Rinne no Lagrange – 08

Muginami-“So like what movie is this Madoka?”                   Madoka-“You have no idea where we are do you?”

…So now that the girls have solved their problems, where will the plot take us now? Will the space bishies be returning this episode? I hope so. Or if not, at least we’ll always have Seaworld. …And in the end, I guess Seaworld is almost as good as space bishies.
Hooray, Lagrange, I always get so pumped up when a new episode is released! Hopefully the girls have all their issues worked out between each other…unless they need more naked bonding scenes? Time to go to Sea World! So can we confirm this anime is set in Florida?! Anyway onto the episode, I think space bishies are present in this episode Kara.Plot this week, follows a new blonde arrival named Asteria who is a big shot in the government. She talks about the Vox legend and prevents Madoka from piloting her machine for fear of this legend.

The daily lives of moe high school mecha pilots.

Starting things off this week, we follow Lan, Madoka and Muginami taking a joy ride or “training mode” with their Vox machines, which means it is time to show off some skills. So anyone else remember the movie Top Gun? That whole scene might have been a shout out…just kidding… or was it?! Muhahaha…before the girls break any more records, they are quickly called back in because a big shot from the government aka the Novumundus arrive to inspect the base.

Commander-“Son of a B! Now I have to change into my other blue shirt.”

Who could this mysterious person be?!  If you are watching Mouretsu Pirates, you might see a pattern… We meet a small girl with long blonde hair wearing a bright yellow dress and goes by the name Asteria. It is official, the blonde loli invasion of anime has begun! Maybe they are rising to kill all the pedobears? Asteria is there to look around and ask questions, not to mention grope Madoka and make fun of Lan’s “woof” greeting…I don’t know why she did not mess with Muginami; maybe she was scared of her giant melons?

Asteria-“Ka ka, I am here for your women.”                      Moid-“Ooooh! Does that include me?”

Asteria-“These are only apple sized.”                          Madoka-“I can no longer get married…”

Muginami-“Will Lan be alright?”                   Madoka-“Sure…we just need a two hour long bath after this.”

After she messes around, she gets down to business to talk about Madoka’s machine going all flower mode and asks how it happened; however, Madoka spills the beans and tells Asteria it was because she had a fight with Muginami. Asteria on the other hand has a long chat with Yoko about the research behind the Vox legend, while Lan goes over this legend in more detail with Madoka at Sea world. I wonder if they bought season passes for the park, while Asteria talked to Yoko about the story she reveals that aliens visited the earth twenty thousand years ago and the earth almost got blown up thanks to the Vox machines going all crazy. She assigns Yoko to dig into the legend and find out how they stopped it the first time.

Muginami-“Well hello there little fella! I will bring you home.”              Lan-“No…this is not Evangelion.”

Muginami-“We can’t take the penguins home?!”    Madoka-“Well we can’t eat them.”     Lan-“Eww Madoka that is wrong.”

Yoko-“I am ready to kick some ass with science!”               Asteria-“Oooh I like this girl, I shall add her to my harem.”

The following day, Asteria grounds Madoka from piloting her machine, because she is trying to prevent the second Lost Christmas… err I mean “end-of-the-world-thanks-to-giant-freaking-robots-from-space.” From a second time happening, Muginami and Lan protest and lock themselves in the mecha hangar. ROW ROW FIGHT DA LOLI POWUH from the government. Madoka comes up with a plan and sneaks into the air vents all Metal Gear Solid style with Asteria following behind just to slap Madoka’s ass. Why would she do that? Hmm I think a certain blonde is way too into girls. Once everyone is reunited, Madoka gives a friendship speech about love and making out… Just kidding! She basically tells them she might not be a pilot right now, but she will still be friends with Lan and Muginami.

Lan-“You think this will make us popular?”                     Muginami-“Hell ya! I think…what are we doing again?”

Madoka-“Ouch…that…hurts…..”                         Asteria-“I say this is a lumpy couch.”

Face to face yuri moment of the week!

Now you would think, Asteria seeing the girls’ friendship explosion she would allow Madoka to pilot, sadly that is not the case. She does however ignore the fact the girls locked the hanger and planned a protest against her. After that we follow Moid talking to a hologram. Someone please cue Empire theme music from Star Wars for Moid. He informs his “Commander”, he will proceed with trying to steal the Vox machines soon…yes…soon my master that’s what he should have said. The episode comes to an end after Asteria has a meeting with Kirius, Izo and Villangio. Yes, I screwed up his name because his name is so much fun to mess with. Basically he asks if they can take the Vox machines and she says no and does not want the flower of Lagrange to bloom ever again… Also remember Array? He is now Asteria’s personal maid! Whahaha dude wears a maid uniform… I guess that tells you where he has been lately.

