Rinne no Lagrange – 09

Beware! Earth is a dangerous place for space bishies.

Lagrange time! Well now that Madoka isn’t allowed to pilot Midori (not that I think that this is going to last long), what will she do? …Also, if I remember correctly, this is the School Festival episode! SCHOOL FESTIVALS MAKE EVERYTHING BETTER.
Hooray! Time for some Lagrange, but what will Madoka do now!? She can’t pilot Midori… Damn, maybe she will become an idol? We do have one thing to look forward to and that is SCHOOL FESTIVAL! I agree Kara, they always make things better.
This week, space bishies arrive on earth looking for Madoka, while the jersey club helps setup the school festival.

Space Madoka-“One day, I will become a magical girl!”              Space Takuto-“Wrong anime series… Please try again.”

Starting off this week with Vilagiobro setting up his team aka KISS. So, when are they going to paint their faces and play rock music? While on earth Izo, Array and Kirius are told to stay inside until further orders are given. However, Izo gets quite annoyed with this plan and starts to get really bored. After all he is a soldier and needs to fight in manly mecha battles against high school girls. While the bishies hang out and make fun of Array’s maid uniform, Madoka, Lan and Muginami do lots of odd jobs to help prepare the festival.

Villiagdude-“BE WITH KISS!”        Array-“This is…”        Izo-“The worst…”          Kirius-“Day of our life…”

New anime series! The amazing daily lives of space bishies! Wait for it.

Madoka-“Tonight we dine on…”           Lan-“O…or..orca? HOW COULD YOU?!”           Muginami-“Whoops, wrong picture.”

Meanwhile back with our trio of space bishies, Izo gets bored while watching TV, but he gets an idea from an old samurai movie to challenge Madoka to a duel. So, he sneaks out taking a weapon and goes out to hunt the pilot. Smart move… Finally someone with brains to take out the pilot! Why don’t other bad guys do this? Probably because of some mecha honor code, I bet. Shortly after, Izo leaves Array, Kirius arrives to find their red head friend missing and they start to search for him.

Izo-“I can’t watch anymore Precure! My eyes are bleeding from the colors.”

Lan should stay away from the power tools.

Guy-“Not sure if this is a cute girl or trap character…”

Eventually Izo arrives at the school, after dealing with an old woman who kept feeding him oranges and hard candy; yep that settles it, Lagrange is officially set in Florida. However, the girls didn’t exactly open the school to Izo. They did call him pervy and tossed water on him…but they decided to hear him out and learn his special interest in Madoka as his perfect match. Before Izo gets the chance to officially meet Madoka, a few girls tell him a story from her past related to how her mother drowned while saving her. After hearing the story, Izo leaves the school and gives up on fighting Madoka for now, I guess he felt bad about her past?

Just imagine what they are thinking…Wait don’t do that! IT IS SCARY AS HELL.

Madoka-“You will make a great wife one day.”                         Kirius-“Is that a human rank system?”

Guy-“Don’t worry I like boys dressed as maids.” Array-“FUUUUUUUUUUUUU–“

Izo-“How do I turn the feels off? Please….help…”

After that bit of crazy fun, the bishies arrive at their small house to find Villagibro playing video games, but they stare and start to get annoyed again, well mostly from Izo. The three of them learn that Villagibro has other plans and wants to destroy the Vox machines before Moid’s team can recover them. Oh and he tells the guys they can either help or not do anything… Nice move there “leader”, basically he tells them to stay out of his way.

Izo-“Dude…it took me hours to get a perfect score.”               Array-“You mean my score.”

Villangibro-“We must master a new game called Mass Effect Three in one day!”                  Kirius-“Is that even possible!?”

Extra space adventures

Villangidude-“We are just a couple of dudes hanging out with other dudes! It is totally cool.”

Array-“Bishes love credit cards! I can buy everyone matching uniforms.”                   Kirius-“I will pass on this idea.”

Kirius-“I love the smell of the ocean air! It really is refreshing…”


Sad moe is very sad and depressed.

