Persona 4 – 25 [END]

Ending with a ‘bang.’

After a long and wild ride, we’re here at the (sort of) final episode! It’s nice to see Adachi still on a rampage. I’ll never tire of seeing him do evil things that are…at the same time…highly sexually suggestive. I don’t think I’ll ever look at a gun the same way after this.
You know the episode is good when everything I try to write about the summary comes out sounding like some kind of xxx yaoi doujin. ….I tried my best to restrain myself, but it is what it is. Anyways, it’s the last episode and the last time you’ll see OC and I on the same post…. Until spring anime starts, that is.

The final battle with Adachi has begun, but right from the start, Adachi binds Yu/Izanagi and then sticks his gun in Yu’s face saying that he should just accept reality. ….No, that’s not crazy fujoshi code for anything, I mean his actual gun. A weapon, guys. Then it seems like Adachi shoots Yu in the head.

Big Man With A Gun

Meanwhile, the rest of the team is having a hell of a time fighting off the rest of Adachi’s Shadows. To make matters worse, there’s some big energy thing gathering and Adachi says that since life is boring, it’s better that the worlds combine and everyone become Shadows. However, Yosuke says that nobody wants that. Oh, remember that gunshot from before? Well Adachi didn’t really shoot Yu, he just shot at the ground because he could. You, see Adachi wanted a gun, so he joined the police force… Only, it wasn’t as exciting as he thought it would be. In the end, Adachi says that even if they did catch him, the focus would only shift to him. The truth holds no meaning. During this enlightening conversation, Magatsu Izanagi is busy beating up Izanagi and stabbing him with his sword.

So with Yu having his ass kicked and everyone losing badly, how do they win over Adachi? By comparing him to a child ヽ(‘ ∇‘ )ノ. That’s right. They just ignore all of Adachi’s logic and say that he’s acting like a spoiled brat. With that, the team starts kicking ass and Yu tells Adachi to own up to his crimes. Adachi starts losing it and Yu wins, so Adachi gives up and decides to shoot himself in the head… Unfortunately for him, this isn’t Persona 3. All of a sudden, Adachi floats up in some black ball thing and Ameno-sagiri, the real final boss appears. That’s right. The fog has been controlled by a giant floating eyeball-fog-machine-thing this entire time.

Rise notes that the worlds are going to collide and so the team needs to defeat it to stop that from happening. While the team attacks in futile, Ameno-sagiri explains that it was the one who gave them all their TV powers in order to spread delusion and madness into the real world. It was also the thing that set up the Midnight Television program and that it reflected what people wanted to see. Them turning Shadows into Persona was unexpected, but it’s no use in the end because Yu gets absorbed into Ameno-sagiri… Or at least that’s what almost happens, but his bonds with others made him realise that the real world isn’t that bad and after a brief flash to the Velvet Room, Margaret informs us that Yu’s bonds has created a miracle. All of the team’s Persona then level up and they save Yu and the world in a cheesy fashion using the power of love, friendship, megane, and magical laser beams. Before Ameno disappears, it says that it reflects human desires… which is a fancy way of it saying “yeah, if people want change, I’ll be back.” The team picks up Adachi to make him face his crimes and all is well again.

So fast forward to Yu’s return to the city and everyone is sad. Especially Nanako, who says that she’s going to marry Yu when she’s older (…yeah, it’s legal to marry your cousin in Japan). Dojima is surprisingly okay with this, but says hands off until she’s of age. Anyways, Yu boards the train and the entire team does that thing where they all run after the train, waving until they hit the end of the platform. To finish things off, there’s one last trip to the Velvet Room where Igor tells Yu that he’s come a long way from the beginning of the series… Yeah. That’s the end… For now.

These two? A couple? REALLY? <_<

Help, I have a gun fetish now:

Don’t shoot! This isn’t Persona 3!

He got the snot knocked right out of him. And spit. And tears. And…what even is that?

