Guilty Crown – 22 [END]

Who likes Guilty Crown? Tsugumi sure does!

This is it. Time to see if I’ve wasted 22 episodes worth of my life or not. …Well I can’t say that I’m particularly sad to see this show go, but I will definitely miss Truck-chan and tagging with Fosh every week (Lagrange and the fact that I haven’t been here the whole series aside). He made this show worth watching xD
Ku Ku Ku we have finally reached the end of this oddball series. Seriously what a strange twenty two episode ride it has been for everyone out there, but I really need to give a shout to all of my tag team partners that helped out with these reviews, because you are all amazing so thank you! So, what will become of this ending episode? Are they setting us up for failure or closing the door on Guilty Crown forever!? Shall we find out?Plot this week follows Gai and Shu finally having their epic showdown for the fate of the world!

Ayase versus Daryl and his evil mecha crab.

We start things off with OH MA SHOE watching in shock as OH MA MANA wakes up after she successfully took over Inori’s body, but something is strange to Shu as she rushes over to his side to give him a tight hug. However, he is not really in the mood to create some touching reunion and basically calls her a monster again because she just stole Inori’s mind and body. Mana of course gets angry and clings to Gai as he summons his sword from her chest and creates a large map of the world under his feet along with starting his final battle with Shu. Meanwhile, Mana dances on this map and wherever her foot touches she sends beams of void energy to the selected areas…yeah she turns the world map into her own personal game of blow up the world DDR.


The fate of the world played on a giant 8bit gaming machine.

Mana-“Since the world is going to end, I feel like dancing!”        Gai-“Yep, you are really something special.”

While Mana plays world destruction DDR, the Undertakers have their hands full with Daryl. Oh and the huge map that Mana is dancing on also shut down Ayase’s machines along with the other robots. On the computer side of things, Tsugumi has a hacker showdown with Kido and Ayase has to eject from Truck-Chan after she loses control over her machine forcing her to try manually control it with help from Tsugumi. We jump back to Gai and Shu for a bit as they have a void versus void fight, but it appears Gai is far too strong for him to actually fight against. That is until Shu hears a voice calling from a tiny crystal flower nearby! Just what could it be? None other than a tiny piece of “Inori’s tear” and Shu uses this flower to summon his own giant killer sword.

Daryl has a fan service battle to end all battles.

Tsugumi-“I love the new windows 3000! It is so interactive.”

Smoke all the void flowers.

Gai-“COME AT ME BRO!”                                     Shu-“NO YOU COME AT ME BRO!”

Using this new sword Shu reverses everything that Mana did to the voids and Shu suddenly starts to have visions of Inori. Thanks to OH MA SHU and his weapon, the tables finally turn in favor of the Undertakers. They start to overcome their battles and a few personal fights against the likes of Daryl, Kido, Shuuichirou and of course zombie Gai. After Shu finishes off Gai, it pretty much screws Mana up causing her to start crystalizing and Gai has a mind trip with Shu where he has a chat about voids and the utopia of Daath…basically they wanted to turn the earth into one giant crystal filled with memories? That sure sounds like a failure of an evil master plan to me.

Daryl-“Why won’t you love me?!”                          Tsugumi-“Nyaahahahah prepare to get beaten.”


Rest in piece again you beautiful Gai! You and your abs of steel.

Gai also believed after he died with Mana she would be free at last, but no matter how many times she dies, Daath would just reanimate her again. However, the only way she can die is to finish her “role” that she was created for; so in the end Gai had to become the devil and bring on the Apocalypse to save Mana’s life and hope that Shu would stop them. After the mind trip Shu gains his kings powers and he starts to cleanse the world of voids aka sucks them all up inside his right arm… Yes, OH MA SHOE’S arm is a now a super vacuum to suck up all the voids along with void cancer.

Shu-“I wanted to Avoid crying in the final episode.”                      Mana-“It’s cool bro…let the tears flow.”

Thanks to OH MA JESUS, the world is free of voids. Before Shu can finally bite the bullet, Inori shows up again inside his mind and takes the voids away from him saving his life. Sadly she ends up dying in the process and the GHQ tower falls apart forcing the Undertaker members to escape without knowing if Shu survived or not. Daryl also managed to survive as well! Hooray for that guy, right?

Daryl-“He is so right! I should stop being so evil…Just kidding! I can’t do that.”

