and see how nuts some of us Malaysians are. (Caution. The video is very loud and broken because it’s recorded using a mobile phone. By the way, it’s a long video yet it covered only half of the whole party.)

Off-Stage Events

DOTA 2 Tournament: Don’t ask me why we Malaysians like to have tournaments of this game every time. We just do. This tournament was sponsored by MSI with a bunch of their new high-end laptops, Steelseries sponsoring keyboards and Razor with their mouse. Spectators even got to watch the tournament through two Samsung LED TVs.

Cosplay Checkers: Two team of cosplayers were required to start this game. Each of member will represent pieces of the board. A representative will play the actual checker (left photo) while cosplayers move or defeat opposing pieces accordingly (right photo). To summaries the situation: it was a mess.

Weiss Schwarz & Chaos TCG tournament: The tournament was organised by Korindou, a trading-card shop in Melaka. I would have joined the game if only my deck wasn’t messy and sticking with each other…

Some doujin booths products

Chibi drawings by an Inga artist

She drew a chubby Black Rock Shooter for me

Bought my ultimate haul for C2AGE from this guy. He was my supplementary class teacher for Physics and this was his part-time job so he gave me a special price. Lucky~ 

My ultimate haul from C2AGE

Huke’s BLK artbook with BRS Beast figma

Originally I gave up on getting this as it was considered extinct. The moment I saw this hiding among the other figures, I wasn’t able to hold back and bought it. I couldn’t afford to buy anything else once I got this. As I have mentioned, I got it for a special price of RM300 which I would need to pay RM350+ to get one outside.

Cosplay Gallery

Now that we’re done with the coverage, it’s time for the main course:

C2AGE Security Force

Special treat for Kyokai: Kawai Natsume, complete with Nyanko-sensei and his Book of Friends


You know, you won’t leave alive when you see all the Yunos from three worlds

Avengers of C2AGE

How about a game of UNO, bitches?

Little Ushio. Kawaii!!! Any lolicon interested in her FB?

You are not small but still, excuse me… May I have some of that?

Credits to my senpai from college for providing most of the cosplay photos, while I focus on getting event photos. Check out my G+ album for more cosplay pictures.

End Note:

This was my first time experiencing a convention organised by college students. Although C2AGE isn’t as big as Comic Fiesta but it has its own awesomeness in it. Congratulations to the C2AGE committee members in making C2AGE a success. I’d also like to thank Kyokai for giving me the opportunity to write again for Metanorn.  I hope you liked my coverage, especially you Malaysian lurkers out there! My next coverage will be Anime Festival Asia Malaysia, which is in another two weeks or less. See ya~

About the Guest Writer: Toori-chan

Internet Trap. Anime Otaku that watches any anime with nice stories. Hikikomori at most time. Fan of Black Rock Shooter. Watches anime, play games and sub videos during free time. Link  Twitter // Google+ // Vimeot


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28 Responses to “C2AGE 2012 Coverage”

  1. D-LaN says:

    Hi fellow Malaysian!!! Nice 2 meet you!!

    There a huke artbook in there!? *RM300* Oky tht WAAAAYY out of my wallet depth….. How did I miss this?

    • Toori-chan says:

      Hi D-LaN. Nice to meet you too~

      Yes that is huke’s artbook of his selected works including BRS and Steins Gate. RM300 is worth the money as it comes with the Black Rock Shooter Beast. Still, that amount of money drained half of my savings…

  2. BlackBriar says:

    Yes, some more anime convention coverage!!! Don’t worry about the post, it’s not long at all. And Overcooled is on her way to a convention as well (Anime North). *sigh* Man, I’ve got to go to one as soon as I can!!! And I definitely don’t mind weaving through massive crowds of cosplayers and throwing my life savings away in order to get some nice otaku goods. Gotta admire the determination presented here since it’s being pulled off by college students. Nice!!

    You got to hear “My Dearest” and “Memoir” live? Oh, Toori-chan, how I envy you. Malaysians aren’t nuts, you flat out rock!!

    More love to the devoted cosplayers. There was a series of memorable characters that you couldn’t miss if you tried (Yuno, Konan (Naruto Shippuden), Inori, Mikuni and Q, Miku) that were awesome. What an intimidating Security Force. Do they get paid by the hour? LOL. Hakurei Reimu, Remilia Scarlet, Kagura and Black Miku were chosen for the finals but I give my personal vote to Remilia Scarlet.

