First Impression – Kimi to Boku 2

Now with more cats and bromance for your viewing pleasure~!

Hooray! The return of Kimi To Boku has finally arrived and I have no idea why I enjoyed the first season, but I am actually quite happy that I gave it a shot…anyway season two is here at last to entertain us and make us laugh so please enjoy this first impression here on Metanorn.
UFF UFF THIS! KIMI TO BOKU IS BACK! Moar shipping for me! Seriously, this anime is probably the joy of this season. It’s so much fun seeing the five of them interacts with each other. Their pointless conversations sound sooo cute and adorable. I’m so happy I can get to write about this on its First Impression! Thankies Hoshi~ Now, let’s see the awesomeness of this manly friendship!
After a long day of working and partying, what  is the awesome way to relax? Why, watching Kimi to Boku continuation of course! I mean, moe boys doing cute things. DAWWWW~ So, I had to join in with my tag team buddies for this fun ride. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
I’M SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW I DON’T HAVE PROPER WORDS TO EXPRESS THIS EXTREME HAPPINESS EXCEPT FOR THIS EMOTICON (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧. Kimi to Boku is BACK and what a glorious return it looks to be! Time to see what’s possibly in store for this new season~!

The Kimi to Boku boys begin their glorious comeback with what Kaname calls a very pointless conversation about tangerines outside in the cold. With Shun having a lot of tangerines leftover from his family, the gang decides to give some to Kaname’s mother as thanks for taking care of them. They end up staying over for dinner at Kaname’s house, which then leads to a spontaneous sleepover.

The first sleepover event consists of the boys deciding through rock, paper, scissors on who gets to take a bath first. Shun wins the first round while the others wait, leading to a conversation about whether Shun has ever gotten seriously mad. Yuta suddenly does an impression of him when Yuki and Kaname start fighting and soon Chizuhara and Yuki try to imitate Shun’s cute, high-pitched voice as well. Kaname finally joins in (with the BEST impression) just as Shun comes out of the bath, giving him the wrong impression that he has a cutesy side. Following Shun are the twins, who are forced to awkwardly bath together, Kaname, who catches Chizuhara and Yuki peeking, and finally Chizuhara, who’s flattened hair has everyone confused.

Determined not to sleep just yet, the boys find Kaname’s telescope and star-gaze, telling stories behind certain constellations. Kaname even spills the beans on the fact he likes someone older than him, which his mother manages to find out as well through eavesdropping. They finally try to get some sleep after the fiasco, but Chizura keeps them all awake by asking what they were like as kids. The boys go off about Yuuta being popular with the ladies (they even mention Takahashi from last season!), Yuuta being nice (with beautiful, kind words said by Yuki), and a school choir concert. However, poor Shun’s stomach growls, and the boys conclude the talk, and the episode, by heading off to a convenience store at one ‘o clock in the morning~.

And because Hoshi just cannot contain herself!~

Can’t beat Kimi to Boku’s classic watercolor shots!

For some reason there are a lot of cute Shun-Chizuhara moments. TRYING HARD NOT TO MAKE THIS AN OTP…

Everyone’s best expressions~

DAMN, someone sure is a bishie with his glasses and shirt off. I’d want to take a peek too.


Wow what a fantastic first episode for the new season of Kimi to boku! I am seriously thankful Chizuru is around to make everything so lively because without him around I honestly do not think I could continue watching this…there is something about that guy that keeps me grinning. I think he just reminds me of myself in terms of always cracking jokes or making random comments? I know I have said this before, but Chizuru always makes me think of Kyoko from Yuru Yuri due to them sharing looks and crazy personalities…I swear they are related somehow, but I know that can only happen inside my mind.

So back to the actual episode! Nothing really new happened in terms of the other cast Yuuki and Yuuta were their usual selves, but it was interesting to learn that one of them had a girlfriend in elementary school. I really hope we continue seeing this trend here with the guys talking about their experiences in elementary school and maybe some about middle school? I mean the kindergarten stories are nice and all but they did drone on over and over again with season one! So this is a refreshing change for now, but you have to wonder how Chizuru really feels when the others talk about their past together; Personally I wouldn’t care if that happened to me, but I would feel left out of the loop and possibly annoyed. I have a feeling sooner or later Chizuru might snap and probably have some sort of breakdown related to those old stories or am I thinking to hard here? I know Shun feels bad about that subject with the others.

