Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou – 04

That’s what you get for indecent exposure, you jerk!

And again it’s time for this week’s dose of Nichibros! While I am dying trying not to fall asleep in every single lesson for the entire day, these high school boys here seem to be living awesome lives full of hilarity. :\ TAKE ME TO JAPAN.

Have you ever wondered what your friends talk about when you’re not around? Tadakuni is about to find out as he sneaks about to eavesdrop on a conversation between Hidenori and Yoshitake. From fish stories to eechi to politics, their topics turn out to be strangely random. Tadakuni is worried about the fact that they have been drifting apart, and decides to approach them… until they turn around and WAIT WHAT? They’re not Hidenori and Yoshitake at all! What is this sorcery?

And finally the long-anticipated cultural festival is here! What exciting things will happen? First we get introduced to the student council committee of East High, who seem to be a bit jumpy about going into an all-boy’s school for the first time. They meet the student council of the boys’ school, and who would’ve known, our Hidenori and Yoshitake lookalikes are actually the vice-presidents! East High’s president starts to feel inferior in comparison to the boys’ school’s organized student council room and hospitable service, and this is when the Nichibros president decides to introduce himself, incidentally mistaking the wrong girl as president. Aaand thus sparks the beginning of the romance rivalry between the two presidents.

Well, at least now we know how Yoshitake and Hidenori will look like 30 years down the road…

“Ah, and I’ll always remember the moment we first met, WHEN YOU MISTOOK ME FOR SOMEONE ELSE.”

In the end, the two schools end up working together for their cultural festival, and the fun times begin! East High’s president, though, is rather engrossed in her ongoing battle with the Nichibros president. That’s why when he brings them to their very specially crafted haunted house, she vows to not raise her voice ever no matter how scary it may be. Missing eyeballs? Nope, not scary. Bloody intestines? Nah, no big deal. All seems to be going fine until the end, when she unfortunately comes across the gloriously half-naked Nichibros president and shrieks… Cue punch to the face.

Two awkward turtles, Yoshitake and a familiar face from Jyoushi Kousei wa Ijyou, get stuck with reception duties together. This results in periods of awkward silence, and somehow she decides to break the silence by ranting about all the bad qualities boys have. Yoshitake realizes that she’s just pretending she knows things about boys, so he keeps quiet. That is, until he can’t take her criticism anymore and swaps jobs with his lookalike, who happens to be naturally intimidating. Next time, think before you speak, girl. xD

“Of course, we also can’t forget that special moment I SAW YOU HALF-NAKED FOR THE FIRST TIME.”

Next, we skip to performances by the two schools. East High’s president is all smug about her school’s high quality performance, until the Nichibros president scoffs at her. Seriously, you don’t want to mess with a proud president. A fight breaks out between the two presidents, while the Keionbu promptly starts playing awesome BGM to set the stage. There’s a clear winner here, and that’s East High’s president, who leaves our poor Nichibros president lying lifeless on the floor.

Ah, and the cultural festival has finally ended. Tadakuni is walking home with Nago-san after work, and raises the troubling issue of drifting apart from his friends. She gives him some advice and chides him for acting like a girl, and then eggs him on when they coincidentally bump into Hidenori and Yoshitake. Tadakuni gathers up his courage and runs forward to speak to them… until they turn out to be the student council members AGAIN. How anticlimactic.

Deja vu, man, deja vu.

And yes, Jyoushi Kousei wa Ijyou is back again this episode! This week, the girls are once again discussing about how depressing high school boys are and how they shouldn’t even be alive. *gasps* They decide to disturb their neighbor, whom they deem as a “typical high school boy” – and their unfortunate target turns out to be Karasawa. As they hurl insults at him, he goes into his room and returns with something in his hands – sweets. He throws them down nonchalantly, and the girls don’t even waste a second in reaching out to grab them, carnivorously gorging them down their throats. Girls sure like their food. xD

And now we get to see the specimen of a rare species, high schools girls – beware, they go batshit crazy when hungry

I always have this feeling of inexplicable happiness after I watch Nichibros. It’s like their silly joyfulness is rubbing off on me, and that leaves me with a dumb smile on my face even as I’m writing this post. xD Truly, it is a refreshing breather from my busy busy week~ As expected, we got introduced to many new characters this week, and the student council comittee from both schools were entertaining additions to our growing range of Nichibros characters indeed. xD I like how we’re getting more female characters in this show, they can bring out so many hilarious points in guys sometimes. I am now officially shipping president/president, so hurray for the first Nichibros couple! (I honestly didn’t expect a show like this to have shippable couples but LOOKS LIKE I WAS WRONG xD) I hope that they will have many fun times trying to kill each other happy loving times together in the future :3 Ah, how do I express my adoration for the characters in this anime? Somehow we are able to remember each and every one of them and their different personalities and quirks, even though there are so many of them right now.

Although this episode focused more on the rivalry between the two presidents, Tadakuni definitely got more screen time (but what was with those 20 seconds of introduction featuring him lying about doing nothing, seriously?!) with his, um, friendship troubles and little insecurities. He’s so cute *pinches cheeks* Yoshitake also had his own little segment, although he did nothing much but pretend to be unfazed by her insults hehe. Thing is Hidenori hardly appeared in this episode, and I miss him already! He plays the really insane comical character in this anime, and he’s usually the one with the funniest jokes and antics. Moar Hidenori please? 😀 I’m pretty sure next episode he’ll get his deserved screen time, though. Also, I’m started to get used to those anticlimactic endings for each segment (by this I mean I’m kind of expecting it to happen, but I enjoy it and end up laughing anyway LOL)! This is probably becoming a signature point of Nichibros.

