First Impressions – Upotte!!

These girls are aiming for your hearts with their moe bullets.

Moe gunporn?! What is this, an alternate heaven for otakus? I saw this for the LULZ and for the lack of better term, it was not so bad. Sometimes crazy concepts actually work so let’s see how this goes with my tag partner, Foshy~
So, when I first heard about this moe themed anime where the girls are actually guns, it sounded so off the wall and random I wasn’t really sure. But if I have learned anything through watching regular seasons; you can’t always judge anime by their plots… I mean take Bento! I loved that series even though it had a crazy story. So, can Upotte!! become a fun series like Bento? Or will it fail to lock on and keep us entertained?
Plot follows the mysterious Sensei entering a brand new school where the girls are actually guns!

Funko-“Are you girls ready for hours of gun play?” Ichiroku-“I don’t think I have any more rounds left in me.”

Starting this gun filled story, we follow things from the perspective of FNC aka Funko at a local festival where she helps two kids win some prizes, but she has some trouble with the booth owner being a student from the Seishou Academy where they train the students in marksmanship to become professional… assault rifles. Before she could continu arguing, a strange man walks up to the booth giving it his best shot (at least from stance), but he fails horribly! Way to fail at being smooth…Funko leaves but the guy calls out to her revealing that he is the new mysterious teacher at her school. Also, it seems, our silver haired girl finds herself attracted to this new teacher thanks to the laws of anime of course.

Boy-“Wow, you are so cool!” Girl-“One day I want to grow up to become a real tank!”

Funko stands for Fun and company! Let the adventures begin.

Funko dreams of being used over and over…to kill people, you sick bastards!

While Funko introduces herself to the new teacher, he gets an eyeful of her pantsu? Because she wears a t-back aka thong… Yeah, I know crazy, right? Funko runs off after showing him around. The next day she joins Ichiroku, Eru and Shigu at the schools shooting range where the new teacher learns that the girls at this special school are really guns! Not just any guns but various assalt rifles like a M16A4, L85FA1, SG550 and FNC… However, sensei calls Funko T-back thong and she proceeds to unload tons of bullets in his direction due to extreme embarrassment. This lands him in the hospital for a few days. I think this teacher is related to Touma from Index…such misfortune!

Teacher-“OH MY GOD, I LIVED!” Funko-“Not for long, you are standing in front of the land mine club.”

Guns don’t kill people, however moe girls with guns will kill you.

So what do the girls decide to do next!? They create a DVD where they talk about themselves so the teacher can learn more about his new students just to avoid any more incidents. However, the girls realize the whole movie idea ends up being a waste of time, but at least they had fun right? Shortly after filming their project, Funko spots the teacher and the two of them have a short chat; until he makes the comment about her getting colds due to wearing thong… And Funko shoots him to hell again. That is three strikes Mr. Mysterious teacher! However, Funko actually gets suspended for three days too for putting the teacher back in the hospital.

Choose your favorite weapons very carefully.

Please stand by, America is searching for weapons of mass destruction…

Funko-“I swear I only meant to aim for his ass…not his face.”

Extra gun porn

Funko-“I can’t dodge these feelings forever…”

Be careful, Funko, your face might stay that way forever.

Upotte!! has some deep plot for you to enjoy.


Eru-“We are going to make so much money of the DVD extras…”

End thoughts

I was ready for the weirdness so I actually enjoyed the gun jokes and the sensei getting his ass kicked. I mean, dude, supposedly you have an awesome stance for shooting but losing at a kid’s stand after you behave so MANRY to take it all? Though, I wanted to smack the shop owner to kingdom come because he was totally unfair. Every time someone actually shot the damn thing, he would change the rule and up it some notches. That is so not cool bro! Running a shop and not ready to deliver the goods when someone actually wins?! It’s like taking other people’s money for nothing. Yeah, I hate such people in general but these are found everywhere from the ground level to even the fortune 500 companies.

The girls’ designs were almost identical except for the hairstyle but still Funko sure leaves a mark on you with her cute voices and hmphs! I mean her =3= face is so KAWAIIIII. Of course, it’s a bit weird that she fell for the teacher instantly but well, this is anime and a short OVA at that so I’ll not bat an eyelash. The thing that killed me are her jokes involved with the pipes getting jammed (the checkup at nurse’s office) to how she was just about to blow her hammer… Yeah, really fine there, Xebec with your female anatomy jokes. Though, at least there were no details about maintenance or else I would be facepalming forever.

