Meta Team’s Top 3 2011 Anime Couples

A last look at 2011 via Meta Team’s top couples~


Happy Choco and Luv-luv day, everyone! Personally, I like happy endings! If two people love each other, they should end up together rather some mashup of Romeo & Juliet. I’m a strong believer of “things happen for a reason” and when I get a sweet love story, I turn into mush and simply DAWWW. So, to celebrate such people (even if most of them are not real!), here’s our individual top three of couples of 2011 we really, really LOVED.
xoxo Okarin x Kurisu <3 As I said, I like happy endings and when that ending was achieved after a long winding process involving time travel. You have me at attention and all ears. Why I like this couple so much is because they are completely opposite yet share a brilliant chemistry. Okabe is a total nerd, while Kurisu is an otaku in disguise and even if she doesn’t consent to most of the theories about her own traits, she comes to understand Okabe in a very short time. I liked how their long-term cooperation went beyond timelines and if it weren’t for Kurisu, Okabe wouldn’t have been able to conquer his harem. You bet your money on it, he would have ended up all emo in some other timeline. Anyways, along with some very brilliant dialogues, this couple entertained us till the end and they definitely go down being one of the cool couples of anime.
xoxo Nezumi x Shion <3 A perfect Bromance that had an amazing story build up, minus that thingamajig hurricane. This is for those bromance haters and I can literally challenge anyone to see this series and not get moved by the relationship that was build from episode one till the end between Nezumi and Sion. It really doesn’t matter what sex they are because what they went through together is enough for a budding romance to bloom. I loved the whole character play between them with Nezumi always trying to lead but Sion couldn’t take being pulled by the nose all the time. The whole sacrifice for the other is what hit home for me, even with the weird sci-fi setting that left some plot-holes. From the music to Yoshimasa Hosoya and Yuki Kaji’s brilliant voice acting, I would always cherish this couple and definitely rewatch this series more than three times at least.
xoxo Kiritsugu x Irisviel <3 Now this pair makes me cry… TT__TT Their love is so PURE!!! And don’t even try to contradict me because I have recently finished the Fate/Zero novels. This is a unique pair because both are tools by design (Kiritsugu a Magus Killing machine by Association while Irisviel being a tool for fourth Holy Grail War by Einzbern). If they had followed the usual rules, their marriage was not even necessary but it transpired and even a miracle of a child was born in the form of Ilyasviel. They led a protected life almost dreading the fourth war but never ever they deviated from what they were ‘supposed’ to do. There are times that your heart goes out to them, while there are times that you simply gawk at the toughness of Kiritsugu but this guy has the world’s worth of burden on him. He definitely needed a break and Irisviel gave it to him. It was quite moving even if you don’t understand everything right now.
Honorable•Mentions: Maaya Sakamoto & SuzuKen Show ▼


Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! It’s kind of just another day so don’t feel bad if you are spending the 14th..say….on your computer reading this post? Pro tip: chocolate is insanely cheap the day after Valentine’s. Obviously, this is the best holiday in existence.
xoxo Kotetsu x Barnaby <3 I know…I’m cheating. These two are clearly just buddies that engage in highly homoerotic behavior to confuse and bedazzle the fujoshi masses. I simply must scream from the rooftops how much I love the chemistry between these two – romantic or otherwise. The fact of the matter is that they go from being at each others throats to virtually inseparable. It’s this transition over the whole series that is fascinating to watch. By the end of Tiger & Bunny, they become completely different people. They both fill in the cracks of each others life and bring out the best in each other, and that’s the mark of an excellent couple. I will forever cry at the sight of fried rice because of them.
 xoxo Okarin x Kurisu <3 A boring choice, perhaps…but there’s a good reason these two geeks are taking over our V-day list. I’m not a fan of sappy romance stories (unless it’s two guys, in which case my cool act goes right out the window) so this couple really speaks volumes to me. Their budding romance is far from the main subject of the show – it just sort of naturally falls into place as Okarin frantically tries to right all of his wrongs. They come together effortlessly because they’re just so perfect for each other. They’re both genius scientists with their own little quirks and idiosyncrasies. Well, Okarin has a few more screws loose than Kurisu, but the match-up still works. Some of the best scenes of Steins;Gate are just the conversations between the two. They play off of each other so well that it often makes for hilarious, witty banter. All in all, these two are simply unforgettable.
 xoxo Nezumi x Shion <3 Finally, a gay romance I don’t have to be ashamed of liking. Most canon yaoi couples involve an excessive amount of rape, blushing, and cookie-cutter seme and uke roles. No.6, thankfully, throws all of these notions into the garbage and presents a much more sober take on how gay romance works. The build up is perfect – slowly taking the feral Nezumi and sheltered Shion and slowly bringing them closer to the other end of the spectrum. The two of them meet somewhere in the middle after having met each other, and it’s as they undergo these changes that they realize what fascinates them so deeply about the other. Most of their clashes are resolved as quickly as they start, so their differences aren’t quite as contrasted as I’d have liked…but they are quite the charming pair. Just do us all a favour and forget about the wasps, okay? Replace it with happy memories of their chaste kisses. Ahh…that’s better…


