HelloFest 8 Anima Expo

What every Indonesian anime lover has been waiting for

To be honest, I didn’t plan this visit to Hello Fest at all. I decided to go less than twelve hours before the convention started. Since I went there, I thought I might as well cover Hello Fest here! Please forgive me for the horrible summary and the low-resolution pictures. I left early, and I took the pictures with my iTouch because I lost my camera battery. Those cosplayers definitely underestimated me by not looking at me when I took their pictures because the pictures weren’t taken with a real camera /sob

In terms of history, HelloFest is a yearly festival by the HelloMotion Academy (which is ten minutes away from my apartment, and I just found that out yesterday, bummer), for the purpose of short movie competition for local filmmakers. Seven years ago, it was called Motion Picture Arts Festival, but alas time passed and the community changed. So, now it’s called Hello Fest 8: Anima Expo. Judging from the name, it’s kind of obvious what changed in the community. The three main events are: HelloFest Movie Competition, KostuMasa (Cosplay Competition), and Pasar HelloFest (HelloFest Market). By the way, those links are in Indonesian. Good luck reading them (props to you, if you use chrome and its translator).

Location & Map of HelloFest 8

I am extremely sorry for not being able to write about the Movie Competition and the KostuMasa. Of course, being the stupid me, I didn’t go to the theater AT ALL. Yeah yeah, I did go upstairs, planning to watch the movies and bunch of people wearing, um, unusual clothes. I changed my mind when I saw the theater flooded with humans though. That’s kind of the reason I left early actually. My chest wasn’t able to take such overpopulated crowd. I didn’t have any medicine either… Anyway, yeah, I’m so sorry I didn’t see the competitions. Thankfully, I didn’t miss the British Animation Award entries that were shown. I didn’t take pictures because I’m shorter than a hobbit (true story), but it’s a compilation of all the BAA movies so you can find them on YouTube. I’m pretty sure they showed who won the 2010 BAA. There’s a list if you want to youtube the ones that were screened.

 Winner of 2010 BAA. I tried not to bawl.

Some people already uploaded some videos of the HelloFest movie stuff. Here’s the search in Youtube if you want to watch them.

Star Wars – Order 66 SITH at HelloFest 8

Now to the market (hehe, market). It was rainy, but my determination as an otaku didn’t waver and I had already paid the taxi. Bunch of cosplayers (is that the official term?), welcomed me as I entered Balai Kartini (the convention center where HelloFest took place). They didn’t really welcome me actually, I was pretty much ignored. I took the picture of the directory and skinny Zack Fair (while actually looking at me! God bless you), before I entered the first building where the market is. This time, a cosplayer actually greeted me. She has my love. By the way, I didn’t have to pay whatsoever for the entrance. HAH! TAKE THAT SINGAPORE!

Woe upon you, iTouch! And height!

I was lost. No, seriously, I didn’t know where I was. I had to circle the damn place twice to understand where I actually was. It was that crowded. After I knew how the place was divided, I circled the place (for the third time), but being more observant to my surrounding. Everything was mixed up, so I had to stop and stare at every booth for a loonngg time just to see what they actually sold. Fortunately, most of them sold similar stuff, such as figurines, plushies and stuff like that. I didn’t see that much nendroids, but I’m sure as hell I saw a complete set of Vocaloid and K-ON girls. There are some dakimakura or whatever-it’s-called and some ecchi stuff (boobs?) but not a lot unfortunately. I was about to buy a Barnaby one, but if I did, I would’ve had to walk home so I didn’t.

I was too cheap to buy them

Out of paper!

Merchandise Picspam

Show ▼

Since this is not strictly anime-only, there were some Lenovo, Apple, Kompas, and of course, a booth special for the registration of HelloMotion classes. But really, who cares about them. There were some interesting booths. Star Wars is nothing new, but it’s something that should not be missed. Someone was displaying some rather unique photos, but then she had to display Justin Bieber as an example. Good god. Oh, that’s nothing compared to that special TWILIGHT BOOTH. Yep, Twilight got its own booth… Hey, it’s all about people’s taste, so don’t judge those who squealed at Edward’s pictures…*snort*

Now you can show off the world of your “meeting” with Edward Cullen!

Interesting concept. Not the model though

There were toys auction and individual cosplay show off, but since I’m TOO SHORT I DIDN’T TAKE PICTURES. I actually raised my hand to offer a price, but Peterpan didn’t see my hand… Those aren’t the only interesting shows though. There was a karaoke booth (I got a free CD!) and a DDR-look-alike booth. I suspect it’s a Wii booth since the girls were dancing while holding sticks, but I’m not going to say anything about that. Seeing girls dancing with anime uniform is a plus already. At Kompas, they had this virtual cosplay thingy. Don’t know what it was, but you’ll get it when you see the picture.


The food corner was at the right, but I didn’t buy anything. It was crowded, and I’m kind of on a diet right now I’m lying I had noodles for lunch at home. I didn’t want to waste my money on food.

I wasn’t starving. Seriously.

After I looked around, I circled the place again (fourth time) to buy my stuff. Teheh. I got some Madoka yuri doujins and an old FMA shounen-ai doujin. I am totally not pissed with that girl who bought the LAST Tiger & Bunny doujin in front of my face. I hope you lose it.

