Mouretsu Pirates – 13

This version comes with a badass flight mode.

So, thirteen episodes in for Mouretsu Pirates and it seems to be going strong, but I feel there is still something missing from this series. However, I just can’t figure out what is missing… Anyway so we should get right down to business with this episode.

Plot this week follows Marika hanging out with Gruier and Grunhilde.

Ririka-“Sorry, I can’t hear you, Marika…Momma is pretty much wasted at this time.”

We start this episode with Marika and the Bentenmaru crew getting an emergency call from Gruier right after they left her planet, but it turns out to be less of an emergency and more of a surprise award ceremony…I thought we were completely done with Gruier and that whole princess themed arc; however, it appears she just might become part of the main cast of unique characters. After awhile Marika returns home to chat with her mom and learns she quit her job because she wants to try something she enjoys?! WHAT?! I suppose in all fairness, Marika made a good point that she is enjoying her pirate life and Ririka should enjoy her own life as well.

Marika-“What else did you do to my pirate uniform?”                 Mami-“I added flamethrowers in there somewhere.”

Marika-“I told you before, Mami! Stop stealing my invisible guns.”             Mami-“PEW PEW SUCKA, YOU DEAD.”

A few days later, it is back to school time for Captain Marika and it seems the Space Yacht Club seems to be lacking a few members and a certain blond class president aka Jenny has successfully graduated and left her good buddy Lynn in command… This means the club is in dire need of new recruits or as we call it on Metanorn, seeking new slaves– err… I mean members. So, who are the new recruits? Gruier already joined the club, but this time Gruier’s little sister Grunhilde joins this amazing club and a few random new blood. No doubt this might be a way for Grunhilde to get closer to Marika or she wants to stick by her sister?

You can’t hide anything when Captain Marika is around.

Jenny-“Good luck running the show now, Lynn.”             Lynn-“How hard can this job really be? I just yell orders all day.”

Gruier-“One day I will become queen of the moon!”            Marika-“Right…and I will become king of the pirates.”

Later that evening, Gruier hangs out with Marika at the café and chows down on a chocolate parfait! Damn that looked really good and the rest of the animated food for this episode. Marika also invites Gruier and Grunhilde to join her for dinner with Ririka, but Grunhilde eats some of that hot mustard and has a bad reaction to it! And no she didn’t die on us thankfully, so Marika didn’t kill off a princess by accident.

Marika-“Ku ku ku…another soul claimed for the chocolate parfait gods.”               Gruier-“Hmmm, what did you say?”

Marika is having too much fun cooking with her cool pirate mom.

After dinner, Marika hangs out with Grunhilde and shoots off fireworks while Ririka has a short chat with Gruier about what she plans on doing next with her life. What else? Take over the universe with her army of loli-clones of course! After all the school fun Marika returns to the Bentenmaru and prepares for her next mission involving some odd cargo in the form of half cat half monkey creatures. This episode comes to an end shortly after with Ririka filling out an application for a Class-two Large Interstellar Ship License Exam! I assume this means momma wants to pilot something huge?!



Ririka-“Now to send my application to the school of being a better badass mother.”

Extra pirate fun

Lynn-“Alright girls! Today I will teach you how to hack like a boss.”

Kyubey, eat your heart out! Mouretsu Pirates has the best mascot character.

Gruier-“This looks amazing, Marika!”                    Grunhilde-“I swear I saw something still moving.”

Grunhilde-“Marika will become mine…yes…”                         Gruier-“BACK OFF I SAW HER FIRST DAMN IT!”

Kane’s love radar is going crazy right now.

End thoughts

Soooo how was the thirteenth episode of Mouretsu Pirates!? I can basically sum it up as dull, but there are plenty of nice moments between Gruier and Marika this week to make up for the lack of amazing. I mean sure Gruier is a great character and I do enjoy her company, but I figured we would eventually get a break from her for a while. However, it seems we can’t write her off just yet! Maybe she is just super lonely and thinks of Marika as a big sister? After all Gruier is the older sister to Grunhilde. Speaking of siblings, was anyone really surprised she joined the club? Not really I think as Grunhilde is quite attached to her sister or at least they are making it seem that way to me.

Even though we can’t get rid of these two girls, I will admit watching Grunhilde and Marika near the end shooting fireworks together was quite cute to watch and yuri was all over this episode. Yeah, I know I am looking into that way too much, but come on I bet some were waiting for the girls to get “closer” so yes, I support a Marika x Gruier or even Marika x Mami? Fufufufu there are lots of possibilities when you actually think about it… Anyway, I was happy to see that Grunhilde did not turn out to be a random tsundere-loli-character, but that might make things a bit more refreshing whenever Chiaki is missing from the episode.

