Accel World 07: Double Tag

Time for some SM play~

I meant ‘Serious Mobilization’, silly! I’m having a very bad headache so I’ll make this short and sweet. This episode was clearly divided into two parts with the tag-teaming Haru and Megane-chan along with Hime and Taku. Also, we have the usual resolution and more questions for the next episode.

A great start of a tag team….?!

Team Green Tag

The bodyguard interested me since the beginning and seeing her in action made all my previous predictions true. Not to mention, her badger form is kawaiiii with her deadpan looks and megane-setting. It’s interesting how in human and avatar state both, the expressions characters make remain the same.

I had been craving for an action episode and I got it. People who thought Aqua Current’s not powerful; well, here’s your answer. It’s not easy to be the bodyguard of a game and not have bonus points. I guess, she never powers up even after accumulating so many points because it’s an option that a player has to take for themselves like what Haru did without calculating the damage.

Haru, “Your butt looks bigger in this form….”           Aqua Current, “First my boobs and now my butt?! DIE ALREADY!”

The fight in itself was okay; though, their opponents weren’t that interesting. Sand blaster dude seemed totally useless, while the shocking doll was just okay. What I liked was Aqua Current’s duel avatar and it’s pretty nifty features of pure water and sneaking in almost anywhere. Her memory manipulation seems to be a special trick but I’m pretty sure this is not the last time we are seeing her because damn, this is srs bsns yo~ and she’s part of the gang in OP. Yeah, I cheated. Boo!

Cyan Pile, “My sword is bigger than yours!”             Black Lotus, “Of all the things, you will talk about my sword!?”

Cyan Pile, “Uhhh…. Pointy boobs?”                     Black Lotus, “DIE DIE DIEEEEEE!”

Black Lotus’s Challenge

Opposed to what I thought, Hime challenged Taku for a reason and betrayal was not on agenda. It was rather more of a senpai teaching a talented yet wayward kouhai to keep it together and get a grip rather than losing it. From what we found out in the previous episode, Taku has been genuinely helping Haru to become a better Burst Linker but I never got as deep as Hime to brand his retirement from kendo as a self-punishment. I guess, it’s in Taku’s nature to go to extremes in everything and same happened with his decision of kendo club, distance from Chiyu and planning to uninstall Brain Burst once Haru’s all trained up. I’m glad she gave him a piece of her mind and even showed him direction; our boy sure needed that.

Yes, your highness~ (more suited for Vanquish voiced by Sakurai Takahiro)

Medetashi Medetashi~

Finally, we have an episode where a lot of things have been resolved rather than going wtf?! I’m sure a lot of story is still left because we haven’t met all the supporting characters. Including the next loli in line. Man, Haru’s harem is increasing day by day!

Haru’s Harem Documentary: My Life is ~Perfect~

I gotta HAWT girlfriend~

A moe-moe-kyun friend with benefit~

An Izanami-lookalike siren~

My life is SO MADE~

And I’m getting raped by a loli next?! Happy days are so NOT over yet~

Uh… With the increase in Haru’s harem, things are sure moving along in an okay pace. The only loophole left is Taku’s connection to Vanquish. I’m not sure the King-dude would be happy to see a loyal disciple change party and join the rebellious Nega Nebulous, right under his nose. Is he still playing double-agent? I don’t think so. He seemed pretty honest about turning a new leaf for the good. I mean that whole megane-deal and resolving to take up his responsibility screams a better person. Will he be punished for turning over? Well, some repercussions are in order for sure.

There were times when I was facepalming on Haru’s naiveté. He’s a good guy, I know; but at least keep your guard up, idiot! I’m playing to enjoy this~ I trust you~ You play with friends~ Dude, it’s fine to positive but there’s a limit to that and he will gets his ass whooped later just because he would blindly trust someone. Sure, this is anime world and anime-logic doesn’t always stay true to such simple rules but not kicking his enthusiasm away, I would like to see Haru grit up in all sense rather than just breezing by. Make some plan, have some strategy, don’t just follow along!

The pacing of this anime is not doing it full justice. You have one episode, where everything’s electrifying but then there’s another with lots of info-dump and discovering your true self. This has been done a lot already and with a two cour anime, the staff should definitely take care of keeping everything fresh. Not an easy feat but damn, let some games come in because right now I’m tired of info-dump. Get on with the action and progression!


A new loli challenger appears! Beware of her moe fang.


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12 Responses to “Accel World 07: Double Tag”

  1. D-LaN says:

    -off topic- I literally(?) WTFLOL at the Bakemono cast cosplay as Madoka!!!

    -On topic- Too lazy…. tomorow…

    • BlackBriar says:

      LOL. Nice random comment.