So what happens next in the story? We skip ahead to a “few years later” with a gathering to celebrate Hare’s birthday with Tsugumi, Ayase, Shouta, Yahiro, Kanon and finally a blind Shu. Yeah, poor guy is now blind but he did gain a brand new mechanical arm. The final moments of the episode follows Shu sitting alone on a park bench listening to Egoist music and he is sent inside his inner world holding Inori close to him.

Tsugumi-“Ayase, we should start a family.”                 Ayase-“Ehhhhhhhh?”                 Yahiro-“Dude…that is so hot.”

Shu-“Back in my day we didn’t have credits in our anime.”

Extra guilty fun

Mana-“You have angered the moe gods, OH MA SHOE, I will kill you.”

Shu-“Hold still so I can take a picture of you, Gai.”             Gai-“Make sure you get my good side please.”

Gai-“Just don’t trip…yeah…you might instantly die.”

Ayase installed a special hidden camera in Tsugumi’s hacker room.


End thoughts

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ WHERE DID DARYL GO?! Screw Shu having a million and one flashbacks of Inori. Screw his prosthetic arm. Also, screw the fact that I have absolutely NO IDEA how he survived taking on the cancer of the world. I WANNA KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO DARYL. It’s bad enough that Gai had next to no motives in the end besides “Yeah, I’m helping Mana just because”, but my shipping pair didn’t even get together. WhatisthisIdon’teven. All would have been forgiven if they had just shown him, but NOPE. Obviously flashbacks are more important. I should have seen this coming.

…Okay, okay, time for an analysis of what went wrong this episode. (My rage just can’t be contained at the moment). If you want to avoid my bitching, you should probably just skip to the next paragraph. Let the complaining begin! I think most of the loose ends were tied up really sloppily. I mean, Shuuichirou pretty much killed himself for no reason, Yu disappeared and was never seen again, Mana disappeared just because Gai did, Inori was reduced to a deus ex machina and I have absolutely no idea how Shu survived. Hell, I would have probably liked this ending better if he died (or maybe if he died a Madoka-esque death where his consciousness was still around or something) since I think that would actually mean something in terms of his character development. He developed as a character and became someone who decided to take on the weight of the world, yet assuming that Inori is the reason why he’s still alive, she’s the one who suffered the consequences. Something just doesn’t add up there. I liked the fact that the characters were celebrating Hare’s birthday and I liked the fact that they actually had a (kind of vague) explanation of Voids, but this ending just felt… off and incomplete. Even that ending card didn’t feel right. I think that one from episode 21 would have fit waaaaaay better.

Good things about this ending?  The animation was great, as was the soundtrack. Also, having the original ending (Departures ~あなたにおくるアイの歌~) play at that one point was absolutely brilliant timing-wise. Mana-Inori (…whoever that was) dancing was… kind of weird, but at least it looked pretty. Yes, if theres things that this anime had consistently right, it was the awesome character designs and that soundtrack. …The animation was on and off. …But at least this episode it was on… Yeah. I think at this point, I’m just trying to justify me watching it.

So I haven’t tested this out myself with the entire series (and I don’t really want to), but I found that this messed up confusion of a storyline was actually better when I was marathoning to catch up. I think it’s because there wasn’t a wait between things like “Oh look, a cultural festival” and “wtf why is Shu randomly king of the school now?” The story seemed to flow better the closer together I watched it. So yeah, if you can, I found that watching this all at once for a short bit helped me to follow the plot immensely.

Ahahah yeah I am with you big time on that, Kara! Just what the hell happed to Daryl afterwards? Did he become a nice guy after all? Or did he get killed off and we didn’t get to find out his fate? Just kidding everyone, but seriously how fun would it have been if Daryl was sitting at the table with Tsugumi and everyone else at the end? Ah well we can keep on dreaming for our non-canon pair of characters. Beside Daryl’s mysterious disappearance, it was nice that they did not show someone like Yuu floating outside the building grinning and making us scream YOU BASTARD, don’t make us punch you through our monitors!

Action wise this episode had plenty of moments that made my jaw drop! And yes even the right amount of fan service with Ayase running into that wall for some “plot jiggle”… that did look quite painful! Damn you Guilty Crown for hurting my waifu! Anyway, after the Funeral Parlor machines lost power I was like oh snap is Ayase going to jump inside her machine and pilot like that? Sadly that was not the case. At least she got help from Tsugumi who helped fight Daryl in the end and speaking of Tsugumi, did you see all of those tiny robots at the end? D’awwww moe robots are freaking cute! So they get a few thumbs up from me for including more moments between the pair of flight suit girls of Ayase and Tsugumi.

