Guilty Crown – 19

Truck-chan was bringing marshmallows to the party, anyone got some chocolate and gram crackers?

Well I wasn’t planning to tag this again for a bit, but after watching this episode, I absolutely had to. It was just… wow. Maybe I’m just easily impressed, but I found this episode pretty good for GC.
Last week we got to finally see Inori’s true colors and Shu also discovered he could cry a hell of a lot more… just kidding! He figured out what needed to be done after Inori knocked him out…so what are we in for this week?! I hope some kick ass action and stuff blowing up.Plot follows Haruka stealing the last batch of Genome virus, while Segai finds the new base for the Undertakers and Shu gains his king powers once again.

Segai-“This picture goes into my personal Gai_is_hot folder…”

Starting off this week of crystals and stuff with OH MAH HARUKA, doing some sneaky stuff behind the GHQ’s back for the sake of OH MA SHOE. She attempts to kill off Mana but quickly learns she is missing. Also did she call Shuuichirou her brother? Fufufu there are some crazy developments this week; however, he shoots Haruka, misses and she escapes with the last vile of that super virus. Segai is somewhat overjoyed by this news and decides to hunt for Haruka, but we all secretly know why! He is just super bored and wants to do some evil things before the series ends.

Haruka-“On the count of three, we make out…”             Shuuichirou-“Wow…that is totally sick! LET’S DO THIS.”

While Haruka zooms off on her new ride to save the world, Shu decides to stop crying like a baby and take some action. He even takes Arisa hostage to drive him around…however, she is only going along with Shu because she wants to find Haruka and bring her to her lord and master Gai. Yes, I’m sure Gai will hug you and have special fun time with you, Arisa. Haruka meets up with the remaining Undertaker members and tells them how she became Shu’s mother, but in reality she is only his step mother, while Mana was actually her real daughter. DUN DUN DUUUNN! Not that it matters a hell of a lot at this point anyway, right?

Being kidnapped by a one armed man? Arisa, you got issues girl.

Haruka-“Thanks for saving me, so here is your reward: a flash back scene.”

Enjoy this pointless flashback scene with OH MA MOMMA.

After that random story, Segai finds out the location of the Undertakers and starts shooting the place up. He also proves he can do some fancy work with a set of large knives and kills Oogumo… Rest in peace, man of few words; you will be missed. Haruka retreats back to Tsugumi, Ayase and the others, where she plans on giving the virus to Ayase so she can take on Gai and the rest of the GHQ. Segai on the other hand has major plans for the virus and he leads a raid on the second base and interrupts Haruka’s plans.

Segai-“I brought my own guns to this show and by guns I mean KILL EVERYONE!”

Shibungi-“So…how’s it going man, I see you took my hair color.”               Gai-“As you can see I make it look better.”

Segai-“It’s a party and every robot with a giant machine gun is invited.”

Ayase tries to retrieve the virus after Segai shot the case down some stairs…but it rolls right in front of Shu who picks it up and injects himself with it and powers up. Damn you, OH MA SHOE! I wanted to watch Ayase become super powerful and save the world…just kidding, you can have it. After Shu powers up, he grows a new arm made of crystal and starts to absorb all of the voids around him, taking out Segai for good. Everyone stares in shock as Shu walks towards them with void cancer growing on his face, I guess after he took Souta’s void away, he took the void cancer with him. So, this means Shu takes on both the good and bad qualities of the void like void cancer…

Ayase-“I will not stand for this, OH MA SHOE!”                Shu-“Sorry, but I have a handful of people to save.”

I don’t want to see Shu without pants…

Segai-“OH MY GOD, I HAVE THE POWER! Oh wait…you stabbed me…”

Shu-“Can anyone please put this fire out? Seriously it hurts…”

Extra Guilty fun.

Segai-“I love your hat! Let me thank you with a gangsta style death.”

Inori-“Don’t mind me…I am just hanging around till the end.”

