Working’!! – 13 [END]

With 90% less trap than Season 1, I am disappoint

OHHHH Noooo! The final episode of Working!! Is here I am so sad to see this series ending, but oh well you know what they say? All good things have to come to an end one day. So enjoy listening to me and Hime’s final thoughts on this amazing series, or you can read along crying with us…you decide how to do it.
Sorry this took me so long to get out, it was entirely my fault and poor Fosh has been very patient! I was sick before Christmas, then was busy over Christmas like everyone else, then I got sick again after Christmas, and then I had my exams…so things have been pretty hectic! But, it’s here now, and what an episode to go out on~

And the final episode of season 2 starts out in familiar territory; Taneshima struggling to write her name on the sign in sheet. Shockingly, she actually manages it! She runs to tell Takan


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One Response to “Working’!! – 13 [END]”

  1. Junko says:

    This is my favorite series ever. My guilty pleasure. Why is it so funny? Why did I watched every episode three times before the next aired? Why is everyone so cute? God I don’t know but I love it.

    I’ve already ordered all the scales figures and nendoroids (even the Waganaria play set) to tide me over until the possible season three