First Impressions – Sengoku Collection

Your favorite Sengoku Era heroes, MOE-fied!

Sooooo what is this series going to even be about? For some reason I keep thinking it is going to be a collection of short “sengoku” themed clips, but that would be just silly…anyway I have only seen cover artwork for this series and nothing more so I should be in for a treat. What about you Jrow? Does the name of the series give you any flashbacks to when you reviewed Sengoku Otome?! Hopefully Collection is entertaining.
Yup Fosh, it brings me back to Spring 2011 when I blogged Sengoku Otome. Almost exactly one year later, another Sengoku series with girls is out. This time, the popular Brains Base studio is handling production and the girls are much more moe than Otome’s ever were. Moe warriors, FIGHT-O!

Nobunaga was so close to uniting all of Japan! She falls presumedly to her death only to realize that she’s somewhere completely different. She lands directly into Oota’s stomach and the guy has to take her around, showing her how we do in 2012. She prevents a crime at the video store, takes a bath and eats food, they go out and find a cola can, it’s fantas— who am I kidding…

Time-travelling Human Missle Attack!

Such a strong warrior in her own time, but can’t even win a modern-era food fight.

Oda’s deadliest move, her Telekinesis Nut-Breaker.

Everybody Hates Oota

With those teeth, I’m betting her bite is much worse than her bark.

Nobunaga notices a nearby shrine and prays to return to her own timeline. A fox, a rabbit and a cat walk into a bar overhear that she might burn the shrine down, so they aim to fulfill her wish, but with a catch. She must find the Secret Treasures, which are within the hearts of other warriors that have appeared in the current timeline. How did Oda and the others get here?

Want to make a wish come true? Just threaten to burn their place down!

Extra Moe Panning Images (Click images for full-size)

Take Sengoku Otome, make it overly Moe, reverse the time-jumping to a modern setting, and out comes Sengoku Collection. Sengoku Era & Three Kingdoms certainly seem like a genre of their own these many years and maybe a number of people actively avoid it. In addition to that, some might be wondering what the heck Brains Base is doing animating some moe sengoku junk food anime. (sentence deleted to avoid reader rage) I’m all cool with it as long as the overall production meets the standards that I expect of them. That isn’t fully the case with Collection’s premiere episode. The consistency and the backgrounds are the weakest spots save the ending scene with the Mikos, but I did enjoy the very bright colors and the moe character designs by Katsunori Shibata, whose only character design credit is this show. Oda Nobunaga is very cute and shows off quite a bit of skin and boobage, and I do like all the other girls from the credits and their designs and outfits. To answer Fosh’s question, yes to fanservice, which in episode 1 was nice. There likely won’t be added extras on the BDs, but it’s a nice little moe tease. I do want to see more of Date. :3

The first episode is simply a boy-meets-girl introduction in which girl gets naked, boy gets scared, boy shows her around town blah blah; the cliches just keep on coming in this episode all the way down to the big fetch quest for Oda to return to her timeline. I did kind of laugh at the idea of the Mikos getting scared enough to grant Oda’s wish, but though it can be labeled as typical run-of-the-mill moe/comedy/ecchi/action stuff, there’s a charm about this show that I like. I won’t keep up with blogging, but I’ll be looking forward to this each Thursday. Hanazawa will be in this (surprise surprise) and Noto Mamiko will play Tenshin later on.

This is anime junk food, and even if it’s bad, every season I seek out series like this one. We got Apollon coming up and Eureka 7 AO, Tsuritama and even other comedies like Kore wa Zombie 2; lots of great animes that look to have very interesting plots and developments. There’s not anything in Sengoku Collection in terms of story that’s exciting and worth addressing, the art isn’t the most sensational we’ll see this season, but bright colors and moe girls are doing the trick for me.

Whoa what in the world did I just watch? I can’t really tell what was going on for the first few minutes, but it was refreshing to have the girl from the warring states era going into the modern world. Usually that theme is in reverse as in modern character is sent to an alternate world like in Sengoku Otome! And the generals have different personalities and are obviously all chicks…yeah I guess that is pretty much Otome set in modern Japan! As old as that theme can be I liked watching this first episode.

Now for the dull moments if this first episode…starting off with the derpy character designs! Some of them look great and a few characters have similar eye designs from Lucky Star or some other generic moe-ifed series. Even the backgrounds looked horrible…maybe should have toned down the colors a bit? However our main lead Oda Nobunaga is our usual fan service character, but can we count that as fan service? I mean they didn’t exactly blind us with sunbeams or show any pantsu shots yet! Wait does Oda even were such things?!

Enough bad there were some fun moments with Oda interacting with the that random guy that she practically crashed into him, but I thought it was nice that he took a complete stranger back to his house! Then again Oda looks very cute so I can’t blame him too much. Watching her run around looking at things made me laugh, but she did act a lot like Merry from Yumekui Merry as in super curious about the world around her. I will have to give this series a few more episodes just to see where things are going and now we know this is going to be a basic “collection” themed anime…at least the Kana Hanazawa fans will be pleased with her character staring in the second episode as Ieyasu.