~Ah, Valentine’s Day~ The day where I have an excuse to buy a ton of chocolate, eat whatever makes me feel good, and be as much of a creeper as I can towards pretty Asian boys. It really isn’t bad being single, you know? As for couples for 2011, unfortunately my overly picky taste got to me and I can only come up with…well, one…
xoxo Hiramaru x Aoki <3 (Spoiler Alert for those of you who haven’t caught up to the manga) You know how great this couple is? It’s the only couple I actually find memorable from 2011! While their arc is a long while from where the Bakuman anime is, the manga has showcased bits of their random, blooming romance that made a fantastic, silly climax in one chapter that had me fangirling over this couple ever since. While having these two together may seem really odd at first, once you see how innocent they both are when it comes to dating, it strangely, but cutely, fits! The arc where Hiramaru actually takes her out without Yoshida’s permission was probably one of the funniest chapter’s I’ve read in Bakuman. I love both of these characters even more now thanks to this, and I’m more than happy to support this wacky couple~.


Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! It’s kind of just another day so don’t feel bad if you are spending the 14th..say….on your computer reading this post? Pro tip: chocolate is insanely cheap the day after Valentine’s. Obviously, this is the best holiday in existence.
xoxo Yuno x Yukki <3Strange pairing right here! Yuno loves Yuki so much she wants to kill him! Damn that is really creepy, but for Yuno she doesn’t have any issues with this. Sadly Yuki has no choice but to stay with Yuno, after all she can end his life in a heartbeat.
xoxo Kodaka x Yozora <3 These two are an odd pairing, because Kodaka forgot all about his childhood friend! Well in his defense he had no idea his friend was actually a girl all this time… That and he did not recognize Yozora with her long hair! Thankfully after Yozora cut her hair and Kodaka finally remembered his friend. Will these two characters ever truly fall in love? I would hope so!
xoxo Misaka x Touma <3 Sure this pairing might not work for most fans out there… And yes Touma and Misaka have never shared any kind of romantic kiss. These two characters usually end up fighting each other or wind up having a random argument that is always set off by a strange misunderstanding; however, you can tell with every encounter Misaka feels somewhat drawn towards Touma and feels there might be something between them in the future. Now if only Touma could get rid of all these magicians that want him dead; he might be able to spend more time with Misaka…
Honorable•Mentions: Misato x Sasahara (Nichijou) Show ▼


I love Valentine’s Day, it does give you the perfect excuse to gorge yourself on beautiful chocolate and then slip into a coma. Have fun those who are spending it with their special someone. Me? Well I have a tub of Oreo filling in my lap and an unwatched Jun anime loading on Veoh. Yeah, I think we know who wins this one. *trollface* WE ARE THE PERFECT COUPLE!!! Ahem~ 2011 was a good year for subtle, sensitive romances, enjoy all of our picks~
xoxo Sawako x Kazehaya <3 There is nothing more satisfying than seeing a couple who were clearly meant to be from day 1 finally get together. As naturally as their relationship plays out it is a test of patience as across 2 seasons it was baby step after baby step. Early last year socially-awkward Sawako and the most moe guy we’ve seen since Casshern confessed their feelings to one another and a collective and hardcore D’AWW was heard across the land! I’m a bit of a bitch when it comes to these sugar-coated romance animes, but between Kazehaya’s manblushing and Sawako’s genuine nature I completely fell for these two, and was squeeing for days.
xoxo Kyohei x Hibino <3 I still ship Aki x Kyohei, but these two did end up with the established canon instead, and much to the pain of my yaoi-heart I think they go well together too. Hibino was hit and miss with her character, but when it came down to it Kyohei was crazy about her and she provided him with the pushes he needed to embrace his Seki-persona (besides I’m sure Aki won’t give up that easily, he’ll be back to woo Kyohei away from the ginger haired, big-breasted witch!)
xoxo Ritsu x Takano <3 I can’t help it. Shungiku Nakamura just knows how to create irresistible couples. The characters on their own are loveable, so when you put them together I just get all mushy and useless and sit there chewing on hankies, shouting at the screen and hoping they all get a happy ending. It doesn’t help that this series had arguably more story and thus more genuine conflict for our bishies to contend with and help develop their characters more than Junjou. But I just soaked up all the fluff and got invested and really cared about these guys. Still wish there was more porn though, sigh.
Honorable•Mentions: Cause it wouldn’t be right if I ignored my rampant yaoi-shipping – YukioxRin, … in fact YukioxEVERYONE, KimimaroxMikuni (C), AkixKyohei, NatsumexNatori, Matoba, Tanuma (Book of Friends)