Moid-“What is thy bidding, my master?”             Commander dude-“Hey! Don’t make this cheesy, you idiot.”

Izo-“…..”                Kirius-” What…the…”           Villagabro-“This is nice! We need a maid on our ship.”

Extra fun with Lagrange

Three girls, one bed… you do the math.

Madoka found the Shaft camera laying on the floor.

Madoka has the right idea! Pilots get all the chicks.

Madoka-“Did you just slap my ass?”                    Asteria-“Sorry butt…DAT ASS…is all in my grill yo!”

End thoughts

LAGRANGE, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! A loli foreign looking chairman? I am disappoint. How stereotypical. …Though it’s a nice touch that she’s yellow, so she doesn’t encroach on any of the 3 main’s colour territories. Wow, it’s been at least a season since I’ve seen any self-important lolitas. In any case, AWW YEAH the space bishies are back. At least we know what happened to the blonde one. Though why none of the personnel at the facility that he escaped from didn’t recognise him is beyond me. It’s interesting that the loli is somewhat working with Villa (I still want to know his motives). I wonder how that even started. There are so many organizations going on and I don’t have a clue what any of them want to accomplish. (On another note, was that a cameo of Lan’s brother? Lan had her hair down this episode!! )

So, uh, Lagrange takes place modern day? I hope they go into more of what happened in the past since that ancient civilization sounds interesting. They shoved a fair bit of plot on us in a small amount of time (though I guess they had to do it sometime since the season is almost over). But it looks like my theory of reincarnation might not be as far fetched as I thought. Madoka said that she felt like she had known Midori from a long time ago, so I think that might have been from another lifetime. If so, then I want to see this other Madoka as well… I just hope the season break won’t come before we see it.

…The animation kind of went downhill here. There were a couple times where Muginami and Lan looked like they had thunder thighs. On the plus side, yay plot! This anime doesn’t look like it’s heading anywhere particularly fast, but I hope that it doesn’t just spring a bunch of plot on us in the last 2 episodes or something. This slower pacing isn’t bad once in a while. Anyways, next episode looks like a cultural festival!! With the space bishies!!! I am excited!!!!

Oh hey look, plot, plot and of course more plot, but things are starting to get fun and exciting for Lagrange fans. I am looking forward to more awesome stuff soon. Soooo new blonde loli girl Asteria arriving on set?! She is definitely an interesting girl and she has a pet alien bishie to work as a maid? Wow that sucks to be you, Array…no wonder you went into hiding from Kirius, Izo and Villidude. Not that those guys understand what a maid is right? Anyway, back to Asteria for a bit. That girl can dress and grope girls? I have a feeling she might be a he…that would make things hilarious for Madoka and co. Anyone thinking Mai Otome? Didn’t they do the same thing in that anime? Also, what would you call Asteria? Normal? Maybe she is just the super rich ojou-sama type? Where was the epic OH HO HO HO laugh! I DEMAND IT.

So, over twenty-thousand years ago aliens visited earth? Awesome I should add this fact to some advanced Wikipedia page…wait there is a history channel show dedicated to that theme. So those Vox machines are that old!? Damn they sure have lasted a long freaking time. And more legend of the legendary mechas from space. Just what does Moid want with them? And what side is Villadude even on? Then again Moid has always been pegged as the “evil guy” thanks to having his eyes closed all the time. The same could be said of Asteria since she is practically keeping Array as a maid, what does she gain? I suppose a safer earth for now.

I laughed watching Muginami, Lan and Madoka flying around at the start. They all look so happy together and what about that d’awww hug between the three of them? So hnngggg and more implied yuri! Damn every time I watch an episode, this yuri business sneaks in and explodes… Next week, it looks quite interesting and it seems they are taking notes from Aquarion EVOL having the space bishies invade the school!? It works because none of the girls know the identities of the space bishes but maybe Muginami she might know the others guys…


Madoka-“Whoa! What happened to our eyes?”                   Asteria-“That budget yo!”