Also, what was with that whole talk with Ririka and Marika? I guess her mother got bored of her current job and now she wants to pilot instead? That sounds really interesting and it might open the next “arc” as in Ririka either gets killed off in some horrible accident or maybe she goes missing and Marika has to find her mother lost in space!? I don’t think they would actually kill Ririka off, but who knows in these types of shows death might be the only thing to make it “exciting” again for the fans. I did love those funny moments with the Bentenmaru crew and Misa’s short story about Ririka’s cooking…wow that made me laugh it really reminded me of One Piece, because that crew has similar interactions with each other as in joking around or making wise cracks at each other.



Cat like monkey aliens run wild on the Bentenmaru?


Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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23 Responses to “Mouretsu Pirates – 13”

  1. Bob from Accounting says:

    I agree about this show missing something. What it has is a strong cast of characters (particularly Schitzer and my darling Coorie), a good setting and lots of nice story ideas. What it has failed to do is tie these these things together into a functional and satisfying whole. And so, despite all these good things it always winds up disappointing and frustrating me. It’s always been this close to being a good show but it just never. Quite. Reaches. That. Point. I’m so torn about whether to drop it or not, dammit!

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah you are correct Mouretsu has a great cast of characters with a decent story, but I can see why people might get annoyed waiting every week for episodes to update…I hope the “second” half has less cute moments and more plot or they can have something dramatic happen.

      I hope this series can continue to grow and keep us entertained.

      • Bob from Accounting says:

        I didn’t say ‘decent story’. I was complimenting the ‘story ideas’. The main problem is that it seems to perpetually fail to turn those ideas into a good story.

  2. skylion says:

    Some shows never work the right magic and fall so short we forget them by next season (well some otaku rage aside, most of them time we forget them). Other shows work it so hard that it breaks at one point and we cannot wait for it too be over.

    But here we have the right combo to just get us to about 98% Yes, that lack of 2% is frustrating, but we could have the above alternatives.

    As for this pirate enthusiast, I take what I get and enjoy it as it comes. I love the theme. It has always been about finding other means to achieving a goal. Fighting, combat, is a last resort.

    But, my lack of 2% this episode was the squandering of the Space Lolis. We had two, two of them, and the most they made of it was the Hot Pudding Incident. Geez, staff, make more use of these two. I want a Princess on Princess Battle for the Marika Yuri Crown. Chiaka be darned.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah this makes me sad! I dunno what the writers are doing for Mouretsu honestly I like Gruier and Grunhilde a lot, but I thought at this point we were done with them…

      For sure I am sticking around for the pirate themes and yeah Marika might not enter any real battles for a while, but we have seen a tend with her trying to avoid fighting if it is possible.

      LOLOL Yep! Double blond-lolis fighting for Marika’s attention! That might help things and of course all the damn yuri filled in this series.


  3. HannoX says:

    I wonder if Ririka is going to go back to being a space pirate? Perhaps on the same ship as Chiaka’s Dad captains? They’ve got to get Chiaka back into this series somehow! I miss her…

    I didn’t know whether to wince or laugh when Grunhilde popped that mustard into her mouth. I did the same thing with the wasabi the first time I had sushi. I didn’t know and nobody was there to tell me what it was.

    I noticed Lynn said the 3rd years where going to be planning their next voyage. Will that mean the yacht club gets involved in the storyline again?

    I think the missing 2% is some kickass action/battle sequences. These story arcs have been building up to where we expect some big action sequence to end them, but such hasn’t happened yet. Sure, it makes sense that the conflicts are resolved by who’s better at strategy and cyberwarfare or by Marika’s smart thinking, but we all expect a show about space pirates to have some real kickass space battles. Maybe the fault is really in our expectations. We expect the big laser blasting battles when what we get is probably more realistic.

    Whatever, I love this show and I love the thought that the makers put into it. And some of the visuals are just so great! Holographic computer screens, holographic envelopes for e-mail, some of the space & planetary & city scenes are just fantastic! I think this was the best anime of last season and am ecstatic that it’s just half over.

    • Foshizzel says:

      They are really setting something up with Ririka aren’t they? Either she is training to pilot a pirate ship! I would laugh if Marika had to go up against her mom in a future episode…oh…man!

      AGREED Chiaki? Where the hell are you? WE NEED YOU <3

      I had to laugh at Grunhilde, but I had flashbacks to Ika Musume and Yayoi from Smile Precure since she voices both characters and they act similar...even though Grunhilde is not a "hyper" girl.

