Ano Natsu de Matteru – 09

“First a nudist and now an alien … what’s next, a mahou shoujo!?”

I’ve been eagerly waiting for this week’s episode, dorama will definitely unfold now that Ichika’s secret is out. (If you don’t count Rinon that is … I thought that would have been a dead giveaway. xD)

Still kneeling in tears in front of Kaito, Ichika continues to apologize. The rest of the group, Kanna, Tetsurou, Remon, and Mio, approach them confused about what went on. As she starts to come out with the confession that she’s an alien, Manami calls out. Before she can notice them Ichika teleports the group away. The group is now on a field near the bridge where Kaito was almost killed in episode one. Ichika teleports in front of them with Rinna (the spacecraft from last week) and her ship behind her. Her yukata fades away revealing a glittering space outfit as she tells them she’s not from Earth, leaving the others speechless.

Now inside the ship the group begins to question Ichika. Remon, sitting in the cockpit, asks her if the ships broken and Ichika says that it has lost its ability to fly. Tetsurou brings up the space pod and Mio wonders if it was a bad idea to destroy it, however Ichika says that she wanted to stay on Earth because she still hasn’t found that special place from her memories. One after another everyone agrees to keep everything a secret, much to Ichika’s relief.

I wouldn’t trust Remon behind the wheel of a car let alone a spaceship.

The group splits up and they head home. On their way Kanna says she was surprised, however Remon and Mio both had their suspicions. Tetsurou on the other hand wonders what Kaito will do now that he knows. Ichika reveals the second part of her secret to Kaito, telling him that she’s saved him from death on more then one occasion, however Kaito only wants to thank her. Now inside her room, Rinon apologizes to Ichika. She’s afraid however that the security service from her planet will send someone to Earth, which might put the others in danger. She also is reminded that her time on Earth is running out.

Mio sleeps over Kanna’s house, in the nude of course, and they talk about what’ll happen to Kaito once Ichika has to leave. Mio also reveals to Kanna that she knows she is in love with Kaito, to Kanna’s surprise. Mio thinks it’s obvious. That night Kaito also has a dream about Ichika leaving, though a space-train is pretty inaccurate.

I’d ship it.


The next morning Ichika quickly leaves the house alone to look for the special place, but she also wonders why she hasn’t called for a rescue yet. Mio and Kanna arrive at Kaito’s house and Mio is pushing Kanna into telling Ichika about her feelings. Kanna thinks something has changed in Mio, blaming her haircut, which prompts Mio into remembering her kiss with Tetsurou. When the arrive Kaito tells them that she’s out and instead they do some filming for their movie.

During filming Kanna is reminded of when she first met Kaito in grade school. She remembers that despite losing both his parents he still wore a smile on his face, and that’s when she decided she loved him. However, she sees similarities in his smile from back then to his smile now.

When Ichika arrives home Kaito tells her he wants to help, but she turns down his offer for assistance, her reason being that she doesn’t want to cause anymore trouble for him. The next day Tetsurou arrives with a watermelon to cheer him up, but Kaito is already on his way out. Soon after Kanna and Mio show up with another watermelon to find Tetsurou watching old clips of Kanna from when she and Kaito went shopping together. After those shots a clip of Ichika and Kaito at the train station plays, but Kanna tries to appear unaffected.

Remon suddenly appears next to Kaito who sits on some stairs. She asks him if he wants to go on a date, but he declines. He talks to her about Ichika not understanding his feelings, but Remon believes it’s him who doesn’t understand her feelings. She tells him he should think about he could and should do for her.

Remon pep-talks are the best pep-talks.

On a rainy day sometime after Tetsurou tries to call Kaito, but he doesn’t pick up after what sounds like many attempts. Elsewhere Kanna follows Kaito and learns that he’s been spending his time taking pictures to try and find Ichika’s special location. Later on Ichika leaves the house ready to look at more spots, however she’s stopped by Kanna. She starts a bit of an argument accusing Ichika of not considering Kaito’s feelings. She then goes on to say it’d be nice if she left because one part of the love triangle would be gone and accuses her of running away, which Ichika replies to saying she has no choice. Kanna however believes that there is a choice and that Ichika has a chance she’ll never have, a chance to be in love with Kaito and to have him love her back. Before leaving Kanna also tells her she has no idea what Kaito is even doing for her.

The dorama is strong with this one.

As Kanna is running away she realizes Tetsurou is behind her, calling him out angrily. He holds her close and comforts her as she cries. Further down the road Mio sits crying as she listens to what’s going on. Ichika approaches Kaito and realizes he’s been searching all this time for her special place. Finally, they both confess to each other and kiss for the very first time. In the distance Remon gets it all on film.



When it comes to Ano Natsu each week seems to surpass the last, though of course that’s only my opinion, but for that reason it’s been such a great experience to watch. The way the characters actually change and develop week to week feels so natural (most evident probably in Mio), and relateable characters are one of the major reasons I watch anime. I love being drawn into the lives of these fictional people I’ll never actually know, cheering them on and relating their lives to my own. (I guess I’m just nerdy like that!)

