Rinne no Lagrange – 12 [END]

Asteria-“Maybe I should have parked my giant mecha somewhere else…”

Well here we are at the end of the first cour of Lagrange. It’s been fun, but I guess it had to end sometime…
OH NO!! The end is finally here for Rinne no Lagrange, but this is more like a break before the series continues again in the summer anime season. So, what can we expect to find in this episode!? Hopefully, they can tell us if Yoko manages to live and what becomes of Madoka, Lan and Muginami during that final battle to save earth!?Plot this week follows Muginami, Lan and Madoka saying their final goodbyes to each other.

Lan-“I think it is time to reveal our love.”                           Madoka-“Yes! We shall… Just think of the DVD sales.”

This episode starts up with a small time jump and shows us the aftermath of the alien invasion. I assume this is a few days after Villagibro’s team tried to take the Vox machines. Anyway, we quickly join Lan and Madoka talking together on a beach about their feelings for each other, but this is only for a movie that the jersey club is helping with… Yes, another romance story about Madoka. I guess it is safe to assume the director is a big time yuri fan? Afterwards a few girls from the school throw a huge going away party for Lan because she has to return to her home planet and has no idea if she can ever return to earth. Whoa, seriously ALL MY TEARS for poor Lan; she just made friends and now she has to return home.

Lan-“What do you mean we should stop acting like lovers?”                        Madoka-“THIS LOVE IS REAL! I think…”

Watch out for Lan’s harem, they are crazy about her.

The Lan and Madoka shipping does not stop there, shortly after the small party the two girls share more moments between each other as they make a few promises about meeting sometime in future. Of course this scene involves more hand holding and lots of tears from both girls, but Madoka tries her best to stay positive about the whole situation. Before things get too dramatic between the two girls, we jump back in time when Madoka started to flip out over seeing Yoko bleeding. Thankfully Yoko survives from her injury. So, what happens with the three Vox machines? Their power combines and creates a massive redish black hole sucking up the ships in space turning them into crystals… Someone got Guilty Crown in my Rinne no Lagrange this week.

Driving massive ships while watching fail anime is not a good idea.

Moid-“Excuse me while I rape your mind.”                 Asteria-“That is not very nice, mister evil alien!”

While the Vox machines wipe out the aliens, Madoka has a bit of a mind trip where she finally meets her grown up lookalike Yurikano and she talks about what she really should do. Eventually Madoka snaps out of it and returns to normal and finally realizes what she needs to do. Midori grabs ahold of Lan and Muginami and the three girls fly around in the sky to form a huge flower in the sky releasing more flowers, but something happens to Midori and this sudden power down gives Villagibro a perfect chance to attack Madoka, while her Vox has no power. However before he has a chance to finish her off, Lan’s brother arrives with a several ships to launch a counter attack. Villagibro’s machine gets shot all to hell and Muginami saves him making her escape.

Madoka-“Are you my mom from the past?”            Yurikano-“Nope, I am just an alien version of you with bigger boobs.”

Villagibro-“CRAP! We are getting owned so fast….damn these laser spammers.”

After the giant mecha battle, Lan and Madoka finally say their goodbyes and the drama hits Madoka hard as she cries alone thinking of Lan. A few days later Madoka is seen running around her school helping in various clubs. She really is quite multi-talented, isn’t she? The Jersey club really is a great odd jobs themed club. Anyway, Madoka gets a letter from Muginami where she talks about meeting Lan and how both of them promise to meet Madoka one day. Even the space bishies decide to become waiters for the surf restaurant. Finally near the end of the episode, Astreia finally revealed her true identity to Yoko saying she is a witch who pulled this universe into an eternal loop and she sports a mark just like Lan, Muginami and Madoka.

Watch out Chihaya, Madoka is ready to challenge you.

Asteria-“So, I heard you like random moments filled with fan service.”

Yoko-“What are you doing with that camera?”         Asteria-“Helping land you a husband of course.”