Story-wise nothing really happened except for the sensei getting hit twice in a row like the perverted scum he has been.  I mean, seriously man, joke about the pantsu about your students? What kind of a lecher teacher are you? I don’t blame Funko to go overboard though she did too much. Where else will you find students firing at their teachers? I think her boyfriend has a slow and painful death written somewhere because controlling her anger would be so tough. Also, let’s not forget Fujiko-sensei, who was pretty entertaining in planting vegetables in flowerbed… She sure likes eating everything. Anyways, overall, not a bad watch and because it was short, you can always check it out for fun.

For a series with another insane plotline, I actually had a lot of fun with the first episode of Upotte!! Even though I felt like I was pretty much watching a rehashed version of Softenni with assault rifles instead of tennis rackets. That said, this series is made by Xebec, which produced Softenni, toloveru and even Rinne no Lagrange and several other ecchi themed anime, but with any season of anime I think most fans have their own guilty pleasure list of things we watch even if the plot is lame. Anyway I really enjoyed watching this and it wasn’t even filled with any real fan service besides the breast grope scene with Ichiroku and Ero.

Speaking of Ichiroku for a moment, I think she is my favorite character. Yes, I know you are probably like duh Fosh because she is from America. I can’t really lie that is one of many selling points… I think she is from Florida because of that orange in her hair, but anyway she seems to be the hyperactive girl of the bunch and did you notice how super friendly she is towards the other girls? I guess they are saying America loves to be hands on with other counties? Wait they also might be poking fun at Americans? We clean up, but we are easily distracted! Then again this is Xebec here and I don’t think they are saying much through a character like Ichiroku.

Besides that, I freaking loved Funko! I guess it helps she is voiced by Iori Nomizu, who also voices Haruna from Kore wa zombie desu ka? And my favorite angeloid Nymph from Sora no Otoshimono, but yeah she really sounded quite cute as Funko. So, the girls are guns theme…just what does that mean exactly? Are they able to transform into actual guns? And are the other students the same or just the main characters? I wonder if they have any characters themed other types of guns. I know the main girls are based around assault rifles so what about explosives like c4 and grenades or rocket launchers…oh my god I want to see that character I can just picture some overweight guy; you know slow but he packs a mean punch.


Some students take their homework very serious…

More adventures of moe girls with guns who do cute things in school.


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22 Responses to “First Impressions – Upotte!!”

  1. lvlln says:

    For better or worse (but mostly better) this was exactly what I expected. Sort of a cross between Gunslinger Girl and Strike Witches, done in Xebec’s trademark art style. I’m not terribly knowledgeable about guns, but I do love seeing real guns depicted accurately. The gun part – human anatomy connection seems like a good source for more perverted jokes in the future, which I’m looking forward to. I just hope there will be more actual gun shooting and fangirling over the proper pose and technique in the future, because that was my favorite part.

    • Foshizzel says:

      I never saw much of Gunslinger Girl, but I watched the hell out of both seasons of Stike Witches and you are right on with the combination of shows. Yeah I share in the lack of knowing much about guns! Especially assault rifles yeah the whole gun antomy+girls made me laugh and facepalm at the same time.

      Right! Xebec character designs and style are very trademark indeed and it kept making me think of Softenni and To-love-ru! So they have my attention because I loved those series.

      Yep! The fangirling over the pose was hilarious and I hope we get even more with the next few episodes.

  2. Ghostalker says:

    I actually like the premier episode and are looking forward for future developments.

    This is also my first xebec series for a long time now.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah this was great!

      Oh? Your first time with Xebec huh? Nice! If you liked this series you might enjoy the other shows, well maybe they have plenty of meh anime series out there.

  3. BlackBriar says:

    Perfect. Now I have to be afraid of moe girls that are possibly carrying all kinds of weaponry. Now why does this make me think of gun porn? Kyokai, I have you to thank for that since I remembered one of your Fate/Zero posts where you put Kiritsugu and gun porn together. Nice. LOL. I enjoyed this episode – lots of innuendo, word play and good jokes. But if I decide to continue, it’ll be for the girls and guns. The main guy feels very generic to me. FNC being turned on by a guy holding a gun. What a laugh!!!

    I gotta know: Are all German characters in anime obligated to wear eye patches? They did it to Laura in Infinite Stratos and now that teacher Fujiko. If school like this actually existed, I wouldn’t even begin to imagine how many students would want to attend.

    In my opinion, this show is very self-aware and characterization wasn’t being taken seriously but I got a few laughs thanks to the goofiness.

