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This is an omurice

Well, here it is, Acchi Kocchi! I’ve been away lots of times on weekends, so it was hard to write about Acchi Kocchi when it’s not the number one priority. Not that it matters now, since I’ve been absent for Sankarea and Sakamichi no Apollon too, uguu. Acchi Kocchi’s random episodes gave me a hard time to write about it, so forgive me if it’s sucky.

Episode 2

What is an anime without café? It’ raining, and the group takes shelter in… Io’s workplace, which is a café. Since it’s raining and there’s barely any customer, Io’s boss manages to persuade Io’s friends to work that day (more like trying to make them work for her later in the future). Though I don’t really see the point of that since there’s no customer. Anyway, Io’s boss uses the group to taste her new cakes, but somehow the tasting looks more like massacre since the cakes are too cute. Tsumiki gets her own share of fangirling since she gets to see Io working like a bartender with that sexy uniform of his (Bartender reference, anyone?). Actually, all the girls get their own share of Io fangirling. Damn it, Io, why you such a lady killer?!

UGUUU RIP choconeko

It’s Valentine’s Day, and the girls made their homemade chocolates for the guys. Tsumiki gives Io chocolate but not without being extremely tsundere about it. As for Mayoi, her chocolate is beyond horrid because she used frog for the ingredients. Sakaki was not amused, so he promise that he’ll put pig’s feet as one of the marshmallow ingredients (for White Day I guess). Mayoi forces Tsumiki to seduce Io, but of course Tsumiki fails to do that. Instead Io puts chocolate in Tsumiki’s mouth. Oh Io, you lady killer.

If they weren’t the main characters, they’d be dead by now

If punching guys

…gives me this scene, then I’ll punch every bishie on the street.

Episode 3

The group wants to play with snow. It wasn’t hard to persuade Tsumiki if the bait is Io, so Tsumiki and Io join the rest. Thanks to this though, we get to know what kind of pantsu Mayoi wears and how strong she is.

How to persuade Tsumiki


It’s time for the snowball fight, and the group is divided into Tsumiki-Io-Hime and Mayoi-Sakaki. What is Mayoi without cheating? Her group uses the devices she invented, so Tsumiki’s group is showered with Unlimited Snowball Works. Io was able to save himself because of his mutant power, but then an accidental slip by Hime kicks both Io and Sakaki out of the game. Klutz really should not be underestimated. As for Mayoi, Tsumiki’s Tsumiki no Jutsu defeats her in less than a minute.

Not even Rambo can survive this

Wolverine got nothing on this sheeyat~

This girl is dangerous

Home Economics time! Saki, Kyouya, and Kana are introduced here. It’s good that Tsumiki and Io are separated, leading the groups without any disaster; Mayoi seriously sucks at cooking, not to mention Kana’s sucky cooking skill. Anyhow, during the food tasting, Io compliments Tsumiki by saying that anybody who marries Tsumiki will be the happiest man alive. Yeess!! Mission accomplished!


Io x Tsumiki FOREVER

Oh man, marathoning Acchi Kocchi was one of the best decisions I made in my life. It was just so hilarious and adorable it actually made my day when I was extremely sick (and still am). Gosh dang it, it just keeps getting better and better in every episode. Just when I was expecting something cute and moe, it ends up being full of actions. I mean, seriously, that jutsu Tsumiki was using to defeat Mayoi? It reminds me of Hunter x Hunter’s Nen and Ren thingy. That’s not just cute; that’s badassly cute. Also, that Bartender reference! NGGGHHH Io as a bartender *nosebleed*

The characters are more fun now. They were also so unexpected! Tsumiki has been harmless so far (except with Mayoi), then suddenly she became so strong! Seriously, lifting big snowballs like that is something that needs to be considered seriously. I am sure as hell that half of the men I know won’t be able to do that. Not to mention how she cracks her eggs… So fast! Tsumiki would make a great assassin. Moe assassin… *nosebleed* Anyhow, if Tsumiki is strong, then Io is super-fast. I just love that scene where he used the chopsticks to destroy the snowballs. Oh man, so priceless. Sakaki so far is still the same as before, but seeing Mayoi’s masochist’s side was something I did not expect to see. I guess all geniuses have their weak side? Since the new characters are new, I still find them dull. Except Saki. Her teasing Kyouya is a proof that she’s an evil sadist. I like sadists.

