Brave 10 – 06

Real men take baths with animals

It’s episode six already. Time flies so fast. I’m kind of sad about this now.

Yukimura’s missing! Actually, he’s not. He feels like going to the onsen, so he left with Rokurou. He did leave a map somewhere in his room so that his ninjas can catch up to him.

“BRB going to have some steamy sex with Rokurou in the hotspring”

In the town where the hot spring is, Saizou is taking a walk because others are doing their own things. Suddenly Kakei was slammed by this huge monk that refuses to pay for the food he ate because he’s a “monk who’s searching for his sister”. Fight ensues, but Saizou and his group has a hard time fighting the monk’s extraordinary power.

Real men are animal-friendly

“The monk made my gun all soft!” Pun intended

Who needs air conditioner if you can make your own fan from chains?

Isanami enters the scene with a bunch of dumplings. The monk claims that he’s Isanami’s brother, which of course Isanami denies. Saizou uses Isanami to stop the monk’s rampage, and it actually works! What a sister complex. Isanami then remembers her brother thanks to the monk’s older portrait of his. He was such a bishie. What happened to him… Anyway, Yukimura asks how Miyoshi recognized his sister, and he replied with him recognizing the Kushi-mitama, something that’s entrusted to Isanami alone. In the end, Yukimura hires him.

People change, sometimes not in a good way

The rest of this episode is spent on the hot spring part. Saizou asks whether Yukimura is worried or not about Kakei’s departure to the village and Yukimura answers with no since he is Kakei’s master. Yukimura also hints that he knows Saizou does not really like him. The tense atmosphere breaks when Sasuke enters the onsen with his animals, and Yukimura sneaks into the girls’ hot spring.

Fanciest dinner ever

It’s amazing how they’re still alive after all this

Saizou leaves the hot spring early (Anastasia fronze the hot spring) and finds Yuri finishing his bath in the river. Saizou pats Yuri’s head, but instead he runs away because his heart goes badump at Saizou’s patting. Hilarious scene ensues with Yuri spilling his heart’s content to Sasuke’s dying weasel that’s in his hands, while Sasuke is there panicking about his weasel’s safety.

“I-it’s not that I love him or anything like that!”

Next day, Yukimura tells Rokurou that he has decided to attend Nobunaga’s invitation, and Yukimura himself has to make his own move. He also happens to be curious of Tokugawa’s skill too. However it’s going to be, Yukimura claims that it all starts now.

Crouching Yukimura’s Hidden Desire:

“Ooh I’ll do Saizou instead of Rokurou tonight! That scar is so sexy”

“But what about Isanami’s brother? He’s offering his ass already. I’ve always wanted to have sex under the waterfall too…”

“Maybe I’ll do Anastasia instead. Her cup size is Z”

“Isanami’s brother wants to join the sex party? A foursome! How enlightening!”

“Oopsie waifu is mad at me. Never mind then”

Watching episode six at night when everybody was sleeping is suffering. The anime skipped Emonzaemon arc (the arc where Kojurou’s woman men infiltrate Ueda castle) from the manga, but that was somehow redeemed with the amount of enjoyment I had in this episode. It was obvious that this was a filler episodes that marks the halfway of this series, but somehow it ended up being more entertaining than some of the previous important episodes. When I say previous episodes, I’m talking about the episode where Isanami was sulking in Date’s manor aka last week’s episode. I still can’t get over Isanami’s sulking.

In this filler episode, the members of Ueda household were finally able to converse among themselves more than usual. This might be just something minor, but daily conversation is actually one of the best ways to get to know the other party better. If not because of that, Saizou won’t find out the name of Kakei’s gun, and Isanami’s gluttonous way of eating will always stay in the dark until she dies. These facts sound trivial and insignificant, but these things are the ones that make the members of Ueda household closer than before. Their interactions for this week were entertaining and hilarious, but it’s more than just petty enjoyable communication. As Yukimura mentioned during Saizou’s fight with Isanami’s brother, now the group (except Anastasia) is closer than before, and they’re unconsciously relying on Saizou as the team leader. And after the hot spring, they’re clooosseerrr than before. Yay!