      That 2% is probably right on the money. I think they are lacking at least one or two "action" filled episode as in a ship to ship battle! I want to see some of the other characters shine. Either that or less of the school life and more of Captain Marika shouting orders to the Bentenmaru crew.

      Same I don't think I could bring myself to ever drop this series because I still find it very entertaining, however on the other side I can see why most people would drop this series due to the slow pace.

      YES! we need more scenery porn and fantastic technology <3

  4. FirstImpulse says:

    **finishes laughing**
    Ah, these posts are awesome! ^^
    I haven’t watched an episode of this yet, mostly because it seems cheesy beyond comprehension… Is it worth a try?

    • Foshizzel says:

      Why thank you! This episode is pure slice of life, but quite fun if you enjoy Gruier and her sister Grunhilde <3

      • Dan-go says:

        It’s not cheesy or tryhard at all, you’d love it i imagine

  5. Rakuen says:

    I’m tempted to drop this just because of the asymmetrical neckerchief/ribbon/thing. It drove me bleeding crazy every time it was on screen. Not because I’m OCD like Death the Kid, but because it genuinely looks bad to me.

    I think this show’s misstep may very well have been navigating away from the Yacht Club. Yeah, I guess some people found them annoying. But while they were on their cruise, we had some actual tension. Now everything is kind of been given away on a silver platter.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ahahahha yeah Mami what were you thinking? Marika’s pirate uniform looked better before adding your special features…maybe Marika was trying to be nice to Mami? Those were some horrible colors.

      Hmmmm yeah I can see that with the Yacht Club, so maybe they should spend more time with that? I honestly don’t see why Marika is still apart of that club because she is a captain already? Then again I guess the club is a great cover for her right now.

      JUST GIVE US ONE BATTLE! That is all I really want right now…or am I looking into the wrong series for such things? I really hope they set up something great with Ririka’s future line of work.

  6. anaaga says:

    Gruier-”One day I will become queen of the moon!”

    But she IS the Queen of the Moon #geddit #SailorMoon

    • Foshizzel says:

      YEP! She just needs a talking black cat and some dude in a tuxedo chasing her around with a rose in his mouth xDDD maybe Kane can do this for her?

  7. Myssa Rei says:

    Aaaaaand this pretty much signals the end of the episodes based on the novels (1-3 if I remember right). Anime-original content, ho!

    While it doesn’t make much sense for the adaptation to go anime-original, with 4 more books to draw material from, do take note of the HISTORY behind the production: the anime was announced way back in 2009, and there were only a few books to its name.

    A few years and production delays later (this was supposed to have aired around the same time or after Madoka Magica), and it seems that the folk behind it stuck to the original decision, despite the fact that many other books have come out on it since then.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Oh wow! This is amazing information I had no idea this series was based of so many books! Damn I guess the rest should be brand new stuff huh?

      Right I remember seeing this anime on a list before around the time of Madoka and Kore wa zombie, but damn that is some long history.

      Guess once the series wraps up I have some reading to do.

      • Myssa Rei says:

        It makes me wonder whether the production staff had a meeting sometime after the 2011 tsunami with Sato that went something like this:

        “So, there are new books out. Should we use those for the second half?”

        “We’re sticking with what we decided. The animation is FREAKING FINISHED. Using the books will just add more work.”

        “So I guess that’s a no then.”

  8. BlackBriar says:

    This was a cool slice of life episode after all the action from the previous episodes.

    Marika gave Gruier a chocolate parfait? I bet Chiaki would be upset if she saw that. Marika remains as flawless of a character as ever, though I’m starting to see signs of some of her own ruminations and worries. There are scenes where she is pondering about her father, whom she has never met, and it seems the late father’s presence and reputation will forever loom over Marika’s shoulder.

    My favorite part of this was probably Ririka. She’s a really interesting mother for an anime: she stays in the background, as it’s obviously not her story, but she is not a mother who is there for the sake of having a mother here.

    • skylion says:

      Grunhild need a parfait; especially after the Hot Pudding Mustard Incident.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ahahah yeah Marika needs to give Grunhilde a chocolate parfait! Yessss in fact I want one right now D:

  9. Dan-go says:

    This is what mouretsu does right, the empty slice of life episodes with their air head captain. The attempts at delving into intergalactic politics was abit pathetic, over complex to the point of incomprehension. Also i’m so very keen to try that parfait now :3

    • Foshizzel says:

      Good point this was a great slice of life episode, but I suppose we do need a break from the pirate life here and there.

      Free parfaits for everyone! I wish…

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