So far Acchi Kocchi has been great. What I like the most from it is that the jokes are not repetitive (unlike a certain Randsel). Tsumiki’s tsun-tsun action towards Io is the only repetitive gag here, and it’s not even tiresome. I just hope that Acchi Kocchi continues to be this fun until the end. I don’t want it to suffer the same fate as Yuru Yuri and Kill me, Baby! (I dropped them).

Preview: No preview since episode four is already released, but I’ll merge it with episode five.


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17 Responses to “Acchi Kocchi 2-3”

  1. xochandaox says:

    Haha I had marathoned these together also.. Such a cute show <3
    I slightly fangirl over io.. But fangirl over the hopefully soon to be couple more.

    • anaaga says:

      I want them to be a couple too! But somehow I don’t find the daily rabu-rabu intercation between Io and Tsumiki to be boring. Usually I’m very impatient, but somehow I’m fine with the way things are right now

  2. Bob from Accounting says:

    So much kawai for Tsumiki and so much mancrush for Io. Damn this show.

  3. Rakuen says:

    Oh, hey, I’m still watching this. How about that?

    Episode 2 didn’t do too much for me, but I think 3 was a big improvement. I enjoyed the snowball fight in the first half. I can’t remember an anime doing one, at the very least not on this scope and scale. Episode 4 was even better in this regard, but that’s another comment for another post.

    Out of your screen shots above, I like how Hime is so panicked while running from the snowballs. Then there’s Io right beside her, not only calm but carrying Tsumiki under his arm. If you could ignore the rest of the series and just take that one screencap, it says a lot about the characters.

    • anaaga says:

      Yaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy you’re still here! *tie Rakuen so that he won’t leave*

      I guess episode two is more like a fanservice for a deeper rabu-rabu interaction between Io and Tsumiki. I like episode three better too. It was funner than episode two

      Don’t forget Tsumiki’s calm expression! Somehow Io and Tsumiki are so calm about it. Man, they’re so alike with each other (except the oblivious and tsundere part). They should hook up already

  4. skylion says:

    Death by Moe….

    • anaaga says:

      *revive skylion* You can’t die in the middle of Moe fab. Do it when the show ends!

    • Rakuen says:

      Someone needs to put points into Fortitude at his next level up… 😛

      • skylion says:

        Oh, I’m good on that. It’s just the combined kawaii of Io and Tsumiki bypass all Fortitude. Even a tank will stop to pet a kitten…

  5. skylion says:

    Oh, did anyone else get the creepy malformed god-warrior from Naussica from Umorice? Hideki Anno would probably scream…

    • anaaga says:

      Now that I think about it… It looks familiar with the deformed creature in Naussica. So much win. Bartender, Hunter x Hunter, X-Men, then Naussica. Acchi Kocchi is up to date with the latest anime fab

      • Bob from Accounting says:

        The main difference is that the rice wasn’t as much of a waste of time as the movie’s God Warrior.

        • skylion says:

          Both of them just needed time to finish cooking; too bad they had inept masters…

  6. Amutofan123 says:

    Still incredibly freaking adorable. I’m loving it. Tsukimiiii~ Won’t you marry me? <3

    • Amutofan123 says:

      *Tsumiki. God, I’m askering her to marry me and can’t even spell her name right. ._. I’m a horrible person. T_T

      • anaaga says:

        You can’t marry Tsumiki! She’s meant to be with Io! 😀

        It’s ok, I feel your pain 😉 It took me a while before I got used with “Tsumiki.”

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