    • Foshizzel says:

      trolololol gun porn! Thanks Kyo now I can’t look at these girls the same…just kidding! Xebec is the master at ecchi well ok maybe not the masters more like good enough? FNC is the best I swear she has one overactive imagination just like a certain lead character in Softenni? OH YES <3

      I have no idea...Asuka does wear an eyepatch in the brand new third Evangelion movie! So maybe there is a trend > German anime girl > Eyepatch = HNGGGGG!!!

      I laughed and facepalmed, but I laughed way to much ahahah

  4. skylion says:

    I’m liking the character design of this show; girls got some back (-up ammo clips).

    I’m glad to see they can keep to some time honoured traditons of ecchi humour. Like the standard “I’m on yer back, groping yer boobies” is as standard as the American M16 model assault rifle.

    Never would have guessed FNC rifle stock would be seen as a pair of T-Backs. I guess she has to be the butt of the joke.

    What is this I’m watching? Girls are guns, training to be the best guns ever?

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yep! Design wise I liked the characters ( lololol )

      America! I loved that character, but ya DAT BOOB GRAB! What does it say about America? Yuri all the way I guess??

      LOLOOOL Dat ass

      Yeah that pretty much sums up Upotte!! Training to become the best guns ever? Sounds insane.

  5. Amutofan123 says:

    I… didn’t like it. xD Honestly, I could barely get through the episode. Meh, it’s just not my thing. But HNNNNG Funko was so cute. Especially her pouty face~

  6. akagami says:

    This kind of reminded me of a mix between Hetalia: Axis Powers and Strike Witches. The part about the girls being guns was odd at first, but by the end of the episode it was tolerable. Weird, but tolerable.

    For a while I thought they were going to keep the teacher’s face hidden like Junichiro Takagi (the president) from [email protected], so when they showed his face during the smoking break scene, it was a bit anti-climatic.

    I’ll probably follow this for some silly fun. My spring show list is pretty sparse, which maybe means I can trim down my manga/anime backlog (and I’m finished ME3, and yes, the fan backlash is accurate, the ending sucked for a rpg).

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah Moe girl version of Hetalia! And strike witches indeed. Yeah the idea of the girls being guns was a bit out there, but it made for something funny.

      LOL! That would have made things even more random and yeah just like the pres from [email protected]

      Right! I don’t think anyone in their right mind should ever take Upotte! For anything other than mindless entertainment, or maybe this is for the crazy gun fans that need a dose of moe girls? Yesssss….

  7. Illogicalzen says:

    Any series with this much innuendo and tongue-in-cheek humor is worth watching in my book. The idea of the girls being guns is incredibly outlandish, and may put people off this show unfortunately.

    I have absolutely no knowledge of guns, and probably never will, but its great seeing weird gun jokes mixed with sexual innuendo, along with poking fun at different countries at the same time.

    It’s stupid, its brainless, and I am looking forward to seeing where this madness that is girls who are guns, firing guns (or perhaps themselves?) takes us.

    • Foshizzel says:

      The idea is pure crazy, but it makes for some hilarious gun themed jokes like the whole spring thing? Wow I died laughing with the nurse scene…true most people have skipped this first episode and will probably never watch it.

      Yeah I share in that as well and they did pull off those gun related jokes quite well.

      YEP! I have to see what happens in this odd ball series.

  8. Moni Chan says:

    omg my friend told me about this anime. I need to watch it it sounds so funny

  9. The_Magus_Killer says:

    FNC – the weapon of choice for tsundere girls.

    Girls who are actually guns who fire guns. So they shoot themselves off. A metaphor for getting off. I’m sold.

    *Looks at my Calico M950, Thompson Contender, and my Walther WA200 Sniper Rifle. What would these guns look like if they were girls? XD*

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yep! Pretty much the most tundere gun so far…

      LOLOLOL > So they shoot themselves off. A metaphor for getting off. < Impressive! Hmmmm yeah that does make you think huh? Every time we see a gun in the real world or anime world we will always think...what would that gun look like as a girl??! Oh Japan! We love your creative minds xDDD

    • skylion says:

      I can only marvel in fascination and perhaps massive hnnnnnnnnng if they develop the .50 Calibre Hand Cannon the Smith and Wesson 500 into a moe girl. They should totally go for surprise and make her Taiga Aisaka size!

  10. HannoX says:

    Man, those middle school girls have SHORT skirts! Must be because their “mechanisms” are air cooled.

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