Inu x Boku SS – 06

Sparkling pink-haired airheads are cute.

Things sure have been happening at Metanorn with the lovey-dovey celebrations. I hope you enjoyed the series of posts we dished out with the pinky atmosphere and falling hearts. As Miyu’s studying hard for her exams, I’ll be covering this and the next episode in her stead. This series has delighted me with the awesome seiyuu cast and cute character designs. The youkai angle helps too. Anyways, let’s get set go~

I dream of food

It has become a trend with this series to showcase different characters per episode. This time it’s Karuta’s turn (damn, didn’t I just finish my thoughts on Chihayafuru?!), the HanaKana voiced character. However busy this seiyuu gets, you can see her work is top class because she plays an airhead quite well. Also, it seems her classmates have nothing better to do except for bitching about Karuta’s shenanigans incessantly to their teachers. Get a life guys, you are worse than Natsume’s middle school classmates.

Ririchiyo being in the same class observes the Disappearance of Karuta Roromiya as well; though, she doesn’t judge her like others. Meanwhile, Banri gets upset with this scenario and gets into a fight to defend her against some delinquents bitching behind her back. Of course, he ends up in the nurse’s room with minor bruises. Ririchiyo, Banri and Zange comes to visit (I still have to get used to the over-flowery Mamoru Miyano), his charge and in turn, we get a lowdown on how most of the people in the Ayakashi Kan ended up with youkai powers.

And that is why, kids, always check the light before stepping on Zebra Crossing!

The half-youkai or throwbacks are in a way carbon-copies of their ancestors (who dabbled with supernatural beings), possessing their dominant traits (similar to genetics), born on the same day they were and even having similar fate and memories. Their parents are simply an eggshell discarded after birth not by the child but by values of such old families, who raise these children like deities rather than kids. The reason they are isolated and cope with this loneliness in their own way (Ririchiyo does it with a mask of tsuntsun while Renshou ignores it with his carelessness).

Ririchiyo: “Hmp! I’ll give you this bun for a lifetime supply of junk food.”

Unknowingly, Ririchiyo develops a bond with Karuta, helping her out in a time of need (sharing her lunch supplies). She gets rewarded with a lot of junk food and many unnecessary hugs by Karuta. I wanted to smack her in the head for that cavity remark but bless Karuta for not taking it literally and returning with toothpaste… Take that, Ririchiyo! She can cook a mean Indian curry too, the masalah of which causes Ririchiyo to come to a conclusion about her doki-doki feelings towards Soushi as…


Things progress fast after school hour as rain pours down. A nure-onna (cross between a woman and snake with wet hair), slips in with the rain water to devour some delicious student prey, a characteristic they are known for. However, Ririchiyo transforms to fight it off and Banri joins as well with his Tanuki form. He shows off the “shadow no jutsu” he has been working on and somehow or the other their team work becomes doom for nure-onna. The ultimate saviour however is Karuta, because she catches them in time before they fall. I’m pretty sure even if they had fallen, it wouldn’t have caused a big injury due to their youkai blood.

Ririchiyo: “We plan on killing you with the power of MOE and KAWAI!”         Nure-onna: “Sssssss…?!”

In the end, however of an airhead Karuta is, like Banri said, every action of hers has a reason from saving a cat from a tree to taking care of a lost dog. People might think she doesn’t notice anything but she does. A good example is how she recognized the real Banri out of all the shadow clones. Yep, she is like a female Tarzan even if skeletal.

Banri: “Hey, Karuta, I need some cushions… your bones are sticking up at the wrong places… Ow…”

And so, a new tsundere friendship was formed.

And many students were saved from being killed…

Extra Serving of SSsssss~



Female Tarzan?! Try to imagine her call

Zange: “‘Sup, Ririchiyo~ Nope, I wasn’t announcing the colour of your panties~”

Soushi, how much do you charge per hour? I need some bones to be picked from my fish…

Curry in Space! Female counterpart of Toriko, coming to theaters near you on 12-12-12!

Aww man, there was so less Soushi this episode! I wanted more of his puppydog eyes and begging for Ririchiyo’s attention. I mean, what’s an Inu x Boku episode without some doggy begging? That almost sounds dirty… Anyways, we got some info on Ririchiyo’s fiancé’s agent and even if the man in question blazed through the last episode, he has posed some serious questions towards Soushi’s allegiance towards Ririchiyo. I know she’s not an airhead like Karuta but now that she knows about Soushi being Kagerou’s previous SS agent, she should be raking her brain to know what she did to cause Soushi’s infallible loyalty. I’m pretty curious to know how she saved his life and what really transpired.

