Sweet & Sexy: the Playlists

Suggestive growls, whispers of love, and so much more~

You thought these Valentine’s Day themed posts were done? Please, this is Metanorn! We celebrate holidays all week! This time however Hime and I have combined our forces to create two contrasting playlists for your next Valentine’s Day. Whether you prefer to serenade your honey with sickingly, sweet Korean love songs or get down to the dirty business with some hot and steamy Japanese pop / rock songs, we share some of our top picks just for you~.

I must confess: I can be one hopeless romantic. While I definitely don’t mind sexy, for some reason I’m more in-tuned with the most cheesiest, adorable, or ridiculously romantic love songs; something of which K-Pop has a plethora of. So let me present to you seven songs that’ll sugar up your ears a little too much.

Romance – BoA (Lyrics)

When coming up with this post, this song was the first song to pop into my head and on this list. It has warm, soft, jazzy feel, which seems perfect for a winter romance. BoA’s voice is gorgeous (as usual) and just absolutely perfect in tone. A very mature love song overall~
“A night where love might come and find me…”


Like You ft. IU – Wanted (Lyrics)

A song that’s certainly elegant with a light touch perfectly fitting a Spring setting. The soulful vocals keep it down to earth and are just a delight to listen to~.
“Hide in my embrace, come into my dreams / Softly knock so that no one else will know…”


Turn Off the TV… ft. 10cm’s Kwon Jung Youl & Yoon Mi Rae – Leessang (Lyrics)

Definitely not your traditional sort of love song from reading the lyrics, but that’s why it’s on this list! Anyway I absolutely love the different blend of vocals used. The lyrics are written to be a conversation, and in some of the verses you can actually get the feel that is a real conversation being said, or technically sung. It’s a very interesting song and my favorite from 2011~.
“When I watch TV, when I walk, I want you all the time / I can’t suppress it, how can I just hold your hand?”


Same as You – Joo Yeong (Lyrics)

A very simple song from a very unknown artist, but personally, I find simple to be the lovelier option. His voice is quite soothing amongst the up-beat music. It’s surprisingly catchy so prepare yourself to sing this in your head for the next hour~.
“Living a day only thinking of you / Together whenever, together wherever / I want to do everything together with you”


Your Name – SHINee (Lyrics)

(Guys, this was inevitable) I played this in my car on Valentine’s Day actually and it was just…just so perfect. Call it biased fangirls feelings, I honestly think SHINee has some of the best love songs/ballads out there. This one ended up sticking out to me the most because of the overall warmth and smoothness admitted from the music and vocals, and the precious ‘lalalalala’ sweetly sung. You just can’t ignore the sweetness of this song!~
“Our love won’t change into / The appearance of a fountain pen / I’ll definitely write your feelings down”


Love Girl – C.N.BLUE (Lyrics)

The lyrics are really typical and near the border to cheesy-ville but I think it’s such an adorable song! Plus, Yonghwa’s vocals are like that extra packet of sugar you added to your coffee or tea; a little extra sweetness to make it just that more delightful~.
“I act like a fool when you smile…”


WHAT IS LOVE – EXO (K/M) (Lyrics)

I added the Chinese version simply because I think it sounds ten times better than in Korean even though it’s exactly the same song. EXO hasn’t even debuted officially yet and they already have me completely serenaded with this ‘prologue’ single sung by the lead vocals of both the Korean and Chinese groups. It’s slow, sexy tone and captivating-ly beautiful lyrics have kept this song hopelessly stuck in my head and in my heart~.
“I lost my mind, the moment I saw you / Except you, everything get in slow motion…”


Where there’s love there’s lust, or so they say~ So to balance out Hoshi’s love songs here’s 7 of the hottest tracks I could find, guaranteed to fog up the bifocals of even the most unabashed megane, morph the worst womanizer into a speechless schoolboy, and turn the hardest seme into the softest uke in 3 minutes or less!

Injection of Love – Sana ft. Akira Yamaoka (Lyrics)

Engrish has never been so sexy. The beat, background growl and those steamy lyrics are really doing all they can to get your body moving. This fun and kinky track is guaranteed to have you reaching for the strawberries and cream in no time~
“Hold me tightly; trace my body; shake me harder”


Vanilla – Gackt (Lyrics)

With that velvet voice and those rock hard abs, Gackt is just dripping with sex appeal. This song is no different. It’s another one chock-full of shameful smut, but oh how we love it~!
“An egoist who wants to confirm love, / I want to struggle until I’m deep inside you.”


