Senki Zesshou Symphogear – 08

Chris made this episode so worth watching.

I know it has been a while since the first episode, but am I the only one missing Kanade? I honestly think I’d be a lot more interested with her around. She brought a certain energy I’ve felt has been missing … Anyway! On to the episode …

“I walk this lonely road …”

With the drama from last week still looming in Miku’s head, what better way to think things through then on a midnight walk through the rain? Down the road Chris is led into an alley by some Noise, most likely by Finne’s direction. With the last of her strength she defeats them and as she passes out Miku notices her. Hibiki gets a call from Genjurou about the attack and he mentions that there were traces of Ichi-Baal at the scene. Hibiki worries about Chris’s safety. Afterwards, Hibiki’s friends (the trio that have been recurring recently) apologize for what happened last week.

Miku brings Chris back to the house of the lady who ran the restaurant last episode where she cares for her wounds. Chris wakes up and is surprised to see Miku, who she almost accidentally killed not too long ago. The two quickly become friends as Miku shares the recent events with Hibiki.

On the school roof Hibiki continues to worry about Miku, who was absent from class. Tsubasa appears, still a bit beat up from using her swan song, and Hibiki shares her feelings about becoming stronger to protect people. Tsubasa reminds her that she needs to stay true to herself so that strength doesn’t become her flaw, and that by being herself she can still protect her loved ones. Tsubasa then begins to worry about the destructive nature of her songs, but this time Hibiki takes the role of supporter and reminds her that it’s those song that save people’s lives, including her own.

Back in the room with Miku and Chris, we learn a little more about Chris and her story. Apparently her parents were taken away from her at a young age and she was left all alone. There was one person she thought she could trust, but she realized they were just using her. She has a hatred for adults that stems from a abused past. Miku tries to vocalize their growing friendship, but Chris backs away remembering what she did. Suddenly, the Noise alert echoes through town.

Chris is exactly what this show needed.

As they go outside to see the commotion, Chris runs off towards the direction of the Noise. She screams in agony at what she’s has a part in causing as the Noise slowly get nearer. She attempts to activate her Symphogear, but can’t get her voice out. Genjurou appears and uses his brute (and strangely inhuman) strength to lift the pavement off the street to protect Chris. They escape to a roof where she then successfully activates her gear. (The Ichi-Baal gear, not the Nehustan.) In a show of badassery she easily wipes out the huge crowd of Noise with her crossbows and machine guns. Genjurou remarks to himself as he watches the fight that he couldn’t save her this time either, though what he is referencing is unclear.

In town Hibiki follows the sound of Miku’s scream to find her and the restaurant lady on the first floor of a destroyed building, but is soon attacked by a large, octopus-like Noise revealed by Miku through text to be blind. Through text Miku reveals her plan to save the old lady, and than apologizes to Hibiki. She tells her that she wants to fight as well so that Hibiki doesn’t have to shoulder the burden alone. She sprints off out of the building, the Noise following her. Hibiki then goes to help the old lady.

Hibiki activates her gear and gets the old lady to safety with Ogawa, afterwards quickly flying off to find Miku. During her search Hibiki finally realizes the meaning of strength and that it’s not about conceitedly thinking you can save everyone, but that it takes everyone to give it their all to protect each other, just as Miku did. She once again follows Miku’s voice just as the Noise knocks her off a cliff. With a single punch Hibiki destroys the Noise and saves Miku. On the ground they share a tearful moment together and become friends again.

Ryoko, suspicious as ever.

When the attack is over Genjurou lets Miku off without the usual screenings and precautions for her hard work. Ryoko finally makes her appearance and gets to work with the clean up. Miku confronts Genjurou alone and asks about Chris. He tells her that she’s okay and they can see each other soon. Later that night, Hibiki and Miku are finally back to sleeping together!


This week’s episode of Symphogear didn’t quite answer any of the burning questions I have (or any of the new ones brought up this time around), but it was a nice conclusion to drama that had been unfolding over the course of the series around Miku and Hibiki. So, we got through the Tsubasa angst, we got through the Miku pity party, and now all that could possibly be left are the most interesting parts of the show, in my opinion at least, and that’s Chris and Finne.