Ayase and Tsugumi service! We should hug them right, Skylion?

Shu-“Now stop making jokes about my arm!”              Fosh-“Whatever bro, that purple hand is lame.”

Zombie Gai, why so cool?

End thoughts

So Shu and Haruka aren’t actually related? …Who wants to bet that Gai and Shu are actually related? AHAHAHA only joking (not really). So then, uh, I guess this raises the question of who Mana belonged to. It’s most likely Ouma again, since she was the carrier of the virus, but maybe her whole Shu obsession wasn’t as incestuous as I thought. Well the plot has gone to hell, but DEM ACTION SCENES. Who cares about plot now, just include these every episode from now on. It’s times like this that really remind me of how the entire production is being dragged down by the plot. Though that being said, I enjoyed this episode more than most of the other ones, so maybe the people behind this will pick things up at the end.

Since when does Yahiro not want to sacrifice anyone? Seriously, he was the one who wanted to implicate that whole Void classification thing and then didn’t bother telling Shu that destroying Voids=killing people. Wtf caused this random change of character?! On the other hand, Inori has become the useless damsel in distress again (didn’t this already happen like, 6 or so episodes ago?) and suddenly the evil old guy (I’m not going to bother trying to remember his name) is part of the Ouma family? … Or did Haruka mean ‘brother’ in an affectionate, non-relative way? Well whatever. I’m currently too distracted by heterochromia Gai to care.

Best part of the episode? Shu actually did something. Not only that, but what he did was pretty awesome. Not just the fighting and using his Void, but I was impressed by the fact that he took Souta’s cancer from him. Shu seems to be on a destructive, self-sacrificing route now. While I can’t see him leading a long and happy life with that mindset, it’s definitely a nice change from the guy a couple episodes ago who didn’t want to be involved with anything. Again, I’m not entirely sure what triggered this change in him since he was still emotionally comatose an episode ago, but I appreciate it nonetheless. Maybe Inori being kidnapped round 2 actually did some good this time.

Whoaaaaa this episode!? SOOOOO GOOD! I loved it so much, but the first half was chit chat and story along with who is related and to whom. I am sure I heard Haruka call Shuuichirou her brother, right? And she is actually Shu’s step mother?! So, I guess her flirting and falling all over her “son” doesn’t really count as incest?! Ahahaha surprise! Then again does this development really affect the overall story? Honestly, I don’t think it matters in the end who is related to someone and who really cares? We never got to see much of Shu and Haruka together. However, I guess there might be some emotional attachments even if Shu is not her biological son…

Incest aside for now, Ayase almost got to power up thanks to the void virus, but I already had it in my mind that Shu would use it on himself anyway because he has to save Japan from evil zombie Gai…before I talk about that ending bit, I have to mention Segai. Wow that character was easily the highlight of the episode and he started to remind me of Caster from Fate/Zero, why you ask? Because when he started to get excited, his “insane mad scientist” side of him started to show. Other than going mental, he got a total kill count of two people, but in the end he went out kind of crazy. At least he got to “feel” the power of a void inside of him…damn that sounds so freaking dirty.

And now back to OH MA SHOE’s adventures with voids, finally he got his powers back and grew a totally awesome looking crystal arm. Anyone else like the whole flying around with Ayase’s strike witch legs and using Souta’s camera void mixed in with Yahiro’s sword? That was really amazing and it appears Shu can switch back and forth between void powers now…I was waiting for him to do something like that eventually. So, has Shu taken their voids forever? What happens when he takes Inori’s void? I guess she will be free and probably die, right? Yesssss, I am totally fine with that.


Extra Ayase service.



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30 Responses to “Guilty Crown – 19”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    Ah, here’s my weekly dose of corruption and betrayal. It’s funny, really funny… Shu becomes the hero again and suddenly the show’s rating skyrockets up again. You should have seen the comments flying around. This anime has been an emotional roller coaster from the start: Ups, downs and twists.