Now for the leading guy of Guilty Crown, Mr. OH MA SHOE aka OH MA JESUS aka OH MA HITLER and every other amazing nickname that came our way…so he saves the world from getting turned into crystal and sacrificed himself only to have Inori save him in the end?! So usually the guy gets the girl in the end right? Sadly Shu gets no girl and ends up going blind forever? I gave that character a lot of crap throughout this series because he cried and whined his way through twenty two episodes, but I feel he deserved a bit better. However even through all the crap moments, it was nice to see Shu grow into a decent character and he did get his stuff together near the end. So what about you? Do you think Shu got what he deserved in the end? Or should he have died along with Gai and Inori? Let me know!

Overall did I like Guilty Crown even after all the failed hype it got? Part of me will forever say yes because reviewing such a train wreck series was actually quite fun for me. While Guilty Crown will never go down in anime history for having anything ground breaking or brand new, it was an interesting idea at the start! Yes we all know Guilty Crown was pretty much rehashed Code Geass clone but it still managed to provide me with something entertaining to play around with. Like those meme themed screencaps…I wasn’t realy sure how they would work, but I am glad people liked them. So finally this series is over! There are characters I will miss a whole lot like Ayase and Tsugumi and maybe even quiet old Inori who started to grow on me near the end. So what did you think of Guilty Crown? Hated it? Loved it? And should they do a second season or give us a few OVA specials? Maybe some Tsugumi and Ayase love? However, I like the way things ended up.

Final stuffs


Thanks for the fun, Guilty Crown! You shall be missed for a while until the new spring season starts up…


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54 Responses to “Guilty Crown – 22 [END]”

  1. Kyokai says:

    Smoke all the void flowers.

    Lol, Fosh, you and your captions. I think they were the best thing about me catching up to this series because I facepalmed too much.

    Also, I’ll agree with Kara that it’s better in marathoning than watching per week basis because all the hate and rage accumulates and you just want to throw some juice on the monitor when something wtf happen. I just caught up with this since episode 13 and after 19th, I think the last episode was not so bad.

    • Foshizzel says:

      void flowers for the win! Hooray!

      Thaaankssss! <3

      Truth! I will say waiting week to week on a episode to update especially after a cliff hanger blows! There are far to many moments when stuff is getting good and them blam friggin cliffhangers.

      The final episode was decent, but I really wanted more action from Shu and Gai's final felt so weak ah well not a bad end at least.

  2. Rakuen says:

    Rocks didn’t fall. People didn’t die. I am disappointed. Bad End.

    For a show that more or less took itself so seriously, it had such a hackneyed plot. You could probably sum up all my problems with it right there. I saw glimpses of magnificent success, but equally saw abject failure. They tried to tell this story but didn’t put in the effort, and by extension earn the right, to do so.

    At least Tsugumi and Ayase were decent characters. They should make a show centered around them. I’d watch it. Maybe. Possibly. Probably not. But they might as well!

    • Foshizzel says:

      I know! WHERE WAS ALL THE DEATH and rocks falling on people!? Damn!

      Agreed something seriously fell apart midway with Guilty Crown’s story and plot and I have no idea why! I mean there were a few episodes where things got good…sadly there are plenty of failed episodes.

      I want more Tsugumi and Ayase time! Yeah I will miss those two characters, but Ayase will always have a special place for me <3

      • skylion says:

        I’ve been pitching the Tsgumi OVA for how long now? At least four months? Was it that long ago?

        And while watching, I knew you would nab that frame “secret web cam”, said, “Imma gonna see that on Meta, ain’t it?”

        You aim to please…

        • Foshizzel says:

          Yep! This is the truth we have wanted that OVA for a loongggg timeeeee xD

          HA! Butt of course <3

  3. Gecko says:

    Anyone else notice that Mana was kind of doing a Lelouch but in “World’s End Dancehall” style? ( ) She was standing on a world map just like him….
    I agree with you kara, the music was well done in this episode. The loose ends ruined it though. DARYL, WHERE ARE YOU????!?!?!?!
    Also, Inori really pulled a Penguindrum, giving that red string thing to Shu… just like when Himari gave Shouma and Kanba the Penguindrum (and it was red too.) Except then she went ahead and died. Honestly, she needed to be a little bit less selfish in taking all the voids. Shu should have died too. They really failed by letting him live. A Madoka-death wouldn’t be bad for the two of them. Also, her name means prayer. /facepalm. (It was also this episode’s Japanese title. Only reason I know.)
    I do think that they really wanted Shu to live through this, but leaving him blind… what? what? He’s not Mustang in FMA, he has no reason to go blind. He was ready to be Jesus, not Mustang. (plus an Edward Elric hand, of course.)
    Not to mention, celebrating that birthday was so random. I was expecting Daryl to show up instead of Shu. But then he didn’t. And I flipped a table over in my head.
    Overall, I’m not happy with this show. They had so many, so many, so many chances to do cool, never-done-before stuff, and they completely forgot! Like the void rules- those were completely forgotten. Daath was under-explored; Yu was too minor; Tsugumi and Daryl never got together. ;.; At least we got to see normal Gai before the show ended. It reminded me of why he was cool. White was not a good color for him. And those tiny robots. I don’t even know how those got made. Oh well.
    I wouldn’t mind a short OVA to explain what the heck happens after to some people. But I doubt anyone wants to try to make it. But a second season would be horrible. Let’s a-void the return of the voids.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Guilty Crown has some of the best music I really can’t get enough of it! And that first OST = amazing.

      Yeah I would love to find out what became of Daryl I guess we can say he got away for now.

      I agree with you gecko OH MA SHOE Should have died along with Mana/Inori…there are plenty penguindrum-ish vibes from episodes 21 and 22 thanks to Yuu messing around with Shu and the other characters “tempting” them over and over again. Ahahaha yeah I have no idea why they decided to make Shu blind! I suppose it might be some cheesy thing about only having eyes for Inori? I would laugh.

      Yeah there were plenty of missed chances in Guilty Crown mostly the story fell apart before anything amazing could happen. I dunno I liked the whole white haired Gai thanks to the GHQ for bringing him back to life xDD

      I do not support a season two! Unless Ayase+Tsugumi got more screen time <3

      • Gecko says:

        I would agree with Ayase, although maybe not Tsugumi for more screen time. Tsugumi was so under-developed as a character, that in all honesty, I didn’t really care too much about her. Although I’d like to learn how she hacks in that bubble thing. (Yet another thing they forgot about- what is that?)

        • Foshizzel says:

          Sad but true! I honestly wanted to learn how Ayase got injured requiring that wheelchair and I wanted to see how Tsugumi joined the Funeral Parlor! Seriously missing those key parts of their character backgrounds.

  4. Hime says:


  5. tsog says:

    I marathoned this over the last two days and found a lot of plot-holes/unexplained details.

    1. One can only obtain voids from people 17 and younger. However, Gai obtained Mana’s void even though Mana is definitely older than Shu (she did choose Shu when he was born), who is 17.
    2. What exactly is Inori? I get the feeling that she’s not fully human, but it’s never explained if she’s a product of some genetic experiment for the purpose of providing Mana with a body or is she a some random girl brainwashed by scientists to be the physical manifestation for Mana.
    3. I know Mana and Shu are brother and sister, but are they related by blood? Wikipedia hints that they are not related by blood, but the flashback episode gave me the feeling that they share the same father. Maybe I am missing something here?
    4. The underlying relationship between Shu and Yahiro and Souta are never explored beyond one or two episodes. I can’t shake the feeling that the relationship is very rushed for the sake of the plot. How did Yahiro and Souta become so trusting of Shu to entrust their voids in him, especially with their past betrayals?
    5. Shu going blind. How did that happen? He loved Inori so much so that the last image he ever saw was her dying? Inori was blind before her last embrace with Shu, so maybe her blindness transferred to Shu when she saved him. But why was she blind in the first place?
    6. Why was Daryl saved? Maybe Rowan had a thing going for him? Daryl never showed any redeeming quality in the anime as far as I could tell.

    All in all, while the story wrapped up with few loose ends in the end, the story leaves much to be desired.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Damn that is impressive! So how does your brain feel right now? Mushed? or still intact? xDDD

      1. Yep 17 year olds! Which applies to everyone at the school as for Gai I think that is where the genome thing comes in right? Allowing him to use the “Kings” power after he hacked off Shu’s arm.

      2. I had my thoughts on Inori being a robot, clone and possibly an alien character. Yeah they never got into what she actually was, but from what I gathered she was basically just a copy from Mana to be used later.

      3. Shu and Mana could be related in episode 20 they touched that for a moment thanks to them showing off their biological mother and I assume they are due to the same father? however the void cancer screwed up her mind.

      4. Ahahah yeah those two characters constantly flip flopped all the way through the ending…Shouta gets screwed up and Yahiro seemed to always be shoved to the side by Shu! Then again those two are just special.

