Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou – 12 [END]

Don’t worry, Hidenori, we will see you again one day!

Is it the end already?  ()´д`()It pains me so to say goodbye to Winter’s anime as Spring is soon arriving, and it always leaves me with an empty feeling in my heart. Although each season will bring a new comedy anime into the picture, Nichibros was epic while it lasted and shall be dearly missed. :’) Let’s savor this last episode, shall we?
Whaaaaatttt this funny series is coming to an end!? NOOOOOOOO!! SAY IT ISN’T SO! Sadly this is true the insane adventures of Yoshitake, Hidenori and Tadakuni are over for now, but I have my fingers and toes crossed for a second season of Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou! So what about you? Are you prepared for the end of this wild ride?Stories this week have some fun with Graduation as we prepare for the end of Nichibros.

Habara-“Sooooo you want to go to a movie?”                   Karasawa-“Sure…I heard K-ON! was playing…”

Our final episode of Nichibros starts off with High School girls are Funky! Don’t you find it strange they replace the ending song with the opening song? Some of us have already noticed this happening in lots of anime recently because I suppose it is the latest trend to do when ending a series… Anyway we follow Habara as she talks about how Karasawa acts around her all the time. Which quickly turns into Karasawa acting scared or worried that Habara might do something bad to him? He is probably scared she might transform into her alter ego and kick his ass! I know I would steer clear of that one, but she is so freaking cute on the outside…

Yoshitake-“Don’t make any sudden movements. This teddy bear can smell fear.”

Next up Hidenori, Yoshitake and Tadakuni hang out in the local arcade just to test their skills with the ever popular crane game. How much money have you wasted trying to win a prize from those kinds of machines? The most money I have ever wasted was roughly fifteen dollars on a giant stuffed frog. Hidenori in the meantime fails to win a stuffed teddy bear and Yoshitake manages to get the bear on the very edge before giving up causing the three guys to try and shake the machine. However, Tadakuni’s little sister arrives and uses all her super strength to shake the machine and walks away with a new stuffed teddy bear… Good work, little sister, you are using your awesome power for justice and cute stuffed toys.

Little sister-“Thanks for barely including me in your final episode, jerks.”

The next day Hidenori returns to the arcade solo this time and plays with another crane style game, but this time he is after a magical girl figure that looks just like a certain magical girl named Madoka… While he fails over and over again, the assistant manager asks him if she can move it closer so that he could win. Hidenori suddenly feels like this random girl is making fun of him for wanting a magical girl figure, however he plays along and eventually wins his prize after the girl embarrasses him in front of the other gamers.


After the arcade based fun, we follow the literature girl talking to some classmates about her recent “crush” on Mr. Run like hell Hidenori and Yassan stands there screaming in shock. Who else is having a strange time? Ringo-chan! She is hanging out with the boys student council members as they do their work, but she quickly jumps up screaming she is BORED!!! Yeah I suppose sitting there while they guys do paperwork counts is boring. So, the guys follow Ringo around acting like her bodyguards as she gets hit on by every guy on the street. Even the student council president is caught talking to her before the others knock him out cold! High five, you guys saved poor old Ringo from… your own president….

Literature girl versus Ringo-chan! Who will win the battle of shouting?!

Special guest apperance by the hotdog from Nichijou! Where are Mio and Yuuko?

Hidenori-“I see you finally decided to show up today.”                      Tadakuni-“Sorry bro, I was busy saving the universe.”

Moving right along, we finally enter graduation mode with Hidenori, Yoshitake and Tadakuni as the three of them sit through the principal’s speech and everyone gets a bit emotional as in the vice president mostly… Poor dude! So tough yet he can break down and cry so easily, however those are manly tears of happiness. After a while, Hidenori has an encounter with the literature girl and he even holds her hand for a moment. Even Tadakuni has a random encounter with a mysterious girl, but who could this girl be?! None other than the girl from the convex mirror aka Nago-san from the pizza delivery place. However, after learning that Tadakuni wakes up shouting! Wow this was the best troll ending of all time! Well played Nichibros, but I thank you for giving us something to laugh about.

Hidenori-“This wind tells me to grab your hand.”                   Literature girl-“In your dreams, high school boy.”

