Otome Game Review – Uta no Prince-sama Repeat – S Class

Metanorn just got fabulous(er). Again.

Screw it, I can reuse the same main image as many times as I want. Finally, the continuation of the A Class post and the conclusion of Utapri Repeat. Hmmm, what can I say? This game took me waaaay longer (like, 4 months. I planned on finishing this in October. OTL) than I thought it would take. Mostly because I had 5 games on the go at one point while playing this. I get distracted by other games way too easily and had to force myself to play this.  Anyways, spoilers follow.

So yeah, if you missed it the first time, the heroine is Nanami Haruka. She goes to idol school and meets bishies that she’s not allowed to date (not that it stops her) due to Wakamoto Norio (aka Shining Saotome) and his rrrrrrrrrrules because he was screwed over by his lover that he wasn’t allowed to date getting killed by a plane when he was a young idol. Or something along those lines (see Otoya’s route). This post is the S Class version of Haruka’s story, meaning that she’s better at writing music than she was in A Class. Unfortunately, she’s still denser than a brick. The home room teacher here is Hyuuga Ryuuya, the manliest gar man around. Tomo didn’t make it to S Class (possibly to prevent any complications involving that fact that  Ren likes hitting on anything remotely female) , but she’s still Haruka’s roomate and Haruka has 3 bishie bffs in class to substitute. Oh and she has a thing for the idol Hayato. That gets more focus in S Class.

Ichinose Tokiya:

Tokiya is a very srs bsns guy who looks just like Haruka’s beloved HAYATO. There’s a reason behind that though because after he has a ton of fangirls harass him, he explains that he’s actually HAYATO’s younger twin brother. Him and Haruka partner up because Shining says so.  However,  Haruka believes that Tokiya’s …aura(?) is similar to HAYATO. Anyways, despite being S Class and therefore superior to A Class, Tokiya has somewhat of an inferiority complex about Otoya. He just wishes he could freewheelingness brightly like Ren does.

Anyways, after Haruka gets locked in a storage shed thanks to a bunch of jealous Tokiya fanbitches, Tokiya finds her, but gets locked in himself. However, this is one of the first months in, so instead of something romantic happening, the two find a small piano and work on music instead. Shining eventually finds them, but in the process of busting through (I don’t think I’ve ever seen Shining enter a room like a normal person), a shelf falls and Tokiya protects Haruka from it. Later months, HAYATO films some kind of show about Shining’s school. On the roof, Haruka actually gets to talk to him and they have a conversation about what Haruka thinks of Tokiya. Later, Haruka finds Tokiya and he says something along the lines of “Hey Haruka-cha- I mean, uh, hello Nanami-san.” Haruka thinks nothing of him talking exactly like HAYATO though.

During the next month, the S Class versus the A Class in water polo. The match is more boring than any of the A Class pool competitions (Tokiya loses the game because he doesn’t want to be compared to HAYATO), but Shining’s punishment of having the guys crossdress remains. Tokiya is a perfectionist, so he decides that he has to be THE BESTEST CROSSDRESSER EVAR and he asks Haruka a bunch of questions as to what’s wrong with his image. Believe me, there is a LOT wrong with his image, but Haruka is too nice to tell him that. In the end, Tokiya just has to accept that he’ll never be Ringo level fabulous.

Sometime after that, Shining has this event where he kidnaps Haruka and ties her to a cross on the school roof, saying that Tokiya has to defeat him or else the bomb at Haruka’s feet will go off in 24 hours (and then he strips down to his trademark loincloth. …uhhh). How Shining hasn’t been arrested yet is beyond me. Anyways, Tokiya makes it to the roof and then has a night long fist fight with the man to save Haruka because Tokiya can only sing HER music. However, before Haruka can be saved, the bomb goes off. In Shining’s office. Though in all of his insanity, Haruka notes that Shining had good intentions since Tokiya surpassed his limits because of this. So after Haruka is forced to perform at the school festival alone since Tokiya is too busy with his ‘mysterious’ job, Tokiya finally reveals that he’s actually HAYATO. Haruka isn’t surprised though since she apparently knew for a while thanks to his music. ….suuuuure, Haruka, sure. She likes him at this point and he likes her back, but they’re interrupted by Ryuuya so neither of them can say anything. They confess in December, but decide to go back to regular partners since the no love thing would get in the way of Tokiya debuting. January though, Tokiya realises that suppressing his love for Haruka is like him suppressing himself to act as HAYATO, so they finally get together.