      5. Yeah I think that might be the case here with Shu going blind maybe it was a price to pay for the voids? It sure seemed like they shoved FMA right into the end of the series if that is the case.

      6. I think Rowan was always worried about Daryl not in a BL way of course, but they also never explained how those two met up! I would have enjoyed something to explain that relationship.

      YES! I know…story was pure WTF at times T___T

  6. genepakmybags says:

    Well, Inori died because Gai died using her void. :3

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yep! Inori got pwned thanks to Gai getting killed and because she saved Shu with da power of love <3

  7. Moni Chan says:

    Unfamiliar number of episodes. somethings wrong.

  8. Tofu says:

    My enjoyment in this series was purely from the action. I felt that the action was there was and everything else wasn’t anything special. Some will love it, some will hate it and then there’s those in the middle.

    The final episode was… ok… I wouldn’t say it was anything spectacular but I wouldn’t say it was utterly bad. I don’t even know what to say about this as a whole LOLS I’m lost for words but not in a good way, it a more… “what is there to say about it?” (Note: It’s morning and I just woke up)

    Like Fosh, I loved seeing Ayase and Tsugumi throughout the whole series and they were practically my favourites. I didn’t really care about Shu or the others but I really wanted that blonde chick to die. (Can’t believe none of the bullets shot her in the face… oh yeah that scene was FAIL AS) All the voids disappearing and she’s trying to defend and then her void goes away, she’s probs like “WTF OH SHIT!” *shot* call be sadistic but I laughed at that scene.

    Guilty Crown had the potential, it had a great idea, it even had good character designs and music to go with it. The fighting was awesome but it was those plot holes and little loose screws which ruined the whole show. I really do think that Guilty Crown could’ve been so much more if only they fixed the little things up which accumulated into big problems :\

    There needs to be like a Kingdom Hearts-like game but Guilty Crown style~ I’d love to play something like that ;D

    • Foshizzel says:

      Right! The story was crap but the visuals and action were all good for Guilty Crown <3 and you are correct Tofu! Halfway in the middle of the series I can tell a lot of fans began to drop the series.

      Haahaha yeah the final episode wasn't anything special or amazing! But yeah there wasn't a whole lot to say besides some random wtf moments and a blind OH MA SHOE...

      Ayase and Tsugumi forever and ever! I never ever liked Shu or Inori, but they did grow on me towards the end after they dealt with their personal problems and what not. AHAHAHH YES! Arisa got pwned and she still managed to survive somehow.

      Right great idea for an anime complete with amazing animation+Music! I still can listen to the OST all day long if I wanted to do so...and agreed plot wise GC fell apart after the second or third episode for me.

      LOLOL! I think you might get your wish about a GC game.

      • Tofu says:

        Ahahahaha about that GC game~ It’s actually going to be a visual novel after researching about it a while back so my hope for either a Prototype-like game or a Kingdom Hearts-like game won’t come true OTL

        Well now that it had ended… even if it wasn’t anything special overall I feel like I might miss this series a little bit. I experienced something new, something different compared to the other shows I’ve seen.

        • Foshizzel says:

          Yeaaah I just read some information on the GC video game ahaha it sounds pretty lame to me, but fans of the series will eat it alive.

          Yeah at least you watched it and were entertained even if the story wasn’t anything mind blowing we can always look back and say WE SURVIVED the experience of GC <3

  9. BlackBriar says:

    “Who likes Guilty Crown?” I do.

    This is the end!!! Wow, this was such a beautiful episode to close out with. It was quite a ride, but all things must end. The sweet part of this series is that Inori was always on Shu’s side, in all the trials he faced, Inori was still the one who understands him and cared for him.. It’s a good that Shu’s alive but it’s depressing that he’s become blind and alone since both girls, Inori and Hare, who loved him are gone. Plus, he wanted to die with her. At least make it dramatic and have them die together in love like Romeo and Juliet.

    The action in this was purely amazing. Not to mention all the emotion that went along with it. Shu and Gai’s fight was the best part.

    I can’t believe Gai did everything that has transpired just to free the life of one girl. He was redeemed, as he says in the end he did what he did hoping Shu would come stop him, and he did.

    Mana was still hot even though bringing the new world by dancing. Too bad she was used as a means to continue human evolution.

    Ahh, my last dose of Tsugumi moe hacker fanservice. I’m gonna miss that. And guys, we should inspect that ass one last time.

    The animation’s really stepped up towards the final episodes, where the most important parts are concerned. It’s like Naruto, regular animation for a period of time but got 100x better when the fight between Naruto and Sasuke came along.