Festival time! What will the Jersey club make? A super Moe café, maybe a FREAKING HAUNTED HOUSE!? I vote for something involving swim suits and a pool full of eels…


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30 Responses to “Rinne no Lagrange – 08”

  1. Jrow says:

    Dat ass, Asteria just couldn’t hold back!

    Madoka is such a playa. It seems as though she can do no wrong with me <3

    I'm generally liking the pacing of this season, though it's expected to be a bit slower with the split cours. The bit of exposition about how they are actually earthlings is interesting. There seems to be so many more parts to this legend, it's grabbing my interest quite a lot in addition to the mecha and the yuri.

    • Karakuri says:

      By the time his anime is over, Madoka shall have established one of the greatest harems of all time.

      Same here, the pacing is nice and yeah, I hope they go more into the past later on. They could go pretty far with that whole backstory… But I guess or now it’s all mecha and yuri xD

    • Foshizzel says:

      Asteria has the right idea!

      Agreed about Madoka! She is going to have a great yuri harem by the end of the series.

      Yeah I am interested in seeing what they end up leading towards before the split…I assume we are in for some battles coming up for the girls? Or the bishies join the girls to save the universe!? Yep! Mecha and Yuri in the same series xD

  2. BlackBriar says:

    Oh, man. Asteria’s arrival put everyone on edge. To make the U.S President cry?!! Yikes!! Not only am I surprised that she groped Madoka (a GIRL, no less!!!), she didn’t even go for Muginami, who’s definitely a lot bustier. She’s the only person who’s been able to get Madoka all flustered. I guess it comes with sexually assaulting her. The biggest surprise was that the “aliens” weren’t actually aliens at all. That kind of killed the fun for me though.

    What also was a major point in this series is that Madoka isn’t going to be a pilot anymore. Now, that’s the kind of twist that really has me wonder why the creators pulled it. It’s not really going to make a point if Madoka just ends up ignoring all this, piloting her Vox anyway. I am pleasantly surprised that Madoka had enough maturity to recognize the risk of flying Midori. Too often, protagonists get too full of it and start dabbling in things beyond their comprehension. Madoka was able to keep her ego in check and got her friends to stand down.

    What I’m coming to appreciate about this series is that it’s not obvious as to what the antagonists are exactly up to, or heck, who is actually the antagonists. Villagiulio doesn’t seem nearly as bad as he’s trying to make himself look, he is looking more like an anti-hero. The best candidates for actual bad guys would be Dizelmine and Moid. But Moid has ulterior motives written all over him. I’d keep him under constant surveillance.

    I don’t care if it is gratuitous, I enjoy it all the same when they share a bed, go to Seaworld, and start hugging. There isn’t much Yuri to be had this season (even though it sometimes looks like it) and I fully intend to get it where I can and certainly the Lagrange crew are more than willing to comply. I just loved how yuri seemed to just ooze off the screen and it seems that even Asteria is getting in on the act by groping Madoka and spanking her on the butt when the opportunity presents itself.

    • Karakuri says:

      Well I guess it explains why the ‘aliens’ looked so similar to regular human beings.

      I’m impressed with Madoka too… Even though she’s totally going to pilot Midori again whether Asteria likes it or not. As Madoka is a main character, it’s inevitable. Plus that whole prophecy thing makes it even more likely. If things can go bad, they will.

      I appreciate the subtlety of the antagonists as well. Though if the show REALLY wanted to impress me, then NO ONE would be the antagonist and it would just be a bunch of conflicting views. …But yeah, Moid seems the most suspicious.

      …This does look like the yuri show of the season. I don’t mind it though.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Asteria is quite the character and she made the president cry? Awesome…just…awesome and hilarious! This is the season for blonde loli girls isn’t it? LOL Yeah that grope scene was funny! Poor Madoka. Right! Aliens are actually human? Not bad, but agreed it kind of made things lame.

      I don’t think that rule will last long! After all I predict Muginami and Lan will get in trouble and Madoka is forced to take charge to save them.

      Villagiulio is a odd case for me but I don’t think he is actually “evil” Hell he could have killed Madoka at any point with their first meeting! However it seems like he wants to take the Vox machines off earth to save it? Moid is probably the true bad guy here.

      Yuri! I usually hate such things when it is forced on us, but Lagrange is slightly different…now if they are always sharing a bed and showering together all the time I might not like it as much ahahah I know crazy huh?

      I’d laugh if Asteria were actually a guy lmao.