February, Tokiya explains to Haruka that his Agency forced him into acting like HAYATO all the time and actually has a detailed plan all about it. Since nobody knew who he really was, Tokiya lost his heart towards singing somewhere along the way and he found it difficult to quit. However, after telling Haruka that, the next day, Tokiya announces to Japan that HAYATO is actually a fictional character. That and hes quitting to be himself. Haruka gets blamed for not stopping him, but Tokiya repeats the speech he gave to Haruka and Shining says that they have to win. Haruka is sad without the HAYATO morning program, but Tokiya offers to wake her up every morning instead xD.

Great Love, Tokiya wins, the two join the Agency and Shining is okay with their relationship as long as it’s a secret. That and he ever changes his rules so that students can date if they get permission from the teachers. While watching the night view from Tokiya’s apartment’s bathtub (lol), Haruka accidentally presses the shower button and Tokiya has her stay until her clothes dry… which will be the next day. He carries her off to his bed and asks if she has any requests as to where he kisses her. !!!!!!!!!!!! –incomprehensible fangirl squealing here-. *Cough* Love Ending, they win and Shining lets them stay together. …And then Tokiya kisses Haruka’s ears and say’s that he’ll make her cry tears of joy later -more incomprehensible squealing here-. Friends Ending, Tokiya never stops being HAYATO and Otoya finds out after Tokiya goes “We can’t let Otoya find out that I’m actually HAYATO.” right in front of him (lol). After he’s forced into being a backup dancer, Otoya kind of becomes HAYATO’s official rival and suddenly Tokiya likes his job better. Though he still wants to debut as himself one day.

As for the extra stuff, I wasn’t really paying attention here, but Great Love, Tokiya is really stressed out thanks to all of the idol stuff, so after their date gets interrupted by work, he decides that Haruka should be his pillow. Love after story, there’s some flashback and Haruka talks to Tokiya about how HAYATO helped her through life. Tokiya gets jealous or something saying that HAYATO was actually him. I wasn’t paying attention here either. Friends after story, Otoya is now acting as OTOYA (lol being an idol=having your name all in caps) and HAYATO’s rival. However Tokiya disagrees with Otoya’s statement that Tokiya should sing more like himself. So stuff happens and the two make up since Otoya loves Tokiya …’s music. No confession for Haruka.

OH MY GOD THOSE ENDINGS. I still think that HAYATO talks like a creeper, but I now think Tokiya is the shit. Or at least I think higher of him now than I did before. I can’t get over how nosebleed-worthy that Great Love ending was. Am I even making sense anymore? I can’t tell.

Jinguuji Ren:

Ren has possibly the best one liner out of all of the bishies. Apparently he’s a “freeman who is freewheelingness brightly.”  Ren is the sexy bishie who plays the sax and has a brigade of fangirls because he hits on girls constantly. He’s also the son of a rich bitch financial company, but he’s like, 3rd born or something and won’t ever inherit the company (which is why he never takes anything seriously). He also has a butler named George who is 740294 times less annoying than Jii. They become partners because Haruka faints in class and Ren takes her to her room. Also, it’s to avoid his fangirls massacring each other. Because we all know that fangirls are prone to doing that.

Now the first couple months, there is no practicing at all. Ren is too busy with his fangirls to even bother with Haruka and when she asks him to practice he goes “well fangirls, do you want to practice? No? Well there you have it. Go do something else.” Masato shows up one time while Haruka is alone practicing because he heard her music and compliments her. Ren chooses this point in time to show up and he calls Haruka’s music child’s play (OH NO HE DIDN’T!). If she can write something that stirs his heart, he’ll sing, but otherwise, too bad. He’ll do something else if you know what I mean. Haruka decides to put her all into showing the asshole up getting him to sing.