Anyway! This week had no shortage of important developments, from Ichika revealing she’s an alien to the confrontation with Kanna. I was pleasantly surprised by the reaction from the group when Ichika came out with her secret. Though it’s only been a short time since they all met her, she really has made some great, accepting friends. (I for one would have probably fainted.) *ahem* It’s not like they’ve been completely oblivious though, Remon had obviously caught on weeks ago and even Mio admits to having some suspicions. I thought it was funny how Kanna was the only one taken aback by it all. Ichika’s premonition after revealing her secret was a bit worrisome however, if someone from her planet really DOES come to get her, what would that mean for the group? Would it be a MiB scenario where they wipe their minds of all their memories, or even something worse? The way Ichika said it made it seem pretty involved. (Which I suppose is possible considering just the pod alone almost killed someone …)

The Ichika/Kaito relationship got a lot of positive attention this week, finally setting their relationship in stone with the double confession. I for one was more interested in the other side of the drama though with Kanna, Tetsurou, and Mio. They’re like a marching line of unrequited love and it’s so sad to watch. Tetsurou has been getting on my nerves a little lately, which is probably because I think Mio and Kanna are both so awesome and he’s sort of wedged between their emotions. I’m depressed knowing that at least one of them will probably be hurt in the end, if not already …

My favorite scene this episode had to be the argument between Ichika and Kanna. After all these weeks of emotion boiling inside Kanna she finally let it all out in one really dramatic burst. It was so unlike her to confront her own feelings like that out loud, but I applaud her. The whole idea of loving someone who’ll never love you back always makes me depressed for a character, sure it’s been done hundreds of times but I think it’s something we can all relate to at some point in our lives, even if it’s not something romantic like in Kanna’s case. That flashback scene only made me feel even worse for her.

I think I got everything I wanted to say out of my head, I was thinking about the episode a lot today in class … it beats learning about physics I guess. xD Oh and remember everyone, Remon is always watching …


I enjoy watching anime, when I'm not burning toast or sleeping through college.
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23 Responses to “Ano Natsu de Matteru – 09”

  1. skylion says:

    Oh, my poor Kanna. She’s a brave girl, and a fighter. Most would never confront the rival so directly like that, and take the consequences full force. She saw the all or nothing moment, and she got nothing…but at least she got some sort of resolution.

    What was up with Tetsurou’s pose as he was “comforting” Kanna? It was close, but damned distant. Maybe he lost out as well. Can he take on a hurting Kanna just like that? I think he might realize he can’t.

    Yeah, you cannot help but feel for the train of the unrequited that follows Taito’s and Ichika’s heartfelt confessions. Makes it all the more bittersweet.

    “…and this is the fifth time”…If you are huge fan of Toradora! (like myself) you might have been thinking of Taiga’s wonderful set of lines “Mou ichido” (one more) she says to Ryuuji. Made me grin real big, and took some of the aforementioned bitter out.

    And this is going to be a bit of a curve ball for most of you. But I finally know who Remon reminds me of. I should have seen it several episodes ago, but her talk with Taito in this one cemented it. She’s like The Doctor from Doctor Who. She appears suddenly, does her business, makes a bit of a mess, then leaves just as suddenly. Now, the good Doctor would never truck with Dynamite Drink, so she gets that going for her. Like the Doctor, she is a mystery; and you don’t really want to see that mystery exposed, she and the Doctor are far more interesting that way.

    Thanks for the review Hawthorne, I’m going to expose my older side and tell you to hit the books.

    • Hawthorne says:

      I felt as if Tetsurou was trying to take a more “brotherly” approach towards comforting her so that maybe he could keep his distance and not reveal his true intentions (wanting her to love him back) a secret, since obviously Kanna had a lot going on as it was and confessing his love with a hearty embrace probably wouldn’t have helped sort out her feelings. XD That’s how I sort of took it, since I had the same feeling as you when I watched that scene again.

      Toradora references? Ah! I missed it.

      I can’t really agree with you on the Doctor Who thing since I’ve never seen that show. D: But as you described him, they do sound very similar.

      And I probably should be studying more to keep my grades up. Thankfully it’s the weekend though!

  2. BlackBriar says:

    This was definitely an episode to remember. I enjoyed every minute of it. The drama, the comedy, the romance… It was all great! I can’t wait to see what happens next between Kanna, Ichika and Kaito.

    I was utterly surpried that Kaito already knew about Ichika’s secret before she confirmed it. I didn’t think he still had memories of what happened that night when she came. Hahaha, that’s the ultimate question: “Can you love an alien?” Most of the animes I’ve seen, the human character would always fall in love with someone who is of a completely different species, so I say it’s more than possible.

    That was one of the best confession scenes I’ve even seen and they didn’t beat around the bush. No interruptions, no waiting, no pointless funny business. I can’t begin to imagine how that’s tearing Kanna up inside. Confronting Ichika and giving her advice when it’s hurting her in the process. It hurts seeing Kanna saying “You have something that I can never, ever get…” It’s like a knife is being twisted in your heart. It takes a lot of willpower and courage to ask your love rival to stay.