The photoshoot was going well. He had the style, looks and pose down in no time. His face…needed some work.

Susano-o: the power of wind, friendship and photobombing

End Thoughts:


Karakuri: …Uh. It was…. good? Yeah, let’s go with that. IT WAS GOOD. How do you feel about it?

Overcooled: I’m kind of sad it wasn’t the true ending just because it would feel more complete, but I liked it. It was pretty dramatic. Err, realllyy dramatic

Karakuri: So much bromance. It’s no coincidence that they had Yosuke be the one to call out Yu’s name there xD

Overcooled: I knew exactly what you meant when you said everything you wrote about the episode turned out like a yaoi fanfic. I saw the scene and I just KNEW.

Karakuri: lolol

Overcooled: I almost wish Yosuke was the only one who called out teehee. But then I guess they couldn’t have the epic persona evolution :/

Karakuri: No, but that whole Persona evolution thing was…. extremely cheesy. Though I guess it was cheesy in the game too. “The power of friendship has leveled up! Have a new Persona.”

Overcooled: Lol at least it wasn’t all at once in the game!

Karakuri: Well I guess they needed to save Yu from the giant eyeball somehow. …Who was that Persona Yu used at the end again? I didn’t recognise it.

Overcooled: I don’t know. I was like level 2 when I fought that thing since I never trained. Let me check… It’s Lucifer

Karakuri: Oh. Well that’s ironic.

Overcooled: In…fallen angel form. …level 93?! JESSSUSSS

Karakuri: Riiight… Which Arcana is that…? The fool? Wait. HOLY CRAP.

Overcooled: Uh, did you ever get that far, Kara? This makes me feel bad.

Karakuri: ….Nope. Not for this game.

Overcooled: ._. Well, goes to show how badass Yu is

Karakuri: ……No kidding.

Overcooled: So the eyeball fight was kind of cheesy…Rewinding a bit, I really liked Adachi’s section. Mostly because I never tire of seeing him almost win with his morals and then have it blow up in face..

Karakuri: Yes! Adachi! Though I think his argument was pretty valid in the game…

Overcooled: Me too! It’s very wordy, but his argument definitely had a lot of truth to it.

Karakuri: …And then everybody just kind of shuts him down. No moral struggle with the team or anything. They just outright deny him.

Overcooled: I like how they made a come back so fast too haha.

Karakuri: I’ve never liked how they just say “NO. YOU’RE WRONG SO THERE.” and that somehow works on him. You’d think he’d be used to people telling him he’s wrong. …Or maybe I just don’t like seeing him lose xD

Overcooled: Well, it’s more like they say “no matter how you dress it up, you slaughtered a bunch of people and now you’re destroying the world” …So I guess it’s revealing the truth of his actions? lol I don’t like seeing him lose either. I wish he resisted more.

Karakuri: Oh yeah, that makes more sense.

Overcooled: I think Adachi was always alone and told no one about his murders u_u. ADACHI BABY, I’D BE YOUR FRIEND

Karakuri: Good luck with that xD hmm… moving on?

Overcooled: The post-eyeball events ahaha

Karakuri: Oh yeah lol. Though speaking of eyeball events, I liked what they did with the sky after the defeated the thing. Nothing says ‘post boss battle’ quite like having the world rip a hole in the sky.

Overcooled: Lol yes the two worlds fusing together looked cool too

Karakuri: That it did.

Overcooled: This week’s derp was kept to a minimum

Karakuri: I still think that Adachi’s face looked like it was derp sometimes, but agreed for the most part.

Overcooled:  True. Minimum aside from Aderpchi.

Karakuri: But that ending part with Nanako waking up in the hospital next to her dad was ADORABLE

Overcooled: Oh, I didn’t really care lol.

Karakuri: Σ(゚Д゚|||)

Overcooled: I thought it was cute when she cried though! A horrible person. That is me.