A couple months later with no success, Ren shows up and takes Haruka on a date (despite the fact that she doesn’t have a reservation). There, he whines about how he’s always being compared to Masato and how his family forced him into the school so he could sing for them. Ren doesn’t hate singing, but he’s got some angst because he father (who is now dead) never loved him and Masato threw everything Ren ever wanted away by coming to the school. On the bright side though, he finally approves Haruka’s song. Later, Shining straps Haruka to a ROCKET THAT WILL LAUNCH TO THE MOON and handcuffs Masato and Ren together telling them that Haruka will become an astronaut unless the two push two buttons at the same time. Said buttons are put so neither of them can reach while being attached to each other. The butlers show up and Jii does some TTGL style yelling about how superior the drill is to whatever the hell George brought, but in the end, neither butler can cut through whatever metal Shining used. In the end, Ren attempts to cut off his hand (since he says that Masato needs his for piano playing), but Shining stops him saying that he felt the love~. Ren and Masato get along better, but are still rivals.

Since Ren and Haruka are now actually acting like partners, Ren and Haruka put on a fashion show. …Or more like, Ren puts on a fashion show and Haruka does her music thing. He kisses on the cheek behind stage to help her stay calm (which had the opposite effect, lol), but afterwards, Haruka finds in the hallways manwhoring kissing another girl because she asked. Haruka accidentally makes noise and when Ren notices her there, she runs off to go drown her sorrows in piano music. Haruka doesn’t want Ren to get kicked out of the school due to him breaking the no love rule, so she talks to him about his manwhoring problem about the girl she thinks is his girlfriend. This results in Ren saying that it’s none of her business and him ignoring practice again. She has a heart to heart with George and he tells her that Renge (Ren’s mother; deceased) was his cousin/an idol and that Ren doesn’t notice the kindness of others around him. He needs someone who truly loves him. Haruka talks to Ren about his loneliness and the same month, Ren’s older brother, Souichirou comes because he was impressed by Haruka’s skill at the fashion show. He invites her to work in America with him, which will also instantly make her part of Shining’s Agency. Haruka needs time to think though because she doesn’t want to ditch Ren (the girl is a freaking saint by this point in my eyes).

The next month is December and Haruka tells Ren that she’ll be leaving him to study abroad. Ren just tells her that he’s happy for her and won’t be lonely at all. However, he asks her to the Christmas party and when she goes with him, he takes her to the auditorium instead so they won’t be interrupted. There, the two eat cake and Ren gives her a necklace and a sax performance. Haruka tries to run away since she’s sad to be leaving, but Ren hugs her saying that he doesn’t want her to leave. It has to be her songs. Haruka rejects the offer from Ren’s brother.

Ren is serious about music for once and he and Haruka are practicing together again. While Ren decides that perforing with Haruka as an idol might not be a bad idea, but when Haruka accidentally confesses to him, he can’t accept her feelings. …(╯°Д°)╯彡┻━┻ WHAT THE HELL.

Souichirou comes back with another job offer for Haruka and this time she doesn’t have to leave Japan to do it. Haruka accepts the offer to create CM music, but all of her music is rejected even with Ren’s advice. Even worse, the deadline passes with Haruka only having a blank page. Shining is not pleased since this will affect his company’s reputation and tells Haruka that she has a week to pass or else she’ll be kicked out. With that, Haruka deems eating and sleeping necessary and then gets sick because of it. So she wakes up one day with Ren taking care of her. That, and he made a deal with his brother. If they win the audition, they’ll use Haruka’s music.

Great Love Ending, they win and the brothers reconcile. Also, Ren FINALLY CONFESSES HIS UNDYING LOVE FOR HARUKA and Shining is okay with this because at this point, it would be ridiculous if he didn’t accept the two worked hard, etc. Ren takes Haruka to his room while Masato is out and pushes her onto the bed because he “wants to make some memories in his room before they leave.” This scene made up for all of the idiocy in this route for me. Love End, pretty much the same thing happens minus the bed/room part. Plus Ren confesses in a storage closet. Friend End, Haruka still decides to reject the offer to America and during the Christmas party, Shining comes to the conclusion that the contrasting images of Ren and Masato would be the greatest pairing ever. Haruka gets to be their song writer and the two become even better friends, but still feel the need to argue over everything.

