Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou – 09

Older sisters love the older brother types.

I’M BACK! …kinda. If I had to describe exams in one word, it would be !@(#&!@!@(*#&, but that technically isn’t a word, so I’ll just call them disgusting for now. This week I’m tagging along with Fosh who has been very awesomely covering Nichibros in my absence! Oh wait, you didn’t even notice I was MIA? Okay ;_; But seriously, I’ve dearly missed my weekly laughter pill, so let’s start it off!~
A huge welcome back to Miyu! I am glad you are back for now and tagging with me? Awesome! I think the last time we did it was with the first impressions for this series. You are welcome! I can’t get enough of this anime, but last week was kind of boring…hopefully this week is slightly better.Stories this week has Hidenori on vacation, while the boys’ student council has their own set of special issues…

A contest of facial reactions! GO!!!

This crazy episode starts with Tanaka aka Yoshitake’s older sister claiming she is going out with Yuusuke aka Hidenori’s older brother, but she doesn’t want to kiss him at all? Yes, I think she has lost her mind! Yuusuke tries to hook her up with one of his friends and fails after they ask him if this mystery girl was cute or not… How can anyone tell in this series?! Half of the girls have missing eyes…

Yoshitake-“So, what about that guy?”         Yuusuke-“Nope, that is my dad…”           Hidenori-“Yeah…no.”

After the strange scene with the older siblings, we follow Hidenori on vacation with his grandparents, but he spends most of his time extremely bored! I know that feeling bro… One day Hidenori hangs out by a river, staring at the water and sadly no there was no literary girl this time. While standing there, he hears a girl shout something random and she dropkicks him into the river because she thought he was another friend of hers. Tough break for Hidenori! Even on vacation girls still kick his ass.

Hidenori-“It’s cool, I always wash my clothes while I wear them.”                Emi-“Oh wow, same here.”

Hidenori-“Relax…this is for the girls to drool over.”

After getting out of the water, Hidernoi learns the girl’s named Emi and she has another guy friend that shows up later, but Hidenori shoves both of them into the river! Yes that is a great way to make friends…and it works because the three of them end up spending the summer together, while Emi starts to develop feelings for the new guy. Could this finally become his lucky break!? However during a festival Emi tries to confess her feelings to him but she learns Hidenori is actually her cousin! I was guessing something like that would happen… Oh that poor girl.

Hidenori-“Sorry, but I am not into wincest…”                          Emi-“GOD…IS…DEADDDDD.”

Up next! Daily lives of the student council with all of them helping around the school until they get annoyed at all the clubs asking for help, but they gladly spring into action when a random teacher walks by asking for assistance. The following day the vice president talks to Motoharu about seeing random girl’s panties one day…Motoharu thinks this is awesome, while the vice president is not quite sure he would call it awesome. They invite Ringo over to fix the computers so they can peek up her skirt! Yeah…Motorharu and the president freak out after she leaves. Wow, these guys are so desperate, aren’t they? At least they felt sorry afterwards for doing that.

Vice president-“Yep, we are going to lure an innocent girl into the room…”                      President-“We are terrible…!”

Motoharu-“OH MY GOD! WHAT DID WE SEE?!?”                   Vice president-“Something scary!”

Last mini-story has the president, vice president and Motoharu visiting a nearby school to work on their computers. When did these guys become experts in technology? Anyway, they meet with the other president who starts to stir up some drama around her own vice president and things slowly turn into which vice president has the better back story. Finally more high school girls are funky with a movie trailer like recap of Yanagai’s past when she had an epic battle against the evil Habara.

Using team work to take out your rivals? Priceless.

Daily lives of Marvel versus Capcom.

Awww don’t cry! There will be more posts in the future.

Extra high school fun.

Emi-“Boy meets boy… Wait don’t forget to bring me pictures…”

Hang in there, Hidenori! You can survive this.

Ringo is the best on internet.

Lots of lives were lost in the great elementary school wars.

End thoughts

I would say that this episode hasn’t been the best Nichibros action so far. It was interesting, but not really funny. I didn’t even laugh this time round. NICHIBROS YOU CAN’T LOSE YOUR FUNNY SIDE, I NEED YOU IN MY LIFE. D: I’m starting to think the producers are slowly running out of ideas and are trying really hard to think up random funny stuff and smash them together. I hope they have enough brain cells to last the remaining few episodes though, because I would be really disappointed if it continues to drop in entertainment value. It started off with so much hilarious potential!