Yeah yeah, I didn’t watch that many shows in 2011. So, I’m going off of what I have completed or have watched a decent amount of (still in progress). This was a really tough one to choose from but I managed somehow. So yeah, V-day is here! I don’t really do much aside from eating chocolate and most likely working. Maybe one day this day will have meaning for me again…
xoxo Madoka x Homura <3 Basically this ‘couple’ wins the prize for taking friendship to another level. Yeah we know they’re not into each other like how Takano is after Ritsu’s butt. But in the sense of couples, these two complete each other. Where would these girls be without each other? The world would probably be doomed to its original fate of being owned by some powerful witch in the form of a big clown. But really, these two girls give a whole new meaning to friendship. No they don’t think of boys, they think of saving the world! Even though Homura comes off as a stalker to many, it’s okay girlfriend… we got your back and go save your BFF Madoka~
xoxo Nezumi x Shion <3 In all honesty, I still have yet to finish this anime. But really, from the few animes that I have watched in 2011, these two almost wins the prize. Who wouldn’t think that this anime that revolves around two boys would turn out to have those subtle BL elements all over it? The relationship between Nezumi and Shion would seem like good friends to others but I’m sure we all were wanting more. This is a typical relationship of a gentle boy and a fierce one. They overcome hardships and I have no idea what happens in the end hehe.
xoxo Kiritsugu x Irisviel <3 Now, I almost was not going to add this couple but maybe I just added them because I liked Fate/Zero so much. There’s some things about the relationship of Kiristugu and Irisviel that I don’t like but maybe that’s just because of their characters. You can really see that these two love and understand each other even though it’s not expressed like other couples do. Kiritsugu comes off as a cold calculated person who wouldn’t hesitate to use someone but with the help of Irisviel, the guy actually has feelings.
Honorable•Mentions: Touma x Misaka (Index2), Yamato x Nee-san (Majikoi), Yukitaka x Miho (Level E), Ritsu x Takano (Sekai-ichi)


When I watch anime that has a couple like some of the animes from last year, I tend to get so anxious for the climatic scene when feelings finally reach each other that I forget, “oh, there’s robots fighting” or w/e. They’re always a slow burn as Kimi ni Todoke displayed, but when it happens, it’s the most beautiful thing you see in anime and makes that 20+ episodes of worrying/second-guessing/3rd wheel crap worth watching.
xoxo Okarin x Kurisu <3 You’re probably gonna see this OTP multiple times on the list and with great reason. In 2011, these were two of the best characters of the year, and they play really well off of each other. There relationship didn’t always have that romanticism to it, but at a key moment in the series is when the two start to discover their true feelings for each other. I think back to how that dating w/ Ruka episode wasn’t very good, but that and the other “reversal” moments of the second half really developed what would become a more romantic relationship. It’s also very refreshing to see two people that aren’t high schoolers, but still rather young discover their feelings.
xoxo Ringo x Shouma <3 Ever since episode 4 of the series, these two had been shipped together so hard, even with all the Shouma fangirls that were hating on Ringo in the early portion of the series. After Shouma got run over by a car, Ringo’s world changed and the relationship very slowly developed before the climatic scene. In addition to that key moment of sacrifice, the scene in episode 23 of Ringo and Shouma being close before Himari’s final moments was very touching and really showed how much Ringo had come to care for Shouma and the other Takakuras.
xoxo Yuno x Yukki <3 He loves her. He loves her not. He’s also scared to hell of her. This isn’t your typical “I hope they hook up” couple; you’re just hoping Yuki can make it out alive. It’s kind of like Survivor where he knows she’s an opponent, but if she’s so willing to fight beside him, surely he can ally with her for sometime. It’s a really twisted relationship that, even after she tied him to a chair and kept him in a dark room, he just can’t quit her.
Honorable•Mentions: Yuri Tokikago and Tabuki (Penguindrum), Caster & Ryuunosuke (Fate/Zero)