Great Love after story, Haruka acts like a fool, but he gives Haruka a ring (he has a matching one) for her birthday. Love after story, there’s a flashback back to when Ren liked Haruka in school, but was still acting like a fool. In the present, he talks about how he loved Haruka for a while and about the future, etc. Friends ending, Masato and Ren fight until during a script run of some drama the two were cast together in, Haruka accidentally confesses that she loves Ren. Ren’s reaction is adorable and he admits that he likes her to. Masato is still in the room at this point and he goes “oho, the playboy is serious” (Ren reacts with “S-shut up!” xD) and leaves the two on their own.

WANT TO KNOW WHAT I THINK OF YOUR ROUTE, REN? THIS IS WHAT I THINK OF YOUR ROUTE (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ 彡┻━┻彡┻━┻彡┻━┻ Okay, this must sound like a hate post, but I really did like the guy…at the end. I kind of feel a weird need to defend it now since I raged so much. His confession felt the most satisfactory to me AFTER ALL OF THAT BULLSHIT and I always like seeing the manwhore characters fall for the heroine in these things. I’m also ecstatic that Ren’s fangirls were never bitchy to Haruka. Now if only something could have been done about Ren himself… Really, the only reason I pushed through this was for Suwabe’s voice. It was worth it in the end though.

Kurusu Syo:

There’s no doubt about it. Syo is an adorable ore-sama tsundere. He also used to play violin (but had Taichi syndrome and quit because Natsuki was a genius) and is the shortest of the bishies. Haruka and him become Partners because before they were told to choose, Syo told Haruka that she could be his servant and she was all “T-thank you God! I have friends now! *tears of joy*”. …..Oh, Haruka. Oh yeah, and Syo has an obsession with being called Ouji (prince)-sama (I think it was in Natsuki’s route where he told Haruka to just call him THE Uta no Prince-sama, lol) and he has a lot of respect for Ryuuya because he played some MANRY prince character (thus the prince obsession) that made Syo feel less alone or something when he was a kid.

So the two partner up and the first couple months is Syo being a tsundere (he needs to find a pretty girl for a scavenger hunt of sorts and he grabs Haruka. “B-but it’s not like he thinks she’s pretty or anything!” XD) while  stuff like Shining’s pet lion (his name is Rodriguez) coming out of nowhere and Natsuki thinking that it’s a FREAKING KITTEN happens. When it comes to S Class crossdressing, Syo is extremely convincing (not that you can tell from the CG), so Shining forces him to debut like that under the name Yui. He’s unbelievably popular. So for the next month, Haruka is very ronery while Syo is busy being a tsundere trap idol. However, the life of a crossdresser  just isn’t for him, so Syo quits.

After that, Syo’s younger twin brother shows up and Kaji Yuuki’s loud shota voice almost caused me to go deaf. You’re probably going “Syo has a twin brother!?”. Yeah, his name is Kaoru, he’s studying to become a doctor and he has a boarderline inappropriate amount of concern towards his onii-san. Why? Because Syo actually has the infamous unnamed heart disease x, but refuses to get it treated (yes, it is curable) because  becoming an idol is OBVIOUSLY more important then dying. Anyways, Kaoru harasses Syo about curing his disease for a while until Syo and Haruka pretend to be a couple to make him leave (…because Kaoru said that he’d be less concerned if Syo had a girlfriend to take care of him). However, after Kaoru makes them kiss to prove that they’re actually going out (what age are these people again?) he’s like “What? Even with the no love rule? Fine, if you want me to leave that badly, I will.” and leaves. …Then why mention the girlfriend thing in the first place!?

I guess I should also mention that somewhere in here (I forget where), Syo has to fight Shining for some debut instantly contest. In it, Syo has to grab Nasuki’s glasses (it’s another scavenger hunt thing), while Shining has to grab the Statue of Liberty. Yes, THE Statue of Liberty. So then we get this crazy ass CG of Syo being chased by Satsuki, Shining (with the Statue tied behind him) and the FBI in a helicopter. Not much plot wise here, but this scene was hilarious.