But if there’s hot spring, then there must be some excessive homolust in this episode right? YES THERE WAS! I was squealing and shipping like mad when the boys were using the onsen together NAKED. This worldly heaven was definitely worth the half an hour of my night. Not to mention Yuri’s confirmed crush on Saizou and Sasuke’s having hots for his weasel SQUEEE. Official yaoi pairing right there! Yuri x Saizou and Sasuke x Weasel! Well, it’s not really yaoi since Yuri’s gender is not confirmed yet, but I suspect that he’s a male and refuse to acknowledge him as a female. Hey, this episode is not about yaoi bait anymore, it’s fully yaoi dedicated for all the yaoi fans in this world. I’m just getting along with it.

Except Gintama, this Brave10 filler is probably one of the not-so-many fillers I actually enjoyed. It gave a calming effect, and it was so amusing to the point where even the boobs gag didn’t bother me at all. And I hate boobs gag with passion. Of course, while this episode was humorous, I think one episode is enough. I do not want another filler like this. Time to stick with the plot, my gay ninjas!

Preview: Continuing from this episode, Yukimura arrives in Oshu in response to Nobunaga’s “banquet” invitation. Did this happen in real life? Who cares since Yukimura will be fighting against Date! Who will win? Will Kojurou’s mustache ever get shaved?

Date is not amused


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16 Responses to “Brave 10 – 06”

  1. obladi05 says:

    Usually the beach/hot spring episodes tend to be full of fanservice, with lots of chat and little entertainment. But this one was actually pretty good! Everyone got their time on screen and I can’t decide which one was funnier: Anastasia freezing the guys, Yukimura’s pervert thoughts, Sasuke and his animals or Yuri’s reaction. I like them interacting with each other, it enriches the plot.

    If this episode was missing something that was the “Yukimura’s Hidden Desire” XD hahaha That guy is just awesome!

    • anaaga says:

      The fanservice here is for the fangirls it seems. Lots of naked guys, not so much for the girls. The fanservice is balanced with their interactions though, so it’s not a problem
      However, Anastasia’s boobs still scare me. They’re humongous

  2. Kitty says:

    God that fan service is this episode was hilarious! Anaaga you summed it up perfectly! Thou i never considered Yuri might be a female until this episode and that makes me sad! He has to be a boy damnit! Sasuke and his animals had be laughing especially that ferret scene with Yuri.

    • anaaga says:

      It’s a ferret? I FAIL OTL
      There has been hints that Yuri might be a female, especially when Saizou said that he doesn’t hit girls when he defeated Yuri on the cliff. I refuse to acknowledge it though. It seems that it’s time for us to accept this theory, my friend T^T

  3. Skyrae says:

    The onsen part was in the manga, after the Enmonzaemon arc so I don’t really think of it as a filler since it’s a scene whereby they’re relaxing after the battle with the Ishikawas..but I am rather disappointed they had that full arc removed. Didn’t get to see Kojuro’s “woman” in action..even if it’s for a short while. >: Perhaps they might move it to the later episodes, like how they did for the some parts in the beginning episodes.
    I think Yuri Kamanosuke is male, regardless of how feminine looking he can be. In the manga’s volume 6, he did something to prove that he was male (though it wasn’t fully shown)..and his seiyuu is male (although it doesn’t really matter at times)..but yeah, he just doesn’t seem like a female to me..although his personality can be bitchy and yandere xD

    Thanks for the post! It cracked me up so badly, I was literally LOL-ing 8D

    • anaaga says:

      Yeah I do realize that the onsen was in the manga, but I don’t see the importance of it that’s why I call it a filler.
      I don’t mind the Emonzaemon arc not being animated, but there are some things important in it. It shows that Date actually wants Kushi-mitama, and Anastasia is the most detached member of the Ueda household. I do want to see a mean Anastasia. And Kojurou’s “woman” too of course. Was Emonzaemon a female or male? He looks like a female, but her chest is flat.
      YES YURI IS A MALE!!!! WHOOOO My shipping is still yaoi!!!! YEEESSS

      *///* You’re embarrassing me

  4. tatsuya says:

    did’t say this was bad … there was a lot of funny moment
    ~~ especially when sasuke bathing with his animal ~~RE wind

    • anaaga says:

      I cracked up when Saizou found some fur in his dinner. It’s as if Mother Nature and the animals don’t want him to eat on the hot spring

  5. Moni Chan says:

    *sniff sniff* yes indeed the yaoi smell. boy do I miss it

  6. Skyrae says:

    LOL I ship Saizo and Kamanosuke too xD a lot..Kamanosuke can be so moe, tsundere and yandere. I can tell you this, there are more Yaoi undertones in the later volumes of the manga though I’m not sure if they’ll include it in the anime.

