Highlighted Romantic Moments of 2011

A look back at the lovey-dovey moments of 2011 in anime

One of my favourite romantic moments has the line, “but I want to kill you…” Yeah… So, it’s pretty easy to conclude that everyone has their own favourite with their own brand of tug on heart strings and possibility of even tearing up. We have highlighted some of those moments out of 2011 and you are welcome to share yours with us.
Some scenes remind us why we enjoy romantic stories so much. They might give us the warm & fuzzies or feel ache in the heart or so happy we might cry. But they can come to define the particular romance in our memories. These are our picks from 2011.
Ah, romantic moments in anime. Sometimes they can make even the crappiest show worthwhile. Anyways, we compiled a list of romantic moments from 2011 anime that we enjoyed. Some are cute, some are happy and some are so happy, yet sad, yet THIS IS SO EMOTIONAL WHY CAN’T I STOP CRYING?! moments. Enjoy!
Below is a list of moments that might warm your heart. The warm and fuzzy feeling that takes over you for that one scene in an anime when the characters finally hook up, when lips are locked with the full intent of two anime characters enjoying a taste of each other (instead of weird “I just fell on you” kiss scenes in harem anime), the background music celebrating this joyous moment of togetherness. It’s a moment that makes you happy, but if done too early, makes you a worrywart that things won’t end well.


[ ] [ Steins;Gate ] Okarin/Kurisu

A romantic scene that will forever stay in the hippocampuses of Okabe, Kurisu and Steins;Gate fans alike. There’s nothing like watching a tsundere slowly lowering her defenses, though it’s a damn shame he didn’t get to hear her fully say “I love you” before travelling back in time. The scenes surrounding the kissing moment were great in displaying the kind of friendship the two had developed over time, and the finale was a display of how far Okabe was willing to go to save her.


[ Episode 22 ]


[ ] [ Kimi ni Todoke S2 ] Kazehaya/Sawako

Were you one of those people who were almost tearing at your hair when season one ended? Sure, Sawako and Kazehaya talked and went out on a date but there was no conclusion and at least I wanted to hit Kazehaya upside the head to get a grip and understand the innocent ways of Sawako. Well, he tried to at least as per the developments in season two. And it was sweet, sweet deliverance when Sawako climbed over all the misunderstandings and confessed her feelings towards Kazehaya. The innocence of this scene and Kazehaya’s reaction would always make this a very special romantic moment. Props to Noto Mamiko/ Production I.G for making it kawaiii as everything fluffy in this world.


[ Episode 9 ]


[ ] [ Hanasaku Iroha ] Ko/Ohana

It was as if fate had brought them to this moment. Ohana happened to accompany her new aunt Takako to Tokyo by chance, and Ko was on his way home after randomly running into Ohana’s mother and spending the day with her. In what had turned from one unrequited love to the opposite, the former had begun to accept her hopelessness, and the latter had just started to learn how she really felt about him. And just as they turned at the top of the stairs to cross the bridge, there they were.



[ Episode 23 ]


[ ] [ Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai S2 ] Keima/Chihiro

But but but… she’s a background character! How is Keima supposed to conquer her!? That’s a pretty big part of what make’s Keima’s conquering of her demon all the more special, as he took the initiative of kissing the girl this time after getting over that “real girl” hurdle. With the sun peeking out from the clouds as it still rained and Keima looking as if he was glowing from Chihiro’s PoV, this was a great romantic moment in Season 2 of KamiNomi.


[ Episode 7 ]


[ ] [ No. 6 ] Shion/Nezumi

This was the moment that thousands of yaoi fangirls around the world had been waiting for. Sure there had been some subtle (…and some not so subtle) hints at BL before this, but this was definitely a marking moment for these two. It was a really cute BL moment without being in-your-face.  Plus this scene really showed how much Shion and Nezumi’s relationship had grown from where they started. Who doesn’t love relationship development?


[ Episode 7 ]


[ ] [ Kamisama Dolls ] Hibino/Kyohei

Well, he had his eyes on her chest for most the time and everybody else on the show knew it; everybody but Kyohei was calling Hibino his girlfriend. Kyohei reacting to his dream was surely embarrassing for him, but it all paid off by getting a kiss from Hibino on the hospital rooftop. The new couple had 3 chances to kiss (in the same episode), though only the first one went through. I’m just glad that Kyohei won’t be getting stuck in the “forever alone” ending where he spends time with Utao.