December, Syo finally confesses to Haruka and tells her that she’s not his servant anymore, but instead, his princess (*´ω `*). Of course, the whole thing is going too well so Kaoru shows up again. He’s shocked that the two are actually going out for real and tells them to stop since Haruka makes Syo’s heart beat too fast, which doesn’t exactly help his disease. Kaoru, I get what you’re saying, but you half started this. Stop your bitching. He tattles to Shining and the couple is called to his office. However, inside there, Syo manages to convince Shining to let them date and still stay in school. The catch is that Syo has to finally take the surgery to cure him (also the whole winning the audition thing). The surgery will take place in America.

So Syo goes to America for preliminary medical examinations while Haruka is ronery in Japan. He comes back though And then gets depressed over Natsuki improving so much, that he thinks taking a run in the rain with his heart condition is the best idea ever (which would normally be okay if he wasn’t in Japan, the country where people are sent to the hospital for being in the rain for more than 5 minutes). Haruka tells him to stop being an idiot, and everything is awwwright once again.

So Great Love Ending, Syo wins, Kaoru kind of gets over his bro-con, Syo is shipped off to America where he ignores Haruka for 3 months so she has no idea if he’s alive or not and then has the plane he’s supposed to be on crash into the ocean. However, he wanted to see her sooner so apparently he took the earlier flight and is already in Japan when the plane crashed. Which is great and all, but seriously if you miss her that much, GIVE HER A DAMN PHONE CALL. Shining is obviously bribing the government if he wasn’t arrested for stealing the Statue (not to mention all of the other crap that happened in other routes), I’m sure he could lend you some money for long distance calls. Anyways, Love ending Kaoru still gets over his bro-con, but Haruka goes to with Syo to America. The operation works and while Syo is recovering the two are rabu-rabu until Natsuki randomly joins them in America because he was ronery without Syo. SIGH. Friend ending, Syo’s disease is forgotten magically cured by continuity issues, he takes Haruka to some amusement park. Natsuki joins, but he loses his glasses, so Haruka and Syo need to mug a nearby yakuza for his sunglasses.

Great Love extra, Syo gets a package of clothing and etc. from his parents for Haruka and him because there’s a festival coming up. Also, he talks about how when he has a family, he wants a son and a daughter, but he wants the son to be older so his daughter has an onii-san. WHY IS THIS SO ADORABLE?! Love extra, there’s a flashback about them being dere back in school and not much else happens. Friends extra, Natsuki is always around, causing Syo to misunderstand Haruka’s relationship with Natsuki and act pissed off. Fortunately though, Syo finally confesses that he likes Haruka and Haruka finally tells Syo that she’s not actually dating Natsuki. Natsuki, who has been listening in, wishes the best for both of them, as he doesn’t mind being a third wheel.

After this route, I now completely understand the appeal of tsunderes. Every single time Syo used one of those stereotypical lines, I swear I melted a bit inside. TSUNDERES ARE ADORABLE. THIS ROUTE (despite all of the stupidity, and believe me, there was a LOT of stupidity) IS ADORABLE. …I think this might be my favourite route in the game.

Aladdin Aijima Cecil:


Aka Kuppuru (or in English, Bfluffy) the cat. Also, the most crack filled route of the game. The funny part is that the anime was spot on about Cecil. He seriously showed up at random once in each bishie’s route, spouted some sort of metaphorical nonsense that made him sound high while Haruka sat going (´・ω・`)?, and then was never heard of again. …Until now. If you’re wondering just why the hell he’s a cat, it turns out that he’s some half Japanese prince from some unheard of country called Aguna (which sounds like a Pokemon name to me, but whatever) that has some cult religion that worships a goddess of music named Muse. His family didn’t like the fact that he was part Asian, so they used some weird magic (because that exists in this route) and cursed him into being a cat. His eyes are an extremely pretty shade of green.

Anyways, in this route, Haruka is actually originally partners with Tomo, but family problems arise and Haruka finds herself ditched.  Before that though, she picks up a random cat off the streets and names it Kuppuru. Cecil and Haruka partner up because FREAKING SATAN possesses Shining after he tries to summon Muse and only the power of  music/several mystical score sheets can send him back since Haruka has Muse in her soul or something. However, Satan curses Haruka so that she only wakes up one day of the month, so she has to use that one day to get shit done. During all of this nonsense, Cecil turns human and kisses/makes a pact with Haruka that lets her become a “warrior of Muse” (lmao Sailor Moon flashbacks) and also tells her his life story.