    There’s a reason why Anastasia is distant, you’ll know why in the later episodes or in the last few chapters of volume 6. You will get to see a mean Anastasia C:

    Ishikawa Goemon is..male. Since it isn’t in the anime (though this is still a spoiler..) His family was wanted because of an offence they committed and supposedly all dead so to prevent himself from being caught he disguised himself as a female. And it was Kojuro who found him and gave him another chance to live so he’s very loyal to him. (though I sense it’s more than just loyalty ;D heeheehee) which is why I’m sad they didn’t have that arc in >: it’s also the arc where Saizo acknowledges himself as one of the Braves and got stronger..

    ISHIKAWA GOEMONNN D: why you no appear in anime?! He’s so sexy and beautiful..even the Shimotsuki-sensei felt bad for having him gone so fast in the manga.. -sob-

    Sorry for the long comment >.<
    where are you at for the manga? O:

    • anaaga says:

      I’m sure they’ll put the yaoi undertone in the anime. It’s one of the sale strategy right =D

      NNGGGHHH I knew it! His boobs are too flat to be a female! Brave10 rule is that no female has flat chests. Too bad they didn’t animate Goemon arc. They skipped the yaoi between Kojurou and Ishikawa! Such a waste. But it seems that they’re squishing it so that there will be 12 episodes only. Boo =(

      It’s ok, comments are always appreciated =D
      The manga? The scanlation is until chapter 23, but I’ve read the RAW ^^

  7. Skyrae says:

    True..but I keep reading comments from others that complain about how gay the show is ):

    LOL Brave 10 boob rule xD
    If you’ve read the raws, then you might’ve seen the part on the boat where Yuri Kamanosuke “proved” to Saizo that he’s a male, right? o:

    Yeah I expected them to skip certain parts too..since they are squeezing 8 volumes into 12 episodes @.@ but I don’t understand why or how they decided on just 12 episodes..

    I’ve finished the manga, I’ve read the remaining chapters on Chinese sites xD I’m waiting for Brave 10 S to get scanlated though.. T^T I’ve only seen previews of the first volume..

    • anaaga says:

      What those people don’t realize is that most anime with lots of bishie will tend to have excessive homo-phenomenon in it. It’s hard to not to see it because of how unrealistically beautiful the characters sometimes, making them look like females. Besides, whether the show is “gay” or not, it actually depends on the audience’s thinking. He thinks it’s “gay,” therefore making the show “gay.” It’s all about the audience’s perspective

      Yeah, I know what Yuri did, but I’m trying to cover the anime without any spoiler here 😉

      It’s either because of the fact that Brave10 is not that famous in Japan (well, it’s well-known since it’s being made into anime, but it doesn’t have a strong fanbase like other manga), or they don’t have enough budget to make it into a 24 episodes anime

      • Rakuen says:

        I guess my perspective is I watch it for the shounen, and I tolerate the yaoi overtones. I’m not at all fond of the genre, but I don’t really care as long as it doesn’t distract or detract from the show.

        Incidentally, that’s why I didn’t like No. 6. I felt like they wasted a perfectly good dystopian plot because Rat and Shion’s relationship kept running a screen over it.

        More pertinent to the episode, Miyoshi is just too much. I’m looking forward to his… simplicity.

  8. Skyrae says:’re right.. I just wish they’ll stop complaining because if they don’t like it, why bother watching it. In fact, they say Isanami makes up for it lol. I guess males and females think much differently..

    Oh..I see..I apologise then >.< didn't mean to reveal spoilers or anything..I shouldn't have wrote too much..

    Hmm..I thought so too..but they were advertising it quite a lot when I visited Japan in December. Each anime/manga merchandise shop I went (eg: Tora no Ana, Animate etc) had a lifesize cardboard stand of characters from Brave 10 (well I only saw Saizo and Rokuro most of the time) xD back then I haven't read the manga so
    I didn't know how awesome it is.. ; A ;

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