Karakuri: Ahahaha….ha. Yeah, that was cute too. When she said goodbye to Yu, right? Man they just went straight into that one.

Overcooled: And wanted to marry him. lolwut


Overcooled: I KNOWWWW

Karakuri: WHERE DID THAT EVEN COME ROM?! …crap. The ‘f’ key on this thing doesn’t work half the time

Overcooled: It’s just that intense. You broke the f key

Karakuri: Anyways, yeah. I can only imagine the fanfics now. I wonder if she says that in the Jap version of the game.

Overcooled: I don’t know. In Japan that kind of incest is legal, right?

Karakuri: Yeah, you can marry your cousins.

Overcooled: …And there’s already fanfics *sobs*

Karakuri: OTL

Overcooled: Ok incest aside, I always get sad when Yu has to leave town. The running and waving was kind of dorky though LOL

Karakuri: LMAO. It happens in every anime with a train scene. They always run after it waving even though it’s a freaking  TRAIN and they’ll never catch up even if they tried….. I wish Yosuke had cried. Or had gotten some special goodbye scene.

Overcooled: Me too . They were nice with the bromance but… I’ll always want more o w o

Karakuri: True that. I’m still surprised at all of the bromance they gave us though. I was expecting hardcore yuri.

Overcooled: ChiexYukiko, yeah?

Karakuri: Yeah. Or Naoto x anyone else since she’s a trap and they could get away with it. Hell, I figured she would be THE OTP for this show since she was the detective who figured everything out.

Overcooled: True. She’s the only one who does anything in the last part, everyone else is useless after she comes in XD

Karakuri: Lol yep. They’re just there because they were there at the beginning. Though Yosuke was there for pointing out the obvious.

Overcooled: Yeah, Yosuke did a lot of explaining in the beginning… But now it’s..over D:

Karakuri: !!! Except for the true ending. The true, true ending. I don’t know how many times that I’ve lied and said that they found the real culprit. This was just merciless when it comes to trolls.

Overcooled: Half of what we wrote in our post was lies. It… it hurt me too. Especially for you since you do summaries. …Having to call Naoto a he.

Karakuri: The worst part is that even though it’s over, we’ll still have to lie.

Overcooled: Uwaa well, I guess we won’t have too much to cover up

Karakuri: Yeah. That’s true… The giant eyeball makes for a good cover xD

Overcooled: So, uh, if anyone asks…EVERYTHING EVER WAS THE EYEBALL’S FAULT.


The last episode was overall rather satisfying, although it had some ups and downs. I loved Adachi’s scene and hearing his twisted logic as everyone writhed in pain, but I couldn’t help but grow bored at Ameno-Sagiri’s long monologue. It’s a very thought-provoking speech that targets how humanity always wants an easy way out, but it felt like it was dragged out. I guess two talking scenes in a row filled with things I’ve heard before in the game was too much. Well, it was a cheesy finish, but it did actually finish (which is more than I can say about some anime endings). No rushed, or open ending to leave us raging. Thank goodness! I suppose we’ll be back again for the “True Ending” so this isn’t goodbye just yet for us Persona-blogging sisters. Furthermore, I wrote an editorial about Persona 4 and Carl Jung so you can still read that. EVEN FURTHERMORE, you can listen to the Anivision hosts discuss Persona 4 with me as a guest if you listen to episode 120 of their podcast. Yes…I’ve been very busy working on Persona 4 stuff! It just never ends! Moving away from turning into a human infomercial, let’s look at the series as a whole. Persona 4 was a good show, and certainly one of the best video game adaptations out there. I hope this opens the door for more adaptations to follow the same trends as Persona 4 did. It stayed loyal to the game while adding in new stuff that felt like it belonged in the series, and even improved it. There were some very impressive episodes (Episode 7: Kanji’s dungeon. Episode 15: the king’s game. Episode 18: NANAKOOOO T_T) that definitely stand out as excellent, while some of the others were a bit more dull or shallow. Tag-teaming Persona 4 was fun, and so was reading the comments of both those who have also played the game and those who haven’t. For now, our time together is over, but I’m sure the strength of our bonds will bring us together again. *cheesy end thought finale to match the episode theme*