    With beautiful music from Supercell, animation, good characters and character development and despite a sometimes a shaky up and down story, I give Guilty Crown a solid 9/10. I loved every bit of it.

    • Da5id says:

      Oh god, the inevitable Romeo And Juliet comparison….

      It looks more like you were watching the episodes with the sound off and no subtitles, because there’s no way any of these characters could be considered good in anyway. They started out wimps and ended as assholes. That’s their development.

    • Foshizzel says:


      THE END! And everyone lived happily ever after…just kidding, but seriously good final episode mixed in with some sweet moments with Shu and Inori I can agree there. Yeah I sort of wanted Shu to die at the end of this episode ah well I suppose they went for a happier ending vs sad and dramatic for Shu anyway! Inori not so much.

      I always loved the action scenes in Guilty Crown, but this final episode seemed weak vs the others. Gai and Shu’s fight though was still fun to watch <3

      Gai is awesome! In zombie form or regular form, but I sort of figured it was all for Mana's sake anyway! Much like Yuji in Shana Final if you watch that series.

      LOL that dance was strange...very...very strange and yeah! I will miss moe hacker girl and kick ass Ayase a whole bunch! She will always be the stand out character and my first "waifu"

      FK YA Animation and music! At least the producers of Guilty Crown got that right, but story wise that really really really needed some serious work! A 9/10 fits this series I think I gave it a 8/10 on MAL? I forget hahah

  10. Kitty says:

    Yay for moe Daryl!!!! And I’m sorry I liked Kido but he got shot in the head ;_; I wish to say more, but I don’t have much. I really liked the show until about episode 15 and then it just wasted my time. If there had been more Daryl I think everyone would have loved it more XD

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yep! Big time yay or Daryl! I wish we got to see what happened to him years later…ah well goooood going Guilty Crown! GRRRRRR as for Kido he was cool but we really never got to know him to much.

      hahah ya 15 was a breakdown point for a lot of people out there.

    • Karakuri says:

      Agreed. And more of megane-kun as well. His sacrifice will never be forgotten. ;_;

  11. skylion says:

    Guilty Crown will always be tops on my list for two reasons. First and most importantly, it was the first show I commented on here at Metanorn. I’ve come to find a good group of cool cats to share the experience.
    Second, and final. It is a prime example of what not to do as far as narrative is considered. I’ve gone at length about this in previous comments, I won’t sum up.

    What I enjoyed about the show:

    Good gravy, is there anyone here that doesn’t know that I would gladly crawl over broken glass (or watch 22 episodes of a crappy anime) to make Tsugumi my waifu? Soooo much prime real estate, so little investment on the part of the producers. They missed the gold mine. And all I can do is pine for the perfect would that could have been…

    We’ve all waxed about the tracks. Four solid home runs in the theme music, and just great times with the OST in general. supercell is just climbing it.

    redjuice. From Inori’s fragile, delicate, beautiful features, to Tsugumi’s cat face, and delicious rear end (they never forget to include that….kudos) we got to see some sublime character design.

    The voids. A great idea that was underdeveloped, abused to within an inch of it’s life.

    Well, that’s me out for GC. Thanks for the lulz, Fosh. Ya big nut!

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ahahah well this makes me happy that you found Metanorn and started to drop comments off <3 <3 I always look forward to seeing what you decide to comment on about each episode. LOL yes I hope other anime producers take a look at this series and really AVOID (yes pun intended) making the same mistakes that GC ended up with for twenty two episodes.

      Yeah sad but so true! Tsugumi was a highlight for me through the entire series and they missed several chances to explore that character. I have so many unanswered questions about her like how did she meet the members of the Funeral Parlor? What was it like for Tsugumi to meet Ayase for the first time? I really wish we could have a serious OVA about that...however as a side character she can't outshine lame ass Inori/Mana/Shu/Gai T____T

      OST ROCKS! I have my fingers and toes crossed for a 2nd half soundtrack to get released one day <3

      Redjuice did a excellent job on character designs, but if you saw the original designs on Tsugumi she looks more I'd guess adult? That could be the wrong word...maybe more sexy? LOLOLOLOL

      Voids were a great idea and this series will forever going down in history for using a refrigerator as a possible weapon? GREATEST VOID EVER.

      Awwww thanks Skylion! I hope you stick around for the next set of shows I blog and of course we have the rest of Mouretsu Pirates to comment about xDDD

      • skylion says:

        Those are some great questions about Tsugumi. I would add: what’s your family like, do you prefer a spring or summer wedding, what do you think of the name Gerald for a boy? LOL.