[ Episode 13 ]


[  ] [ Mawaru Penguindrum ] Shouma/Ringo

About 20 episodes in the making, this romantic moment between Shouma and Ringo. From the moment Sho saved Ringo in episode 4 (being the shining knight that saved her according to the diary), this soon to be couple went through a lot during that time. Ringo coming to save the day was great, but Shouma taking away her fire and saying “I love you” as he drifted away from her was a very touching way to conclude their stories. Even in your new life Shouma, Ringo is stalking you; and you know what, that ain’t such a bad thing.


[ Episode 24 ]


[ ] [ Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai ] Menma/Jintan

This was the moment Ano Hana was leading up to. The gang had struggled so hard to find what Menma needed to do in order to leave, and it was this, to make Jintan cry with her pure, unfettered love for him. “My way of liking you is the I-want-to-marry-you way of liking you.” It was the ultimate affirmation of a love returned.


[ Episode 11 ]


[ ] [ Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi ] Takano/Ritsu

Well, ok, it wasn’t really romantic. This scene touched my heart because of Ritsu. I’m pretty sure the adrenaline rush was the reason why he confessed. Having someone you stalked near you, which stalker won’t be nervous in this scenario!? It was a dumb move, but kudos to the shy Ritsu for confessing like that. It takes a lot to confess, especially if one is really shy. And let’s face it, without this confession, Takano and Ritsu won’t hook up after ten years. Ah, high school confessions are the best. No matter how stupid it looks, it’s still cute.


[ OVA 1 ]


[ ] [ Mayo Chiki! ] Jiro/Subaru

Okay, fine. It wasn’t all that romantic and it was on Kanade’s orders, but a kiss is a kiss. It was a cute scene for an anime that probably should have had romantic development but didn’t. It was also a great chance to see Subaru acting dere and dressed like a girl. This was really the only relationship development besides Subaru’s confession that went unheard, so it was nice while it lasted …Now if only Jiro could have cured his gynophobia.


[ Episode 12 ]


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10 Responses to “Highlighted Romantic Moments of 2011”

  1. skylion says:

    It was the best soundtrack ever.

    Music and sound effects are there to give you the clues. This is how you should feel in this moment. We can rise to it, fall by it, and be moved to tears by every single note. We can feel the verisimilitude of footsteps, cars going by, the sursurus of all of Tokyo washing into our ears. This is a city, it feels like one.

    Then, up the stairs, the street lights turn on for the evening, and….silence. Rare, wonderful, sweet silence. The world stops, just for this moment. A moment that allows to people to bridge the gap between them.

    In Hanasaku Iroha, it was the best soundtrack ever.

    • lvlln says:

      I’m no fan of the show, but that was a scene that suddenly captured my attention. Hanasaku Iroha finished strong.

      • akagami says:

        Overall I thought it was pretty good, it started out strong, faltered and drifted along during the half, and then picked itself up near the end. I only stuck through the middle part because I like Kishida Mel’s art style.

        However I did want to see see Tohru hook up with Ohana. Too bad it never happened. I never liked Ko.

  2. Hime says:

    Totally with you in Kamisama and TWGOK’s moments, Jrow. They are the ones I would have picked. Chihiro was my favorite of Keima’s gals. She was really 3 dimentional for an anime character, thus her dorama was easy to get invested in.

    Also, Todoke and Hatsukoi’s moments had me squeeing so hard. I needed an IV filled with rainbows afterwards to replenish.

  3. tatsuya says:

    definately stein gate !!

  4. BlackBriar says:

    The best highlighted romantic moments for me would go to Kamisama Doll’s Hibino/Kyohei and Mayo Chiki’s Jiro/Subaru. Both the guys were inexplicably awkward (especially Jirou) but the relationship they have with their ladies balances everything and makes it all work out.

    If Hibino and Kyohei weren’t interrupted in their kissing session on the rooftop, who knows where it would have led to.

    Jirou and Subaru could become pretty serious once they find a way to deal with her butler persona and find some way to cure Jirou’s gynophobia.

    • Karakuri says:

      I can’t say much for Kamisama since I was indifferent towards that couple, but I did find Jiro and Subaru’s relationship to be entertaining~. I loved watching them grow closer.

    • akagami says:

      I would have liked to see a Kanade and Jiro pairing ^^

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