    Shu has redeemed himself in my eyes. He and Mirai Nikki’s Yukiteru have become way more impressive than Deadman’s Ganta. He got his Void powers back and a new arm (someone’s been watching Star Wars). Sure, he can draw out people’s Voids, but he takes on their burdens as well. That’s a really danderous gamble now that he’s got Souta cancer. Things are about to get a little bit more chaotic. Now he’s off to rescue his woman.

    So he and Haruka aren’t blood related. That explains why he always calls her by her first name instead of “Mom” (Though that doesn’t absolve Moretsu’s Marika). I wonder what revelations this will bring about Mana. She might actually be Haruka’s daughter and the realtionship between her and Shu wasn’t really incestuous.

    What are the chances that Gai was evil all along based on how he described the purpose for Funeral Parlor to his old partner and how cold the explaination was? He always had an affinity for power, especially explaining his disappointment to Inori that Shu got the Void Genome in the first place instead of him.

    The fight towards the end of the episode was the best sequence since the fight in the prison when Shu was kicking ass while holding Inori in his arms. And it’s true now that I think about it. Segai was very much like Fate/Zero’s Caster down to the whacked out personal obsessions.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ahahah yes! Things are getting interesting at last and you are right things get high for this series and crash hard…such as the episodes where they had a big ass fight and then they go back to school after? LOL WTF?! Anyway yeah ups and lots of downs.

      Agreed! Shu and even Yuki have gone through some dramatic changes lately and are so much better than Ganta. Yes! Blame the creators of GC for using a bad Star Wars reference…long as Gai says away from being Shu’s father! Yeah taking the bad with the good definitely interesting stuff and I can only see Shu doing this to save his “friends”

      Yep! Haruka is more like his older sister, well if you remember early episodes she was falling all over him and hugging him with only a see through night gown on! LOLOL Sure it probably wasn’t that kind of “incest” But still who does that? xD

      Gai being evil from the start? Hmmmm really a interesting idea maybe he secretly hated Shu after he gained this kings power? So Gai pushed and pushed him until he finally broke down? That could work! We all know he was quite angry with Inori for failing her mission.

      The fight was amazing! I should have said something about the tron look of his new void weapons they all looked very digital-ish. Segai was amazing! Best villain of all time for the GC universe…zombie Gai is a close second in my rankings.

      Great comment! Thanks <3

  2. akagami says:

    I wasn’t going to continue watching this, but I was told I would find Jesus…

    All hail our savior Jesus SHOE! He will absorb all our sins and leave us pure!

    Segai = “Oh My God, Jesus has penetrated me with his heart! *orgasm face*” … ><

    Not surprised about Haruka, I never really felt they were family… she felt more of a sister than a mom.

    OP is still as cute as ever.

    • Foshizzel says:

      OH MA JESUS? I can live with that <3

      Lololo Segai I will miss that crazy scientist a lot T___T

      Right! Haruka as a "sister" > Haruka as a momma.

      Yeah the OP has grown on me.

  3. Hime says:

    He killed a gay clown! Yami would be so proud.

  4. Rakuen says:

    @Karakuri: You realize we’ve thought the people behind this would pick up for the entire series, and for some reason we’re still here, right? XD

    The best male character in the series died. If it weren’t for Shu dumping all the skill points he’s accumulated in his ~16 years of life into Badass, I’d probably drop the series right here. Alas, he decided to turn himself into a +2 Swiss Army Knife of Salvation, so I guess I’m around ntil the end.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Whahahha I knew they would come crawling, limping and rolling back to the power of Fail Crown <3 <3 <3


      Yeah Shu quickly jumped from crybaby to OH MA JESUS status so fast! Thank god he did not whine and cry during this episode, but it did look like he turned his emotions off after he got his powers back.

      Human Swiss Army Knife of Salvation indeed! The ending better be EVERYONE DIES as in Gai, Inori and OH MA SHOE.

