Eureka Seven AO – 02

Are you searching for that mecha service? Keep your eyes open this week!

Wooooooo hooooo! Episode two of Eureka Seven AO is finally here and that means one thing, giant robots fighting monsters to saaaveeee the world from danger… So, how does Ao handle being a mecha pilot? I guess you have to stick around and find out for yourself. For this special post, I got together with my good buddy Jrow to chat about this recent episode of AO, and you don’t have to worry about it turning into a two hour recording as we didn’t spend too much time discussing the episode. So, enjoy our new experimental style of reviewing, which you can listen to at the bottom of the post.Plot this week follows Ao piloting the newly awakened Nirvosh to defeat the G monster.

Gazelle and Ao practice some meditation skills during the monster attack…I think or they fell asleep?

When we last left off Ao was dealing with Gazelle who wanted to steal his magical glowing bracelet, but we get right into things with Gazelle helping Ao escape the chaos thanks to the G monster wrecking the island. With Ao on board, Gazelle and his friends rush to the aircraft carrier to have Ao use his magical bracelet to activate the Nirvosh, but on the way there the military tries to shoot them down until they get blown apart by the rampaging G monster. Thankfully Ao was able to escape from the flying car to successfully jump inside the sleeping Nirvosh, but something strange happens and his hair changes colors to a familiar Eureka turquoise color and a message saying welcome back home. Eureka…which triggers the FLASHBACK attack with Eureka dying her hair black to cover up her green hair with a tiny Ao watching.

Gazelle-“What is it man? Can’t you see I am driving here!?”                Ao-“Maybe he wants to pull over for a snack?”

Tsundere Turren-chan-“It’s not like I want to blow you up or anything…Bakaa…”

Gazelle, Ao & random dude-“OH MY GOD THAT WAS SO DAMN MOE!!!”

I had no idea flying cars in the future double as extreme boats.

While Ao turns himself into a green haired super pilot, Naru on the other hand isn’t doing so good as Ao’s grandpa saves her family from danger. While he drives their family to safety, he manages to see the Nirvosh flying past him triggering the second important flashback of the old Nirvosh’s design. Ao in the meantime fights the G monster and shortly afterwards, Generation bleu arrives to assist him, which turns into the two girls watching him transform the Nirvosh from normal jet mode into GIANT SURFING ROBOT MODE!

Ao awakens za beast mode and shows off some impressive surfing skills.

Grandpa-“Damn kids of today and their super flying robots!”

After Ao beats the G monster and saves the island, he wakes up to find the locals are hunting for a boy with turquoise hair just like someone else, who used to live there. Not only are the locals after him, but Generation Bleu is also looking for him… That and how he managed to transform the Nirvosh along with other questions. So what does Ao do? Sadly he is forced to run away until Naru finds him and offers some much needed comfort, giving us all kinds of good feelings. After that he decides to show Naru his giant robot ending the episode.

G monster-“Excuse me sir, may I have a hand?”               Nirvosh-“Sure buddy! HEY! NOT COOL YO!”

Ao-“How dare you scratch my new ride, you damned G monster!”

HA, someone just got owned! Eureka Seven Ao style.

Naru-“So, I have to ride on your lap?”                Ao-“Oh I have no issues with that…er I mean dang it!”

Extra mechanical fun

Gazelle’s Karate chops can break windows and instantly blow up mechs.

Elena-“Bitch, you look like Megaman.”               Fleur-“At least I don’t have a Kyuubey helmet!”

Beware, piloting mechs may cause you to puke…

Saber became a mecha pilot in the future.

End thoughts

I only have one word to describe my feelings for the episode: FANTASTIC! I really loved this episode because the previous one was building up to an eventful battle against the G monster. I guess throughout the many years of watching mecha themed anime, I have always loved the all-important episode when the main character jumps into the cockpit of a giant robot; or in the case of Gundam “magically falling into” the cockpit. In Eureka Seven Ao, our main character sort of did a bit of both. Ao was literary thrown into the role of main pilot of the Nirvosh thanks to Gazelle’s driving skills and the attack from the G monster. So what kind of pilot will Ao turn out to be? Honestly it is quite early to say if he will enjoy it or come to hate it. However, with his first time, I think he will be perfectly fine for now; of course we will get plenty of draaamaaaa in the future.

What else is going on? Oh right the amazing OST so far! There is a point in this episode where the Nirvosh is on top of the Scub Coral preparing to fight the G monster, and then suddenly the background music kicks in with an amazing violin theme. I had to seriously watch that a few times because it sent chills up my back, but there was that other moment when the Nirvosh bursts through the water after waking up. That moment was great as well! So yes if you are not familiar with Eureka Seven, I think you should watch for the musical scenes.

And what about the characters?! This episode revealed Fleur Blac, that blonde who works for Generation Bleu aka blonde future Saber…even though she looked like Megaman to me. Oh and the other girl Elena with the pink hair is voiced by Chiaki Omigawa. You know her as Mami from Mouretsu Pirates. I also like their flight suits; speaking of flight suits they finally revealed Ao’s suit in the flashy opening. I assume he will join Generation Bleu in the future? So what happens now?! I am guessing Ao and Naru run away together for a while until Generation Bleu finds them of course. But what does this say about the people on the island? Did they hate Eureka for her green hair? I assume she was basically treated as an outcast thanks to the different hair color of course. Anyway this was a great episode and it brings up more questions about Ao’s connection with Eureka.



Ao and Naru, what will you do next!? Escape the island?