Coming to Karuta, we didn’t get to know much about her lineage but at least her interaction with Banri was very cute. As per Zange, they have known each other since childhood, apparent from her, Kageru, Zange and Banri’s old connections. The possessiveness of Banri is almost territorial towards Karuta, if only he had been a bit fiercer. Though, his cute tsundere-ness works well with Karuta’s blank looks. Even if Zange says that they are friends but not lovers, I can bet Karuta already knows how Banri feels about her and responds to him in her own way. Also, it seems like Zange’s seeing powers would come in handy for plot development later along with his sadistic tendencies.

There’s definitely a love angle to how Ririchiyo feels about Soushi and it’s not a simple physical attraction, you stupid girl. The prime reason is how Soushi understands her ways and is aware of her mask that she puts up against everyone. Sure, it was a protective shell that she created to counter the idiocy of world and burden of her ancestral lineage but throwbacks in particular get lonely and they do need company. It’s high time for her to let in Soushi; whatever his motives are, at least they seem better than Kageru’s, who’s embroiled in shadows currently. There’s definitely a triangle here and a quick resolution would be appreciated. So, I would repeat “Let’s communication~” [sic] (Oi, oi, scriptwriters, watch your grammar!). And now, I’ll leave you with the KAWAIIII ending theme by Kana Hanazawa, which is not as good as Renai Circulation but can get addictive as you warm up to it:


It’s Renshou’s turn finally! We’ll be seeing Ririchiyo getting stalked by some entity (this girl is a stalker magnet), and get to know more about the cool bro and his obsessive lesbian SS agent, along with a new ED single in Yoshimasa Hosoya’s smexy voice… *flails madly* Friday, come sooner! Till then, ja ne~


The Boss lady of Metanorn, who makes it all happen. An animanga enthusiast, who watches/reads almost anything that strikes her fancy. Just beware of her Death Perception and always keep her happy. Regularly found at @KyokaiTM & #[email protected].
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23 Responses to “Inu x Boku SS – 06”

  1. tatsuya says:

    hahaha WTF ..!! I dare you all click ” Try to imagine her call ” !!~
    Ok ,back to work ~~the ED was good to hear at night or early in the morning ~~…I can stop thinking about the tarzan ..

    • Kyokai says:

      Bwahahaaa! I had to write that. It was too good to pass up. Also, that ED is literally sweet as sugar!

  2. BlackBriar says:

    This was nice episode to sit down and pass the time. The thing about this anime is that it always has a different ED.

    Learning the details of the half demon lineage and how the parents are discarded after birth seems pretty immoral and morbid especially when it leaves the heir to stay in a near constant state of loneliness, forcing them to cope with it.

    Karuta and Ririchiyo are so cute. Even that random hug between them over food had me grinning from ear to ear (Trying to cage yuri beast). Karuta looks like she mostly lives in her own world because if it was me, I wouldn’t taken that cavity remark so lightly. For such a slim half demon character, Karuta sure loves to eat and cook. Watch your back Rin Okumura.

    The fight between Ririchiyo and the nure-onna came out of nowhere. It surprised me quite a bit but it was awesome seeing her in her demon form again and that it had a little action going on. In honesty, I prefer to see like that rather than always in human form.

    Yes!! I get to see more of Nobara next week!! I definitely want to know more about her since she’s easily my favorite next to Ririchiyo. Why does it have to be so long?! I’ll die of anxiety!!

    • Kyokai says:

      Inu x Boku in a way has surprised me with its comedy and school life aspect. We really saw more of school than Ayakashi Kan but it was a good change to see the interaction between Karuta and Banri along with Ririchiyo of course.

      With a new school and everything, this girl is sure coping well with the conditions. Even more so after getting to know about her lineage and almost ronery life her kind has to lead. Of course, these big families have it wrong and the isolation they cause is just plain BAD but then again, if it weren’t for this, where would be the mystery and drama come into play? :3

      I do like to see their youkai form and if it happens every episode, I would be more than happy. Renshou and Nobara have piqued my interest from the start. Can’t wait for next week indeed!

  3. skylion says:

    I’ll just post the comment I made on seventhstyle:

    Major win on three points. First, DAT HUG (demanding a special OVA right now). Second, Chiyo-chan can open up a can of whomp-arse; and it was MOE WHOMP-ARSE! Third: The ED. Yes. This. Shades of Nadeko (Oh, Hanakawa, you pretty pretty voice).

    Four. Adoooooooorable Tanuki-boi.