    • Karakuri says:

      …Shhh. It’s near the end now. This is where they get to blow the money that they saved hiring 4 year old children to come up with the plot instead of actual writers.

  5. Tofu says:

    Shu: “…..Trace…..ON!!!!” xD

    • Foshizzel says:

      LOLOLOL Yep! I was like wait a minute haven’t I seen that glowing arm thing before? Either way I love the tron look of Shu’s new void powers! Soooooo cooooooooooooool <3

  6. Gecko says:

    NO. NO. NOT GUMY. /cries in a corner.
    I really didn’t want him to die. He actually seemed pretty cool and not over-rated like every other character in this show. Everyone else is interesting on the outside, and then we learn about them and it’s like, “Oh, never mind. You suck too.”
    Now, Shu seems to be really preparing himself for saving everyone. He’s gotten power, and ignored it, then abused it, lost it (and his mind), but now he’s really taking it and using it for what he thinks is justice. Gai has his own sense of justice, too, though, and that probably involves him controlling the world. Shu seems to be fighting against Gai, probably to make the world/Japan more normal again. And Shu knows he’s going to die, now, and man his Void will really do it for him. Taking Souta’s cancer was probably Shu’s way of saying “sorry” as well. But I’m glad we get to see Shu’s void, and also that he’s got his hand back so he can go do stuff.
    I’m hoping for a touching reunion between Shu and Inori, ending the show with Shu dying.
    Also, if you haven’t listened to the soundtrack, the song “Vぉ1℃→Ki母∪” seems to me to be the song they’ll play at the end, especially the last minute or so of the song. Of course, they could come out with a third soundtrack, for all I know. Or use “κrOnё.”

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yep poor mado science guy had to die! I will miss his crazy ways of life <3 ahahah yes it seems everyone has another side to them huh? Inori, Gai and Shu all have several sides to their characters.

      I think Shu is in matured mode right now! He knows what needs to be done and is finally prepared to see it through, but how will things end with Gai? I can't wait to find out! SOOON! VERY SOON! Right Shu knows he is going to die soon.

      Yeah Shu taking on the cancer from Souta is a great thing! Proving Shu still thinks of Souta as a close friend possibly?

      Yeah the ending is in site and I can see Gai, Inori and Shu dying because all of them have void issues. Oh? Nice! I love that OST so much <3 Yeah they have a few sad themes to choose from.

  7. Reaper says:

    So Trainwreck-dono is back on track? Nothing like Oh Ma Momma to get things back on track! 😀 With a megalomaniac brother as President of Japan…seems like that gene doesn’t spread down the female side of the family…

    Hoenstly, I’m glad things have suddenly turned onto a track called Plot, even though it seemed like a bit of a quick fix from last episode. Shu obtains the Power of Kings again, recreates his right arm with the Apocalypse Virus cancer thingy (guess he can’t get an AT Field as his right hand…), and he’s decided on one objective : the DEAD END saving Inori and repenting for his crimes when he was the Student President (Souta says thanks for taking his cancer Shu!) by having what I hope to be a massive, awesome showdown against UberGai!

    Speaking of UberGai…Segai, no!!!!!!!!!! Have to say though, his death scene was…filled with innuendos.
    Segai: Ah, I feel it within me! Another Void within me!
    Shu: Yeah, I totally decided to turn gay with you Segai…by smashing Truck-chan into the wall with you.
    Segai: A sign of our Void love?
    Shu: I’ll just take it out…
    Segai: Nooooooooooooo!


    Ayase should have taken the Void Genome (even though it wouldn’t have made sense for the plot) to see what would have happened (would have been awesome, no doubt about it)

    • skylion says:

      One reason why it’s good that Ayase didn’t get the Power of Kings: You become destructive to the people closest to you. And since Tsugumi is the closest to Ayase, the Unwritten Law of Tsugumi Shall Be Dicked-Over will axiomatically activate.