So, I can’t say that I care much for Valentine’s day. I never really have. All I associate this day with is chocolate. And lots of it. However, I can see how it’s a nice day, especially considering that I have my own waifu hehehe. Either way, Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate good lovin’ and so we should definitely take a look at the past year’s romances. Here’s to the top 3 couples of 2011!
xoxo Okarin x Kurisu <3 Oh my god. I love these two. Nerd love at its finest. So it was pretty obvious that these two would get together, right from the very start, but it didn’t make it any less sweet when they finally did. These two were a team. They dealt with their differences, albeit in a hilarious fashion, and worked together to frickin’ save the world. Okarin was a complete nut and Kurisu was a stubborn genius, but they had this amazing dynamic. There was tension and romance and everything. I really appreciated the fact that they were both willing to make crazy sacrifices for each other and it culminated in one of the most romantic moments I’ve ever actually enjoyed. So, I’ve got to say, without contest, Okarin and Kurisu are my top couple for 2011. Hands down. Love these two. xD
xoxo Jinta x Menma <3 Talk about bittersweet. Jinta and Menma are definitely a tragic couple, if there ever was one. They aren’t your conventional couple either, seeing as she’s, well, dead. Even so, there’s a cute story. Menma came back to take care of Jinta and he did his utmost to make sure that she could move on in peace. They care about each other deeply and, with regret from their rough childhood fresh in mind, they manage to forgive and forget. It absolutely killed me inside that they weren’t able to get the happy ending that I thought they deserved. However, they were able to get all their feelings across and the final game of hide and seek was simply perfect. Menma and Jinta were an awesome couple, in my opinion.
xoxo Ringo x Shouma <3 … Can’t say I saw this one coming. From the start, Ringo came across as a complete nut, to be honest. She was a crazy stalker, dragging poor Shouma along with her. However, after a while, I found myself really starting to like these two together. After Shouma risked his life to save her, Ringo definitely started to shape up, developing into a strong and caring individual. Shouma was able to confide in Ringo and she did her utmost to help him out. The final scene and confession was beautiful, and, though they didn’t end up together, it was still a noteworthy romance.


I hate Valentine. Well, not really. I’m just not into it. I’ve dated couple of times, but I still don’t see the point of Valentine’s Day…Except for making posts like this. Heh. Well, I’m not romance either so that makes sense. To be honest, I have no favorite pairings whatsoever in my anime. I just ship a guy character with another guy character. However, there are memorable couples in 2011 that did impress me with their complex yet beautiful relationships. They’re not my favorites, but they deserve to be mentioned.
xoxo Okarin x Kurisu <3 Okarin and Kurisu are two special people. They’re scientists who will never agree to each other, yet their difference is the one thing that bought them closer together. It’s hard to call them a “romantic couple” because their relationship didn’t scream “romantic” at all – more like “intelligent.” I still find it amazing at how their relationship developed through those scientific experiences. Throughout those experiences, they clicked by slowly adapting to each others personalities while discussing those equations at the same time. Thanks to Okarin and Kurisu, now the whole world knows that romance without love at first sight is possible. Love can come later after science. But best of all, now we all know that romance can be smart too. Heh.
xoxo Nezumi x Shion <3 There are so many reason why I think these two make a great couple. Not because they’re both guys and anything like that. Well, kind of. At first, I thought it was going to be another “love at first sight” thingy, and I was right. They felt the attraction when they met when they were kids. However, their relationship developed into something more than “love at first sight.” They became closer as the spend more time with each other, bonding with each other better from before in every second. They can even understand what the other is thinking without words. Nezumi and Shion’s relationship is a proof an indescribable attraction that can bring two different human beings together do exist.
xoxo Kiritsugu x Irisviel <3 Unspeakable love is the perfect description of their relationship. They’re husband and wife based on a contract only, and they barely talk with each other except about the Holy Grail. What’s worse, Kiritsugu is using Irisviel as a fake Master as a bait! Talk about a bad husband! It’s clear though that they genuinely love each other. It’s not hard to see their fondness for each other when they speak about each other. It’s cute how they’re trying to do their as husband and wife properly. Kiritsugu is trying to reach his goal, while Irisviel is being a supportive wife that will do anything to help her beloved husband. However, it’s admirable how Kiritsugu is still trying achieving happiness with Irisviel, knowing her bad condition. The same goes for Irisviel, still loving Kiritsugu knowing that they won’t end up together. The willingness to love each other unconditionally while knowing the tragic outcome at the same time, it must be painful to live every second knowing that they won’t be with each other. Yet they’re not giving up, and I love them because of that.
Honorable•Mentions: Takano x Ritsu Show ▼


