Ozuma – 5

Is it just me or technology-advanced people like to do things the old-fashioned way? Voting with block of woods? Really?

Muhuahaha episode Ok, two more episodes. You can do it anaaga, you can do it. I’m so sorry for turning this into a late post. I’m so so sorry *sob*

Gido and Bainas meet face to face and start shooting each other, but then Ozuma interrupts them. Bardanos managed to dive into the sand only to find a suspicious mineral cave. Of course, Sam the little moron is the one who ends up investigating the mineral cave with, of course, Mimay. Sam finds Gido’s ship stuck inside the sand and sneaks into the ship without informing Bardanos too, but then that’s what Mimay is for! Since Sam is stupid, he got caught. Bohoo.

They might not realize this, but they just had a date

Sam being his usual self

When Bainas demands for Sam and Maya to be released, Gido refuses and starts blabbering about ruling the earth with Maya bla bla bla. Sam tries to escape when Gido is being all evil, and that leads to both of the ships’ crews shooting at each other. Bainas shoots Gido’s mask, revealing… Dick! Gido loses his balance and falls into the bottom of the pit. RIP Gido. In Theseus City, Danga is not amused at Gido and Maya’s disappearance.

Gido has been degraded into a typical villain


Sam and Bainas look for Gido, but all they find was pieces of Gido’s mask. Bainas goes back to the ships and demands some explanation from Maya. It turns out that Ideal Children are bunch of clones created with the perfect genetic information. Unfortunately, repeated cloning makes the Ideal Children weak, mentally and physically. Because of that, most of Ideal Children now transferred their minds into the captured Natura’s bodies. As for Maya, she is an Original (those who created the Ideal Children) who has been living by moving from one body to another. Because she won’t last much longer, she needs to make her decision, and for that she needs to see Ozuma. Suddenly Danga arrives with his army the same time Ozuma goes berserk, and because of that Bainas decided to activate Monokuros (that’s the name of the weapon made by Dick right?).

“The mask… The mask!”

Quick, Maya! Take some paracetamol!

More Bleh:

Aww, big fishes are cute, right? But don’t forget IT CAN EAT YOU TOO

Danga is not amused

I hate to tell you this Maya, but glowing naked skinny chicks are not hot

Obligatory Bainas because she’s the only redeeming quality of this anime

Bwahaha, turns out that it is about cloning after all, though Maya wasn’t cloned. All she did was transfer from one body to another. So, I guess the DNAs are the ones that are cloned for the purpose of reproduction, and the endless cycle of cloning makes the DNA less and less perfect. What about Natura? They’re not perfect, and they don’t have the best technology unlike Theseus and its citizens; yet their bodies are able to adapt with nature better than Theseus citizens’. So I guess this anime is all about Darwinism and Evolution.

But seriously, are the people in Theseus stupid or what? Well, stupid or not, they’re not supposed to be this stupid. There are so many illogicalities in this episode. First is the cloning issue. Ozuma is supposed to happen in some distant future where technology is waaayy more advanced than it is now. C’mon, the negative effects of cloning should’ve been experienced already by the scientists. So obviously there must me some records of the scientific experiments they did. Why why didn’t the current Theseus scientists research about cloning first? Look at the experiments reports? Making some plan about it? Backup plan? C’mon! Second is the setting of this anime itself. The setting is in the distant future, but why weren’t they able to find some solution for the cloning issue (except for using the Natura’s bodies)? If they can transfer mind from one body to another, they should’ve been able to resolve the cloning issue already. This issue is understandable though since science is not something that can happen so fast in a snap. Science takes time, even if it’s hundreds of years. I just don’t get how everything/everybody can be so backward when it has a futuristic setting.

However, what annoys me the most is when Ozuma is nothing more than just a goddamn submarine. Heck, it’s probably a colony! Remembers something? *hinthintMouretsuPirateshinthint* Maybe it’s some damn DNA bank or sperm bank. Whatever. It’s not a real whale. It’s just a machine. I am not amused. I don’t like this. Screw that damn submarine called Ozuma. Man, why am I still watching this? Maybe because next week is the last episode. Maybe because Bainas is awesome. Whatever. I just want to get over this crap.

Preview: It’s the last episode. Who will win? Ozuma or Bardanos? IS GIDO GOING TO HOOK UP WITH BAINAS? T_______T  WILL SAM DIE? Yes please.


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8 Responses to “Ozuma – 5”

  1. Kyokai says:

    Why does Gido resemble Sam so much? Some connection here?

    • anaaga says:

      Because they’re brothers. Dick went missing while hunting Ozma, and Theseus took him as part of the mind transfer experiment. Gido’s real identity is a deteriorating old man who transferred his mind to Dick’s body for the sake of youth

  2. tatsuya says:

    What the hell ..why all the people look so stupid !
    Versailles mask is over there “I wonder how much it cost for that mask ~~

  3. Bob from Accounting says:

    Bwahaha, turns out that it is about cloning after all, though Maya wasn’t cloned.

    Wait, I thought that Maya said that she was cloned. It’s the Ideal Children who’ve been body-transferring, to stop themselves deteriorating or whatever it is. Didn’t Maya say that she was deteriorating, though? Yeah, that’s why she’s so desperate to find OZMA now, isn’t it? Because she doesn’t have much time left?

    • anaaga says:

      No, no, Maya only transfers her mind from one body to another. She’s an Original.
      Ideal Children’s body is deteriorating because of their cloned DNA, and it was not that long since they started to transfer their minds into the captured Natura bodies.

    • Joojoobees says:

      I think Maya is a clone of an original human (with the original’s “mind” transferred to the new host), but the Ideal Children are clones of genetically modified humans (who keep transferring their minds). The Natura are the evolutionary decedents of “original” humans. Finally Gido (and some, but not all, of the other Ideal Children) are the minds that had been transferred amongst Ideal Children clone hosts, but have now been transferred to Natura.

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