And now for the hilarious scenes; like the return of Kaname’s mother? OH MY GOD! That character is so damn funny, but yeah I know most people out there are probably like NO! That woman is just too creepy because she is always trying to get closer to her son and his friends, but I think she just ends up reminding me of Meme from Denpa Onna…only less uh sexual? Anyway that was great and the whole seen where Yuuki, Yuuta, Chizuru and Kaname tried to impersonate Shun’s unique way of talking, but whenever Shun walked in and Kaname stared back wow I couldn’t stop laughing…overall I am so happy to see these guys back this season! I think everyone should watch this first episode if you are in need of a few laughs you will be surprised.

Gah, this episode was so deep. The first episode bought out some important friendship issues, and it was doing a great job at bringing it out in-between the gags. First is the guilty feeling Shu has for Chizuru. I am pretty sure that this is something common that most people have gone through.  It doesn’t have to be involved with the past like Shu’s. Chizuru’s response was surprising though. “I don’t mind” sounds simple, but it’s not. It holds something deep. Chizuru literally doesn’t mind, and somehow it’s pretty obvious, based on that personality of his. And yet Shu still thought about that. In other words, Shu was thinking too much. He’s too sensitive about others to the point where everything seems complex to him, and that makes him somehow forgets things. Why would Chizuru ask for their childhood stories if he feels saddened by it? He’s not the type who would inflict mental wound on himself. This is the same with us in real life. Sometimes we just think too much. So maybe it’s time for us to sit down, relax, and not to think about complicated stuff.

The second issue is the so-called “backstabbing,” that scene where the four of them talk about the one who’s using his turn to take a bath. At first, I was baffled at that scene. How could they do that? Why would you talk about your friend when he’s not there?  But then I realized that the “victim” won’t even mind if he finds out. Heck, all of them (except Shu) know that each one of them will have their own turn to be “gossiped.” But they still don’t mind. Once more it seems that us in real world think  too much. Or maybe that’s just how pure their friendship is.

Sometimes I’m jealous at their relationship. Even though they “fight” with each other, it’s pretty obvious that they have a good relationship with each other (even with the “newbie” Chizuru). I would pause in the middle of the episode and think, “Why can’t real life friendship be this good?” But maybe that’s what makes this anime enjoyable. And who knows, maybe this anime can help some of us when we’re in some friendship trouble, hehe.

The Kawaiii boys are baaaaaaaack and I can DAWW in happiness. I mean, look at them; just LOOK at them. Don’t you want to take Shun home, glomp the hell out of Chizuru and just huggle the twins? Even Kanamechi has his megane-charm. This is the kind of slice of life that I can actually take. I guess we girls dig moe bishes then? Try to sue us; we don’t care~ I actually like the random cats now (so much better than Another’s random dolls >.>) and some of them were pretty cute this episode (the twins’ eye ditty was hilarious). I still have to like the OP/ED but they are growing on me the more I listen.

This episode just tells me how much I missed having a silly smile on my face while watching this series. This is no way funny like Nichibros because in that term, you literally laugh out loud at more instances. It’s not like you can’t LOL in this case but depends on the situation of how much invested you are in a certain scene. I mean, who hasn’t talked till the wee hours of night during a sleepover? It’s like one of those unsaid rules that happens when you are hanging out with friends who you are close to. So, this episode literally fits well to where season one ended, making it seem like no time passed in between.

Nothing really big happened as usual but we found out more about how the boys were when they were kids. These boys are so pure that they didn’t even think to use it to spy on what their neighbours were up to. Yuuta calling Shun manly made me PFFFT so hard. There are so many vibes there that I don’t even want to discuss for the fear of fangirliness taking over. Seeing Chizuru without his usual hairdo was not unsettling but his moe-puffed up lips always make me giggle. I used to joke about the fact that this is K-On! for girls and though I would never understand why guys like it, I understand it now why girls like Kimi to Boku. Are real boys like this though? A big NO. Prove me wrong boys, I think Nichibros has it down pat. Though, whatever the RL situation is, this is a cute series to get into and smile over. Don’t miss the moe bishies!