Okay, so this is where you all learn that I absolutely love tragic/twisted relationships in anime and manga. Romance is nice and so is tragedy, but put the two together and you instantly have my attention. So uh, don’t be expecting many happy relationships in my choices. I still love romance as a genre, and there are a lot of normal romances that I absolutely love, but they just didn’t make my top 3 of 2011.
xoxo Ringo x Shouma <3 Okay, I’ll be honest. I was one of those people who just did not like Ringo at the beginning. She was a creepy, obsessive stalker. Sure she was hilarious, but did I ever feel bad for Shouma. It wasn’t until the episode where Ringo tried to uh, rape Tabuki did I ever acknowledge that they could be couple material. The way that they grew as two people who didn’t care at all for each other, into people willing to sacrifice themselves for the good of the other was just so touching. What really got me though was the beautifully tragic ending/beginning the two had in episode 24. With Shouma’s sudden confession, there was just so much hope and love, but at the same time it was extremely depressing (I’m trying to avoid spoilers here). It was an extremely bittersweet moment and I think that’s what I enjoyed the most. Ringo really did try her best through the anime and I think the both of them grew into wonderful characters thanks to one another.
xoxo Jinta x Menma <3 I’m not a big fan of predetermined couples. I like to actually see the relationship develop. Anohana was pretty much all about Jinta and Menma’s relationship and the story was written to be emotional and not much else, yet I can’t bring myself to dislike it in the slightest. Anohana was one of those things that I marathoned in one day and that last scene with Jinta reading Menma’s note had me crying at 3am, but I think that was the crowning moment of their relationship. Jinta was haunted by Menma’s death for a long time, but their love for one another lasted past that and while Jinta can finally move past her death, he’ll never forget her. There’s just something about their relationship that was so deep and meaningful. I don’t even have words for it.
xoxo Madoka x Homura <3 Platonically guys. PLATONICALLY. What these two share goes way beyond just a normal relationship and I don’t think Homura would have gone that far if it was indeed just homulust (as fans put it). These two were like sisters, not just best friends, and there was just so much dedication between these two. Well, Homura more than Madoka (I’m sure that Madoka would have been that dedicated too if only she knew), but their relationship was still fantastic. That last episode was extremely emotional and affirmed this couple for me.
Honorable•Mentions: Sovereignty x Shiraho (C3) Show ▼


