Inu x Boku SS – 08 & 09

That’s what she said…

Hello gais! I’m so sorry for being unable to cover Inuxboku last week due to exams and stuffs, so I’m covering both episodes 8 and 9 today! ^~^ I’ll be away from Sunday to Tuesday running a camp, so I’m trying to catch up on ALL the anime… I still think I’ll suffer from withdrawal symptoms though. xD Alright, let’s get this going~

Episode 08

Ririchiyo is being plagued by even more silly troubles recently – she has realized the fact that the other Secret Service agents and their partners share a much closer relationship than she herself does with Soushi. The adorable tsundere she is, Ririchiyo begins to blame herself for it, stating that he knows far more about her than she has ever known about him. He notices the little things that she never voices out, and he seems to understand her even behind her cold, indifferent mask.

Ririchiyo then comes up with a brilliant plan in an effort to grow closer to Soushi – preparing her signature homemade coffee and spending tea time together with him! …There’s only one problem. How on earth is she going to gather up enough courage to invite him?! With strong determination, she racks her brain and storms through 123971230 ideas and ways to do so, but fails to come to a conclusion.

“First conquer Soushi, then world domination.” >D

Hey there Ririchiyo, lookin’ stunning.

Unable to express her feelings properly, Ririchiyo starts to get really despondent until she passes by that fateful spot under the Sakura tree, where Soushi first touched her by telling her that even if it means “getting hurt”, he was willing to stay by her side. She finally decides to get it done and over with, and meets Soushi at that very place. She tells him that she doesn’t want him to only know about her, she wants to know more about him, to understand him; that she wants them to be more than just a servant and a master, to be true friends. Soushi then reveals that he too, has problems communicating with other people – he knows no other way of interacting with others, than being a servant, and that’s just the way he has been living his life. Ririchiyo comforts him in her own special way, casually inviting him to tea, stating that during that time, they would be equals. That means no serving, no bowing and certainly no keigo for Soushi. Soushi accepts the offer immediately (and rather breathlessly, might I add) and the two share a few sweet moments discussing the next day’s plans.

Episode 09

The day of the glorious coffee meeting is finally here! Ririchiyo is especially nervous throughout the entire day, with her mind thoroughly flooded with thoughts of coffee and bedrooms and awkwardness, school proves to be excruciatingly slow. Right after school, hardworking Ririchiyo decides to spend her time making important preparations for their meeting… only to find herself left with 4 hours even after that. Thankfully, Karuta-chan’s call comes to the rescue!

Turns out that Karuta-chan had wanted to have a study date together with Watanuki and Ririchiyo for their upcoming test. Everything is going well… until Watanuki gets worked up for the silliest reasons ever, and the study date suddenly escalates into a match between partners?!

“Sigh, why can’t I seem to express how beautiful you are, darling table-san?”

And so the Ayakashi Kan Partner Games begin! Hosted by none other than Miyano Mamoru Natsume, the Secret Service agents and their partners have to go through a few *cough* grueling rounds to determine the ultimate winner! First up, we have a match of -chikin chikin- “What Inside This Box?”! The different partners use their own silly ways to get the answer, and eventually every passes without much of a problem~

Then we head on to round two, the -chikin chikin- Partner Quiz! Each person has to answer a question about their partner to test the bonds between them! Ririchiyo starts to get nervous upon hearing this, knowing that in all honestly, she doesn’t know much about Soushi at all. Nevertheless, the other groups breeze through it smoothly, until it’s Soushi’s turn… and then a simple question about Ririchiyo being a dog or cat person sparks off Soushi’s undying passion, and much to Ririchiyo’s horror,  he begins to uncontrollably pour out every single thing he has ever learnt about her. Due to Soushi’s long, elaborate monologue, the games came to an end and Ririchiyo was spared her turn.

They all return to the dining lounge, and Watanuki finds a pop-quiz on the table. After they find out that the winner gets to receive a Blu-ray player, everybody is suddenly interested in it and all chaos breaks loose. God knows how they went from Tokyo, to a potato bug (what on earth is that supposed to be anyway?!), but they did— and then the lights shut off without warning, and guess who’s back? Kagerou dramatically announces his return once again, calling everyone else, his awesome human toilets. The end. 😀

And hello to you too, Kagerou

Sparkles and tsuns, and everything nice

That moment when you know you’re doomed because you just- can’t- resist

Talk to the hand, bird, you are not worthy of my presence

PICTURE SAYS ALL. I don’t even–

Yes, because the answer to tan x = ±√(sec²x – 1) is obviously Perry

Stalker Soushi at his best

Woah, covering two episodes in a row has proven to be a pretty interesting experience – I rewatched episode 8 again to recap, and watching these two episodes consecutively allowed me to get a better feel of the flow of the story. Evidently, the pacing of these two episodes has been slow, although personally I don’t think it was slow to the point that it got boring. Yup, they spent two full episodes covering the time all the little things that happened before the glorious coffee time, but substantial character development occurred within this time, so it’s all good. ^~^

Firstly, Soushi actually admitted that even he, who seems so perfect to Ririchiyo, has his own problems communicating with others too. That scene when he confessed that he truly only knows how to serve, and not properly interact, touched my heart. Yes, Soushi is a drop-dead gorgeous heterochromatic doggie-eared butler bishie, but hey he has his flaws too – and he does admit it. I thought the way Ririchiyo handled it was adorable – despite both of them having similar problems in communication skills, they could fix it together.  It makes me want to grab my hamster and cuddle it to death because that is just so, so sweet. In the end Inuxboku is really simple, and it boils down to this – two obviously imperfect people helping, interacting and trying to understand each other, while learning how to overcome their weaknesses. Okay I am possibly being overly cheesy but I really do love this anime to bits, and it’s just so enjoyable watching them grow and develop episode by episode.