I’m sure we all knew Hibiki and Miku would mend their broken relationship, so for me this episode wasn’t so much about them as it was about the unpredictable Chris. Now that’s she sort of caught between two sides of a war, I’m curious to see how this week’s developing relationship between her and Miku will affect her actions. She’s clearly not going back to Finne, but she still seems set on her own goal of destroying those in power. It’ll be interesting to see how Hibiki will handle probably the most difficult of the cases so far, a girl with an abused past who refuses to trust people. BUT OMG. Chris was so awesome this episode! Seriously, I wish she would have had this much screentime the whole series because I love Ichi-Baal so far and her personality in general is just so much more entertaining then the other characters in this show.

Another little thing I noticed was Genjurou’s remark during Chris’s battle with the Noise. It seems as if he might have been a big part of her past, which will also probably lead to an explanation about his powers. Ryoko on the other hand is still questionable, only appearing AFTER everything had already happened with the Noise. Seems a little sketchy. I know I’m probably looking too far into it, but doesn’t it seem like Ogawa and Hibiki would make a really adorable couple? They’ve shared a lot of important alone time together in the past, I don’t know … I’m shipping hard here people …


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12 Responses to “Senki Zesshou Symphogear – 08”

  1. BlackBriar says:

    This episode took a somewhat typical, nearly predictable yet arguably effective approach by having Miku and Chris run into one another just after the fight for survival against Fine.

    I can understand Chris’s uncertainty towards people. It’s painful to have someone you trust, only finding out later they’re using you. Not to mention her orphan past and how she was subjected to what I can only imagine to be very terrible things. And because of those little details, it doesn’t look like she is quite ready to jump ship onto the good guys’ side, but given that Miku didn’t hesitate to help her and Genjurou even jumped in to lend a hand, it should only be a matter of time before two Symphogear heroines becomes three. First, she has to deal with her inner turmoil.

    Okay, I can’t be mad at Miku anymore and I’m glad they made up. The way I saw it, Miku simply wanted to help support her best friend and putting herself in the same kind of danger as Hibiki was her way of sharing the burden. The last thing any good friend would want to do is watch from the sidelines and feel helpless after all.

    Genjurou’s fighting style is awesome. He gives Tekken’s Heihachi a run for his money.

    • Hawthorne says:

      I’m looking forward to that, three Symphogears fighting on the same side will be awesome!

      I completely agree about Genjurou, his brute strength is really cool and I really hope we get to see him in action some more.

  2. skylion says:

    My only addition to this episode.

  3. Lin says:

    “doesn’t it seem like Ogawa and Hibiki would make a really adorable couple?”

    I think it’s plently clear Miku/Hibiki is the OTP here.

    • Hawthorne says:

      I can dream can’t I? DX But yeah, that’s how it seems to be! I just enjoy the conversations between Ogawa and Hibiki, they get pretty personal and I like how he supports her.

  4. Foshizzel says:

    Monster octopus was awesome! It was a cross between a elephant and evil Ika Musume from space! Because everything is 100% Better when it comes from space.

    Finally Miku and Hibiki are friends again! I was getting angry at them! LOL and yes Chris makes everything so much better. Is she the first Tsundere-ish Magical girl? Or is she just full of rage! RAAGGEE ME SMASH MONSTERS!

    The most hilarious moment for me was Miku and Hibiki’s phone chat and Miku’s run away from the monster that wants to eat my face…

    • Hawthorne says:

      ahah good comparison! XD Octopus-thing was really awesome, I’m glad they’re making the Noise more unique.

      Chris is definitely tsundere, and raging … a raging tsundere? *hides* Hibiki is going to have some work to do getting through to her!

  5. Samantha Zan says:

    Ogawa and Hibiki? Such hard shipping Hawthorne XD

    Yay Miku and Hibiki are friends again! The scene at the end was pretty cool, a little cheesy, but still fun to watch.

    I really liked the Chris action we got in this episode, and not to mention her back story about her past too.

    • Hawthorne says:

      I know right? XD I’m definitely reaching with that one …

      Very cheesy, but that’s what made it so adorable. <3

      I agree! Hopefully she'll get more screen time now that she's against Finne.

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