When I knew that I had to come up with my top 3 couples of the year I was ecstatic. Hello, hopeless romantic here? xD Honestly, this was a no-brainer for me! My top 3 couples sprang to mind straightaway, and it’s like my heart is bursting with LAAAV. I will ship them forever and ever and ever. :’)
xoxo Nezumi x Shion <3 These two make a really special couple, as both of them are such polar opposites – Nezumi is the strong, dominant character while Shion plays the more innocent, naive partner. This love between two very different people, imperfect in their own ways is so beautifully crafted. Their relationship had blossomed so naturally – although they originally started off as enemies of some sort, they began having a growing affection for each other with every little thing they did together (dancing; eating; reading… KISSING 8D). In the novel, Shion described his feelings towards Nezumi as “love; not friendship or hate, or anything else – just pure love” (at that point I was bawling my eyes out) and who can resist such an endearing, perfect couple like that? ;_; I love Nezumi, and I love Shion, but what I love the most is seeing the both of them together, supporting each other in the silly, indirect ways they do and facing whatever’s yet to come hand in hand. It truly melts my heart to see these two and I will probably never be able to forget that very special bond they share.
xoxo Ringo x Shouma <3 To be honest, it took awhile to come to appreciate the unique relationship between Ringo and Shouma. Throughout the entire series, Ringo and Shouma have always been close partners. They started off pretty cold to each other as they were rivals; but after the entire Tabuki incident they began working together for better, more meaningful purposes and grew closer over the course of that. When Ringo decided to sacrifice herself to change the future, Shouma held her in his arms, adamant on not leaving her to bear the burden of their sins alone. After all they had been through, without a doubt they sacrificed themselves for the noblest of deeds; and also for each other. Their relationship had reached its climax only to the end, but it was an utterly beautiful ending for the two of them.
xoxo Rin x Yukio <3 Ah, what can I say? The Okumura twins have always been particularly close to my heart. Their circumstances are pretty peculiar, having Satan as a father and all. Yukio and Rin seemed to swap roles as they grew up, Yukio becoming the responsible, caring one while Rin was reckless and childish. It was really cute how they had different ways of showing their love for each other – Yukio was protective of his older brother although he would put up a cold front at times; while Rin’s love for Yukio is obvious in everything he does – he’s willing to sacrifice anything to for his brother. The Okumura twins are the perfect example of a loving sibling relationship that draws people closer to them.
Honorable•Mentions: Himari x Kanba


It’s that time of year when we look back and reflect upon all the romantic happenings in the anime world the past year. I’m going to come right out and say, 2011 wasn’t such a great year for romance in anime. Go back to 2010, and you’ve got classics such as Tatami Galaxy or Katanagatari, and so far this year Nisemonogatari and AnoNatsu are delivering on that front, but 2011… nothing really stands out. Still, there were gems here and there, and those are what we’re here to celebrate.
xoxo Jintan x Menma <3 “I love you, Jintan. The way I love you is the I-want-to-marry-you way of loving you.” I honestly don’t know what else to add to that. The whole series was about Jintan being stuck on his love for Menma, unable to move on from her death, while Menma herself couldn’t move on until she kept her promise with Jintan’s mother. It was a pure love that transcended life and death.
xoxo Yuno x Yukki <3 This is truly a dysfunctional relationship, based around fear, deception, jealousy, and pragmatics. But Yuno is the defining yandere character for a reason. Her love for Yuki is as pure as it is powerful, and the wanton destruction and mayhem she happily causes for his benefit is, dare I say, romantic and shows how deep her love really is.
xoxo Accelerator x Last Order <3 Ah, Accelerator, our favorite psychopathic lolicon and the one girl he gave up everything to save. OK, maybe “”romance”” is stretching it with respect to their relationship, but they’ll always be a couple in my eyes. The trail of destruction that Accelerator left behind him – even when handicapped – when Last Order was captured speaks to his love for her. And Last Order, still oblivious of his first act in saving her life, has a precocious crush, always seeking his attention. This is true love in its most adorable form.
Honorable•Mentions: Maaya Sakamoto and Kenichi Suzumura Show ▼


I don’t really understand romance or relationships all that well, and honestly Valentine’s Day has always felt like just another day (except for the part where I get showered with chocolate by my friends and family). Even so, the ignorant romantic in me still loves a good ship and where there isn’t a couple, I’ll make one. ;D
xoxo Okabe x Mayuri <3 When I first heard about Steins;Gate I was one of those people who sarcastically (and mistakenly) thought “”Oh, time travel, how original,”” but after months of putting it off I finally gave it a shot and instantly fell in love with the show, for two reasons. The first reason was how amazing the story was, and the second was the brilliant characters. Kurisu is great and all, but ever since the first episode I fell in love with Okabe’s and Mayuri’s close relationship. They’re adorable together and I’ll never get tired of hearing “”Okarin~””. They cared about each other so much, and watching the lengths they would go to for each others safety and happiness were so heartwarming.
xoxo Madoka x Homura <3 I think I ship these two way too much, but their friendship is one my all time favorites! My heart almost broke in episode 10 watching Homura repeat the same events over and over trying to save Madoka. The emotional pain she suffered must have been immeasurable, and it was all for her friend. Whenever I think of them the final scenes of the last episode always pop up into my mind as my favorite between the two. I was on the verge of crying watching the last episode from all the mixed emotions I felt, happiness, anger, sadness …
xoxo Ringo x Shouma <3 Ringo and Shouma have always been my favorite two characters in Mawaru Penguindrum. One is quirky and dedicated, though maybe a little crazy, and the other is kindhearted and always looking out for the people he loves. So, when I realized that they’d become possible romantic interests for each other I was elated. Their relationship is far from typical, but watching them grow closer every episode was very cute … if you look past a couple rocky moments in their relationship that is.”
Honorable•Mentions: Nitori x Takatsuki (Hourou Musuko), Shion x Nezumi (No. 6), Chihaya x Haruka (The iDOLM@STER), Kodaka x Yozora (Haganai) Show ▼



