Rinne no Lagrange – 11

I don’t think my umbrella is going to offer any protection…

Are you ready for the final stretch of Lagrange? Well too bad, because it’s here anyways. This show has been way better than I expected and I’ll be sad to see it go… Though, I should probably save my sentimental rant for the last episode. Anyways, while I’m curious on how they’ll end things for the second half. I’m currently more curious about how Madoka will get Midori back… Because you just know that it’s going to happen.
No, I am not ready for that quite yet, Kara, but I am ready to see how things end even though after episode ten I can see where things are headed for Lagrange. I guess we have to wait and yes we can rant a lot with the final episode before the break. Yep, eventually Madoka will get back into Midori and kick some ass again!

Plot this week has the beginning of invasion of earth and Madoka enters the battle with Lan and Muginami to defend earth.

Muginami-“The voices in my head are singing today.”                             Lan-“Sorry, I was practicing for karaoke again.”

We start this episode with Madoka headed to the main base on a boat and she is somehow able to communicate through her machine to talk to Muginami and Lan, but she is nowhere near Midori at the time. However, Moid chimes in to say her Vox is evolving nicely. Whoa, wait a minute!? Are these Vox machines suddenly Pokemon? If so those girls need to train and battle more often. Either way this just proves Madoka is really magical after all, but Lan and Muginami are told to ignore it for now and focus on the battle ahead of them as Villagibro’s massive army starts to invade earth… Meanwhile, Array, Izo and Kirius are preparing their ways of fighting aka triple brofist of awesome space bishie power.

Moid-“This is going to be a fantastic day for a battle.”                          Tadokoro-“One of these days, I will punch you.”

Izo-“We need a cool catchphrase.”                   Array-“WE’RE MEN IN MINI-SKIRTS!”                   Kirius-“……..”

While the space bishies do their cool bonding stuff, Lan and Muginami show off some brand new weapons and they begin to fight the first wave of enemies, but Lan gets overpowered by several machines and Villagibro enters the battle against Muginami. In the meantime, Madoka finally gets inside the base and charges towards her Vox because she is ready to fight. Sadly Asteria has not given any orders to let Madoka pilot Midori right now. Eventually Asteria gives in after she talks to Yoko about the Vox legend once more. Something about Madoka not having a dark heart filled with sadness and all that emotional stuff? Aka being all angsty and what not.

Muginami-“I could go for some cotton candy right now.”                            Lan-“Yeah, we should get some after this.”

Muginami-“You sure have a large weapon, brother.”                            Villagibro-“Thats what she said! Oooooooh!!”

Yoko-“The fans demand you let Madoka pilot again.”                            Asteria-“Fine! But don’t make me say I told you so.”

Asteria-“Fine! Madoka can pilot…I hope you enjoy your world blowing up…idiot.”

Finally, Madoka gets the go ahead from the commander and she enters the fight at last. That is until the large ships in space fire their massive cannons at Madoka’s school, but thanks to some strange twist of fate the space bishies change sides and they actually defend the city. I freaking knew those guys would switch sides; I guess Villagibro needs to find some new friends. So hooray, the town is saved, however Madoka’s machine starts to get all freaky and she starts to hear voices. Madoka starts to panic like crazy after she spots Yoko knocked out lying on the ground bleeding. This panic mode starts to cause Lan and Muginami’s machines to react as they shoot bright beams of light from their mechs… I guess Asteria can say I told you so, huh?

Madoka has a very cute back story in this episode.

Gurania-“Talk to the hand err… I mean blow up that school because I hate school themed anime.”

Kirius-“We saved all those girls, we are so awesome!”              Izo-“Girls are so gross…”               Array-“I like their outfits though.”

Sad times are ahead for Madoka…DO NOT WANT EMO MADOKA.

Extra Lagrange adventures

Madoka likes watching the Ace ventura movies.

Villagibro-“Can you smell the excitement in the air?”                         Izo-“Sorry, that burrito is going right through me.”