Asteria-“Dude, where did I get this random tattoo?!”                Yoko-“We sure got messed up last night…”

Extra special Lagrange

Dat yuri handhold.jpeg

Villagibro-“Damn it! Why didn’t I choose to join the space bishies boy band! So not fair.”

Madoka-“I should take more mind trips like this! Well time to strike a pose.”

Because the fangirls demand such things to exist.

End thoughts

….Am I the only one who thought that 90% of that fake movie scene wasn’t acting? This episode was one of the worst trolls I’ve encountered in a while. Here I thought they would go from Madoka’s sudden freakout into something, but instead we just got… nothing. Well, there was a ton of sismance, but I was expecting something heavier. Like, you know, an actual fight? Seeing the guys in the end in suits (plus Array in that maid uniform. …He’s really never going to take that thing of, is he.) was totally worth it though.

I probably should have realised that the Vox weren’t threatening in the first place because of the pretty flowers (pretty flowers can’t be evil! Most of the time!), but I thought they might have been trying to troll us or lure us into a false sense of security. …Which they did in a way, but yeah. Hell, Madoka didn’t even have as much of a mental breakdown as I thought she would have had. It was like the show went “remember how you were stressed all week wondering what was going to happen? Well have a yuri scene instead. Btw, nothing really happened during the battle. That cliffhanger was for nothing,” I’ve been expecting something way darker than this, but I guess Madoka Magica really upped my expectation about shows with moe girls to unreasonable levels. Even the previous owner of Aura (that’s who I assume the woman on the beach was) wasn’t exactly someone who you’d think almost destroyed the world. Then where the heck did that legend even come from? Oh well, I don’t really mind it not being what I thought it was. I’m just a little disappointed is all. I still liked the anime as a whole.

…So yeah, Asteria is actually someone important. I was worried that the indecent public exposure was coming back in this show, but unlike swimming nude in the ocean, Asteria stripping actually had a purpose xD. …So what was that mark about? They definitely left a ton of loose ends about in this anime, but it’s perfect for making me excited for part two. I’m kind of hoping for a time skip when the girls meet back together (let’s see what Madoka looks like when she’s older!), but really I think I’ll just be happy when it returns. At least there’s the OVA in between somewhere!

First off, WHOA the drama in this episode was high quality stuff this week! Also all of the yuri? OH MY GOD THE YURI! I normally hate on that type of theme, but during this final episode it was filled with all kinds of Yuri stuff. And sure I know Madoka and Lan never ever actually locked lips at any moment throughout the series; however, they must have held hands at least five to six times during this episode. Anyway, I was happy they showed us what happened to Yoko instead of ending on a cliffhanger with her life in danger; I would have raged on that! I was waiting for the space flowers to end up healing people that got hurt in the failed invasion of earth.

Speaking of invasions, Lan’s brother arriving to kick Villagibro’s ass like that? HA! YOU GOT OWNED, buddy! Then again his butt getting whooped meant that Muginami had to save his life and make a tactical retreat with him. Still, most of us probably saw that playing out in our minds before this episode aired, but I did enjoy watching the girls flying in that huge circle to form that massive sky flower. That was filled with some amazing visuals and then the music kicked in at the right moment that was just fantastic as always especially during the sad bits at the end.

I need to talk about Asteria for a moment after she revealed what she really is, but what does her role mean anyway? Is she an immortal or something like that? I assume she has seen the vox legend play out a few times in her lifetime. I am interested in learning what Asteria meant about the whole eternal loop. That might add more reasons why she doesn’t want to see the legend come true ever again, but hopefully during the second half, when Rinne no Lagrange returns in the summer season, we might learn more about her background. Yeah I know that means more dreaded flashbacks in our future.