We are the deadly team of Metanorn. When together, we usually come up with long, informative reviews and commentary. After all, we take fangirling seriously!
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42 Responses to “Meta Team’s Top 3 2011 Anime Couples”

  1. Kitty says:

    Nezumi x Sion was beautiful and I think completely changed how non-yaoi people might view yaoi. You can’t deny these two had a connecting. Will it last forever? Maybe not, but the memories will.

    Kotestu x Barnaby. No arguments there, they were my favorite couple of 2011.

    Hoshi I love you!! Fukuda and Aoki glad someone else agrees! The arch when they talked back and forth was so charming. Besides she gets to ride oh his bike jealous!

    Madoka x Homura is heartbreaking by very lovely. At lest Madoka will always be remembered. man now I wanna watch that series again.

    Ringo x Shouma is adorable. I was rooting for them even when she was a crazy stalker. I know technically Himari wants Shouma but I think Ringo is his one true girl!

    Rin x Yukio Agree with you Miyu. Twins what more can you say. I love twincest XDD

    It seems like everyone really likes Ringo x Shouma, Ringo x Shouma and Nezumi x Shion three very pretty pairs.

    Nice post you guys, its important to remember that love comes in many shapes, forms and sizes. Us anime people are very good at recognizing and accepting this. If only the whole world loved anime -_-;

    Hope everyone had a great Valentines day, spending it with people who mean the most to you ^_^

    • Kyokai says:

      Nice post you guys, its important to remember that love comes in many shapes, forms and sizes. Us anime people are very good at recognizing and accepting this. If only the whole world loved anime -_-;

      Hells yeah, we don’t look acutely at every other dysfunction. Isn’t life a bunch of dysfunction after the other?

      Thanks for the wishes and glad you shared your favourites couples as well. ^^

  2. Gecko says:

    Ringo x Shouma! For sure. Adorable, goes against destiny in two ways (Himari and her soul mate thing; Ringo and her odd desire for Tabuki). Going against destiny wins my botes.
    Homura x Madoka, for sure. Obviously their relationship throughout the entire show is extremely important to Homura and once Madoka found out about what had been happening, she was good for it. Hearbreaking at the end.
    and for laughs, Shu x Voids. I mean look at him. Obviously he’s in love with using them. Especially Inori’s. I guess I only have two serious couples for 2011… oh well…
    Eat lots of chocolate/sweets/yummy food today ^^!

    • Kyokai says:

      OH MA SHOE and VOIDS? Match made in heaven indeed. xD

      Hope you had fun this V-day, Gecko~ :3

  3. draggle says:

    I second Jrow.

  4. anaaga says:

    Jeez it looks as if I’m copying Kyo’s list. IT’S NOT LIKE THAT. I’m just getting closer to Kyo’s level of awesomeness
    Anyhow, Happy Valentine’s Day! I gave a chocolate… To my sister…

  5. BlackBriar says:

    Happy Valentine’s day, everyone!!!

    Yuno x Yukki: Who wouldn’t want a psychotic, stalking yandere who is completely “devoted” to them as their girlfriend? In Yuki’s case, she’d be a perfect shield and sword.

    Kodaka x Yozora: It took some time but when they finally got comfortable with each other, you can definitely see they were starting a connection. When Kodaka realised she was his childhood friend, things got a lot sweeter. Here’s to hoping their relationship gets deeper.

    Misaka x Touma: This pair is proof that opposites attract. Sure they disagree and always fight when they see each other, but all’s fair in love and war.

    Honorable Mentions:

    Rin x Shiemi
    Sato x Yarizui
    Ume x Oshiroi
    Haruaki x Kirika
    Shu x Inori
    Taito x Himea
    Ayumu x Yuu (Eucliwood)
    Jirou x Subaru
    Ichika x Houki

  6. akagami says:

    My top three would have been:
    1) Kurisu x Okarin
    2) Sawako x Kazehaya
    3) Anaru x Jintan

    I am so shipping Anaru x Jintan. Menma-who?