    Regarding Lemon. I say her wisdom is beyond her years, offering advice on how Kaito should respond. Assuming we know exactly what and how old she is. I am partially convinced that Lemon, herself, is an alien and I thought that she would also just teleport on this scene. Once again, she’s a demon loli. There’s nothing worse than an eavesdropper. And with a camera, no less.

    I’m definitely keeping my fingers crossed for a second season!!!!

    • Hawthorne says:

      I was surprised at that too, I had no idea his memories had been coming back, I think those photos from the first encounter he was looking at a few weeks back might have helped though. (I can’t remember what episode it was from …)

      I agree! It’s up there as one of my favorite confession scenes as well. If it weren’t for Kanna it probably wouldn’t have even happened which is why I think she’s such a great character. Despite her feelings she can still support Kaito’s happiness, even if it means that happiness is not with her. Poor Kanna. D:

      I thought the same thing, but that would mean she’s been on Earth for quite a long time considering she went to High School with Manami, so I’m not sure what to believe any more! XD

      I’d love a second season as well! I was disappointed when I realized it was only 12 episodes. (I think Onegai Teacher was 12 too.)

  3. Joojoobees says:

    I wouldn’t trust Remon behind the wheel of a car let alone a spaceship.

    Aah! But that’s where you are wrong. Remon should be given control of ALL spaceships immediately. She truly is the superior being.

    • skylion says:

      So in addition to the Vampire Loli, the Corporate Loli and the Pirate Loli, we have All your Space Ships Belong to Us Loli?

      I’m in…

      • BlackBriar says:

        This season is currently being ruled by high class Lolis. Are there any we haven’t mentioned yet?

        • skylion says:

          I forgot to mention Invisible Yet Makes Friends with the Bad Guys Loli from EVOL. Looks like a fairly compelling story is coming from her corner. And this is EVOL, where compelling is typically big oppai.

          • skylion says:

            Finally got around to watching the latest Chihayfuru today. and this just came to me. Yotsuba Karuta Prodigy Loli.

    • Hawthorne says:

      Remon with access to futuristic technology? Loli apocalypse! xD

  4. anaaga says:

    I’m seriously thinking that Lemon might be Men in Black after all. She can be anything!

    Yes, Mio’s personality always develops in every episode, and it’s fun seeing her getting better and better.

    Unfortunately I can’t say the same thing for Kana. Somehow I find her not interesting. It sucks how her character is not as developed as Mio. But the emotional outburst sure was unexpected, and that was pretty remarkable of her. I hope her character will be better next week…

    BUT I still ship Mio with Tetsurou. Heh.

    • Joojoobees says:

      I was thinking she was MIB as well, then she said she was (YES!), and then she said she was kidding. But can you really trust Remon? She might have been lying about kidding. If not MIB, she might be a space alien that is watching the Earth for her own purposes.

      • anaaga says:

        I think so too, but a part of me still believes that she’s just a normal student. Having her as an MIB would be too easy to guess. Besides, she has been there for a long time, even before Ichika arrived. Remember Tetsurou’s sister who knows her?

    • Hawthorne says:

      Remon is so hard to place! I’m like constantly changing my theory on who she could be … MiB, alien, normal student … some kind of god. >_<

      She has been pretty one-sided with her feelings so far, but I thought this week did a good job of developing that further since she finally confronted Ichika and realized that being with Kaito is probably hopeless. Next week should be even better for her though with all the Tetsurou drama going on.

      I'll never stop shipping Mio with Tetsurou, they're just too awesome together. xD

  5. tatsuya says:

    kiss ~~~

  6. FirstImpulse says:

    That last kiss scene kept me swooning for the rest of the day. “And here goes my fifth…” AH, sooo sweet. <3
    And I've figured for a few weeks now that Remon was MIB. How could she know all she knows if she wasn't?

    • Hawthorne says:

      It’s very possible! There seems to be tons of speculation going around about who she could be, I’m not sure which I agree with most yet though. XD I’d be surprised if she turned out to be just another student.

  7. Foshizzel says:

    KANNA! Noooooooooo! T___T poor girl man all my tears this week…ah well maybe she will get a happy ending with Tetsurou? Although I do like Miu and Tetsurou together <3 <3
    but Kanna needs some love too.

    Someone said there was a HoTD ref in this episode? I did not see such things! Unless it was from a past one? xD

    • Hawthorne says:

      It’s so difficult, I want Mio AND Kanna to be happy, but there’s only one Tetsurou and two of them! Dx

      Really? I completely missed it. -_- I’ll probably go back and try to find it later though, I love when anime reference other anime.

  8. Hawthorne says:

    It’s so difficult, I want Mio AND Kanna to be happy, but there’s only one Tetsurou and two of them! Dx

    Really? I completely missed it. -_- I’ll probably go back and try to find it later though, I love when anime reference other anime.

  9. Kyokai says:

    Oh Lordy, I’ve missed so much while lots of progress has already happened. I gotta catch up soon! ><

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