        I’ve seen some of the designs as well for her, looks like the decided to “scale back”; which makes me pleased as punch. Heck in some she looked a bit like Mio from K-ON.

        I will be around, so don’t slack off, mister. Heck, I might send you guys a proposal review. This looks like fun. That depends on how busy Spring is for me. No, I know Spring will be hella busy for me, just depends on how many balls I want to juggle…

        • Foshizzel says:

          Ahahahaha yes! Those are some great additional questions for Tsugumi.

          Yeah she did look more like a Mio and less like a Azunyan either way I suppose you are right the anime version of Tsugumi is better.

          Yes! You can bet I won’t be stopping anytime soon! Ah that might be a fun idea to try! Yes yes depending on how busy the next season gets…id start off small with one series for reviews maybe something short? ;D

          • skylion says:

            We could have a Kuroneko, Azunyan, Tsugumi trio? Wonder what that short review would say? “Dear internet, today I died a sweet death. It was the best day ever.”

  12. Ceyrai says:


    1) Where was my Daryl x Tsugumi!?

    2) I think the final battle between Gai and Shu wasn’t enough to resolve their differences. Less Inori flashbacks and more Gai-Shu bromance, please. For the sake of the plot, of course.

    3) I’m not sure I really understood what happened to Inori and Shu. So Shu absorbed her blindness and she absorbed the cancer of the world which Shu first absorbed in the first place? Eh?

    Though to be honest that was a heartbreaking scene. Maybe not my heart, but someone’s heart out there that shipped Inori and Shu. I’m not personally attached to them, but it was a beautifully rendered scene. Maybe if I wasn’t so confused with what was happening I’d be more personally invested…

    4) Until now, the Void concept is still raw. They could’ve done so-so-so much more. I hope they reuse the concept with a better story. All in all Guilty Crown was too much of a mish-mash to make sense of. They took a plot point with soooo much potential, and made it crash and burn.

    5)They stayed true to their Code Geass-Evangelion rehashing roots to the very end. Why. Why can’t you be original. My goodness. Daath’s plan = Instrumentality. Come to think of it, Daath’s plan = Charles’s and Marianne’s plan. And that World Wide Void Network pic. Can you say Lelouch taking over Damocles!?

    6) …and where’s my Daryl x Tsugumi?!
    (And why a teacher? Why not something more… tech-related?)

    But I was happy about a few things.

    1) I liked the scene between Rowan and Daryl. That was sweet – it felt like a big brother-little brother sort of thing. I just wished they’d played it up better. I mean, they could’ve hinted at it more in the course of the series. (So that’s another disappointment.)

    And Daryl was so adorable! At the last second when the elevator closes and he’s wide-eyed and… d’awwww.

    2) OH MA MANA dancing like that CAME OUT OF FREAKING NOWHERE, but I have to admit that was pretty. I guess we have redjuice and the animation department to thank for that.


    3) THE MUSIC. That is all. So getting the OSTs!

    …but still. Where is my Daryl x Tsugumi?! Why is it only the robot that has babies ever after?!

    All in all, Guilty Crown was a series that I struggled to like. At first, it was audio-visual Belgian chocolate. But then you start looking at the plot and… ugh. It’s like they took wonderful ingredients and instead of cooking, just smooshed it up the kitchen wall. Eurgh. Admittedly, there were some parts of the plot that showed incredible promise, even in the latter half, but they just didn’t know what to do with that.

    (Also, why imply so much Daryl x Tsugumi if you’re not going to make it happen?! Bastards.)

    But one thing that did keep me following the series was anticipation of Fosh’s jokes. 😛 Here’s to a great wrap-up, Fosh! The series may have crash and burned, but your writing certainly didn’t!

    • Foshizzel says:

      Sad but true.

      1- Yep I really really really wanted to see that ship sail eventually! We still need that amazing Daryl x Tsugumi pairing.

      2- Hahahah yeah I actually like that whole bromance between Gai and Shu fighting over Mana and Inori for twenty two episodes?! LOLOLOL and that final fight? It was so Zzzzzzz.

      3- Yeah that was a beautiful scene with Inori and Shu hugging before he started to suck in all the void cancer and void weapons…as for the blindness when Inori walks over to Shu she is blind at the time! So think of it as a trade basically she allows him to live but he takes on her blindness…either that or they felt like “oh we want the viewer to feel bad for this character.” I do feel bad about Shu until I remember he was a fail character >.>

      4- Yep they dropped the ball on the plot for Guilty Crown the overall idea about voids and their connection to the person was interesting! Sadly like you said they missed chances to do something great with them.