  3. skylion says:

    ::to the tune of the Mama’s and the Papa’s:: “It’s the time of the season for LOLIS!”

    So Shinobu blows our minds in Nisemono, then Crea and Yohuna start flouncing about in EVOL, the Bentenmaru sets it’s course for adventure, it’s mind on a new Loli princess, and now we get Rinne and Victorique De Blois….uh…Astria. All of it in February.

    At this point, it looks like Guity Crown missed an obvious ratings booster; maybe, I don’t think a loli would ever save GC, they’d only kill her off.

    Funny you should say, Hawthorne, I find the idea of these aliens to be really cool. I have always dug the Robert E. Howard Hyberboren Age mythos, what with Conan and King Kull and and ancient Atlantis. With Rinne it feels like Hyperborea developed some awesome tech and took to the stars.

    This episode grabbed my attention pretty good.

    …and it has yuri.

    • Karakuri says:

      …I guess Tsugumi kind of counts as the loli of the season for GC.

    • Foshizzel says:


      Yep it has been a great season for surprise blonde-loli-girls-to-spice-things-up so far! What is next? Loli characters running around in Daily lives? Wait there was one…

      Ahahaha if Inori was only a loli girl! But sadly she is not, agreed Tsugumi is more of a teenager. There was that girl that died at the start of Guilty Crown with Gai shooting her….


  4. skylion says:

    Oh, forget to mention, looks like Astari might be the second coming of Ekatarina from Seikon no Qwaser, just think of the Voxes as three Mama’s.

    OK, don’t….

    • Karakuri says:

      Oh god. No, we don’t need another Ekaterina. One is more than enough thanks xDD

      • BlackBriar says:

        LOL. I remember her!! She practically defines BDSM with the ways she devotes her energies to visiting unto her Maria Magdalen partner Hana Katsuragi several BDSM activities. That’s a genuine S and M relationship right there with Hana happily being the loyal masochist.

    • Foshizzel says:

      I never survived a single episode of Seikon non Qwasar…

      • skylion says:

        You need to be made of special stuff to watch that show. You have to decide if it’s so bad it’s good or if it’s so bad it’s awful. Once you make the right decision, the show becomes….merely dreadful. To see it’s complete and utter fail, watch the second series.

        • Karakuri says:

          DON’T DO IT, FOSH! You will never be able to recover from the mental scarring. Ever.

          • skylion says:

            What does that say about the folk that were never mentally scared by it?

            • Karakuri says:

              Minds of steel. …Or they enjoy hentai. Either or really.

            • BlackBriar says:

              Seems like those who watch hentai can withstand almost any kind of content. Like you said, it could be either that or a mind of steel.

          • BlackBriar says:

            LOL at all the warning signs Seikon no Qwaser is getting!! I saw all of season one and my mind is still intact. Should I start on season two? Decisions, decisions….

            • skylion says:

              BB, it rips off Lawnmower Man. I mean it has some interesting Katja x Hana moments. This does not save it from Silicon Qwaser King of the Internets…

        • Foshizzel says:

          hahahahah I have heard the horror stories xD

  5. Myssa Rei says:

    Fozz, you got it the other way around: the-so-called ‘aliens’ are actually all from Earth. When the disaster 20,000 years ago happened, they all upped and migrated to other planets, becoming the so-called Polygon of systems that they keep on mentioning, kind of like the Inner Sphere from Battletech (neighboring systems all populated by different cultures of humanity).

    Since that time they’ve kept Earth off-limits, but NOW they’re coming back, because they need the Voxes.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ooooh! Thanks I got my info a bit jumbled while typing it up…I like this story so far I just hope episode 12 ends on a good note and not a huge cliffhanger!

      Right earth is neutral territory! I totally forgot to mention that T___T

  6. The_Magus_Killer says:

    Let’s give Madoka a bit to angst about, i.e. the “aliens” accidentally killed her mom when she was a child (but Midori erased that traumatic memory when Madoka acheived Memoria), so she’ll get bitter when she remembers and say, “onore, VEIGANS!”

    Rinne No Langrange AGE – Three Yuri Sisters Will Change Destiny.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Ahahahah Angsty Madoka huh? I dunno about that! She seems to a character that can withstand such things, but if those all turn out to be true and someone lied to her for years then she probably will turn angry?

      Rinne No AGE! For the win <3 The power of Yuri will save the universe.

  7. tatsuya says:

    like the ass ….don’t get it the wrong way

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