  7. crazydave says:

    Kurisu x Okarin, all others pale in comparison

  8. kagamihime says:

    No Kyouko and Sayaka? C’mon I hate yuri and I ship them so hard! I agree on the Shion and Nezumi pairing, just wished they were in a different story or something, such a waste of good characters… I would also say either Kanba and Himari or Kanba and Masako since that show of desperate love really showed a lot about their characters and really drove the story forward.

  9. Taka says:

    Shoma and Ringo’s budding romance was the best thing about Mawaru Penguindrum for me.

    I might add something like Producer x Miki or Haruka x Chihaya

    Lastly…Hoshi’s Aoki x Hiramaru??? post is just all wrong. First off the pictures are all of Fukuda and second of all…the text is from the Barnaby x Tiger post from Overcooled’s post. Something weird going on there or I am missing a joke somewhere.

    • Jrow says:

      Looks like a copy/paste situation went awry with the text. I’ve corrected it to include Hoshi’s couple.

    • Foshizzel says:

      Producer x all the idolmaster girls! Well Miki would murder all of the other girls.

    • lvlln says:

      The scene when the Producer finally finds Miki in her arc was beautiful. Would’ve been quite romantic if not for the fact that he’s not allowed to be that for any of the girls, and he’s likely close to twice her age.

  10. Yippy says:

    Hm…maybe I should give Penguindrum another chance. If anything, the relationship between Ringo and Shouma might be interesting.

    Anyway, Okarin x Kurisuti~na ftw!!

    • Kyokai says:

      I have one advice for you. Don’t take Penguindrum too seriously while watching. xD

  11. Snowley says:

    No Senjogahara x Araragi? :< If I ship any pairing, it's definitely this one.

    ShionxNezumi got lot of appreciation, I assume we're all suckers for pure, romantic love ^___^'

    Are Fate/Zero novels translated officialy to English? Reading about Kiritsugu x Irisviel got me interested, their relationship it's that developed in anime so I'm curious.

  12. Amutofan123 says:

    1)Madoka x Homura
    2)Okarin x Kurisu
    3)Sawako x Kazehaya

    Those are my top three picks, in no particular order.

  13. kluxorious says:

    The only pairing that caught my eyes is Misaka x Touma. I wish it is canon ♥

    The other yaoi pairing got my fujoshi support as well 🙂

  14. krizzlybear says:

    Okabe x Kurisu – Perfect chemistry. Her straightforward tsundere-ness really meshes well with Okabe’s mad scientist mindset.

    Nitori x Anna – SHAME ON YOU, DAVE, FOR NOT MENTIONING THIS. This was a wonderfully examined couple that went through the awkwardness of Nitori’s developing gender-confusion. Makes me want to read the manga to find out more.

    Sasahara x Misato – The sheer ridiculousness of both characters is what makes this pairing work so well. They’re both hilarious by themselves, but when they’re together, fireworks are set off, not to mention a few explosives from Misato’s side.

  15. Joojoobees says:

    I’m glad to see so much support for Okabe X Christine <3

  16. Namika says:

    Annual couple rating, my favorite ^w^ Though I don’t know most of these characters hehe ^^” But from the few shows I’ve seen last year, my most favorites are RinxYukio, because they’re the most adorable bromance pair EVERRRR and ShionxNezumi. Well, I didn’t fully watch NO.6 but I can smell that they’re an amazing pair from what little I’ve seen *~*

  17. tatsuya says:

    hahaha ..I just read and i found out that there was more than 2 about okarin and kurisu than i slide down saw mayuri shiina ~~ haaha ~~
    By thw way , I hate the couple Yuno x Yukki cause ..well all I know is thatshe is crazy lunatic !!
    I don’t want her ~~scary couple~~

    • Kyokai says:

      I think the reason people like Yukkkki and Yuno is because of all the craziness. xD

  18. Samantha Zan says:

    Within this year? Ohhh I wish it was just general DX. But I’m more with Karakuri’s post with Shipping.

    Jinta x Menma
    Shouma x Ringo
    Madoka x Homura
    Kazehaya x Sawako
    Ganta x Shiro (YEAHHHHH!!! XD)
    Keima x …. everyone? XD

  19. tatsuya says:


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