Waking up the next month, Haruka finds that she has the amazing ability to translate cat thanks to the pact. …Or at least she can understand Cecil while he’s in cat form (which he’s in now since the two need to kiss in order for Cecil to turn bishie). She also finds out that music has completely disappeared from the world. While looking for the magic score, the find Otoya who is possessed by Satan (which makes him talk exactly like Shining lololol). The two use some sort of magic on Otoya after he tells them his life story and he returns back to normal. He agrees to join them and Ryuuya, who is apparently the only one not affected (LMAO not even Satan wants Yusa Koji) says that he’s found a hideout recording room under the dorms. TO THE MUSE CAVE! The next month, Haruka gets a letter from Tokiya and despite Cecil going “IT’S A TRAP!”, Haruka feels the need to save everyone. Anyways, she shows up to find HAYATO instead, Tokiya reveals that he’s actually HAYATO, Haruka fangirls, Tokiya almost kisses Haruka (which would undo the pact between her and Cecil), Cecil shows up, magic happens (after a tokimeki competition which Tokiya pretty much won lol) and Tokiya returns back to normal.

Next in line for saving is Masato. He chains Haruka and Cecil and since being possessed by Satan unleashes his hidden desires or something, he starts tearing at Haruka’s clothing and considers doing some ultimate skirt flipping technique because he was deprived of that joy as a child. Though from the way Cecil reacts, you’d think that Masato was sawing his arm off. The guy needs to chill. Anyways, Cecil somehow manages to break through the chains using his completely non muscular body tiny body and Masato turns back to normal after seeing the two kiss because he’s embarrassed. Masato suggests that he commit seppuku because he’s ashamed of what he did, but Haruka convinces him to join them instead. The next month, Haruka/Cecil discover that Ren has established a harem during all of this and he and Cecil have a competition for Haruka, which Cecil wins. It turns out that Ren was never actually possessed by Satan at all,  but he was just interested in the two. Afterwards, Cecil says that he has to return to his country after all of this crap to seal Satan forever.

Natuski is up next and he and Satsuki have separate bodies, but Satsuki is allied with Satan and doesn’t want Natsuki to join them because of his trust issues. Satsuki then proceeds to troll Haruka 3 FREAKING TIMES by pretending to be Natsuki, until the real Natsuki tells him to stop. Natsuki and Satsuki become the same person, etc. For Syo, his mind has turned into that of a 5 year old and he has the pedobear Kaoru holding his memories within a box that will explode if opened wrong. Haruka saves him with help from Cecil though and Kaoru has a yandere moment where he’s like “SHUT UP AND LET ME PROTECT YOU” to Syo. So they open the box, but Satan has cursed it so that Syo has a heart attack. Luckily Ryuuya shows up and conveniently knows how to transfer curses so he has it instead. However, he doesn’t die, so the whole thing was just unnecessary drama. Haruka wakes up the next month with Cecil with her in bed since he’s so used to being a cat.

So after some drama involving Cecil using up too much power and turning into a cat, Ringo making Haruka break the contract, etc, Haruka breaks Cecil’s curse using music and love. The two become a couple. Also using music, Satan is vanquished and Shining makes Cecil stay in the school/audition. Some men in black come after Cecil trying to take him home, but thanks to Ringo, Cecil performs without much trouble.

Great Love, Cecil wins and the men in black finally catch up to them. However, Haruka is suddenly possessed by the goddess Muse and suddenly finds herself being taken to Aguna. There, she has the ever important job of being worshiped since she’s like some messenger of their goddess. Her and Cecil make out on a couch before Haruka has to go back to her job. Love ending, Cecil does his duties as king for a bit but then comes back for Haruka. He also, uh, gets jealous of a necklace he gave her since she was kissing it. Friend ending, Shining breaks out of Satan’s control himself and Cecil can’t go home ever to his country’s boarders closing. After deciding that Cecil will become an idol (and calling Cecil a tsundere lolwut), Shining then leaps out of the 7th floor window of the building carrying Cecil who is carrying Haruka. I kind of wish they made the CG for that instead of Cecil looking pissed in the one down below.

