Inu x Boku SS – 10

That can be interpreted in so many ways…

It’s the March holidays! Finally, a week-long break from school before the exams. I’ll be superrr busy once Term 2 starts, but for now I’m still trying the savor the last few days of freedom! And what could be a better way than watching some glorious Inuxboku? 8D

As expected, Kagerou’s arrival brings much chaos to the Ayakashi Manor, leaving the dining lounge in an absolutely appalling state after his self-organized welcome party. What’s worse, it’s caused Ririchiyo and Soushi to miss their coffee appointment, and now it’s being delayed to the next day, right after school when Soushi comes to pick her up. After the party ends, Kagerou mentions that he has “something important” that he needs to tell Ririchiyo about, but it’ll have to wait.

Back in school, Ririchiyo is still dwelling on the fact that Soushi knew that Kagerou was her fiancée – could it be that he doesn’t like her in that way?

Contrary to Ririchiyo’s wishes, Kagerou is the one who comes to pick her up from school rather than Soushi, so the coffee meeting has to be postponed yet again. He ends up dragging her, Karuta and Watanuki on a trip around the entire neighborhood, starting off his entire dramatic do-M and do-S routine once again. While Karuta-chan seems to be enjoying her time thinking about food, Watanuki and Ririchiyo are in pure torture, being reluctantly pulled along by Kagerou.

Swim fish, swim for your lives!

They finally arrive back at the manor in the middle of the night, causing Ririchiyo to become depressed and anxious and worried about missing her appointment with Soushi. She cracks her head thinking of ways to approach him after he fails to respond to her message, but eventually decides to head to his room to apologize in person. Soushi, though, is not himself – usually insensitive towards her feelings, he ends up offending and intimidating Ririchiyo, crudely suggesting that maybe she really does like Kagerou, and that she’s unexpectedly adept at “unintentionally sending men the wrong signals”. This hurts Ririchiyo’s feelings, sending her running away in tears. She’s finally realized something, and begins to question her true feelings for Soushi once again…

The next morning, Soushi approaches Kagerou, begging him to avoid telling Ririchiyo that one important thing. When Kagerou ungraciously refuses to do so, a fight breaks out between them – Soushi is very serious about keeping the truth about something from Ririchiyo. Ririchiyo, on the other hand, is heading to the very floor that Soushi and Kagerou are on in an attempt to freshen up her morning, only to find the two of them in a rather compromising situation.

Ririchiyo puts the blame on Kagerou for starting a fight, but Kagerou takes this chance to question her trust in Soushi. He instigates her to question Soushi about a secret he’s been keeping from Ririchiyo, and faced with no other choice, Soushi agrees to spill it. It’s as Kagerou has said, Soushi has been deceiving her all this while…

Woah, we finally have some tension between Soushi and Ririchiyo! In that moment when he was so insensitive to Ririchiyo, I actually felt really frustrated and upset at him. It’s one of the rare times when I’m on the tsundere’s side instead of the bishie’s, but ugh Soushi you deserve it. He is obviously getting jealous of Kagerou’s interactions with Ririchiyo, but this time he’s chosen the wrong way to express this jealously of his, and ends up badly hurting her instead. I could really feel Ririchiyo when she unconsciously burst out in tears after their little quarrel then ;_; SOUSHI, Y U SO NO HEART? )< What makes me want to shout for joy is that Ririchiyo is finally beginning to realize that perhaps the feelings she has for Soushi is more, more, more than just friendship/gratefulness! Took you long enough, you silly girl. It’s going to be interesting to see just how she deals with these newly-discovered feelings of hers though, given her (adorable) inability to express herself. xD

Because of that irritating cliffhanger, now I’m really curious as to what Soushi has been deceiving Kagerou about! =w= My guess is that all those letters that Ririchiyo received, were actually written by Soushi instead of Kagerou. That explains why he knew so much about her since the time they met, and why he had such fondness for her – he knew about her little insecurities when she was young, having understood what she was going through as a child. The truth is probably that she never really saved him at all, but in order to not hurt her pride/destroy her image of Kagerou-san, he simply chose to lie to her. I’m hoping, hoping that Ririchiyo will take this in stride and that the bond between them can emerge as stronger after this quarrel, but honestly it might be the complete opposite. She might flare up and be extremely hurt by his actions, but ultimately I guess this whole issue will be settled, and perhaps we’ll see some new progress in their relationship?

I liked the different emotions in this episode, and truth be told, I actually appreciated the fact that yes, Soushi can have some other sort of attitude towards Ririchiyo other than respect/admiration/WORSHIP. Even if that means breaking her (and my) heart. The next few episodes can only be better and I’m really looking forward to seeing what happens next. What about you? 😀

Preview: We’re about to find out about what Soushi has truly been hiding from Ririchiyo…

Okay now this image makes me want to cuddle Soushi and pet his ears forever ;_;


A stressed-out jyoushi kousei doubling as Metanorn's loli with a soft spot for sappy romance animanga. She will watch anything with bishies in it. :3
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8 Responses to “Inu x Boku SS – 10”

  1. Gecko says:

    This next episode is definitely going to be great. SOUSHI, we will finally learn something out about you!
    But Shoushi was really irritating in this episode. It’s almost like he took on the “friend of the main character” role in the beginning, with the whole “Could it be…” even though he should know better. But I think it helps push Ririchiyo to think about her feelings and realize some things. But he was still a jerk.

    • Miyu says:

      I got used to him always being on Ririchiyo’s side, sweetly supporting her but nooooo, this episode he just had to hurt her feelings. )< Agreed, it was necessary to trigger some sort of emotional response from Ririchiyo, and I'm sure we'll see much more character growth from her ^~^

  2. Joojoobees says:

    Frankly I don’t care for Kagerou, either as a character, or as a source of humor. This was balanced by the fact that we got some real momentum on Soushi X Ririchiyo, and it looks like we will finally get a good glimpse into Soushi’s backstory next week.

    • Miyu says:

      To be honest, I agree with you. I feel like other than being a source of stimulus for Soushi/Ririchiyo’s relationship, he doesn’t really serve any important purpose I guess :\ He’s also kind of overshadowed by all the other characters who all have something special, or sweet about them.

  3. kaon says:

    thanks you¡¡

  4. BlackBriar says:

    This week’s episode is a bit serious than the usual. Does Kagerou have a few screws loose? He turned the entire dining room into a S&M dungeon. Sadist/Masochist freak. LOL “Good morning, my bitch!” Where did that come from?

    Poor Ririchiyo having her coffee appointment ruined before she could even carry it out. It seems that the coffee scene that we are hoping for since episode 8 will probably never happen thanks to Kagerou and Soushi.

    Something’s wrong with Soushi. He’s clearly not acting his normal self – or actually, perhaps this is indeed his true self, and he’s simply been deceiving Ririchiyo all along. His normally bright, optimistic and overbearing personality has suddenly turned dark. Man, do I hate cliffhangers.

    • Miyu says:

      I think he is really mentally insane. xD YES he greets people in a very, um… unique way. “HELLO, MY HUMAN TOILETS!”

      I think Soushi’s just too overcome with jealousy/making sure that his secret is not revealed that he’s forgotten to be sensitive to Ririchiyo’s feelings. I’m sure he’ll be better next episode! *hoping*

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