Through the partner games, we got to witness the relationships between the different characters in the Ayakashi Manor, and I realized how easy-going and teasing (Renshou/Nobara) and adorably loving (Watanuki/Karuta) they were with each other. It just makes me so fond of all them and I must admit that the characterization of each and every single one of them has been done excellently so far, and it makes me want to learn more and more. xD

Next episode, hopefully, will cover the little coffee meeting between Ririchiyo and Soushi. I’m so excited to find out about the wonderful/silly/adorable things that will happen during it~ I just hope Kagerou’s arrival won’t disrupt this because I am looking forward to it this much. )< Go away Kagerou, I want my Soushi x Ririchiyo timez. Okay but jokes aside, I wonder what the return of Kagerou will bring. Possible (love) rivalry? More chaos? New problems and conflicts? What I do know though, is that we will continue to be amused by the silly jokes and everyday occurrences this anime has in store for us. I am so looking forward to the next episode >D


A stressed-out jyoushi kousei doubling as Metanorn's loli with a soft spot for sappy romance animanga. She will watch anything with bishies in it. :3
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10 Responses to “Inu x Boku SS – 08 & 09”

  1. Joojoobees says:

    two obviously imperfect people helping, interacting and trying to understand each other, while learning how to overcome their weaknesses.

    I think you hit it right on the head. And that is why I think this show is a good watch. It has undeniable cuteness, and can be funny at times, but the story at the core, of two broken people healing each other is what makes i work.

    • Miyu says:

      Mm that’s it! It’s adorable, silly and quirky, but the most important thing is that story that they’re portraying so well. :3 I adore it ♥

  2. BlackBriar says:

    Inu x Boku SS – 08

    Ririchiyo’s development seems to get better every episode now that she’s gotten a better relationship with Karuta and the others.

    Watanuki and Karuta are pretty good side characters as well. Karuta, as gluttonous as she is, gives that equally gluttonous nun Index a good run for her money. She always has something stashed away for any given time. Who eats during P.E classes? And she’s as skinny as a twig, so where does she put all away? I don’t understand why Watanuki insists on putting on that “delinquent” front of his. It’s like he’s suffocating himself and I like it better when he’s acting the way he does around Karuta. It’s more subtle.

    Wait a minute. The bird in Ririchiyo’s cage is the same as that creepy bird in “Another” who’s always calling the main character by a different name.

    I think Soushi is doing his job a little too well. He notices every little detail of what Ririchiyo does in her daily life. If you ask me, that’s nothing short of an obsessed stalker.

    Inu x Boku SS – 09

    I had hoped to see her little coffee-party during this episode, but I guess we’ll have to wait until the next episode.

    I’m still a little worried about those Secret Service agents. Sure, Karuta is one of them, but she’s the exception. Zange is still a big mystery, which kind of worries me, because he could turn out to be an enemy for all we know. Nobara is constantly busy, exploring the world of yuri which she is doing without fail. Regardless, the raging lesbian is certainly amusing…

    It’s official. Karuta is among the great female gluttons of anime. She’s right up there with Index, Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai’s Maria and Coorie from Moretsu Pirates.

    Congratulations on your first double episode post.

    • Miyu says:

      Ririchiyo is simply so loveable now and we’re getting to see more and more of her adorable antics and emotions she hides behind that cold facade of hers. xD

      I completely agree with you on the point of the Secret Service agents. I think Karuta and Nobara are mostly what they appear to be (glutton&lesbo respectively xD) but Soushi and Natsume still remain as relatively mysterious characters. I’m curious to find out about their true motives, and I really hope that the easygoing atmosphere in the Ayakashi Manor won’t be too disrupted.

      And yes there have been too many creepy birds recently. *shudders*

  3. Gecko says:

    Evidently, the pacing of these two episodes has been slow, although personally I don’t think it was slow to the point that it got boring.

    So true! This show is really slow, but honestly, every little moment is funny or something. I can’t stand slow shows, but this show is just so… cute and funny that I can stand it. And I can’t wait for Soushi x Ririchiyo as well. But hopefully, it will come soon.

    • Miyu says:

      Most slow shows just make me sleep, but somehow Inuxboku manages to keep me entertained with their little funny jokes and adorable antics. ♥ Oh I’m expecting some Soushi x Ririchiyo to arrive soon, it’s been too long xD

  4. akagami says:

    This screen shot made me burst out laughing.

    And Karuta is so cute ^^

    • Miyu says:

      YES I was like WHAAAAAT ARE THEY EVEN DOING. Not sure if I find it funny or disturbing xD

      Karuta-chan is cute indeed, with that adorable dazed look and her obsession with food. Kana Hanazawa is a definite plus too. ^~^

  5. skylion says:

    Man, Karuta looks so darn edible this episode.

  6. Cely_belly says:

    Ha ha. I’m gonna need Karuta’s pencil for that test tomorrow XD

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