SHUN, THAT COLLAR SHIRT/VEST COMBO, JUST–*cough* A-Anyway, what a way to start the season with a sleepover! The whole staying-up-late-talking-about-childhood-memories is so precious I could cry. THOSE SHUN IMPRESSIONS THOUGH! I was trying so hard not to laugh in front of my aunt, who was visiting at the time, but when Kaname did his, I completely lost it. It definitely is my favorite scene of the entire episode. Speaking of Kaname, DAMN, when did he become so bishie?! Have I been blinded this whole time? He looked…pretty damn good without his glasses and his shirt. I was quite surprised. Anyway, I truly do think that this first episode was a perfect set-up for the second season with those tiny hints, such as the dramatic, difficult love stories of the constellations, towards what’s to come. I also liked the tiny jokes at the show itself with Kaname pointing out their pointless conversations, which I would have to say is one of the charms of this show: pointless conversations that are executed wonderfully to make me oh so entertained.

My one, and possibly only, problem with this first episode was that the animation looked a little…ditzy. I wasn’t as satisfied with it as I had been last season. Then again, I did just come back from watching Black Rock Shooter, so maybe my eyes are just still adjusted to that CG animation? Anyway, I can’t believe it’s actually going to be set in winter, my favorite season! This means winter clothes, which means I will be flailing over every cute little winter outfit and jacket they wear (I have this strange attraction to winter clothes). Concerning the new OP and ED, the songs are absolute love! Their chill, mellow tone perfectly fits the winter setting this season. My favorite though is the ED, especially with that wonderful fanservice-y animation that really set my fangirl heart ABLAZE.

What I’m hoping for the most this season is that they’ll get into to the side characters a bit more. From the opening it seems that they will as the animation ended up showing more of the other characters of Kimi to Boku than the five main characters, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I’m a character lover and always demand more info on side characters, no matter how little they appear in the show. As for new characters, I doubt they’ll add anymore (or for my case I hope not), but that’s all right. I’m also hoping that they’ll get more in-depth to the boys’ love lives, which I mentioned in the Spring preview. It’d be so great if they went back to all the relationships last season and continued with them so we can get a more proper conclusion. More importantly, I want to see some serious development between the whole Chizuhara-Masaki-Shun triangle! Luckily, I just might get my wish with next week’s episode, heehee. Overall, a very pleasing episode that brings back all that I love about Kimi to Boku, and possibly much more~.


Next episode will follow back on track with the Masaki-Chizuhara-Shun love triangle, which possibly means more sweet moments between Chizuhara and Masaki. Plus, it’s Christmas time! Will cute Christmas present giving ensue?! THEY BETTER We shall see! Until next week then~!!


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8 Responses to “First Impression – Kimi to Boku 2”

  1. xochandaox says:

    YESS! More Bromance~ <3

  2. zooey says:

    Finally they’re back…….

    Just love the tag “pretty boys doing cute things” it’s just the perfect tag for this anime.

    • Hoshi says:

      ~It feels like forever since I’ve seen them ;~; So glad they’re back!

      Another appropriate tag: Kaiwaii boys doing kaiwaii things xD

  3. Moni Chan says:

    and the extreme moe bromance continues …

    thank u Jesus

    • Hoshi says:

      ~So much moe it deserves the over-abuse of this emoticon (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


  4. berrish17 says:

    yesssssssssssssss!!!its back Kimi to Boku <3
    love the new opening too!!
    it was funny when everyone was mimicing Shun =]
    theyre such dorks but we all love 'em.lmao

  5. starburst says:

    This episode was such good quality slice of life. One of the indications is that the episode kept everyone entertained with just pure dialogue. The constant back and forths had balance and contrast.
    Seeing how they’re diving right back into the relationships side in the second episode, this is going to be an AWESOME SEASON.

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