Ozuma – 6 [END]

Was Maya able to help Ozuma shine? No, she didn’t.

Ufff I know, I know, late post for the last episode? Shame on me. But it was that boring. It gave me no motivation to write about it at all. I lied. I was drowning myself in Gundam marathon.

Ehm, let’s move on from Gundan, shall we? Maya, Mimay, and Sam are swallowed by Ozuma. Maya then explains that Ozuma has been storing creatures while she was away, keeping them while waiting for Maya to meet Ozuma again. Maya decides that it’s time for the creatures to be released so that nature will be revived and Ideal Children won’t be at the top of the food chain. Maya merges with Ozuma, releasing the creatures that were stored.


Yep, Ozuma is a disco ball

Wanting to keep Ideal Children as the ruling race, Danga shoots into the Zone and Ozuma, but Ozuma’s not amused and goes berserk by shooting lasers everywhere. So, Bainas decides that it’s time to use the Monokuros.


Bainas: “So, who wants to go there and do kamikaze?” > *crew stares at Bainas*

Unfortunately, the Monokuros can only be unlocked by Dick’s DNA. Someone needs to go into the missile (Monokuros) and release them from there; thus, sacrificing his own life. Bainas is about to enter the missile’s control room when Dick appears and beats her to it. After some cheesy parting words, Dick unlocks the missile and releases it, hitting Ozuma with the missile.

I cried a little bit on this scene ;_;

By the time the missile hits Ozuma, it was already done with restoring nature. The earth gets flourished again with a whole new beginning.

Who is this guy again?

More Green:

“Bainas, Bardanos, launching!”

*insert Darth Vader’s theme*

If Jesus walked on water, then Maya walked on air

Just imagine them doing the same pose in different places for this episode

Episode six was the last episode, but it wasn’t able to pull off the magic that can amend Ozuma. It didn’t have the surprise element, considering that everything was predictable. There was no sudden character development that some characters from other anime undergo (such as Yukiteru from Mirai Nikki). Episode six was just…. Meh.

The biggest let down for episode six has got to be Ozuma. It’s not a colony… It’s a DNA bank! That didn’t make Ozuma any better because both are equally bad. I’ve never liked the idea of “last-minute data saving” because that kind of stuff gives this kind of impression:

Director: “We need to end this anime, but how should we end this?… Oh, I know! We should have some kind of creature that stored other species’ DNA before the apocalyptic happened. Then we can restore the earth from it! Oh, let’s not forget some last-minute self-sacrifice too.”

Yeah, that kind of impression.

Now Ozuma looks like nothing but some half-assed resolution created just to end the series.

Oh, but episode six got worse. The existence of Ozuma contradicts the existence of Ideal Children. Maya mentioned that the Originals created Ideal Children so that they will be the king of food chain with nothing to stop them. If that’s the case, why was Ozuma created? As a machine that stored all the DNA of other species, won’t that make Ozuma the king of the food chain instead of Ideal Children? Seriously, what did the Originals want? It’s funny how episode six is the last episode, and yet it wasn’t able to enlighten me. I have more questions instead of less by the end. How was Ozuma created? What did the Originals want? Why is Maya the only Original? What the hell is going on? Instead of giving me explanations, episode six just makes everything muddier. And sadly the one who does the explanation (Maya) was too busy with her own glowing le drama.

God, Maya. She just sucks, that’s it. Actually the main cast sucks. Maya is a sucky runaway who wasn’t able to take care of herself. All she did was getting herself kidnapped everywhere. Thank god she actually did something even though it was collaboration with Ozuma. Not to mention that she disappeared by the end of the series, which makes it ten times better. Sam has got to be the worst main character because he literally did nothing. The only thing he ever did was whine like a little kid about Maya and how he wanted to be with her. Seriously, he did NADA. Even in the last episode, all he did was “Stop and Stare.” The problem is that Sam is a main character, and yet he has such little influence in the progression of this anime. Wipe his existence away and nothing would change. Really, who wants a main character who barely has any influence? I prefer Sam being dead rather than Dick.