      5- hahahah yeah it seems the creators of Guilty Crown pulled several ideas from hit shows like Evangelion, Code Geass and even a tiny tiny bit of Mawaru Penguindrum with Yuu in episode twenty one because of that “apple” scene.

      6- Daryl and Tsugumi can always be the best couple in our minds <3

      Hooray good stuff xD

      1- Agreed! Rowan does make for a great older brother to Daryl because you can see how much Rowan actually cares for Daryl even if he yells and fights Rowan all the time, but yeah great pairing between them.

      2- Ahahahahah yeah that dancing scene with Mana was nice but it was seriously terrible, but animation wise it was nice to see! Thank you Redjuice.


      Truth! But I guess when you get down to it you were still entertained right? Even if the plot was garbage and there are several characters you can do without. Right the ingredients are there for something fantastic, but if you screw up one thing you can pretty much wreck the whole project.

      Awww thank you! I really had a fun time poking fun and making jokes with every passing episode.

  13. amado says:

    fantastic trainwreck.

    nothing else to say.

    well, except that I find metanorn’s reviews much more entertaining and fun than the show itself. you know, if they implemented these things to the show, it would have been a whole lot more better.
    as some others said already, the show took itself seriously yet had very weak attempts on backing it up. much more better as a parody.

    yeah, sorry for not visiting anime blogs so much. school and stuff.

    • Foshizzel says:

      The best fantastic trainwreck of all time.

      Right GC did indeed take itself a bit to serious at times and it was lacking in the humor departments for me, but I don’t really see how any jokes or comedy can come from Shu or even Inori as main lead characters…I will miss Ayase and Tsugumi a whole lot more.

      Anyway when reviewing this series I really wanted to only talk about the fun moments, because there are plenty of people out there that can rag hardcore on the bad parts of GC for hours! After episode three when I discovered oh the plot pretty much is crap there were chances for comedy gold much like my own experience with Sacred Seven.

      No worries Amado! Stuff happens <3

  14. skylion says:

    Oh re: Ballarinamana. Can’t believe we missed a possible Dance Dance Evolution rip….

  15. Alynn says:

    This ending was mediocre. If they show a character surviving, they are obligated to show an aftermath scene featuring them! I want my Daryl!

    Besides that, Gai’s motive was pure bs and the Daath were just there for no reason.

    That being said, I am glad I was here for the GC ride.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yep the ending was missing a epic death of OH MA SHOE! And yessss the daryl fans are in need of closure xD

      Hooray! I am glad you survived this trainwreck <3

  16. anaaga says:

    Man, what the fuck. I want Shu dead but noooo he had to survive the goddamn stuff and turned blind because HE’S BLIND SO LET’S EXCUSE HIS PREVIOUS FAILS. He’s supposed to be dead damn it

    But of course, the one who ended up dead is Daryl’s megane bromance partner. If Shu can survive from the collapsed building, why can’t Daryl’s partner survive from all those bullets? What happened to Daryl after all that Apocalypse!?

    Wait a second, how can you get blind from a collapsed building without having a scar whatsoever on the eye? Broken legs or arms I understand, but blindness? Really?

    Uff uff, stupid Guilty Crown.

    And in the end, We Still Don’t Know the name of the Inori We Saw That Day

    • Foshizzel says:

      lololol yeaaaaa we all wanted OH MA SHOE to die at the end and now he is a blind guy? What the hell is going on!? Maybe they want us to say awww man sorry Shu! Just kidding.

      That is a mystery huh? I want to learn where Daryl went after that building fell apart.

      LOLOLOL Maybe all he got was dirt in his eyes? ;P

      Best long title ever.

  17. ouma shu says:

    i liked the anime haha for me its great its even in my top 1 i want more of it too haha but i also didnt want it to end like that. well i wish for more! where there will be no more questions and any more complains haha…

  18. ouma shu says:

    umm btw i believe that shu’s blindness was because he absorbed inori’s blindness too… (to the people who dont have an idea)

  19. D-LaN says:

    Rebuild of Guilty Crown? Anyone?

    Also, I hv faith tht the Lost Christmas prequel will be better…… The demo out and fan-subbed.

  20. SteppenWolffe says:

    But what about Rowan???? (aka Daryl’s bromance partner, NOT a fan) I actually thought he was a cool dude, the second I learned Inori wouldn’t come back I was hoping he would survive, although he saved Daryl… I was a little disappointed by the ending overall…

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