???-“Don’t you remember a moe character like me?”                  Tadakuni-“EHHHHHHHHH!? WHO…ARE…YOU?!”

Beware of the evil TROLOLOLOL; they crave attention.

Tadakuni-“AH! I had a dream where I was Ichigo from Bleach all along…THE HORROR! OH THE HORROR!”

But wait there is more! As in the final skit involving Hidenori, Yoshitake and Tadakuni running down the street with various food items like toast, meat and fondu! Seriously how amazing are these guys? They continue to have a blast together right until the end. Of course, no episode of Nichibros is complete without more crazy high school girls doing moe things! This time they take a stab at the K-ON! Movie and travel to England to start their own movie adventure…with Habara fighting some mysterious silver “monster” character.

C’mon fans, is this seriously not the best movie idea of all time?

Extra daily lives of cool high school kids

Don’t worry, Ringo-chan, you can go on many adventures in my heart.

Ringo is testing the latest invention in hot dog technology! The hot dog goggles.

More like true bros follow the bullet time camera code.

Hnnngggg, these two are perfect together don’t you think?

Every anime series needs to end with this pose.

End thoughts

Aww, that was a good roundup for Nichibros. It’s captured the essence of the anime, its silliness, hilarity, awesome characters and all and ended it off in kind of a weird, hanging way, like it’s telling us THERE WILL BE MOAR! xD (I honestly think the chances of a second season a high, so keep a lookout for it peeps~)

I would sum this entire episode up as ADORABLE hehehe. We got to see a lot of the girls for this ending episode – the super dense, misunderstanding high school girl (God forbid she falls in love with Karasawa this way), Ringo-chan, who also happens to be the easiest target in the whole town to hit on (does this even happen in real life?!) and Nago-san… even if it was just a dream. xD Also, now I know how guys feel when playing crane machines! DO YOU REALLY HAVE THAT KIND OF INTERNAL DILEMMA, GUYS? xD And it was awesome that the shop attendant even bothered to help him – why doesn’t good stuff like that happen to us in real life, huh? I’m still kinda sad as to the little screen time for Tadakuni, who only appeared in the last few minutes orz, but it’s okay, at least I got to see many of our fabulous max characters for the last time. *~*

I thought the graduating ceremony portion was pretty well-presented, actually. This is Nichibros – it’s not going to give you the tear-inducing, sobfest kind of ending, but the cheesy goodbyes within the student council committee, Yoshitake’s hero time capsule, the long-awaited moment of truth between Hidenori and Literature Girl (SO TOUCHING HAHA) and imouto-chan’s deredere congratulations… it was all going so well until we found out THAT IT WAS ALL A DREAM. >:  For one moment I thought we were really going to see the loveydovey union of Tadakuni and Nago-san ver. kawaii but then I realized I shouldn’t have kept my hopes up. I mean, this is the Nichibros that gives us the most anticlimactic moments we wouldn’t have seen coming. xD

I liked the little touches they put in, like well-played link back to the first episode when our beloved trio is as nonsensical as ever, stuffing STEAK and cheese fondue into their mouths while running to school (how is that even humanly possible?!); and purposely putting the ED in the front and the OP at the back :’) I mean, that’s what they wanted to leave us with, right? As the last line of the ED goes, “and as for our story, we search for more pages to fill in our tale”. It left me feeling all warm and fuzzy! NICHIBROS, hurry up and come back for a second season!

Thanks fosh! <3

There is only one thing to actually say about this episode and that is, BEST EPISODE OF NICHIBROS! Right down from the music and yes that trollish ending with the dreaming of graduation, but there were lots of side moments that made me laugh just as hard. The whole segment revolving around the crane style game wasn’t the most hilarious skit ever, but just watching Hidenori struggle with the bear and then little sister walks over shakes the machine and walks off with his prize? Now that was hilarious! And then that whole scene with Hidenori trying to win a magical girl figure, that poor guy basically got thrown under the bus in front of all those customers…

I was extremely pleased they gave some screen time to my two favorite female characters as in Ringo and the Literature girl, but I find it really hard to place one above the other in terms of my number one. Anyway, Ringo’s adventure was great because she kept on assuming those guys wanted to eat her food versus hitting on her over and over again, but that poor student council president! His own club members kicked his ass. Now for the literature girl…oh my god! She was her usual fun self and of course she is pretty much required to scream every time she makes a special appearance, but that damn troll scene with her touching Hidenori’s hand!? NOOOOOOOOOO!! How could you Tadakuni? I guess he has a wild imagination.