End Thoughts:

LOLOL “I bet you think that you look good in that.” DAMN STRAIGHT HE DOES. Lagrange officially has it all: robots, yuri, aliens, prophecies about the apocalypse and traps. I second that question though; why didn’t Array just buy new clothes? Why is he so okay with walking around in public wearing a skirt? Ahahaha this episode was awesome. Kirius’ face when the machine kept rejecting his money had me in tears from laughing so much. Also, Array and the pervert in Madoka’s uncle’s place was priceless as well. There were just so many hilarious moments this episode. This is why the space bishies need to show up more often.

We also learned about Madoka’s back story! So Youko was the one who started all of this? She seems much less… genki now and more serious. I wonder what happened. But wow, depressed Madoka was so much different from the Madoka today. Sure she’s still moe, but talk about a character change. Madoka is definitely better at pretending that nothing bothers her now. I wouldn’t have even thought that she was upset about Midori if she hadn’t spaced out when someone mentioned the color green. …Also, we learned about her mother’s death, but where the heck is her father? We’ve only seen her uncle so far.

Izo might not have much of a fashion sense (wtf was he wearing this episode? And why does nobody care that he has a dagger tucked into his waistband?), but at least he’s not trying to kill Madoka anymore. Plus we saw what might have been Villa’s motive behind pushing Muginami away…. Maybe. I wonder if destroying the robot does anything to the pilot since they keep putting emphasis on the fact that the robots and pilot are close. Either way, he’s trying to destroy the Vox. Then if I’m reading his motives right, Lan’s brother wants to use the Vox in war? What does Earth/Asteria want with them? Well at least we have the different sides to this plot sorted out now. Judging from the next episode’s title, they’ll be leaving the town…? If so, I wonder why.

Wow this episode was certainly different. It almost felt like it was all about the three space bishies, but they finally did give us more back story with Madoka’s past. Damn that was so sad and seeing a depressed loli Madoka? Awwww so sad! Then again I was thinking she had a sad past just like Muginami minus the whole living on the streets thing of course. At least she had a role model to look up to with Yoko! If she wasn’t around, I bet she would practically become Shinji from Evangelion.

Speaking of the girls, poor Lan kept smashing her finger over and over again. I couldn’t help but point and laugh at her. Anyone else laugh that Kirius actually met Madoka and had no idea he found her?! Amazing skills there bro, maybe the trip to earth had an effect on his brain and memories? Another epic Kirius moment when he smelled the ocean air and that boy was taking a leak? Ahahahah that was freaking hilarious! Good job Lagrange, good job.

Not to be forgotten or left out this week: the return of Array, the Space Maid! When he entered the house and started to freak out? Very funny and also the reactions from Izo and Kirius were seriously great! Yes Array has officially lost his mind, but I blame the blonde loli girl from last week. Array even got hit on by that random dude? Good god…Array you need to get your manly power back soon. Anyway plot this week was great with Moid team wanting to recover the machines, while Villagabro wanting to destroy them? And we also had that flashback at the start. So, is Madoka a reincarnation of someone from the past?! That could explain her piloting skills… Yes, things are finally getting interesting!


Jersey girls are perfect!

High school festival time and a possible giant robot battle next week.


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14 Responses to “Rinne no Lagrange – 09”

  1. The_Magus_Killer says:

    “Supēsu Bishounen no Nichijou…OW!”

    A new anime about space bishies? Count me in! Especially if Izo, Kirius, Array, and Villaguilio do the ending song “Ohisama”

    Izo, Kirius, Array and Villaguilio (with their hands raised up on-stage): “babababa rarira ba bara babababa rarira ba babababa rarira ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba ba…!”

    Madoka, Lan, and Muginami’s after-episode segment:

    *guitar riffs*
    hey! hey! hey!
    “Jaji kurabu josei wa ichowou…ow!”

    Somehow I think Asteria (golden loli from last episode) broke Array in mind and spirit. Not only is he her maid, but he seems too comfortable in that meido costume and mindset. XD

    • BlackBriar says:

      Whatever Asteria did to Array had to be a cruel torture method and maybe he developped Stockholm syndrome for her, an emotional bond to his captor. It’s like he’s proud to be in that dress. He’s won my pity.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ahahahaha yes! This is perfect I can see a spin off in our future.

      Yeah Asteria probably threatened Array with something! After all he is an “alien” Probably called the MIB?! LOL Yeah I guess he is used to that maid uniform…

  2. BlackBriar says:

    The misadventures of the crossdressing maid-guy again. Just what did Asteria do to Array that he has to dress like that? Array seems to be broken beyond repair and much of the comedy this week comes at his expense.