As an anime adaption of the game, Persona 4 was… okay I guess. It had it’s moments and I was super excited at the beginning, but I’ll be honest and say that my excitement kind of… wore out after the first few episodes. It sure as hell wasn’t as good as the game was, but as a game turned anime adaption, I’d say that it was highly successful (…especially if you compare to something like Disgaea). But I guess it’s hard to adapt a game so that EVERYONE enjoys it since there’s just so much content and I’m sure that everyone has their favourite parts and such. Anyways, maybe the rest of the team didn’t develop as much as I wanted them to, but Yu certainly changed over the course of 25 episodes. Whether the writers planned this from the start, or if they were just responding to complaints, either way, it was subtle and it was good. I also liked how they went off script for some parts like with the addition of Aika or when they played around with the setting like during Yosuke’s Shadow with the TVs (yeah, I’m still not over how good that was yet). I kind of wish they had done that more, but I’m happy that they bothered with it in the first place. On the other hand, the game aspects they did add like the calender, the battle cut ins, Yu’s stats and all of those other things were fun to see when they popped up. Really, I think this anime was a great middle ground for people who have played the game and those who haven’t played the game. I just wish they had less derp in the animation. So to wrap things up, while I’m sad that they didn’t go into the true ending (all of my cryptic hints were for nothing!!), I guess team KaraCool (we seriously need a new name) will be back in August… The trolling will begin anew then. This story isn’t quite over yet.


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18 Responses to “Persona 4 – 25 [END]”

  1. Metalsnakezero says:

    Its not the greatest but it does things right that other game adoptions do bad at. If the last episode was this good, I can’t imagine what the true end in animation is like.

    • Karakuri says:

      I’m wondering about the true end too. Will they tie it in so it happens before Yu leaves, or what? I’m wondering where they’ll fit it in chronologically.

  2. Tofu says:

    I definitely never got up to lvl 90 in the game and I never did max out the stats… (only had one more left for knowledge before max)… same with maxing out all the social links (is that even possible?) but I did finish all the quests~ ^^ My strongest was a Trumpeteer~ I was trying to max the strongest Priestess but never got up to it though I did play the true end and it was AWESOME! ;D

    Though if we were to talk about how good/bad the adaption was for this last episode, I’d say it was great. I was able to see Kenji’s awakened persona, same for Naoto and Teddy and Yosuke since I never maxed them out ^^; Full of drama, full of emotions, it was an awesome final battle and the train scene was ok. I did feel like the whole running and waving seemed a bit…dorky as OC said and I felt like each of the characters needed to say their farewell lines BEFORE Yu left but NOPE he just left…

    Looking forward to true end episode and great work on blogging Persona 4 OC and Karakuri~ ^^

    • Karakuri says:

      …. I’m pretty sure you get a fancy Persona if you max out all the links in one playthrough… Or at least that’s how it works for 3. I haven’t even attempted it for 4.

      ….Yeah, the team needed something… more. Though maybe they’ll cover all that in the true ending episode.

      Thanks Tofu!

      • Tofu says:

        I’m playing 3 atm and it’s definitely easier to train in because you can always heal up when you need to and it’s cheap to do so XD I’m not even that far into the story because I’ve spent so much time in order to get to the top in one sitting

  3. anaaga says:

    Ending with a ‘bang.’