Is huge anime fan from Florida! who loves to watch anime and also enjoys drawing and collecting pictures, my favorite genre of anime has to be Mecha, there is just something awesome about giant robots beating the crap out of each other! Other than that type of show, I love a good comedy or action series :D
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6 Responses to “Eureka Seven AO – 02”

  1. Reaper says:

    Just, yes! Oh god, it’s been 7 years since the first ep of Eureka 7 came out and damn am I impressed with this sequel! Still not sure if it’s a direct sequel or if it’s an alternative universe (better than what happened in Pocketful of Rainbows though so far), but so many questions left open!
    Assuming this is a direct sequel, where’s Renton & Eureka? Why is there suddenly real-world states when there wasn’t in the original series (I think, though I do remember Warsaw being a city mentioned…)? Why has the Nirvash ‘devolved’ into its current form? What happened to the Holland, the Gekkostate and Anemone/Dominic and all the others? Just so many questions left to be answered since the end of the original series six years ago but there seems to be a few snippets of answers, though they bring up more questions than they answer.

    IFOs instead of LFOs; what caused the change there? Also, Mark I, the first IFO produced but taken out of action 10 years ago because it no longer responded to any pilot (save for Eureka I’m assuming)? There was the tantalising snippet of the Nirvash in it’s original Spec-2 form, and in the preview for the third ep, where the narrator said to ‘listen the voice of the children of the stars’…Renton and Eureka? Also, been searching but the ‘Third Engine’ Fleur and Elena talk about, not sure if anyone else has noticed but when the bracelet syncs with the Nirvash, the screen does say ‘Konpaku’ reactor is unlocked. ‘Konpaku reactor’ in my mind pretty much equals to ‘Compac drive’, the thought engines in the original series…a clue from the Amita Drive/Compac combo revealing it to be the real Nirvash TypeZero?

    Argh, yes, the music!

    Definitely living up to the original series’ legacy! I’ve noticed how there’s been some division between fans about the original and the sequel’s worthiness to its legacy, but so far I’m on the side that it’s lived up to the expectations of the original 😀 Now we just need more answers…

    • Foshizzel says:

      It really is hard to believe it has been so long for the second coming of Eureka Seven! Yeah I really hope it is not a sequel from the horrible movie…I really did not enjoy that at all, but the action was good just not the story =/

      If this is an alternate world I have the same questions about Renton and Eureka…just where did they end up after they left the island and AO?! Yeah Warsaw was one of the cities in the past series I think they had a few episode where the Gecko state ship was getting repaired? I have no idea what happened to the other characters, but hopefully we eventually learn the truth soon enough.

      Yeah I noticed they changed the name from LFO to IFO too! I guess they wanted to make the fans go HUH!? WHAT!? And it worked quite well so far. Right we did see that short flashback of the old Nirvosh and Ao’s grandpa’s comment about the past! Everything is building up quite nicely.

      Yep! I think Ao’s bracelet = Compac drive just like in the first season how Renton saw the name Eureka appear on his drive before saving her, so just maybe it was part of the original Nirvosh? That could work for a “connection” to both seasons.

      OST! I NEED IT! <3

      I just get curious if we will get more than 24 episodes out of this! However it might be fine with just 24 if they can keep up the pace with the story, characters, mystery and action scenes. The answers will come slowly, I bet we will get plenty of flashbacks to fill the gaps of the mystery surrounding Ao's past with Renton/Eureka.

  2. BlackBriar says:

    Another well made episode!!! I loved the built up suspense before Ao took control of the Mark I. He seems to have pretty good control over it considering he’s a first timer. Family genes, maybe? I might even consider the Assassin’s Creed Animus Bleeding Effect theory as to how did it so smoothly.

    The Mark I is like a gray and green Nirvash Type Zero and most likely DNA based, programmed to react to certain bloodtype to better synch with the pilot. While it was sychronizing, it even changed Ao’s hair. The fight between Ao and the G-Monster was great, it almost felt like I was watching the first Iron Man movie with all the twists and turns. But the ending of it was funny, like saying “Let me give you a hand”.

    Ah, one of the ugly aspects of people: the ungrateful human aspect. Ao rescues everyone from being killed and instead of thanked for it, now he’s being treated like the enemy, moreover by his newly turned turquoise hair. Naru’s father mentioned that the grandfather helped a woman who everyone thought brought misfortune. I guess since Ao now has the same hair color, they all see it a bad sign. At least Naru had the kindness to stay by his side. I always like these good hearted female characters because they’re understanding.

    • Foshizzel says:

      I am with you there! This was a fantastic episode I think I watched it three times? Probably going to watch it a 4th time for da music! Ooooh man when Ao shot out of the water = chills and the final fight against the G monster? AMAZING! Lol yeah he got his piloting skills somewhere maybe from Renton? I know at the start he totally sucked…until the final episodes! BADASS Renton <3

      Right the new Nirvosh looks to be solo piloted and probably reacts to Ao's hair and bracelet! I have a feeling it has parts from the original Nirvosh or something like that? Yep! I was trying to not make a Oh ma shoe quote ahaha

      Right they love they fact they can survive but at the cost of someone with green hair? They basically are treating it like Ao is some witch or something...Yeah that woman has to be Eureka! After this episode I think it is very clear who Ao's mother was.

      Naru is such a great friend! Best couple so far <3

  3. Myst says:

    The girls from Generation Bleu have the best names. Fleur Blanc and Elena Peoples? Those two are too cute and I am probably going to end up liking Fleur more than Naru over the course of the show…

    • Foshizzel says:

      I had to laugh at Elena’s last name lol seriously peoples? That is so random, but I agree they are both very cute <3

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