Kore wa zombie OF THE DEAD – 04

Can anyone guess what mech Ayumu wants to win the SaiMecha Tourney!?

In between the other shows Tasogare and Sankarea, I keep forgetting that this is another show that’s themed around the fact that a character is dead. Comedy is distracting. So uh, yeah. I don’t have that much to say about this show other than “lol”; will this week change things…?
Another hilarious episode incoming! This series continues to make me laugh with every passing episode, but I think most of us are ready for the actual plot to finally arrive. Hopefully they get cracking on something for a storyline with Kyoko and maybe the return of the King of Night? Anyway let us find out what happens this week on Kore wa zombie…

Plot this week has Orito taking Ayumu to the famous tsundere café for a strange challenge.

Haruna-“SWEET MOTHER OF GOD! NOOOOOOOO!!”                       Ayumu-“WHAT HAVE WE DONE! HARUNA!?”

Starting off this week with Ayumu building a mode of a certain mecha from Full Metal Panic as in Sousuke’s ARX-7 Arbalest! Yeah big time reference right there, maybe the creators of Kore wa zombie loves Full Metal Panic? While building his model, Seraphim walks in and makes fun of him for having a strange hobby, but Haruna joins in the fun and accidently breaks the model… I guess you have to hide your awesome models from magical girls. The next day at school Ayumu talks about his broken model to his friend Orito, but he has no interests in such things and takes his friend out to a cosplay café in an attempt to cure his cross-dressing desires… Wait, Orito, if you cure that habit, who will save the world from evil?!

Orito-“It’s about time you put your cosplay talents to work.”               Ayumu-“Dude, we are going to make a killing here.”

So, what is the deal with this cosplay café? Orito skips the friendly maids and heads for the main room aka the tsundere café where the maids greet their masters in a strange way. As in GO HOME MASTER! Because you know all tsundere girls need to yell at you. And who owns this little café? None other than Saraswati who also hired Yuki and Seraphim as part-time workers… Hey, vampire ninjas have to make a living somehow in this crazy zombie world too. Even Anderson-kun spends his evening there, but I will talk more about him later… The service at the unique café is pretty much like sitting through any Rie Kugimiya anime with lots of mean comments; however, Orito seems to be completely immune to every insult the girls can dish out at him.

Ayumu-“This isn’t going to end well.”         Orito-“I GOT YOUR BACK, BRO!”          Sarawati-“And I got your…ass…”

Which go home master do you like more? Seraphim or Yuki’s?

Can you survive the massive plot development? Challenge accepted!

While hanging out together, Ayumu and Orito attempt their fate at a final mini game at the tsundere café with challenge of making the various tsundere maids fail and turn all dere dere on them, but they have to “defeat” roughly five of the best cosplayers in order to win. So first up is Yuki, which Ayumu quickly wins over after making her laugh and blush followed by Haruna, Seraphim, Yuu and finally a bonus round with the highest ranked tsundere at the café with Kanami Mihara. Orito on the other hand comes back just in time to pull out a victory for the guys as he confesses to being in love with Mihara and he quickly makes her go all dere-mode after she calls him an idiot.

Orito-“Whoa, there is a swimsuit cafe up here!”                 Ayumu-“Damn…I wish I got kicked instead bro.”

Seraphim uses nothing but 100% magical pony meat in all her special meals.

Ayumu-“Noooooo! My tsundere necromancer can’t possibly be this cute…”

Hooray the dudes defeated all the tsundere girls at last, after that hilarious event everyone returns home and Haruna gives Ayumu a replacement model for his ARX-7 Arbalest. Sadly, her version is more of a monster and less like a super cool mecha! The episode ends shortly afterwards with Ayumu crying over his failed new model kit.

Haruna-“You are so right, Yuu! This episode was tsundere-ific!”

Extra undead fun!

Seraphim-“Yo someone drop a beat so I can challenge Ayumu to a rap battle.”

Seraswati-“Buahahahah I have my target locked on two objects can you guess what they are?”

Yuki-“My plot is the most important for the greatest story of all time…I think…”

Haruna-“You can’t possibly defeat me! Wait is that cake I smell….damn…”

Do they all wear cute maid outfits while they judge the blogs?

Anderson-kun-“There can be only one super cool supernatural character in this series.”

End thoughts

This episode was just as plotless as the others, but I can’t deny that it was good. A maid cafe in a harem show? Normal. A tsundere cafe? AWESOME (also, best job ever). I was wondering how Ayumu was going to handle Seras (I was betting on seducing her with his body), but having him deal with that other girl from his class was even better. Or I guess it was Ortio who dealt with that. Do we have a possible sub-pairing?! I wasn’t expecting Orito to actually be of use there, but I guess every character gets a chance to shine. Another thing I wasn’t expecting was that Yuu is tsundere #2 in the cafe. How the hell does she qualify as tsundere? …I don’t really know how Ayumu won that battle either, but at this point, I don’t think it matters.

So, uh, I’m kind of disappointed that team Ayumu won. I was kind of wondering what Saras would do with his body (I’m sure it would have been hilarious). On the plus side, Seras’ abuse was actually fitting this episode. What is a tsundere without the tsun? It’s surprising that she even has a dere side, but it was nice to see that come out for once. If only she did that more often. Maybe the fan hate (or at least some of the hate on Meta (you know who you are)) would go away a bit. I don’t like her much either, but at least here she kind of broke out of her one dimensional character mode a bit. I doubt it will continue much, but it was nice while it lasted. Haruna’s dere was surprising as well, but she doesn’t insult Ayumu nearly as much as Seras.