    • Foshizzel says:

      That is one unique family of mental cases.

      Yeah I can’t wait to see Gai versus Shu! I hope it turns out to be amazing <3

      Yeah I am sure the fangirls enjoyed that bit with Shu and Segai.

      Yeah I can't picture Ayase using the genome power and it wouldn't really do much for the series.

  8. skylion says:

    Why yes, Fosh, I would embrace them tenderly and make them mugs of delicious hot chocolate.

    And by hot chocolate I mean, hot chocolate. Bitches, I make a mean cup.

    I cannot add anything more. This garbled mess continues to be a messy garble in most of the ways it can. 180 degree abrupt characterizations, super powers as the derrr-ama demands, pointless deaths and meaningless flashbacks. It’s pretty to look at.

    I think we stay with it because we want the bragging rights. So next time some pip-squeak pipes up three episodes into a new 2-cour series about how much it sucks, we can look to our Guilty Crown armour and scoff, “you don’t know what sucks, kid!”

    • Foshizzel says:

      HELL YA! <3

      No worries I am waiting for this series to end! Then again I will be sad to see it finally was fun poking fun and making jokes about it every week.

      Agreed! When people say omg this new series blows we can always come back and say PSSSH Guilty got nothing on that.

  9. FirstImpulse says:

    Anybody else want Ayase to have the genome instead of Shu? She’s certainly a better character… Compared to OH MAH SHOE’s rather lack luster “heroics” this episode (just dumb luck, because he’d be toast if he didn’t catch the genome), Ayase leaped from her wheelchair and skidded down an escalator while under gunfire… and she STILL doesn’t have the use of her legs. Girl got guts. Forget Shu. Ayase is a far superior hero…

    • Gecko says:

      Yeah, I definitely wanted Ayase to have the genome. But Shu is going to take on all the bad things from everyone to save them and pull himself down. Ayase would just start fighting, and then we’d have a series repeat with her instead of Shu… That’s no good.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yes and no! Yes because she would get more screen time and no due to it killing her…Ayase is still awesome without cool void powers.

      Ayase reminds me of a certain level 0 from Railgun! She has similar issues in that series in the super powers department.

  10. FirstImpulse says:

    Anybody else want Ayase to have the genome instead of Shu? She’s certainly a better character… Compared to OH MAH SHOE’s rather lack luster “heroics” this episode (just dumb luck, because he’d be toast if he didn’t catch the genome), Ayase leaped from her wheelchair and skidded down an escalator while under gunfire… and she STILL doesn’t have the use of her legs. Girl got guts.

    Forget Shu. Ayase is a far superior hero… And she doesn’t have that bad habit of casually chatting with bad guys while they’re driving semi trucks toward ppl…

    • lvlln says:

      Yeah, but that’s the kind of gutsy move that you don’t expect Guilty Crown to be capable of. Kill off Shu, and Kana Hanazawa character as the protagonist for the final 3 episodes. Too good to be true.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Double comment! Whoops but no worries xD

      • FirstImpulse says:

        Sorry for the double, I was having browser issues…

        And very good observation and reference to my FAVE character from Railgun! Ayase really is best without powers. Because all the other characters have to catch up! lol

        It’s really something when through sheer guts and skill a “powerless” character comes out and trumps a super hero/villain. Perhaps I just have a soft spot for pretty girls with backbone. XD

        What would be really awesome is for some non-powered character to come between Gai and Shu, just to toss things up for the finale. >:D

  11. Alynn says:

    I really liked this episode. The series finally picked up again! The fight scene oh my god that was amazing!

    …but where is Daryl?

  12. Barend says:

    This week, my songwriting ambitions reach new heights as I present my latest musical arrangement, a soaring rendition of the classic ballad, There s a Hole in my Bucket. The lyrics are accompanied by fine works of art provided by Foshiizzel from Metanorn. (If you don t already read his posts, go check them out!)

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