If this looks like a bitching, yes this is me bitching about Ozuma, because I’m too disappointed with it. This was actually my first anime of Leiji Matsumoto’s. I expected a lot because of that, and yet, this is what I got. Gosh, I’m so mad right now. Let’s just hope that I won’t be disappointed like this with Space Battleship Yamato’s remake.

Modern Anime vs. Legacy
I forgot where, but I read someone saying that Ozuma should be overlooked (or treated better?) because it’s one of Leiji Matsumoto’s works. It made me wonder, is it okay for an anime to have its flaws ignored just because it’s a legacy? Are we, modern fans, demanding too much?

I believe Ozuma got the treatment and critics it deserved. While it is a legacy, the fact that it’s made in modern times should not be overlooked. Fans demand more as the time progresses, and sometimes they just have to meet the fans’ demand for a witty anime. It is OK for the anime crew to add more in the script if it is for the sake of refining the anime. So yeah, Ozuma being a legacy is not a good excuse to overlook its flaws. Of course, that doesn’t mean that Ozuma should now be respected.

But then, anaaga, isn’t the whole point of this anime is to show the unpublished work of Leiji Matsumoto? That’s why Blu-Rays and special episodes exist. The best way for the anime crew to amend Ozuma right now is to have a special episode with an alternate ending, where everything actually makes sense and the main character is not dumb. Then again, I’m demanding too much for a work that was created more than a century ago. Lesson from this? Don’t expect too much from a classic. It will be either entertaining or ridiculous. I should just look at it is as a documentary of the older audience’s taste in anime/manga. *sigh*



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9 Responses to “Ozuma – 6 [END]”

  1. Kyokai says:

    Maybe, they should have just kept this under wraps rather than animating it.

    • anaaga says:

      Bury it deep down there so that nobody will find it.
      Now I understand why they didn’t publish it

  2. Bob from Accounting says:

    Well, at least there’s Bainas right? Oh no wait. She didn’t even do anything in the end, and was barely even in the last episode. Unmitigated disaster.

  3. Moni Chan says:

    6 episodes da faq

  4. Ithekro says:

    Matsumoto likes to use a main character as the audiance. In this case, Sam. This is the character that is most like the people watching what is going on around them. The audiance is rarely a hero. They can but watch the awesome going on around them.

    The usual main characters are really the people doing stuff that the “main character” is following around (so the audiance gets to see too). In this case the heroes are Bainas and eventually Dick.

    In the more normal Matsumoto stories, the hero is Harlock. But Harlock usually has Daiba with him…Daiba is the Sam-like character. The one the audiance follows most of the time. The one that is generally either useless or hotheaded and gets into more trouble than they are worth. But the hero usually more than makes up for that. In Ozuma…Bainas was able to show off rally good, but having Dick on the other side leads up to an emotional fall.

    As for Space Battleship Yamato. It doesn’t follow all the standard Matsumoto plot elements. Kodai is definately not at all like Sam or Daiba. Kodai may have been hotheaded, but he was effective and the hero, and the Harlock type was mostly removed from the story, as this was mostly pre-Harlock. Besides…the real hero of that story is the ship…Yamato herself. Her western equivelent would be the original Starship Enterpeise from the 1960s Star Trek. The days when the crew would inject a personality onto their ships, and over time the audiance has feelings for what happens to not only the crew, but also the ship.

  5. Ithekro says:

    In fact there is only one “Sam-like” Matsumoto main character that manages to be awesome in his one right…and that is Tetsuro from Galaxy Express 999. He’s not useless most of the time. He makes choices and carries them out, or he he can’t his choices effect things around him. He might be ten years old or so, but he’s kicking and shooting when he needs to, and telling off villans when it comes down to it.

    He’s not cool like Harlock…but he gets the hero job done when one doesn’t need a starship to do it.

    Fortunately, in most Matsumoto stories, there is not always a “Sam-type” and even if there is, he fits in better and sometimes does stuff….unlike Sam. Or the series is long enough that character development happen.

    • anaaga says:

      I see, so most of the main characters are third-parties. I’m fine with that kind of character as long as they end up useful, unlike Sam.

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