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Man, this is a late post. It seems that I’ll be posting Ozuma posts late now since I had to take care of Sankarea and Acchi Kocchi. Why do my shows have to air in a row? But it’s not going to be long now since two more episodes and Ozuma will be over. I wonder if they can wrap everything up with six episodes only. I’ll have to read the manga now.

Short summary because this episode is all about submarine fight. Sam, being a stubborn ass as usual, takes off by himself to “save Maya” when he sees that Bainas isn’t doing anything about it. Thank god Mimei went with Sam or else he won’t be informed that Bainas was actually preparing for Maya’s rescue, it’s just that Bainas wants the enemy ship to reach their base, which is the Theseus City.

Law in Ozuma: ugly-ass whale > hot chicks

Meanwhile, Gido is getting all pissed because Danga goes all “Maya is beyond our understanding” every time Gido asks him the reason of her action. Plotting to overthrow Danga, Gido lies to Maya, telling her that Danga told the crew to obey her wish. Maya then wants to go to the Zone, a place I suspect where Ozuma appears most of the time.

Bardanos catches up to Gido’s submarine, and this leads to some intense battle inside the desert. Bardanos however plays the ultimate trick, where Bainas purposely miss-aimed the missiles, and Gido’s missiles hit Bardanos’ missiles, faking Bardanos’ explosion. While that happens, Bardanos goes below Gido’s submarine and rams it, forcing Gido to come out from the sand. Bardanos comes out too, of course. Each captain come out from his/her own ships and faces each other.

This is why a traffic light is needed inside the sand

Dun dun dun

More Submarines:

This girl is useless, but she knows how to pose

Mimei’s derp face

Accidentally landed on Ozuma’s rainbow barf


This is just so wrong and in so many ways

This is like episode two all over again, but less intense. It was smart of Bainas to fake Bardanos’ explosion to ram Gido outside. But of course, this doesn’t mean that Bainas is better than Gido; couple of times Gido was able to outsmart Bainas, but luck was just not on Gido’s side. The battle inside the sand was SO COOL with all that missiles etc., but it wasn’t as great as episode two’s battle because of the DAMN REUSED ANIMATIONS. The reused animations for the missiles scenes were the biggest disappointments in this episode. I hate reused animation as much as I hate cheap-ass animation. It’s understandable for them to use the same scene, but it’s like half-assed effort. I hope the anime crew won’t lots of reused animations for the last two episodes because that would suck SO BAD. I mean, who likes reused animations?

What Dick *snort* said about the Goddess of Theseus makes my theory stronger. You know, that theory where Maya is the prime DNA owner Theseus City used for its citizens. If my theory is correct, then these questions are necessary: what makes Maya live so long? Is she an immortal? What is her connection with Ozuma? I still couldn’t help but wonder about the metallic substance that appeared when Maya called out for Ozuma. WHY is Ozuma metallic? Is it just a submarine that responds to Maya’s location? Or my eyes were just playing tricks on me? IF Ozuma turns out to be an automatic submarine, then maybe that’s the reason why Maya can live so long. Maybe Matsumoto pulled some kind of mindfuck theory where Maya’s primary organs (heart, brain, etc.) are preserved in that submarine? Now I’m not making any sense because I’m so DAMN CURIOUS about Ozuma’s true nature. I am still serious about Maya and Ozuma theories. Not the brain part though.

I ship Gido and Bainas like mad, but Gido is a disappointment now. I get Gido’s frustration of Danga telling him that he knows no shit, but suddenly turning evil like that is not cool yo. I did notice though that Gido has little respect of Danga just because of his age. I laughed a little at that part because Gido is actually older than Danga; it’s just that he’s in a new body. But that’s not the point. The point is that Gido forgets his old self, and this is probably the side effect of the mind transfusion. Maybe by meeting Bainas, Dick can take over his body? I hope that’s possible because I really like Bainas, and it would suck to see her sad because of Dick. I’m really curious about what Gido and Bainas will talk about now that they’ve seen each other. EPISODE FIVE HURRY UP AND COME HERE.

Preview: LOL. They actually landed on Ozuma’s nest? What a coincidence. I’m more excited about Bainas meeting with Gido though. IN THE FOREST TOO. Just hook up already, damn it.



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7 Responses to “Ozuma – 4”

  1. Kyokai says:

    I might just check this out for DAT preview. xD

  2. Joojoobees says:

    More submarine action. I have to say they do that very convincingly. I’m not quite sold on how Maya can call the sand whale, but we’ll see what kind of explanation we get.

    It would be pretty funny if this had the same plot as the 2nd arc of Mouretsu Pirates, with the sand whale being the equivalent of the “Golden Ghost Ship”.

    • Bob from Accounting says:

      Oh god don’t even go there. I want OZMA to have a proper climax, please.

    • anaaga says:

      If Maya can “call” Ozuma, then I can only suspect that Ozuma is just a submarine that responds to Maya’s voice. She’s not even a whale expert.
      If that’s true though, I would be pissed. I want something more complex than that

  3. Bob from Accounting says:

    I was not amused by how this episode started off. Two of the three most punchable characters set off alone to rescue the remainder of their trio? Who thought that would be a good idea. Luckily, that was trown out the window and the episode ended up being more about Bainas. Therefore it was good.

    • anaaga says:

      Look at the good side of that. They were able to get Gido’s location though Bardanos could’ve done that too
      then this week’s will be a treat because it seems that it will be about Bainas

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