What I bought. Those are just prop plus petit by the way

I don’t know what possessed me when I bought these

After this, I went upstairs and then I left. I was there for three hours only. Boo. By the way guys, here’s an amateur video that covers up HelloFest by Tirta Darmantio:

Cosplay Picspam

Show ▼

It was actually pretty fun. Crowded, hot, noisy, but fun. I might sound as if I didn’t have fun, but I did. After six years of confinement in the greenery of S******* with no access to otaku world whatsoever (except that bookstore, and I went there to buy yaoi only), seeing this kind of crowd was definitely refreshing. The stuff there were not that expensive,  so I managed to buy couple of things with Rp. 300,000 only. The sellers were friendly too (sometimes too friendly. Poor doujin artist had to give her poster for free). Wait, every seller is supposed to be friendly. My bad.

What disappointed me is the limited merchandise they had. Not really limited, but it didn’t have that much choice I guess? There were too many Hatsune Miku nendroids and K-ON! figures. Not that it’s a problem (since it’s business), but c’mon, I want to see more than that! I saw only ONE booth that sold Makise Kurisu figurine out of every 3 booths that sold Vocaloid stuff, and the only Gundam I saw was made out of paper. Maybe I missed some booths that sold Gundam stuff, but there were not that much Gundams there. And that Gintama stuff I bought? I’m sure it’s the only Gintama merchandise there. Oh, and bishies are so underrated. Need more bishies as merchandise.

The limited choice disappointed me, but this is understandable. The sellers aren’t the official distributors. They tried to make money by selling things that are really popular. Moreover, it’s not as big as AFA or conventions like that. It’s organized by fans for the fans I suppose with sponsorship of course. It would be nice if there are more choices next year. Yep, I am so going next year. I made a bad decision by making the last minute decision, and because of that I missed lots of shows; it was still fun though. But rest assured, it won’t happen twice. I will prep myself next year and will have lots of fun and better pictures. Of course, I’ll cover the Cosplay Competition and the Movie Competition too next year /grin


Have read 418 BL manga and continuing.
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24 Responses to “HelloFest 8 Anima Expo”

  1. Kyokai says:

    I LOL’d with that Edward cutout and Beiber?! Ugh.
    At least you have SOME convention to go to. I have been to none! If only I had accepted that Singapore job… QQ…

  2. Reaper says:

    GAH! Seeing this reminds me how I missed Wai-Con…sigh, seems like you enjoyed your day though, lucky you 😀
    Defs a lot of interesting things to see, like the Madoka doujin, not too sure on an Edward/Roy shounen-ai doujin but hey, it’s all good…Edward is miniskirt…*shiver*

    • Reaper says:

      Edward in miniskirt, fufufufufu

      • anaaga says:

        thanks! I did have fun ^^ What is Wai-Con? 😮

        Nah, the FMA doujin isn’t that bad. Roy was moping over his friend’s death, and that’s it. Barely see and shounen-ai element in it. I feel duped.
        …Let’s be honest here, did you just think that Edward in a miniskirt pretty? >: )

  3. Namika says:

    TT^TT I’m so envious, Anaaga ((((((((((

    • anaaga says:

      *hug* Don’t your country have any Anime Con or stuff like that? There must be some anime fans there =(

      • Namika says:

        Well, there are some anime fans here and I think, the numbers are slowly increasing, but anime isn’t officially imported here. They only show Naruto and I think, Rurouni Kenshin… Were still far from conventions, unfortunately TT^TT

        • anaaga says:

          =( Well…Better than nothing? xD Don’t worry, there will be a big convention in your country! You just have to wait ^^

  4. Karakuri says:

    That Judal is one BAMF and lol to the doujin. This looks like it was fun!

    The convention here is overrun by Vocaloid and K-ON as well. I think it’s a global phenomenon xD.

    • anaaga says:

      If the cosplayer for Judal was a guy, I would have a crush on him already. The make up, the pose, and the muscles LOL.

      B-but, I want to see more merchandise for fangirls T_T I thought I was going to see some Masamune nendroid/figurines, but I was wrong. The fangirls need to be loved more there

  5. Joojoobees says:

    Always interesting to hear what is going on in the community around the world. I’m glad you had a good time.

  6. Tofu says:

    I’m soooo jealous~ x3 Even our ‘biggest’ event isn’t as awesome as this one OTL and the thing is, this year we’re going with the theme ‘horror’…. FML!

    • anaaga says:

      Better than nothing right? Some countries don’t have anime conventions I’m sure it will get bigger as time passes, and when you’re all grown up, it will be huge! ^^

      Whoa, horror? I would go there. Are you planning to go, even though it’s horror?

  7. Moni Chan says:

    “I wasn’t starving, Seriously” that made me lmao

    • anaaga says:

      I-it’s not as if the foods look delicious or something like that! And totally not jealous at those kids eating Japanese foods while looking through the booths, seriously.

  8. Toori-chan says:

    Gosh! Rock-chan and Rock-kun!!! That’s a detail rock cannon I’ll say.

    Seems like you had fun, Anaaga. Was this your first?

  9. Kitty says:

    Yes for Morning Rescue those guys rock! And I like AKB48 they’re not the worst J-pop I have listened too. But Hikaru-chan and Ayumi-chan are still my favorites. Awe it looks like you had fun! awesome! ^_^

    • anaaga says:

      Yeah, but they’re Indonesian AKB… And I can’t tell the difference because they have the same faces xD
      Yeepp, I had fun! Too bad I’m sick because of it now T_T

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