    • Toori-chan says:

      Thank you BlackBriar. I really hoped not to write too long like I did for Comic Fiesta. Yes I heard OC is going for Anime North (as a cosplayer too). It’s always fun to join conventions whether its big or small. There’s a few other colleges that organizes conventions other than this. My college might start one as we are starting our Anime Club.

      YEAH We Malaysians ROCK!!!

      I forgot to mention that the winner of the finals was Hakurei Reimu. Personally I do love Remilia Scarlet’s cosplay but Hakurei Reimu was chosen due to good performance.

  3. Overcooled says:

    OH MY GOSH, THAT OPENING VIDEO! Why is everyone so gorgeous?? Those were some mighty fine cosplayers.

    The chess idea sounds cool in theory…but I can see it being a mess. Lots of standing around and getting confused about which space to move to, I would imagine. Ah well, everything else looks like it would be incredibly fun. :3

    Thanks for doing yet another con coverage post for Metanorn! There are going to be like 3 more con posts coming up soon from myself, Jrow and Karakuri…I guess this is a popular time for cons. How many cons do you go to in a year, Toori? It seems like there’s a bunch over where you are.

    • Toori-chan says:

      Heheh never underestimate Malaysia’s cosplayers~ Many of them are veteran cosplayers.

      Malaysia has quite the number of conventions. Mostly are small ones except for Comic Fiesta and AFA (starting this year). Some of them are far from where I stay so I try to pick as many as possible with my current schedule and time. You’ll see AFA next and hopefully another year of Comic Fiesta.

  4. Tofu says:

    A “Huke’s BLK artbook with BRS Beast figma”!?!? WMALFRJHAELFGUNFAEOLKFH!!!!!!! D: I’M JELLY TO THE MAX!!!! lols! Great cosplays everywhere, wish our conventions over here were as awesome T_T

    • Toori-chan says:

      Heheh my ultimate figma of my collection~ Actually there were many more cosplayers but I chose the best ones.

  5. Amutofan123 says:


  6. Rakkyo says:

    oooooh nice post… It’s always nice to see an anime convention being held in Asia.

    Speaking of which, will you be going to AFA this June?

    • tatsuya says:

      not me..but my older brother will go!!!
      I heard FLOW and KALAFINA is going to be there!!
      Also Moe Moe Kyun Maid Cafe.(=u=)b…weee..so much fun.

    • Kyokai says:

      @ Rakkyo, Oh, she definitely will. ^^

      @ tatsuya, There are even more guests, check ’em here: http://animefestival.my

    • Toori-chan says:

      Yes I will. AFA first time Malaysia is a must go!!!

      I wish I had more money to see Kalafina but the BLK artbook sealed my fate of not going…

  7. lvlln says:

    Haha, that sushi eating contest sounded intense! I love spicy things, but wasabi gives me a lot of trouble. Those 3 Gasai Yuno cosplayers looked lovely. Were they there together?

    • Toori-chan says:

      Those sushi are murderer tools. I tried one when the contestants couldn’t finish and let us try. At that moment, I promised not to eat wasabi anymore…

      Apparently no, those Gasai Yuno just happened to gather together to start a photoshoot. Maybe they did plan over the net.

  8. Karakuri says:

    I spot a Persona 3 cosplay! But like what OC said, you seem to go to a ton of conventions. Are there really that many where you live?

    • Toori-chan says:

      There was Persona 3 and Persona 4 cosplay. It’s true that we have tons of convention but I can’t dedicate on going too much… According to a list that I found for this year’s events, we have about 11 AniCons, about 4 Game Exibition/Tournaments and about 3 festivals like Bon Odori.

  9. Kyokai says:

    Cool coverage, Toori! I went *A* on the Natsume dude, woo. It has to be said that this was very well organized for college students.

    Btw, updated the Google+ album link to post as well: https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/112534865053366311654/albums/5744955187516984097

    • Toori-chan says:

      Thanks Kyokai~ Haha when I found the photo in my senpai’s album, good thing he caught it. They organized this event for five years so they are already experienced in organizing it.

  10. Toori-chan says:

    I forgot to announce the winner of the solo cosplay in the post. The winner was Hakurei Reimu.

  11. codenamestrike says:

    *spits out drink*

    I didn’t think I’d see a coverage of the event here.

  12. T.K. says:

    Great post, and superb acquisition of them pictures. I did not expect to see a Makarov cosplayer. XD

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  14. FightSaber says:

    Thanks for the pic!!

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