    Yuu was BANGING Aderpchi HARD #doujinwhere

    Also, that Nanako ending. I guess we all know who Yuu will hook up with in the future! Which is not me *sad face*

    Anyhow, it was an enjoyable ride. Lots and lots and loottss of cheesy scenes, and somehow the first half of the series where they used “Monster of the Week” thingy felt tedious… But I guess that’s the whole point of that! The interactions among the characters were entertaining though, and the development of their friendship is beautiful =’)

    Can’t wait to watch the True Ending! Or, is it the True Ending? Will there be a True True Ending? *drum rolls*

    • Overcooled says:

      OHHHHH snap, son! That was actually pretty good. I like it! I’m waiting on those doujins too. Hopefully I find some or someone just sends me an email one day. Best form of fanmail ever.

      Persona had a lot of cheesy moments, but at least it showed that it knew how to do serious moments with class as well. There’s probably more of those corny moments though…

      Coming in 2015: The True true truest I swear to God we’re done now True Ending ULTRA DX: III-2 Turbo (Special Edition)

  4. Reaper says:

    The end of another enjoyable series, especially since it’s freaking Persona 😀 Now hold on a minute AIC, I’m glad that you’re going to do the True Ending as an OVA (Yay!) but PERSONA 3 had the best story of all time! Of all time! (Cookie for you if you get the reference 😛 )
    Ah, watching these high school animes keep reminding me of the good old days back in high school…ah yes, these young whipsnappers don’t seem to enjoy life the way we did back then…
    Seems like I was vindicated with the rest of the Investigation Team unlocking their ultimate Personas in the final (for now) battle against Ameno-sagiri…though I still think Yosuke’s was a downgrade, and from what I’m hearing about his ultimate ultimate Persona…looks like he will beat Midnight Venus for the title of afros of all time! (Goodbye disco ninja frog…)

    All right, now the wait until the satisfying true end…gar, it would be wonderful if they animated Persona 3 for the meantime, right? Just to tie us over you know… 🙂

  5. Yippy says:


    Seriously though, I was really bummed they didn’t squeeze it in. Was crossing my fingers the entire episode that they would fit it in somehow, even during the credits. I think it’s quite a subtle (aka sneaky) way of promoting disc sales. Well, I think my wallet will be lighter come this 22nd of August, which is coincidentally my birthday. Hm, maybe I can blackmail some friends or family into buying it for me… XD

    I’ve got to applaud them somewhat though, the episode was very enjoyable thanks to the less derpy than usual fight scenes. The bromance was also just nice and not too cheesy, but now I can’t unsee the yaoi undertones in the whole episode. Why, KaraCool? Why? (;_;)

    Anyway, anybody notice the writing on Ameno-Sagiri’s lens too? I thought that was a very nice touch to a character that barely gets any screen time throughout the series. Moving on, Nanako marrying Yuu? Nah, I think it’s just a phase. Was surprised at Dojima and the fact that it’s really legal though.

    Nice format for the End Thoughts btw, it’s easier and more interesting to read. Hard to find and reply to specific comments though.

    Moar Aika please! Her last appearance was kinda unsatisfying…

    Looking forward to seeing you guys again this August!

    • Overcooled says:

      Better to have it in an OVA than rush the ending like crazy. It would have been ridiculous if they tried to fit everything in this episode. IMAGINE ALL THE GUN-CARESSING THAT WOULD BE CUT OUT!!!! (Sorry to have ruined everything for you, haha)

      You’re a good person, buying things to support the anime industry. You are the good that cancels out all the horrible things I do!

      I liked Ameno-Sagiri’s lens. Definitely not a lot of derp this week (aside from some select Adachi screencaps. Tis the downside of taking screencaps sometimes, you end up nitpicking certain details). It reminded me of a camera lens.

      Yeah, I wanted to do a conversation-style post for the final episode so we met on MSN and just talked it out XD Twas fun!

      Who knows, maybe they’ll change the true end so Aika is the culprit! (No, they won’t, but that’d be kind of hilarious)

      • Yippy says:

        Haha, you’re right. XD I have high hopes for it though, since they have more time than usual to make it awesome. I’m not so sure about the gun-caressing however…But it’s good for sales, so we can have moar Persona!