Great Love after story, we see a bit of Haruka’s job and her learning the language of the country. Also, the two return to Japan for a bit and Cecil expresses his love for Japan in the most weeaboo way possible. Love extra is just a bunch of reminiscing over how Cecil was gone for 3 years doing whatever kings do back in his country. Friends extra, Cecil and Haruka (+ the other guys) have a picnic and I wasn’t really paying attention. I just wanted to be done at this point.

Cecil was cute I guess, but oh my god was he ever clingy. Honestly, he told Haruka that he loved her minutes after he became human and then he didn’t stop for the entire route. Plus I don’t think that there was a month during the whole Satan thing that he didn’t scream “IT’S DANGEROUS!” at some point. I would have liked to see the relationship develop more. Other than that, LOL wtf was this route? This almost feels like it could have been it’s own crappy spin off game. Ahaha…

Overall Thoughts:

The lesson of this game? Don’t try to summon the goddess of music. Ever. I’M FINALLY DOOOOOOOONE!!! I blame Ren’s initial assholeish behavior for the lateness of this post. That, and the fact that aside from the wtfery in his route, I could care less about Cecil. Though overall, I liked the S Class (plus or minus Cecil) better than I did A Class since all of my favourite characters seemed to be in S. The S Class music was better as well (IMO). If I had to state my favourites, I would have to say Ren’s was fantastic. Though surprisingly, Cecil’s is a close second. Cecil might have annoyed the crap out of me during his route, but can Toriyumi Kousuke ever sing. It seems like they upped the difficulty level for the S Class music as well. Not only was the button pressing more complex (for most of them at least), but they upped the tempo as well. Like I said before though, the music is just fantastic overall.

Route-wise for the entire game, I’d say that Syo’s was my favourite closely followed by Tokiya and then Natsuki. I-it’s not because of the megane! I swear! Ren probably would have been up there too IF HIS ROUTE HADN’T BEEN ABSOLUTELY INFURIATING. Honestly, there was so much wasted potential there! My least favourite would be Cecil, but then again, I didn’t really like his character as much as the others. …Other than that, I still enjoyed the mini games, Shining was still an awesome lunatic and I still loved this game. I think I said everything I wanted to say back in the A Class post.

So my last question is: where the crap did the anime pull half of it’s plot from? Seriously, after playing the game, it’s like the team for the anime just pulled plot ideas out their asses and said “Yeah, including the plot about Syo’s disease is too much work and I don’t feel like hiring Kaji Yuki again for the brother role. What should we do instead?” “I know! Let’s make Natsuki and him comic relief characters only and then give him a random height phobia! Those things are totally related!” …Though that being said, (assuming that stuff from the anime can be taken as canon) the anime explained a few things, like why Tokiya was so dead set on becoming an idol or why Natsuki’s cooking is considered hazardous material. After playing this, the anime is just as entertaining, but I wouldn’t say that it was such a good adaption anymore since it pretty much ignored everything in the game. I only hope that the second season is better.

So yeah, UtaPri Repeat has been fun. I definitely enjoyed it and I’d love to start on the fandisks right now, but I have a list of games I’ve half played that is WAAAAAAAAY bigger than it should be. So I’ll get through those first and then maybe play the fandisks after Uta no Prince-sama Debut (the sequel game) comes out. I’ll probably be done with Ijiwaru my Master or Hiiro no Kakera first, so expect me to review those . …Eventually.


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  2. anaaga says:


    There’s no Shining route? =(

    But wow, so many things not revealed in the anime Seriously, the anime looks so half-assed now. I will lower it’s score later in my MAL.

    • Karakuri says:

      AHAHAHA No, his route is in the Amazing Aria fandisk. I-I’ll get to it eventually! I swear!

      Yeah no kidding. I mean, it was funny and all, but did they ever leave a TON of important plot out. …Not to mention pretty much everything in Cecil’s route. I would have killed to see that animated.
      YES!~ I think it will focus on the story in the sequel though since I assume that it’s coming out before the anime…

  3. tatsuya says:

    wait …this is GAME right ??

  4. kaon says:

    i love this anime

  5. Gecko says:

    Why is it that the long-haired guy is the flirt almost everywhere?

    Syo’s route looks the most fun to me. (Too bad I don’t have any way to play this, though.)