    • Kyokai says:

      Lol, D-LaN! I do like to shock people and that cosplay was just screaming for a banner, when I found it during surfing. xD

      BB, you’ll know D-LaN more if you joined our irc channel. 😉

  2. BlackBriar says:

    The expressions of the characters remain the same because the avatars are designed to resemble the actual people that they are based on. Haru does look like a pig (pardon me if I’m being rude) and the bodyguard does look like a badger. Though that isn’t the case with battle avatars. If we didn’t personally know them like we do now, we’d never consider they would fit those characters personalities.

    The bodyguard has crazy logic for gaining points. It’s effective yet dangerous. To have a tag team against two players with high levels while your partner’s is lower than yours should be considered suicide and a sure loss.

    A forest stage with a toxic acid swamp. I remember something like that from the deathtraps in the Mortal Kombat games.

    With the addition of Aqua Current, Haru’s harem continues to grow. Just how is he attracting all these ladies? And he knows how to act. I actually thought he was being macho in front her when she was threatening to take his points when he was only pretending. 100 points for the convincing performance.

    Looks like Taku is going to have a hard time because I think Kuroyukihime is going to work him hard to make up for his crime. And he said “Be good to me, my master”. Did that fight with her suddenly turn him into a masochist? I guess that explains your “Time for some SM play” tag.

    Vanquish not being happy to see a loyal disciple change party and join the rebellious Nega Nebulous right under his nose? Well, there are no actions without consequences that’s why I agree with repercussions being in order. I’m starting to believe he does want to turn over a new leaf. He seemed pretty adamant about it.

    I hope Chiyu becomes a Burst Linker later on to complete the group. Because, actually, I don’t like the setting that there’s a group of people with special powers but one or two of them are left out just being normal and sitting on the sidelines.

    • skylion says:

      But you need normal people sitting on the sidelines. Burst Linking is some srs bsness, t’is nice to relax in relative sanity with someone that isn’t as steeped in that as you are. One that passively/aggressively demands ice cream treats. Yeah, she’a a friend with benefits, all right.

      Damn, why must it always be the loli?

    • Kyokai says:

      @ BlackBriar, A point on SM Play, if you notice Hime’s duel avatar, doesn’t it scream “Dominatrix?!” I mean, she doesn’t have proper hands and has point everything… I couldn’t help myself. 😉

      I hope Chiyu becomes a Burst Linker later on to complete the group.

      I think, she’ll be one soon enough. She has all the potential to be. :3

      @ skylion, it would be weird if she remains normal when she has the potential to be more. I mean, I’m just imagining her neko-ornament turning into something kawaii and deadly on her duel avatar. xD

      Damn, why must it always be the loli?

      ^^ Anime logic, bro. Anime logic. -__-

  3. Foshizzel says:

    Aqua Current: Hatsune Miku is that you in water form?!

    Next week token loli girl meets the main character in the bath? Yes that seems perfectly normal for Haru’s daily life…I do like the redhead girls mecha form in the game world, but if they make her a surprise sibling I will die laughing.

    Not a bad episode the battle was sort of slow and Haru you can’t just trust everyone you meet, but hey he has a trustworthy personality.

    • Kyokai says:

      LOL, Fosh! Hatsune Miku clone. xD

      Next week token loli girl meets the main character in the bath? Yes that seems perfectly normal for Haru’s daily life…

      I don’t understand the point of such fanservice but the loli seems like a cousin or something. We’ll find out soon enough I guess. This episode was okay and sometimes Haru’s righteousness pisses me off. >>

  4. Liza says:

    Wow, Aqua Current. I really like her design and such, even if she is just water. Her memory ability is very interesting to say in the least. I wonder where she got it since manipulating someone’s memory is a very strong power to have(although there has to be some sort of cost behind it). Maybe that’s why she is only on level 1?

    I actually think Taku looks better with the glasses!(He has faced his true self and now he can use the persona Cyan Pile!). His comment about master, I just found it very hilarious and odd. Oh Taku and your S&M play.

    Token loli next episode. >_> I hope the first thing she does is challenge him to a duel.

    • Kyokai says:

      Out of all the new characters introduced till now, she has piqued my interest the most. And you might be right in thinking that there’s a cost to her using the memory manipulation power. Though, being the Bodyguard, I’m sure she has a truckload of points but she just has never clicked on that level-up option.

      And definitely, Taku should stick being a megane-kun because damn, that evil grin during his battle with Haru was plain stupid! Though, I’m sure, he’s do WHATEVER to please his master. :3

      I’m almost immune to lolis now. Part of anime and I have to deal with it. I will save her some grace points if she turns out to be a kickass fighter. >>

  5. D-LaN says:

    Oky I admit, I haven’t seen it…..yet.

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