        I try to occasionally, but the call of the empty wallet usually snaps me out of it. Horrible? Nah, you’re too cool for that. (^_^)

        Please, no more ‘true’ culprits. Everyone’s going to have a hard time accepting the true culprit as it is. (-_-;)

  6. tatsuya says:


  7. BlackBriar says:

    What an epic episode to finish the series. Now I feel so bummed an empty now that it’s over because I enjoyed it so much. So this was a false ending. They just couldn’t resist trolling us one last time. These people are just plain underhanded. I enjoyed the fight between Adachi and everyone else more than the one against Ameno-Sagiri. It was a lot more entertaining and there were intense moral debating. But the Persona evolution was a nice unexpected twist. Some I found got an improvement over their previous form (*cough* Chie *cough*). What was that combination Persona Yu used to beat Ameno-Sagiri?

    One of the things I enjoyed about the show the most was Yu’s excellent character development. He surprised me with his growth from a zombie-like person without a personality to an awesome badass who does what he can to help people and who has earned my respect. Not to mention his stats has been maxed out as proof.

    Adachi was the main attraction in this episode. His morals and views were so warped and twisted. Even though his speech felt very much like an escapist trying to break away from reality, his argument definitely had a lot of truth to it. Bringing up the topic that humanity is always hiding behind a mask and trying to find an easy way out of situations. But he’s completely off his rocker. A gun fetish? Dude, what is wrong with you? His explanation was pretty close to the point of view from The Dark Knight’s Joker.

    There’s something I don’t understand. Every one of the party members who entered the Persona world later on had to wear glasses to see where they are going but since Adachi went in, he didn’t need any. What makes him so different from everyone else? Teddie’s different because he’s from that world but Adachi is a mystery.

    What?! The possibility of Chie x Yukiko?!! I feel so cheated that there was barely any yuri. Oh, well, I’ll always have Yukiko’s Shadow love confession about Chie being her “prince”. I guess that would be enough… NOT!!!

    Until you get a new Tag Team name, it’s going to be KaraCool. LOL. You two have been deceiving us for weeks about the culprit and especially Naoto, which was a severely big shock. I can’t possibly believe you still have lies up your sleeves.

    The mixed feeling part of any show is farewell where they all separate. So much going on that you can’t describe it. I was Yu didn’t have to leave but I couldn’t believe Dojima would allow the possibility of Yu and Nanako getting married. Totally didn’t see that coming. Is Japan really that into incest? I had an overdose from that notorious toothbrush scene from Nisemonogatari.

    • Overcooled says:

      Technically it’s not over and trolololol there’s even more! I liked the Adachi fight more than the Ameno-Sagiri fight too. Maybe because I can relate more to a human than a sentient eyeball? I just like that Joker-style morality. Adachi brings up some good points for a lunatic, right? 😀

      I looked up Lucifer and you have to fuse Ananta, Anubis, Trumpeter, Michael, Satan and Metatron together to create him. I guess all those extra cards were to fuse those 6 and then make Lucifer, but they made it all into one step. He definitely had like 20 cards floating around him lol

      I’m so glad that Yu become what he is now. I was almost MAD at the beginning with how he was presented, but now I wouldn’t have it any other way.

      Ehhh, I think Adachi probably could see since he said that shadows accepted him and didn’t attack him. Maybe the fog bowed to his will in a similar way? Or maybe he couldn’t see a damn thing the entire time, and just pretended the entire time. The fog just obscures your vision, but you can still get around. Yu and Yosuke managed okay before they officially got their glasses.

      That’s all the yuri you get. Go to pixiv for more! I assure you, it’s there. I’ve come across it by accident D:

      HEY, we’re being GOOD BLOGGERS and not spoiling you! If anything you should be bowing at our feet for being nice enough to spare you the most perspective-changing spoilers, peasant! Get on your knees and apologize! (No, don’t really lol)

      Yes. Japan is really that into incest from what I can tell. o_o

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