Overall Rinne no Lagrange was filled with great characters like our super fun Madoka. Between her energy and personality, it really is hard for me to see her go so early…I swear this season has some fantastic main lead girls; however, there are plenty of side characters who made the experience even more fun for the viewers. The Mecha side of this anime series plays a huge role in the story, but as far as action goes it wasn’t anything brand new except Madoka’s unusual fighting techniques. Remember that wrestling move? That is still one of the best action scenes in this series. So all and all if you like mechs, girls, yuri vibes you should give this a shot, but the last thing I need to say is if you have the mindset that oh boy girls piloting robots? That sounds like a hardcore fan service anime! You might be shocked to discover after episode one and a random bath episode in the middle, the fan service basically dies off.


Successful mid season ending. We will miss you!

See you in the summer! Also there is news of an OVA coming soon, but I really have no idea what that will cover. I assume it bridges the gap between season one and season two?

Thanks to all the amazing readers and commenters! And I want to give a huge high five to my tag team partner Kara for joining me for this crazy series! I hope we can do this again in the summer time.


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17 Responses to “Rinne no Lagrange – 12 [END]”

  1. Kyokai says:

    I’ll power watch this some day just to see Moid’s raep face. Hilarious! Also, thanks for making it a fun ride~ :3

    • Foshizzel says:

      Good! Do not fear to much on the first episode filled with random fanservice! It gets better after that xD

      Moid is one crazy bastard! Dat face makes me laugh xD

  2. Bob from Accounting says:

    The OVA should be the entirety of The Spaceship and the Lily (is that what the film was called?). Everyone would buy it. And I think 90% is too big a number. In fact, I doubt Lan at least was acting in the slightest. It’s a little more ambiguous on Madoka’s part.

    I think that was an awesome end to this first act and I hope it’ll be just as great when it makes its glorious return. This has been a season of things surprising everyone by turning out to be better than they looked (or in the case of Another, surprising by turning out to be largely crap), but even among those, Lagrange takes the award for Surprise Of The Season. It surpassed all my expectations many times over and then some.

    • Karakuri says:

      …I think that was the movie’s title. You’re probably right too. I sure as hell thought they were serious during that scene. xD

      Yeah, this went beyond my expectations in ways, but in other ways, it fell short. Overall though, I’m really pleased with how it turned out =3

    • Foshizzel says:

      Agreed it should just be about Madoka and Lan’s special movie…yes…greatest idea of all time! Yeah who knows maybe Lan wasn’t really acting at all during that? xD

      Ending wise it was great! I can’t wait to see the rest of this addictive series, but you are correct Rinne no Lagrange should win for surprise hit series of winter.

  3. BlackBriar says:

    You can really tell this season is at end with all the shows from this season and the long running animes like Guilty Crown and Phi Brain being finished and Mirai Nikki nearly on its way out. Rinne no Lagrange was very fun and entertaining, and I really feel that if it had a more ambitious story, that didn’t revolve around yet another high school.

    For this episode to start with the aftermath, right after last week’s cliff-hanger was a very good idea. For a minute I really wasn’t sure what was going on because Lan and Madoka were putting on a little yuri romance for some of their school mates, but once the actual climax started, everything fell into place. I didn’t consider they would be making a movie. Maybe they were following the gang from Ano Natsu de Matteru.

    Moid was certainly enjoying the whole spectacle of the flowers raining down from the sky, and I don’t trust that guy as far as I can throw him, especially with that rape face he put on in front of everyone. I’m still getting unrellenting Fumito vibes everytime I see him.

    Madoka’s relationship with Lan and Muginami was well liked and they seemed more like sisters than best friends with the way they were so close to each other. So it was pretty hard to see them go their seperate ways and to see Madoka’s face after saying goodbye.

    I bet they were those who were surprised that Muginami helped Villaguilio out but I wasn’t. After all, they had a history together and it would only be natural that she’d still have a soft spot for him. What left a bitter taste was that he got help after all the cruel things he did and said to her.

    Despite the fact this series is getting an OVA and second season, I’m glad it rewarded its loyal viewers by providing an ending rather than an abrupt cliffhanger. Especially since the story won’t continue until Summer. Why do we have to wait so long?