    • Karakuri says:

      ….You know, I have absolutely no idea. Maybe because Japan is under the impression that only playboys wear their hair long?

      Syo’s route was the most wtf filled next to Cecil (so yeah, it was entertaining). Well the PSP isn’t region locked, but I guess if you don’t understand the language then there’s no point…

  6. Kyokai says:

    Oh Kara, this was golden. Anime missed out on SO MUCH! So many back stories and route info missing. I definitely hated the harem ending, I mean, let’s be friends. URGHHH.

    Also, I ROTFL on Cecil’s route. WTF was that? But I guess, all the wtfuckery is not even close to what Shining has done throughout the game. Man, he makes this franchise, seriously. xD

    • Karakuri says:

      IT DID!!! I really hope they do good in the second season and have Haruka actually end up with someone. WE ALL KNOW THAT TOKIYA WAS SPECIAL.

      LOL yeah, I don’t know what the writers were thinking when they brought in Satan of all characters. Ahaha UtaPri just wouldn’t be the same without Shining…

  7. Neena says:

    Lemme guess. No english version.

  8. Overcooled says:

    I looked at Cecil and thought he was the hottest guy of the bunch…but then I read your description of his route and died a little. It’s like they filled a hat with random words on scraps of paper and picked them out until they had a story LOL

    Playing through all of these routes must have taken a toll on you…I hope your brain recovers, Kara u_u

    • Karakuri says:

      LOL but OC! That’s the best way to write a story!

      Ahaha I recovered pretty fast once Hakuoki got here~. Now I’m on an otome game playing spree.

  9. Hayashi says:

    I just have a question. There seems to be many Uta no Prince-sama games out there. So is “Uta no Prince-sama Repeat” basically “Sweet Serenade” and “Amazing Aria” put together in one?

    Please help!

    • Karakuri says:

      Uta no Prince-sama Repeat is basically the first game (Uta no Prince-sama), but they redid the all of the artwork/CGs and added in the After scenarios. It’s a remake.

      Sweet Serenade and Amazing Aria are both fandisks set during the time that the characters are all still in school, so they’re different games entirely.

  10. Milky says:

    I’m so late, I just started playing now XD

    GDI, and I was wondering whether it was worth it to go through Cecil’s route once I was done with everyone else’s. My curiosity just demanded I read that part and–ohgod wtf seriously. That route sounds like it’s a huge wtf-ery that I don’t think anyone will ever get. Now I want to do that route for all the lol XD

    I managed to stop myself from reading Sho’s and Ren’s routes somehow (I haven’t been through them yet). Just had to make sure I got the story flow right from my rudimentary understanding of Japanese XD

    Still caught glimpse of the other routes. And here I thought Saotome couldn’t destroy his own school more than he did in Tokiya’s route. Yes, I’ve been wondering why he hasn’t been put in jail yet for all his trolling (I’m half dreading how his route would go–it’s supposed to be in Amazing Aria, right?).

    Anyways, thanks for the summaries! They cleared up some of the details for me ^_^

    • Karakuri says:

      Ahaha yeah, Cecil’s route is just a giant ball of wtf. I went through the route for the lulz anyways. It was worth it for that at least xDDD

      Good luck with them!

      Pfft he did destroy the school a ton with Tokiya’s route… though exploding your own school tends to do that. Ahaha yeah, I’m morbidly curious about how his route in Amazing Aria is going to go… I should probably get on that soon since I think Debut comes out this month.

      You’re welcome~! :3

  11. Hang says:

    How could you play the game ?? I dont know Japanese, is there a way to understand what the bishies are saying ?? plz help me !

    • Karakuri says:

      Uhhh… I honestly can’t give you any advice other than “learn Japanese”. There are a few otome games out there that have been English patched, but they’re all PC games. I know of nothing that’s for the PSP. (except for the two Hakuouki games that have been localized and that Sweet Fuse game that’s coming out)

  12. Jess nguyen says:

    Just asking, are you planing on play amazing aria and sweet serenade or r u just gonna play all stars?

    • Karakuri says:

      YES! I have both of the games sitting collecting dust on my shelves! …I just have yet to open them since I keep getting distracted. I absolutely will play/ review them though. I just have a few half played games and half written reviews that I want to get out first.

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