Suppuration-Core – KOTOKO (Lyrics)

Kotoko’s pure vocals married against a busy techno backdrop create a subversive experience in and of itself, but what really grabs your heart with both hands is the poetic lyrics which are as mysterious as they are sexy.
“So unstoppable, this inundation, the emotion that is dripping down”


Program Me – Jun Fukuyama (Lyrics)

Okay, I know I’m biased here (everything he does is sexy to me) BUT COME ON LADIES! Jun Fukuyama is telling you to touch him! FUUUUU~ It’s actually so fluffy, but then some of the lyrics…damn, Jun…you kinky bastard. You know what you do to us, don’t you? You goddamn tease… Oh, who cares. This song is amazing. Cute. Suggestive. Perfect~
“You can call me whatever you want – Do whatever you want with me. “


Pill – Boom Boom Satellites (Lyrics)

Been in love with this band since X’amd, and they sure as hell love to pile on the suggestive undertones. Honorable mentions would be “Shut Up & Explode” (the polite way to tell your partner you’re getting bored) and “Easy Action” (you can guess)…~
“Take me anyway you want me, Baby / Take me I’m going to drive you crazy”


1582 – Kamenashi Kazuya (Lyrics)

This is one of those songs that sounds steamier than the lyrics actually reveal. I always thought the breathyness and raunchy little sound effects highly sexualized what is actually quite a sad song. So if angst is your ignition, you’re sure to be bubbling like fondue cheese after listening to this~
“Forever and ever hold me in those hands with love”


Shota Desuyon – Len + Kaito (Vocaloids)

Don’t worry. Just have a look at the Youtube comments. You’re not the only ones who feels dirty.
“You’re a slut, aren’t you, my dearest princess?”


Hope you enjoyed this melodious and sensual combination for the ears while getting some new songs to add to your Valentine’s Day playlist. I mean, what’s a holiday like this without some great theme music?~


We live, laugh, enjoy and strictly believe on "more the merrier". When together, we usually come up with very chatty, conversation-based episodics and interesting posts.
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13 Responses to “Sweet & Sexy: the Playlists”

  1. tatsuya says:

    wooahhh !!!never knew this before
    ~~like Len + Kaito
    ~~love Gackt
    ~~adore CN BLUE
    GOOD JOB~~ now I can die in peace (maybe)

  2. Kitty says:

    OMG Injection of Love used to be my favorite DDR song! It was so much fun! and heck ya for Len & Kaito…. love them! Gacket is always awesome but Vanilla is especially a good one. I love Kotoko she always makes me get up on my feet! Plus Kannazuki no Miko was a wonderful anime! It should be watched by all, so beautiful and explores many forms of love. I did not know Jun Fukuyama sang! I’m so in love!

    Great post guys you just keep coming! no pun intended

    • Hime says:

      I love Kannazuki no Miko, I agree it is absolutely gorgeous. Kotoko does all the music for it as well, so I can’t think of one without the other. Suppuration-Core was my fav though and I thought it was the sexiest.

      Jun has 3 albums out now!
      Romantic World 31
      Love Letters
      Ai wo Utau!
      They are all just adorable. BUY THEM.

      Great post guys you just keep coming! no pun intended

      Soda came out my nose, I hope you’re happy.

  3. Tofu says:

    I’m sorry Hoshi but I chose not to listen to the korean ones ^^; Anyways my favourite would actually be Kamenashi Kazuya from the Jpop/Jrock list and I actually thought the concert performance was cool O_O Oh my god, what the hell am I saying!?

  4. Hime says:

    Boa’s song is so beautiful. She’s got such a unique voice, mesmerising~

    And SHINee, hnnng! I suddenly have the urge to pursue a meaningful relationship with someone.

  5. SPIRAL says:

    KPoP is amazing, but I found that anything with Azusa tends to be pretty good too.

    Work-out music = Faylan
    Sweet music = azusa
    God-I-want-to-watch-anime = KOTOKO

  6. Trilles says:

    Thx for sharing 😉 loved the “Turn off the TV”, “Same as You”, “Your Name” and “Love Girl” =)

  7. Kyokai says:

    BoA’s song was so good, Wanted was cutely sweet and Leessang’s video was so innovative.

    In the Jpop category, damn Gackt would always be the god of rock but I was seriously surprised by Kamenashi Kazuya’s 1582 – what performance and vocals. I’m his new fan. Not to mention Shota Desuyon was… wow, a surprise. xD

    In terms of my playlist, it would be a mix and match. My most favourite romantic jpop song is “Kimi no Shiranai” by supercell. Love Monkey Majik’s Aishiteru, Tanizawa Tomofumi’s Sawakaze and SHINee’s Electric Heart.

  8. Ness says:

    Woo Kamenashi Kazuya XD I like most of the drama’s he is in. He even did a movie where he’s in a band, called Bandages.

    So that’s how 10CM and C.N Blue look like. Been listening to some of their songs on iTune radio. :3

    Good list guys~!

  9. akagami says:

    Oooh, thanks Hoshi, really liking “Same as You – Joo Yeong”. It’s nice and sweet!

  10. Alynn says:

    Oh, hey, Boom Boom Satellites. I’ve actually been planning to try listening to their music for a while.

    Never thought I’d actually be able to say this (considering I don’t really listen to Kpop) but I’ve actually heard Turn of the TV before. I really like it.

    What is Love- EXO is absolutely amazing! Thank you for sharing such great music!

  11. anaaga says:

    LOL Kamenashi’s 1582. Did you see his performance in his concert when he sang that song? He was pretty as hell

    The title Injection of Love sounds so pornographic yo.

  12. Dan-go says:

    Koreans invading my oricon D:

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