Lan has her sights set on winning the next sai moe tournament!

Gurania is one sexy looking character, voiced by Megumi Nakajima.

This really is the Best team of all time.

End thoughts

…I can’t believe that Array is still in that maid uniform. I mean, it DOES look great on him and all, but it’s nothing I would rush out to battle in. (…Well if he dies, at least we can say that he died looking fabulous). The space bishies defecting last minute felt kind of… out of place to be honest. Even now I’m not entirely sure of their motives, but I guess this is the effects that episode based around them had. Their partnership with Villa was pretty weak to begin with anyways and I assume they care about the town now (either that or Asteria threatened them with maid uniforms xD). ….Though if that’s not it, then I’m going to be very confused about their motives.

Well, Madoka has Midori again. WHO COULD HAVE SEEN THAT ONE COMING?! Talk about an unexpected plot twist! …Okay, that’s enough sarcasm, but yeah. Having Lan and Mugi fail at fighting alone was to be expected, though having the enemy be able to predict their moves is a nice touch. I mean, who would expect a couple of modern day teenagers to strategise extremely good plans anyways? Sure they’re also aliens, but from what we’ve seen of their characters, strategising is not exactly their thing. …Which makes it a good thing that they’re extremely powerful as a team. …Though apparently that has its downsides.

Well that’s a cliffhanger ending if I ever saw one. Though the entire thing is terribly ironic since Youko was the one who convinced Asteria to let Madoka fly and now because of her, the one thing Asteria wanted to stop is now happening. Irony is a bitch. But hey, at least things are picking up for an epic finale. The Rinne flowers are back and while I’m surprised that Madoka pulled the other two out of control with her, at the same time, I’m not really surprised since they obviously have some deep connection since they could hear her thoughts through the Vox. …I hate to say this, but Asteria was probably right about the whole thing. I guess we’ll find out in the final episode.

What an amazing episode this week and finally Madoka is back fighting in her mech, but yeah what the hell is really going on with her Vox? I mean she can communicate through it and what the hell did Moid mean by her machine is evolving? Damn why don’t you give us more information you, creepy alien?! Anyway, I am sure he loves this new development, because you know he is probably thinking it has more power thanks to Madoka. One thing I learned in this episode when those three Vox machines are fighting together; their powers suddenly increase a whole bunch! I was seriously waiting for an Aquarion moment and then those machines suddenly combine.

Thankfully, these machines don’t combine; however, I bet there are lots of fans who wouldn’t mind seeing such things happen in Rinne no Lagrange. I agree Kara, the space bishies were doing a lot of random things in this episode like blocking that beam from blowing up the city? Then again from the start of this series I had a feeling those three guys would swap teams. But why are they doing that now? I guess they feel what Villagibro is doing is bad for earth? It doesn’t seem like he was all that sad that they changed teams. And Array!? WHY ARE YOU STILL WEARING A MAID UNIFORM? I guess he is super comfortable with it, but I still blame Asteria for messing with his mind.

Speaking of the blonde loli…she is going to be so angry and I bet she will tell everyone I TOLD YOU SO! This is why Madoka should not pilot her Vox right now. I wonder what will happen to Yoko next week!? I really hope she does not die, because we will have a very sad Madoka on our hands with the final episode before the three month break…then again those kinds of tragic events usually make a main character stronger or causes them to lose their minds. Anyway great episode with solid action on the mech fights and I loved Lan and Muginami’s brand new weapons they looked totally badass.


One of the best Asteria looking pictures so far! Skylion would approve.

Oh no! It’s the end of the world of Lagrange as we know it…just kidding, Madoka deals with a possible mental breakdown.


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12 Responses to “Rinne no Lagrange – 11”

  1. Bob from Accounting says:

    I don’t think Array is physically capable of removing the maid outfit. Some kind of psychological breaking took place offscreen, most likely.

    And I don’t think Asteria was right. I’m pretty sure NOT stopping the alien attack fleet would have had much worse consequences for the town and its population.

    • Karakuri says:

      That poor, poor trap.

