Senki Zesshou Symphogear – 06

Well look who decided to wear his tie like a big boy today.

Hibiki time! It’s not my favorite time of the week, but I can’t say I haven’t been looking forward to it somewhere deep down. She’s grown on me I guess! It’s the genki girl affect!

The episode starts with Chris (in case you’ve forgotten, that’s the Nehustan girl) thinking back to her fight with Hibiki last week. She shows signs of jealousy over the fact that Hibiki was able to activate the sword relic with relative ease compared to herself who couldn’t do it with six months of training. She’s also a bit jealous of Fenie (the now named Blonde lady with the bad english) showing interest in Hibiki. We get a glimpse of Chris’s past as a child slave and then Fenie appears. In anger Chris ditches her Noise-maker and decides she’ll crush everyone with her own two hands.

At the school hospital Tsubasa remembers her dream of Kanade which prompts her to try and walk again. She sees Hibiki and Miku outside running along the track. Hibiki thinks back to the power she felt when she held Durandal and decides she’ll try and get even stronger. Afterwards Miku and Hibiki bathe together. When they finish they agree to meet up and get pancakes later at their favorite place, the Flower.

Closest we’ll get to a beach episode, probably.

At second division Genjuro returns from the funeral of the defense minister who was killed last week. Ryoko informs him of their progress strengthening the HQ. We learn that the deceased defense minister wasn’t supporting the increased protection because it would bring them more awareness from the public and from enemies. The new defense minister supports the plans and is also “pro-American”, further increasing the American influence.

Hibiki gets a call from Ogawa and asking her to check up on Tsubasa. Once again Hibiki has to back out on her plans to hang out with Miku. (Hibiki, stop being so oblivious to her feelings!!)

Typical Hibiki.

Once there Hibiki discovers the mess made by Tsubasa in the hospital room and helps her clean it up. Tsubasa tells Hibiki that she’s doing a good job handling the Noise. While they’re talking Miku notices them from a building nearby. Tsubasa asks Hibiki why she fights and she replies by saying her reason is because of the incident years ago when Kanade, and many others, were killed. She believes it’s thanks to them she can live on. Tsubasa reminds Hibiki that it’s her optimism can kill. (Hmmm …)

Even with a crutch, Tsubasa is awesome.

Now on the roof they talk about the strength of being a warrior and knowing how to use that power. Apart from defeating the Noise, Hibiki also wants to be able to communicate with the humans she fights along the way. Meanwhile Miku visits the Flower alone and realizes Hibiki must have a good reason for making her decisions.

Chris appears as Hibiki and Miku are about the cross paths and Miku is almost crushed by a car. Hibiki saves her and begins drawing Chris away from Miku’s location. Hibiki tries to get closer to Chris as another normal girl, but can’t get through to her. Hibiki manages to deflect her attacks and even utilizes her armed gear to deliver a powerful finishing blow. Miku watches on in confusion.

MIKUUUU!~ I guess it was only a matter of time before our innocent Miku got involved in the mess that is Symphogear, but on the bright side at least we know she’ll survive through it all in the end. (Though I can’t say the same for poor Hibiki …) Anyway! This week was mildly entertaining, the jumble of a plot still feels a bit disjointed, but at least the characters have been getting much more likable.

A LOT of time was spent on Tsubasa and Hibiki reconciling over their past differences and I have to say it was very sweet to see them as friends. Up until now I was used to the bickering and the disparity in their principles as Symphogear, what with Tsubasa merely fighting as a tool and Hibiki fighting to protect the things she loves. It seems like Tsubasa finally came around after her dream last week and is even trying to strengthen her body. I like this new Tsubasa, not only does she seem more confident but she’s instilling some of that confidence into Hibiki. I hope their friendship grows even more and we get to see them fight together in battle against Chris, Fenie, and the Noise.

The back story for Chris felt a bit uninspired, and I still feel just as distant from her character as I did 2 weeks ago. She was a child slave, I guess? That’s very sad, but a little more than a few stills would have been nice. Maybe I’m just being overly impatient, as usual! They’ll probably expand on her story, her wish, and her relationship with Fenie later on. (I love when characters get developed so I get anxious. -_-) Speaking of Fenie! I’m still considering that she’s somehow related to Ryoko, the voice/appearance similarities are just too much! Plus, they both seem to have evil intentions. I can’t even look at Ryoko the same way now, I’m constantly trying to figure out what her motives are.

It’s about time Miku found out Hibiki is a Symphogear! I was getting tired of the usual “I have to bail, Miku”,”That’s okay, Hibiki” routine. Now everything is out in the open and there aren’t any secrets, well unless Hibiki keeps her in the dark. (What a terrible friend she would be if she did that though after what happened!) Agh, I’m really hoping next week is dedicated to Fenie and Chris, I want to know more about them. The political aspect of the plot kind of bores me at the moment since it feels like empty talking every week, but at least they’re still delivering on the action!

Oh, and does anyone have any idea what Ogawa was up to? I was at a loss trying to figure out what the heck he was doing.


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20 Responses to “Senki Zesshou Symphogear – 06”

  1. Metalsnakezero says:

    This series has some halves to it. It has characters that were hard to care for but after some development we’re starting to attach to, combat that was silly at first but is now starting be more interesting when the characters put more though in to their fights, and the story with foreshadowing double-crosses, character’s pasts, and relationship problems.