Episode 2 Preview:

Ieyasu? Basara fans are dying right now.


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22 Responses to “First Impressions – Sengoku Collection”

  1. skylion says:

    I enjoyed this show, moe junk food aside. I felt a brief pang in my heart for the male lead when Oda left him. He didn’t fully appreciate her when she was around, and she is clueless to the effect she had on him. And I like the metaphor of the cola bottle. A diamond to one, junk to the other…then it became a diamond again. Simple, easy storytelling that can lead with empathy.

    Or maybe I’m just a bit of a softy.

    Looking forward to moe.

    • Foshizzel says:

      I KNOW! Poor main character-kun, but I have a feeling we might see him again! Well I can hope at least T____T

      I liked how Oda found our modern world just like Merry! So curious about everything, no way! It was good stuff.


  2. BlackBriar says:

    Whoa, what in the world did I just watch? I almost got a fatal overdose of moe in one sitting. I enjoyed this a lot more than the first episode of Medaka Box despite the arrogant tsundere female lead. I couldn’t believe it, the animation was even derpier than Phi Brain but it could be a good thing to support all the the fluffiness of the anime.

    Oda is totally brutal. Even though he was holding the store up, I felt sorry for the guy who got a dreadful punishment.

    The good point is that it might have a solid story to keep everything together and chances of fights between the others who have been sent to the other world as well. What could be a fatal flaw is the male lead Oota who seems to have no spirit what-so-ever. Moreover, he barely showed any genuine emotion to his situation. His reactions were mostly flat. I’ll continue this to see the rest of the ladies coming along the way, especially seeing those last three pictures. Kana Hanazawa is in the next episode? Sweet!!!

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ahahahha it is hard to believe a genderbent Sengoku anime can actually pull of moe themes, oh? I don’t know about Medaka box but I liked that first episode..then again I am a sucker for action xD

      I want to see the “action” in this series I just hope it isn’t full on cute girls doing cute things for the “collection”

      YES! Hanazawa lives <3

  3. Moe! Moe! Moe! Mo Moe!

    This is what I call light enjoyment. It’s definitely not like a Guinness Stout. More like a strawberry margarita. Same as Medaka Box. Light and fruity.

    • skylion says:

      I drink Guinness on a daily basis, it goes down like sweet sweet water to me now. If this show is anything it is my famous Malibu Barbie Martini.

      Mix equal parts Premium Vodka with Malibu Coconut Rum. Add pineapple and grapefruit juices, and a small measure of grenadine. All this goes in a shaker full of ice. Shake it like you should never ever ever shake a baby. Frothy is what we are going for. Pour into a chilled margarita glass that has a sugared rim. Garnish with whatever fruit you see fit.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Very Moe indeed.

      Now I am hungry xD

  4. tatsuya says:

    o(^^o)(o^^)o — oh can’t wait to watch it ~~by the ,is anyone noticed the drawing look similar like Shinryaku! Ika Musume ~~ (*≧▽≦)

  5. Croos says:

    If only ZnTF had this episode.

    • Foshizzel says:


      • akagami says:

        He’s referring to Zero no Tsukaima: Futatsuki no Kishi

        But I’m at a loss on how this show even relates to ZnT.

    • lvlln says:

      I was thinking while watching this, “This is like reverse Zero no Tsukaima, except the boy is still the dog.” Of course, Zero no Tsukaima is hardly unique in the whole world-jumping thing, but still, that master-servant relationship reminded me a lot of it.

  6. Rakuen says:

    Wow, Date Masamune is pretty…

    Wait, what am I saying? Dammit, Japan!

  7. akagami says:

    I wasn’t going to watch this, but one of the blogs I follow was, so I decided to check it out. I have to agree with you Jrow, nothing exceptional here, but it has a certain charm to it. I’ll probably follow it as something-fun-to-watch. Light, empty calories, but heck with it =P

    I like Oota’s logic however – I haven’t had a gf in a while…. hey! random moe girl falling from the sky! Rebound chance! I-I-If y-you w-want to stay h-here f-forever, I’m o-ok with i-it. ><

    • Foshizzel says:

      Same here I wasn’t going to originally watch this because Sengoku Otome was fun for me, but I really did not want to relive that again.

      Yeah I will watch it because I found this season to be somewhat weaker than winter, but that is probably due to the lack of giant robots kicking ass.

      Ahaha yeah! Only in anime will you get a GF that practically falls out of the sky…

    • Jrow says:

      Oh Oota. If only you’d a played it cooler when she was getting naked in your home.
      “In our culture, all women must bathe with a man. Here, let me help you wash your back.”

  8. lvlln says:

    This 1st episode was more enjoyable than I expected, but I don’t think I’ll stick with it. Too many shows this season, and I’ve promised myself that I’d cut down. Based on the character design, I had hoped that the boy wouldn’t be yet another spineless male lead, but unfortunately my hopes had been misplaced.

    Perhaps this would be more enjoyable to someone who is well versed in Japanese history.

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