What if this whole series was a twelve episode dream and Hidenori and Yoshitake were actually fake characters all along? Somehow I can actually picture that happening. This episode gave us not only one story with the High school girls are funky but two! If you are familiar with K-ON! You can easily tell those three are practically always making parodies about that series. Either that or those girls really are moe blob characters even though they really don’t do “cute” things on a daily basis. What else happened? OH YES! THAT HOTDOG SCENE! Ahahahha what the hell!? Cough Nichijou parody anyone? I have no idea why moments with flying hotdogs that cause me to die laughing every damn time! Maybe my mind is just special like that.

Overall if you love over the top comedy like Nichijou or something more like Gintama you might become a huge fan of Nichibros aka Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou. I recommend you give the series a three episode test run, because I really have high hopes that you will crack up from every crazy adventure with Hidenori, Yoshitake and Tadakuni. Music was top notch through every single episode! Whenever there are moments of action, drama and straight up comedy you can bet the music will always fit any mood, who can really pass on the literature girls theme song? Animation wise it wasn’t anything mind blowing or impressive, but the style fits the world of Nichibros quite well! Anyway I can’t wait to see what they do with this addictive series next maybe we will get a season two? I sure hope so.


See you next time!

Thank you readers and commenters, it was a really fun ride, but I need to give a shout out to my tag partners Miyu and Kyokai and anyone else that got to join in for this fun series! Thanks again for letting me tag along with you.


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31 Responses to “Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou – 12 [END]”

  1. xRichard says:

    KyoAni should have done this instead of Nichijou in my opinion.

    Nichijou BD sales are laughable.

    • Foshizzel says:

      YES! Just imagine what they could pull off with a series like this?

      That makes me really really sad! I guess that means no possible season two of Nichijou T___T

    • Croos says:

      I don’t want KyoAni to do this honestly.
      It just doesn’t fit.
      But for Visual background art, I would agree but for charater, nope.

  2. Joojoobees says:

    This show was a good demonstration of how a truly funny comedy can get away with average artwork. Hidenori’s inner monologues were hilarious. Literature Girl is now a classic. Lots of wonderful gags.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ahahah yes! I love those moments with Hidenori, but every time he opens his mouth or does something hilarious I just can’t help but think about Gintoki from Gintama <3

      I will miss the Literature girl the most and of course Ringo xD

  3. Croos says:

    At least I heard season 2 already confirmed.

    • Foshizzel says:


    • Myssa Rei says:

      Hahahaha, no. The manga has almost no un-used chapters at this point, unless it means using the ones at the end of volume 5 (which focuses on those three thugs that tried to hit on Ringo, as well as the rivalry between Yanagin and Habara’s sempais), or going anime-original.

      Not docking the quality of writers Sunrise has, but I don’t want them to do the latter. The Graduation sketch in this episode, while nice, was such a skit, and has only left confusion instead of being a straightforward parody of dramatic endings comedies usually fall back unto to round off a season…

    • Moni Chan says:

      already that was fast

  4. The_Magus_Killer says:

    I would just like to say this: I was, and still am, shipping Hidenori x Yassan/Literature Girl since the beginning. WITH ALL MY STRENGTH! FOR SCIENCE AND GREAT JUSTICE! XD

    Even Tadakuni’s sub-conscious knows Yassan and Hidenori are the One True Couple of Nichibros. But to think Tadakuni had feelings for Nago-san (even if it was just her convex mirror girl persona) made me “D’awwww, you should have confessed to her in an earlier episode, then maybe we’d see more of Convex Mirror Girl-Yassan.”

    *goes to a riverbank with a book to look for my own 3D Yassan*

    • The_Magus_Killer says:

      oops, I mean Convex Mirror Girl-Nago-san.

      Haha. Sorry for the typos. So who wants to see “Highschool Girls Are Funky The Movie: ArchDemon vs. Silver Devil”?

      I know I do, because of Yanagin’s (Kobayashi Yuu’s) heavenly rough, coarse, but sexy voice. XD

    • Foshizzel says:

      Congratulations that is the best pairing of this series <3

      lots of d'awww moments between Tadakuni and that mirror girl lololol damn that troll ending.