    Madoka wasn’t on screen much but it was good to learn about the origin of the Jersey Club and why Madoka is the way she is now. It was tragic that Madoka’s mother died in an attempt to save her. Still many would be rescuers have died in rescue attempts because the human desire to help led many to ignore the danger. It’s a good thing she met Yoko. It makes me curious to see how Yoko behaved back in her youth and if Yoko is any indication, then Madoka will grow up to be a fine person.

    I wonder how Kirius would’ve reacted if he knew that was Madoka. And it looks like Madoka is always wearing a swimsuit. Swimsuit fetish, maybe? And was Villaguilio playing a dance game on a Wii?! Totally didn’t see that coming.

    LOL. “Fan girls in their natural habitat“. I’m too afraid to guess what they are thinking. There’s no telling what goes on in their heads. “Crawling in my skin“. Let me guess: a Linkin Park song. Am I right?

    Looks like next week we get to see the fruits of the Jersey Club’s labors as the school festival will be in full swing. Asteria seems to be aware of De Metrio and while she doesn’t trust Kiss nor does she fully trust Moid, I’m sure that she will make arrangements. Dizelmine’s recent conquest won’t go unnoticed and given how Kirius, Izo, and Array are far from home, I am sure she will try and add three formerly undefeated Ovid pilots to her forces. She already broke Array, so maybe she can break Izo and Kirius as well.

    • Foshizzel says:

      OH YES! The adventures of Array…poor guy! What has happened to him? Brainwashed probably.

      Yep I kind of figured Madoka was not all sunshine and rainbows growing up, much like the other girls they all have a tragic past. However I am not sure on Lan other than being an outsider with no friends? I guess that could be her terrible past maybe? Yes Yoko is very important to Madoka at first I just thought Yoko was cool but very bossy.

      Ahahah if they even had swimsuits back on his planet, but I will blame plot and say that might be why Kirius had no idea that was Madoka. YES! FREAKING Villagibro that guy…wow he always does something hilarious xD

      Those girls are probably thinking all kinds of stuff about Izo! Ohhhhh yea linkin park and emo go together quite well, but I am a fan so I don’t mind making jokes <3

      All of that is adding up to a fun series! Three more episodes to go until they take a 2/3 month break to continue the series T_____T

      • BlackBriar says:

        One of the good points about the show is the characters. Izo is no evil, mindless villain; when he heard about how Madoka grew up to be strong and helpful after her mother drowned, it just wasn’t in him to pursue her further. It shows that he has a conscience. It was funny of him deciding that reenacting a samurai movie will be more entertaining than sitting around some house.

        Knowing about Yoko’s past, it’s like saying Madoka is her mirror image before she grows up. I wonder if she’ll be in the same circumstances and meet someone just like her as a kid.

        Yeah, it’s true. Linkin Park and emo stuff do go together well. I’m a fan of some of their music as well. The band “Three Days Grace” is pretty good at emo stuff too. To me, they’re equals.

        It’s a bummer when episode 12 comes along that we have to wait for an entire season to pass before the other half sets in.

  3. Hawthorne says:

    I was laughing too much this episode. Like when the space bishies walked in on villidude playing that Wii-like game. xD Array was great too, I wonder if he’ll ever buy new clothes.

    Judging from the next episode’s title, they’ll be leaving the town…? If so, I wonder why.

    lol I wonder if this has anything to do with it. -_-

    • Karakuri says:

      Yes, sooo many lulz this episode… This needs to happen like, every week xD

      Whoa, nice catch there Hawt (can I call you that? xD). I remember a similar issue coming up with that other anime with the Itou Kanae catgirl… “Asobi ni Ikuyo” or something like that…? But yeah, so much focus on the scenery, not so much on the actual animation.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yes! This was such a funny episode it was great to see another side to the space bishies! Well all but Izo who just wants to fight and break stuff.

      Yeah I think so I guess there isn’t a whole lot to do but prepare for episode 12 and then break for a season.

      Ohh?? That is interesting hahah

  4. tatsuya says:

    ahh ..the ocean are so blue and a bit of yellow

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