      Eh, true enough. Though it will be a lot worse if Madoka does something crazy like destroy the world. I doubt it will get that bad though.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ahahahha yeaaaah Array is going to be wearing that maid uniform forever! Even in the second half so imagine he wore it for three months…

      I know right? But either the aliens kill all the humans or depressed Madoka does it for them T___T

  2. skylion says:

    Yes, Skylion certainly does approve. Ah, the Winter of the Blond Lolis.

    La Grange has to feature the best Heroic BSOD moments. It rains…..flowers. I mean, it kinda sucks to be Madoka going all Pupily-Eyed like that, but the atmosphere has a nice aroma, eh?

    Geez, I’ve been name checked again, Fosh. I guess I have a rep now for the loli/moe tropes.

    • Karakuri says:

      At least if they all die, they’ll die in pretty animation.

    • Foshizzel says:

      HIGH FIVE! Winter has been filled with some great blondes.

      Yeah it does rain flowers…FLOWERS OF DEATH! Or that flower on Yoko magical heals her? Maybe it will cause the dead to spring out of the ground for a HoTD x Rinne no Lagrange crossover?

      Ahahahha yes! I gotta give my shout outs to a cool bro <3

  3. BlackBriar says:

    I don’t think anyone was expecting the fighting to get close to the town, much less for the Kiss fleet to actually fire on the city. Their only targets should have been the Vox and the Pharos, which had moved far away from the city itself. My heart skipped a beat when they actually bombarded the city rather than Pharos. Rather evil little gut shot there – setting up a race against time between the fleet recharging their weapons and Pharos recharging it’s shields, only to redirect the bombardment to the defenseless town.

    Well, Kamogawa can thank its lucky stars Kirius, Izo and Array were feeling chivalrous! For a moment there, I considered what would happen to Madoka if the town really was leveled before her eyes, killing everyone. Perhaps it’s best we never see that particular Madoka…it wouldn’t be pretty. But the shield didn’t keep everything from getting through, and an ovid falling on a schoolyard is still a big deal in this series.

    The question is why these people weren’t evacuated. This episode showed some huge overconfidence issues in the good guys, as they probably didn’t expect the enemy to bring in an army like this. Either that, or they lack the authority to actually pull out a mass evacuation, these are the only reasons I can think of why they didn’t do that.

    • Karakuri says:

      Oh yeah, if Youko getting injured was this bad, I don’t want to see her after the town gets leveled. I think part of it too was that the ovid may or may not have been her fault. Andif it wasn’t her fault, then it was one of her best friends. Bad circumstances all around.

      ….That’s actually a really good point. Why weren’t they evacuated?! In the back of my mind, I thought that having the students out there was a bad idea, but it didn’t really click until Youko was injured. So much drama could have been avoided if people were in a safe place. Seriously.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah that whole scene just screams FUUUUUUUU! Madoka is going to enter a huge emo breakdown thanks to that death beam, but I know it wasn’t the laser but the giant robot that fell to the ground…they should have taken a page from Evangelion you know underground shelters! Goooooood job.

      I just hope Yoko lives, but in any anime dramatic event = main character gains a brand new power up to defeat the enemy! Like Goku going SS for the first time.

      I KNEW those guys would eventually change teams, now to find out how long it actually lasts between them.

      AGREED Where are the shelters? Then again it seems the government is hush hush about the whole aliens living among the humans deal in this series…so we can blame Asteria for the lack of shelters or lazy military? xDD

  4. Myssa Rei says:


    It was inevitable, I say.

  5. skylion says:

    Thankfully, these machines don’t combine; however, I bet there are lots of fans who wouldn’t mind seeing such things happen in Rinne no Lagrange

    OMG! VOX EVOL for the Wan! Nandemo Nandemo Nandemo Maru!

    And Array!? WHY ARE YOU STILL WEARING A MAID UNIFORM? They’ve been reading my mind and giving me what I never knew I wanted? Meido boy Mech pilot!

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