    Hibiki has come a long way from being an annoying little girl to someone we’re starting to like in both her drive and fighting skill. I feel they should had taken out that first episode reveal of her future death and make it more of a surprise so that it’ll be more impactful.

    • tatsuya says:

      where did u guy watch this anime ??
      I can’t find it ~~

      • Hawthorne says:

        Have you tried animetake?

      • BlackBriar says:

        I recommend visiting

        If you’re looking for this episode along with the older ones, they’ll be under the name “Senhime” Zesshou Symphogear. That name was applied before the title could be clarified.

        You have the choice between high quality (around 150 MB) and low quality (between 55 and 70 MB). I recommend the low quality because it’s effecient in conserving memory space.

    • Hawthorne says:

      Yes, I agree! Her death is constantly looming over everything she does, it would have had such a bigger emotional affect if we didn’t know it was going to happen. She’s gotten a lot more likable now too, like you said, and I think it’s harder to get attached to a character who you know is doomed from the start.

  2. skylion says:

    Yay! Now that the pretense of Hibiki’s other life has been dropped, both she and Miku can go full on yuri take their friendship to a much better place of groping trust. I think we all new it would be getting hot happening sooner or later. I like how both of Hibiki’s relationships dovetailed into one another like that; both on the strong road and getting stronger. Good characterization, if a little heavy on the tropes.

    Yeah, no idea what Chris’ backstory is, other than horrible. Hopefully they won’t shorthand it and leave it as such, I agree.

    • Hawthorne says:

      So many yuri-esque scenes this episode! I’m not even sure who I prefer anymore, MikuxHibiki or HibikixTsubasa. The hospital scenes were so great, I loved the hints of possible jealousy in Miku.

      • skylion says:

        For my preference, not my placement of the word “dovetails” above.

      • BlackBriar says:

        Gotta love the yuri atmosphere in these recent episodes. I agree with you as well. I’m not even sure who I prefer anymore, Miku x Hibiki or Hibiki x Tsubasa. Especially since Tsubasa’s attitude has improved which leaves room for a strong possibility. It would be even better if Chris later on becomes a good guy and joins up with Hibiki.

  3. BlackBriar says:

    Chris has a bigger ego than I thought if she’s refusing help from others to prove she’s the best. But seeing her obscene childhood flashbacks, who could blame her? The girl was a child slave. I wouldn’t wish such a fate on anybody but moreover, it looks like she was an orphan or an abandoned child to begin with since she said she was always alone. Not to mention her explaining her broken faith in people to Hibiki.

    Nice to see a little personality change in Tsubasa because in the earlier episodes, it was like she was suffocating herself to make up for Kanade’s death. Like you can’t take any chances, there’s no room for error. It was very sweet to see her and Hibiki finally getting along and becoming friends.

    It was about time Miku learned Hibiki’s secret. It saves her the trouble of making more lame excuses. But since Miku knows, it just puts her in a position for consequences on Hibiki behalf if anything should and probably will go awry. Most of all, it might put a strain on their sister-like relationship.

    • Hawthorne says:

      The Hibiki/Tsubasa scenes were my favorite this episode! Like you said, it was very nice to see them finally become friends after all the trouble they’ve been through.

      I have a theory that Chris might come from a wealthy family, based on the clothes she was wearing in the flashback stills. I think it’s pretty common in anime to have children of wealthy families feel “abandoned” or not loved because their parents either don’t care or are very busy. I was thinking that might play into her story, but who knows! XD

  4. anaaga says:

    There’s a possibility that Fenie and Ryoko are the same people. Their hairstyle is similar, and their voice almost sounds the same. Fenie has the sluttier version of Ryoko’s voice. If Ryoko can shoot purple laser beam, then it won’t be hard for her to change her hair into the color white

    • Hawthorne says:

      lol true! That’s what I thought last week, but the timeline this episode kept throwing me off. -_- They share SO many characteristics that it seems almost impossible for them NOT to be related, if not the same person.

  5. Gecko says:

    So happy Miku finally somewhat knows about what Hibiki’s been doing. But I think the next episode needs to be focused more on Chris and what the heck is up with her short back story. My guess is child slave as well, saved by Fenie, but only because she’s Attuned. She obviously doesn’t trust anyone because of her child slave state, but that doesn’t seem like enough.
    As for Ogawa, I get the feeling he was maybe facing off with Tsubasa. After all, that room was a mess. Hopefully it’s not that important…

    • Hawthorne says:

      I agree!! I’m dying here for a Chris-focused episode! D:

      With a gun though? XD Hm, that Ogawa is a tricky one.

  6. tatsuya says:

    wait , what just happen ??

  7. Samantha Zan says:

    Finally! I am so happy to see that Tsubasa and Hibiki are at somewhat better terms.

    Know that Miku knows about Hibiki and the Symphogear I hope there relationship doesn’t hurt out to bad :/

    • Hawthorne says:

      Me too! I’d hate to see Miku start avoiding Hibiki for lying. I’d be pretty freaked out though if I found out my best friend had been fighting weird creatures and crazy bishoujos without telling me. XD

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