    And, just a heads up Boss Lady, if Chiyo-chan was a stalker magnate, she would be in the business of stalking and would be the clear top in her field. I read that and went, “wow, that would be one heck of a series… ONI Stalker Services: Why spend the time yourself, let us do your stalking for you.” Soushi must have let her in on a few secrets.

    looking forward to moe of this series.

    • skylion says:

      btw, Kyokai, I just re-read my comment, and it sounds like I took a back-hand at you for a vocabulary mistake. I meant nothing like that. Just a honest bit of jocularity.

    • Kyokai says:

      This episode definitely had loads of win of MOE and KAWAIII. I wanted to talk about all the yuri-vibes but then I ran out of screenshots so left it. HanaKana definitely needs to sing more, she not only is a brilliant seiyuu but has a golden voice, which can melt any ear with sugary mush.

      Also, that magnate was a typo for magnet, which I’ve corrected so no issues at all! No need of explanation, I love having a discussion with my readers. xD

      PS: A brilliant stalking series can be started with Soushi, Kondo and Ayame (latter two from Gintama), with Ririchiyo and Alice (Kamisama no Memochou) as partner owners. xD

      • skylion says:

        Yes, the Stalking Services are good suggestions. This goes along with my planned Ayase x Tsugumi GC All Endlaves, All Action OVA, and my newly proposed Yuru Yuri x Ichigo Mashimaro x Aquarion EVOL OVA.

  4. Foshizzel says:

    Karuta = HNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG OMG So cute and deadly Kana Hanazawa voice? Wow…so good! The best like ever Karuta’s I love you to Ririchiyo <3 <3 <3

    BEST ED! So fluffy and cute.

    • Kyokai says:

      That ED is full of WIN! I can already see you dying with the overdose of HanaKana. Seriously, this woman is made of MOE and SUGAR! She causes heart attacks by just speaking cutely. :3

  5. kaon says:

    cute¡¡¡ so cute¡¡

  6. Joojoobees says:

    This episode was so full of cute. Ririchiyo definitely still has a ways to go in figuring out her feelings, but at least she is making some friends.

    • Kyokai says:

      Whenever there’s HanaKana, cuteness just overflows unless it’s the Red Man~ >.> Ririchiyo’s tsun ways are a long way to go but her new friends would definitely come in handy.

  7. tsog says:

    For some reason I cannot stop comparing Karuta to Anya from Code Geass.

    • Kyokai says:

      Actually, you won’t be far off in terms of traits, except for that picture fetish. As I’ve played Katawa Shoujo recently, I was comparing her to Rin because of her airheadedness and almost unintelligible ways.

  8. Rakuen says:

    Outside of the “Ririchiyo in spaaaaaaace” segment, I thought this was a genuinely good episode. Which surprised me, because I’m used to seeing this show as my weekly fluff. Karuta has a little hidden depth to her after all. Ririchiyo is just like that cat, and a little scratching certainly doesn’t deter Karuta.

    • Kyokai says:

      When the series began, I had dubbed Ririchiyo as the usual tsundere but her predicament and the discovery of her cute side, which she tries hard to hide from others is just adorable. My entertainment factor with this series has upped more than a notch since episode five.

  9. Samantha Zan says:

    Gosh Karuta is just so moe!!!! That ending is almost like Renai Circulation though ha XD. Even though they haven’t had so much screen time together, Watanuki and Karuta are so cute :). (Though I still like my Soushi action more >.>)

    Oh Ririchiyo!!! Transformation go!!!! XD want to see some more of that action XD.

    • Kyokai says:

      Her moeness literally caught me off guard this episode and I went more than DAWWW when the ED played. If you listen to it repeatedly, your ears will turn to mush, I swear. xD

      I would definitely like some more of Soushi and Ririchiyo action (damn, so adorable!). And seeing them in youkai form is like a double bonus. Yeah, next week, come sooner. :3

      • skylion says:

        I listened to the ED and Rena’i Circulation right after. That is dangerous. You want to start randomly hugging things, or people.

  10. anaaga says:

    The interaction about them was interesting, but the information about youkai lineage was the highlight for me. This is a big hint that Ririchiyo is one of few who are affected with the “second coming of the ancestor” aka “reincarnation” I guess? So she’ll have the similar fate of her ancestor’s? And I have a feeling that his ancestor has something to do with Soushi being Ririchiyo’s bodyguard now

    • Kyokai says:

      Before this episode, the whole youkai connection was quite foggy but with the explanation provided, now things are pretty clear. You have raised a good point about the fate being repeated and I’ll be definitely interested to know what is Ririchiyo’s and if it’s something bad, I can only hope that Soushi and her would get over it. Many anime have touched upon the term of ‘fate’ and I’d be interested to know what transpires here.

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