When the episode started off with Yoshitake’s onee-san suddenly announcing the news of her relationship with Hidenori’s brother I thought we were finally going to get our first official couple in Nichibros but nooooo xD Trolling us every time haha. And as usual onee-san’s logic didn’t make sense – you want to date him but you can’t even bear to kiss him? Y U NO MAKE SENSE? Goes to show that older siblings may not necessarily be saner/more mature than their lil’ sisters and brothers! All the onee-chans and onii-chans here are even nuttier than their younger siblings hehe.

I also liked how they used such a common cliché – I mean, boy returns to childhood place and has an uncanny meeting with a girl; girl then falls in love with boy who is returning to childhood village, and decides to confess to him when he is leaving, only to find out that he’s some sort of distantly-related cousin? Sounds like about 12308123 other sappy movies nowadays xD I knew it was going to have an anticlimactic ending (as usual) but I didn’t expect that kind of cheesy clichédness. That was enjoyable~

All in all, this episode was… okay? Maybe it’s because I’m getting kind of used to Nichibro’s form of humor, so I’m not finding it as refreshingly entertaining as it was when I just started off as it’s getting dry. :\ Nevertheless I still have great, great hopes for this show as it has brought lots of laughter in its early days! Also I missed Tadakuni this episode. HOW CAN ONE OF THE MAIN CHARACTERS NOT EVEN MAKE A SINGLE APPEARANCE? >: I DEMAND MOAR TADAKUNI NEXT EPISODE!

Awesome episode this week! Way better than the bug infested episode from the previous week. This time they actually managed to have a story with Hidenori’s summer trip; I thought that mystery girl was actually Ringo. However, it was not her at all but a brand new character voiced by Kaori Mizuhashi aka Mami from Madoka Magica; it also helped with Hidenori shouting TRIO FINALE! when she kicked him into the river… Wow, what a great reference in this episode. How many of you were thinking the same thing that Emi was actually his cousin? Ahahaha… that was hilarious and sad for Emi’s feelings.

The starting part with the older sister and characters was great! I laughed so much when Yuusuke was looking through his phone and every other guy was a pervert?! That dude needs to get some new friends and quickly… And why the imouto didn’t want to kiss him? Poor guy, he can’t get a break anywhere. Agreed there, Miyu, at least we know the older siblings are just as mental as the younger ones in this series.

We sure got a lot of scenes with the student council and the vice president sure gets angry really fast doesn’t he? Maybe they forgot what the student council actually does as in help the school… I couldn’t help but laugh when they invited Ringo over to fix the network? Good god, if she ever found out what they did, she might murder all of them! Ah well, at least Ringo didn’t find out… And finally the high school girls are funky? That was amazing! It felt like I was watching some movie trailer where kids fight other kids. I’m just glad this was a great episode.


Time for an amazing race?

Next time! High school boys and fun with bikes.


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28 Responses to “Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou – 09”

  1. Kyokai says:

    I’m gonna go pout in a corner now.

    • Joojoobees says:

      Why so sad?

    • Foshizzel says:

      Sad that it is almost over? D:

    • Miyu says:

      Whyyyy the sadness, boss lady? >:

    • Kyokai says:

      *puts the tsun monocle on* It’s not like, I want you to mention that I tagged along before as well. *tsun mode off*

      • Miyu says:

        *tsun mode* I-it’s not like I thought you two did a really good job or anything. *tsun mode off* (I PHAIL AT BEING TSUN)

        Now on to serious bisseyness:

      • Kyokai says:

        I was just playing around. xD

        It’s all good. <333

  2. The_Magus_Killer says:

    Habara as the ArchDemon. CANNOT UNSEE THAT WILD RED HAIR AND FANGS. It’s like she got possesed by the chaos god Khorne. I can definitely understand why she can’t get a boyfriend now; she’s still too feared.