And yay again for Jyoushi Kousei wa Ijyou! It would be awesome if the producers decided to continue this little segment of theirs forever for all the subsequent episodes. They create a good contrast when compared to the nichibros xD One thing I would like to see is our Jyoushi Kousei trio and Danshi Koukousei trio to actually meet each other. Wouldn’t that be so exciting? I can only imagine what insane things will occur >D

I actually wonder how many characters they will be able to fit into this anime. Nevertheless, I’m sure the producers have many interesting things up their sleeves. 😀 After all, this is an anime about everyday life featuring high school boys doing silly things – and since high school boys are awesome no matter what they do, that in itself, is bound to bring many funny incidents, isn’t it?

Preview: Next week, we’ll be getting a glimpse of Hidenori’s childhood days. Now this looks exciting.


A stressed-out jyoushi kousei doubling as Metanorn's loli with a soft spot for sappy romance animanga. She will watch anything with bishies in it. :3
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10 Responses to “Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou – 04”

  1. Bob from Accounting says:

    I can’t tell if the student council president is slightly mad or just a god-tier troll. Either way, he’s fantastic and is jostling with Motoharu the Delinquent as my favourite Nichibro. Also, it turns out that the Funky High School Girls really exist! In the universe of the show! Does this mean that the Nichibros may later encounter the Lady and her awesome butlers? God, I hope so. And yes, I too am waiting for the main trio to meet their female counterparts and for the world to implode.

  2. Kyokai says:

    Well, at least someone will be quite happy seeing the blush-sticker girl.

    This week’s Nichibros was really funny. I wasn’t feeling it much last episode but I’m glad to know it was just a technicality and this can still float even without Sugita/Hidenori humour.

    Loved Kobayashi Yu going batshit crazy again. And I’m pretty sure the gags this week had Beavis and Butthead; Another and Mawaru Penguindrum trolls. xD

  3. Kitty says:

    AKIRA ISHIDA!!!! *does the happy dance with nosebleed* <3s that culture festival was awesome!! And the President could have so won RWAR but Akira would never hit a lady~~~ *swoon* Even if he should have punched Flay.

    I died at the High School Girls part. Its so true, chocolate fixes everything!!! (men take point) But it was so funny! Miyu that a record timing blog XD I just watched this last night and BAM! Good work!

  4. The_Magus_Killer says:

    Ringo-chan has finally made her appearance in Nichibros. I am happy. =)

    Actually, the vice president of the Nichibros’ student council and those two lookalikes are different characters, since they’re voiced by different seiyuu. The two look-alikes were just there to troll Tadakuni. XD

    I was hoping for a Nago x Tadakuni scene, since Nago was walking along with Tadakuni while the sun was setting over the horizon. When will we meet her bishoujo side again? XD

    I am officially missing Tadakuni’s imouto (IMOUTOU!!! XD) and Literature Girl. Just how many schools are there in Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou?

    Karawasa used sweets! It’s super effective! LOL.

  5. Joojoobees says:

    Karasawa wins some serious points for resolving that situation without violence.

    • The_Magus_Killer says:

      Karasawa is a member of the Nichibros’ student council – so he HAS to resolve that without violence, or else the student council’s reputation would be tarnished.

      Still, I never expected that the girls would act like rabid animals upon seeing the snacks. XD

  6. Samantha Zan says:

    I am officially on the PresidentxPresident Bandwagon XD.

    It’s really interesting to see other characters in the show, the student council (on both genders), were pretty amusing.

    Though, yes, I still want more of our regular high school boys next week. Though Hidenori’s past? Ohhhh how interesting XD

  7. Toori-chan says:

    When I started the episode and saw Tadakuni sitting there and did nothing, I walked away to get a glass of water and suddenly the OP started. At that moment I was like “What just happened?”

    All the weird topics spoke among ‘Hidenori’ and ‘Yoshitake’ was hilarious together with the *beeps*. Their looks was the one that flipped my laughing switch. Seriously, a deja vu at the end? *Laughs*

    I was surprised how fast those Student Council guys actually cleaned up the room (Gosh look at all the cakes~). The ghost house was really realistic. I would have screamed my throat off if those were in real life (the half naked President included).

    Fight championship with BGM? Keionbu and Karasawa rocks. Although the whole fight is just Ringo-chan bashing President (Guy).

    Way to go Karasawa. That’s how you take care of crazy bitches. *Eating some chocos*

    • The_Magus_Killer says:

      I think, the Nichibros!President fell in love with Ringo-chan, or maybe he’s just a masochist? That’s why he didn’t raise a finger to defend himself (beside stating that he doesn’t hit girls XD).

  8. anaaga says:

    Good god, to all the males in this world, WE GIRLS ARE NOT THAT WILD. Please forgive their behavior and pretend they don’t exist. This is so embarrassing, but that’s why it’s so funny.

    Except for the monkey in the zoo part. I would actually do that. When I do that, pretend I’m not a girl.

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