I’m not so sure if a tsundere cafe is quite what Ayumu needed, but it’s good to know that Orito is trying to help Ayumu in his… own… way… Speaking of, so Anderson is from the underworld?! …I don’t even remember ever seeing him other than the last episode to be honest (BL leaves an impression). Is that why he acts like a gajin sometimes? They don’t bring up the underworld often, so this could be a great chance to get this anime back on track with the plot… Or at least make something other than one episode gimmicks happen. Though if they continue having episodes like this one, I don’t think I’ll mind the lack of plot as much as I have been.

Fufufu anyone else love the whole tsundere café? I know I sure did! And was it ever perfect for the likes of Seraphim, Saraswati and Haruna to insult people for money, but Yuu and Yuki felt really out of place to me…then again when Yuki had to say GO HOME MASTER, I was like omg hnnnnggg what are you doing to me!? I was not expecting to see Yuu hanging around at that café much less working there, but she was defeated really fast just like Yuki in the dere dere mini game. Was anyone else surprised to see that random girl from the class show up as the famous number five tsundere? I really was looking forward to seeing someone like maybe Chris-chan or even Dai-sensei pop as a fake tsundere for a bit…either way that café bit was hilarious.

I also noticed Orito’s personality did a complete 360! I mean in the last two episodes he was so down in the dumps and questioning his whole friendship with Ayumu, but hey I really like this version of Orito, as in the over the top pevert he really is. Now for the mysterious Anderson-kun who was quite open about a major plot point, he is basically from the supernatural world. So, wait a minute he knows Yuu? Anyone else thinking he might be the reincarnated king of night? That might be possible after all at the end of the first season she did agree to bring him back, but I was under the impression he wanted to become a penguin…who knows maybe he was brought back in young human form.

Damn this episode left me with so much to talk about, but again where is the plot? I guess we did get some interesting plot reveals with Anderson-kun. What else? Ah yes! The Full Metal Panic reference at the start of the episode; I wonder why they went with that series? I guess the creator is a fan I guess or Studio DEEN has their sights on doing another FMP series in the future? Anyway tsundere café was a huge hit for me and the special ending with Yuu killing all of her clones…wow…I watched that scene over and over again just to laugh at the expressions.


The death of a character never looked this cute.

Stay tuned for more adventures with our vampire ninjas, necromancers, magical girls and zombies next week.


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8 Responses to “Kore wa zombie OF THE DEAD – 04”

  1. Kyokai says:

    Plot? Who watches this for plot guyz~ They are going to pull another wtf happened with this character again I’m sure. I watch this for laughs, plot is pretty secondary. :3

    • BlackBriar says:

      LOL. I think they’re going to pull another “wtf happened” with or without a plot. This anime is basically pure randomness.

    • Foshizzel says:

      I LOVE THE PLOT! Damn…I liked that we finally learned more about Anderson-kun, but yeah this episode was mostly wtf random as far as the tsundere cafe goes.

  2. BlackBriar says:

    I know anime vampires have a history of breaking the rules of vampirism like having reflections, walking in daylight and such but Sera takes it to another level. The outfit she was wearing at the beginning of the episode was complete with a necklace that has a cross on it!! Since when have vampires become religious? Crosses are meant to repel vampires. Even Rosario + Vampire’s Moka uses a cross to seal her inner powers.

    A maid cosplay café and restaurant controlled by vampire ninjas. Damn, why couldn’t I be there?! This episode was great and I haven’t seen a decent and funny maid episode like this since Mayo Chiki! with Kanade ruling the scene. Orito is a top class masochist for enjoying the verbal abuse but he’s also oblivious. You’d think seeing a girl’s eyes glowing red or being kicked right to the ceiling with monstrous strength would alert a person to the possibility that the employees are not human. The big surprise to me was Sera’s dere dere side. I wasn’t ready for that. But her dominatrix outfit fits her perfectly.

    Props the creators for trying something new with the two intermissions during the episode, trying a little Japanese style French wordplay.

    Saraswati’s intermission:
    “Embrace-moi, je t’aime comme une folle”
    Kiss me, I love you like mad!

    Orito’s intermission:
    “Tout ce que fais ça fait battre mon cœur”
    Everything you do makes my heart go wild

    I think the plot is going to start moving in the next episode because if you make a comparison, the first season was pretty much following the same pattern and everything kicked up when Kyoko was revealed in the fifth episode. This could be the same result now that Anderson has revealed that he’s a being from the underworld. I loved the ending where Yuu snapped the necks of the imaginary Eucliwoods. I feel that Kyo is right about the plot being secondary.

  3. skylion says:

    Needs moar Haruna.

  4. Jrow says:

    I love when Desu ka? focuses on plot development! It’s such a great show when episodes like this come up.

    During the intro, I could only think, “Man, it’s been 7 years since Second Raid came out. Please animate another sequel to Full Metal Panic!”

    Anderson is an enigma to me. I still haven’t watched the OVA, so I him saying “I’m from the underworld” surprised me.

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