      I shall join you.

      YES! I love hearing Kobayashi Yuu's voice <3

  5. Justin says:

    Ah…looking forward to A) getting an official second season announcement down the road and B) Buying it when it becomes available. *good times coming!*

    • Foshizzel says:

      Oh definitely excited if they do a season two.

      • Myssa Rei says:

        … Which is like in 3 years. Having all the scans for the current 5 volumes (all that’s been compiled on the manga since it started 3 years ago), the production simply doesn’t have the material anymore.

        For the curious, I can provide links.

  6. anaaga says:

    I was so disappointed when it turned out that the couples were just in Tadakuni’s dream. I totally ship Hidenori with Literature girl

    • The_Magus_Killer says:

      “It wasn’t a dream. The couples are real. Hidenori x Literature Girl IS real, they’re the One True Pairing of Nichibros.” – repeat as many times as needed.

      I kept telling myself that like a madness mantra until it became truth inside my head. Now I know how ESPers are “gifted” with their powers. Haha. XD

  7. tatsuya says:

    hahaha~~~ (/ ゚▽゚)/ this ending make me think that it will have a new season

    • Myssa Rei says:

      Again, as much as I’d LIKE to see a 2nd season, we won’t see one anytime soon simply because there is no longer any source to adapt. The show blew through 3 years worth of material in 12 episodes, which is pretty much 4 and 1/2 volumes worth of chapters.

      If you don’t believe me, I can even link zips of the scans.

      • The_Magus_Killer says:

        Please do. I want to read the manga version. Are they translated? The ones on manga sites aren’t complete. For example, on Manga Fox, there’s a huge gap from chapter 15, then suddenly we have chapter 33.

        • Myssa Rei says:

          Only the whole of volume 1 (chapters 1-15) have been translated, as far as I know of. The files I have by the way are all RAW, but there’s almost a 1:1 correlation between chapters and episode skits, so if you have the subbed episodes you should be fine up to the end of Volume 5.

          Volume 2

          Volume 3

          Volume 5

          I keep on having trouble with volume 4 and 5 (Mediafire doesn’t like them for some reason), but I’ll see what I can do…

          • Myssa Rei says:

            And finally, volume 4: Volume 4

            • The_Magus_Killer says:

              Volume 4 and Volume 2 are missing. They’re not hyperlinked.

            • Myssa Rei says:

              Huh, they were there when I first posted the reply. Metanorn ate the hyperlinks? Might have to double-check again when I get home.

            • Jrow says:

              Looks like there was an issue with the linking. I’ve edited your comments to include the links. 🙂

            • The_Magus_Killer says:

              My thanks to Myssa Rei and Jrow. I can finally enjoy this in manga form. I might try scanslating these RAW manga.

  8. anaaga says:

    I’m just waiting for season 2 now

  9. Bob from Accounting says:

    Those Funky Girls just had to have the last word, didn’t they? Not that I’m complaining. It’s been said many times and will continue to be said, but for a show supposedly about ‘High School Boys’ it really was the female characters who shone. I only have one question left (yes, this happned in dream world but whatever), if Convex Mirror Girl was out in the real world, does that been Nago is trapped in the mirror now? Fridge Horror, right there.

    Sunrise seem to be indicating that they want to do more of this, and I’d totally be up for that, however long it might take for that to happen.

  10. Rakuen says:

    Well it finally happened. Nichibros parodied Nichijou. No black hole. No earth shattering kaboom. Nothing. I am disappointed at the universe for not knowing it should collapse upon itself in a blaze of awesome. Though the original is always going to be the gold standard of food-based ridiculousness.

    The “it was all a dream” graduation was an absolutely perfect way to cap off the season. Should the series ever actually get to that point, I hope the dream actually comes true. It’d be a nice throwback to those who were following along the whole time. But I have a feeling these guys are going to be perpetual teenagers. XD

    It was a fun, thanks for the ride. Here’s hoping for S2 somewhere on the horizon.

    • Bob from Accounting says:

      It won’t get to that point. It’s been explicitly stated that they’ll be second-year high school students for the rest of their lives.

  11. Moni Chan says:

    this should of been 25 or 26 episodes like Nichijou

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