    • Bob from Accounting says:

      Yeeeeeah, ‘sisters’. I’m sure that’s what we’ve all been thinking while watching this. -_-‘

    • Foshizzel says:

      Every week when I saw a update for Rinne no Lagrange I would get so happy! Seriously a great and very entertaining series, but I hope the second half is equally amazing.

      Right I loved how we got a bit of a flip flop on the timeline going from the aftermath with plenty of tearful moments and then BLAM! Back into the action of what happened. Hahah yes! Best Ano Natsu ending T___T Many manly tears were shed…

      FREAKING MOID! AAAAGGGG I want to know more about him and that evil face…sweet jesus that was creepy as hell! Yeah I can see even more Fumito vibes coming from him, but he reminds me a lot more of Gin from Bleach they share similar character traits ie closed eyes.

      Lan and Madoka = Hnnngggggggg best non canon pairing! OR TRUE PAIRING? You tell me <3

      Agreed I kind of figured if Villgaibro got hurt Muginami would come to save his ass...even though he was a jerk to her we all know why he did such things to her, but I still think he was terrible to her even if it was for her own good! He needs to be nice to her now xD

      OVA! OVA! OVA! I am excited and now I want the OST! I know the feeling buddy...I don't want to wait until the summer to find out the rest of the story T________T

  4. skylion says:

    Well, as for La Grange, I’ll be Waiting That Summer.

    Lolis as part of a large global conspiracy? Check.
    Lolis with mechs? Check.
    Aliens leaving the hero in tears near the end? Check.

    No one in La Grange got to wear a Bolivian shirt. Much to the determent of the show.

    Kara? If you got me in meido, I’m sure I would never take it off either.

    But we gets an OVA before the series picks up again.

    And Fosh, Madoka can’t take Chihaya on. Madoka is the reader. Slap you up-side the fanboy, son.

    • Foshizzel says:

      As will everyone else that got addicted to Lagrange! Man I will miss hearing Maru and the opening song.

      LOLIS ALL OVER THIS BEAST…err I mean yes…they are everywhere.

      Yeah OVA! I can’t waaaait <3

      LOLOLOL Ohhhh alright I will give that one to Chihaya then and Madoka can handle piloting and saving the universe with Lan and Muginami.

  5. Tofu says:

    Would you recommend this show to someone? (a.k.a me) and why.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Actually yes! I would recommend this to you Tofu! Seriously a fun and it can be quite addicting to watch.

      First off you have a super bubbly personality for the main lead with Madoka who comes off like a “Yui” type from K-ON/Angel Beats, but she can get serious when the time calls for it.

      Aside from episode one there isn’t really a lot of OMG Pantsu shots or fan service in your face, but there are a lot of implied Yuri moments between the three main characters. However it isn’t to over the top with any real Yuri moments so you don’t have to worry about that happening…

      Action side this is no TTGL by any means, but the action is good enough during the mecha battles. Unless you are wanting a hardcore action series I don’t think you will find it here, however you should watch the first three episodes! If you are not hooked by then <3

      • Tofu says:

        I watched up to the part the 3rd girl was being abused and left alone by that tall old man at Madoka’s bar… I don’t know… it doesn’t seem to click with me :\

  6. tatsuya says:

    lot of anime have come’s to the last episode ,but this one is epic !!

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yes that is very true and most of them I will miss a whole bunch! Ah well fingers crossed for greater shows to fill in for them while we recover our emotions xDD

  7. anaaga says:

    This anime was fun.
    The characters were entertaining, and so were their interactions.
    The conspiracies are somehow not as heavy as I thought it would be, but I’m sure it will be like that in the second season. I think the first season is only the introduction of the characters and the basic plot of it.

    Anyhow, I really enjoyed it and am excited for season two! :3

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yes! Very fun stuff indeed.

      I will miss all of the characters mostly Madoka because she has a great personality.

      Yeah if anything the second half will hopefully bring more mysteries into the overall plot, but I really want to see more space themed battles or more mech on mech fighting.

      Season two! I WANT IT NOW! <3

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