    I wish the animators showed the fight scene Dragon Ball Z-style (where major fights stretch across many episodes) since I want to see Yanagin show her Karate moves, and know if Rubber Shooter’s rubber bands did any damage to ArchDemon Habara at all. XD

    Kaori Mizuhashi (voices Emi) – Tomoe Mami
    Aoi Yuki (voices Ringo-chan) – Kaname Madoka
    Chiwa Saito (voices Ikushima) – Akemi Homura

    We need Eri Kitamura and Ai Nonaka to appear in this anime to complete the Magical Girls.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yes! ArchDemon for the win! I liked that whole bit at the end xD

      LOLOL Yeah that would be cool huh? Nice list of magical girls <3

  3. Orriken says:

    I’m fan of Danshi koukousei no nichijo ! It’s so funny, but I admit, yeah, this episode wasn’t too funny X)

    • Foshizzel says:

      Yeah there are a few hit and miss episodes of Danshi out there… T__T

    • Miyu says:

      Agreedddd. Still hoping that next episode will be better though, this anime has been generally great so far 8D

      AND FIRST-TIME COMMENTER! *hands you a cookie*

  4. Ace says:

    I love it how they glued the modem to the ceiling just so she would get up on that ladder. His reaction afterwards was so great.

    I’m glad I’m not the only one to have noticed the girls lack of eyes. I think it’s to remove the moe element from them.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Oh yes! What the hell!? You would think Ringo would catch on to that. Agreed best reaction ever.

      Yeah it does make them a bit more moe doesn’t it?

  5. anaaga says:

    Boy Meets Boy!

    Welcome back Miyu! You survived the exam and came back to us!
    I know what you mean, I don’t find Nichibros being really funny these days too. But I have to say this episode was funnier than last week’s

    The part I like the most is Hidenori’s summer. It was all cliche and full of summer love, then… They’re cousins. LOL Like whuuttt. If this were a yaoi, they would’ve dated anyway regarding of their blood relation xD And the girl actually has a face too!

    • Miyu says:

      TADAIMA! 8D I feel so loved. :’)

      Yup last week’s was kinda dry and disappointing, but the show still has its enjoyable parts xD AGREED. And then anticlimatic ending DUNDUN HE IS YOUR COUSIIIIIN. Yaoi surpasses all boundaries, and usually doesn’t make sense most of the time. That doesn’t stop me from being a fujoshi though xD /hopeless/

    • Kyokai says:

      Oh god, that video, anaaga! LMAO.

  6. Yippy says:

    The Student Council’s face when they saw the unseeable-priceless. Wonder what was so traumatic though…could be the guilt.

    I didn’t really get the last segment (before the ED), was there a punchline that I missed?

    As for the High School Girls are Funky Awesome segment, the fight scene was definitely worth watching. Too bad they didn’t go all out and animate the whole fight…

    • Joojoobees says:

      The nicest of the three “funky” high school girls was revealed in a previous episode to be the evil “monster” that fought all the elementary school kids. She is the girl that was unhappy that the story is being told.

      • Joojoobees says:

        Oops. I just thought you meant the LAST scene (didn’t notice the before ED part).

        • Yippy says:

          It’s okay, I was kinda vague back there. Thanks anyway!

          By the way, I wonder how Habara became a monster in the first place? It’s a slim hope, but I’m crossing my fingers for an explanation later on.

        • Kyokai says:

          They might just explain it away like a school delinquent stage.

  7. The_Magus_Killer says:

    After rewatching Emi’s segment of this episode, I want her and Literature Girl to battle it out for Hidenori’s love. Winner takes all. XD

    • Bob from Accounting says:

      Emi would die.

      • The_Magus_Killer says:

        I really don’t like discussing Power Levels in Nichibros, but why would Emi lose? She’s got a “Tiro Finale” move of her own. XD

        • Bob from Accounting says:

          Special move or no, she’s a mere mortal, and therefore incapable of handling Literature Girl.

  8. akagami says:

    I kind of want to watch this, but the weird expression faces kind of turn me off and the fact that it has Nichijou in the title, and the other Nichijou wasn’t that interesting to me (I don’t think I made it through the first episode, I might have skimmed the second). For some reason, that wind-up robot added a -5. Don’t know, something about the character design bothered me.

    The faces, omg the faces. I picked up Kangoku Gakuen because it was recommended to me, but the faces are so >.<, not to mention the really crude humor.

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